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    Inevitable, this moment. Stars losing their shine , I snuff these candles of my universe. Weaker and weaker, one by one. I watch the ends of creation closing. Retracting from the decaying infinity. I cradled the visions of black holes unwinding, their secrets forever lost to stardust. I walked through nebulas gathering the remnants of life. The luminous clouds that held my imaginations of other worlds are now fading with the light. Their last moments, disappearing like ghost into the dark. Closer now. Every supernova flickering, a strobe pulse losing its heart. The nuclear song, decresendo, the outro symphony of light. My favorite meteors, my dragonflies of the cosmos, circling the final galaxies with incandescent wings. The sacred luminaria of heavens constellations. Fire, crystaling into ice, then fading away. Bleeding their souls into the dark. Alone, the last sun of time. How long has beauty gone unnoticed. How many wishes were left unanswered. The neon light of creation ending with me. As I exhale my final breath to extinguish this light, I know I am ending myself. I listen to every prayer whispered to me. I see every penitent soul. I smell aeons of rain. I taste every welcomed kiss. And i feel the last of my creations burn with my heart. I hold the sun in my hand and breathe out.

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    L A S T B R E A T H


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    If you're at a critical end
    You want it over, need a
    By happenstance, I know
    The peacemaker.......she
    Ends your suffering,
    She is real, no faker........
    She holds your hand while
    You take your last breath
    And watches as you are
    Lulled peacefully to your

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    My last breath

    In my last breath I didn't say anything,
    I took the time to imagine her knowing how much she meant to me,
    Tears fell from my battered eyes,
    I could feel my throat closing as I mentally asked my parents for forgiveness, for any pain I caused,
    I was in hopes of being able to press restart knowing that day wouldn't come,
    I cried in agony not because I was dying,
    but because they didn't know how much love I truly had in me,
    I closed my eyes faded in destruction,
    And far from peace.

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    कल्पना मात्र कि यदि वीर अभिमन्यु को वीरगति
    प्राप्त होने से पहले अपना पक्ष रखने का अवसर
    मिलता तो कुछ कुछ ऐसा ही होता।
    इतिहास या पौराणिक कथाओं में लिखे गए तथ्यों
    से छेड़खानी की कोई मंशा नहीं है हमारी।

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    अभिमन्यु वध

    चक्रव्यूह भेदने का साहस मुझमें
    किन्तु व्यर्थ मारा जाऊंगा निर्दोष
    माता सुभद्रा को आ घेरा निद्रा ने
    इसमें मुझसे हुआ कहो क्या दोष

    विश्वास कीजिये मैं इस व्यूह की
    रचना का सम्पूर्ण ज्ञान रखता हूँ
    यदि नीति अनुसार युद्ध हो जाए
    सम्भवतः मैं भारी पड़ सकता हूँ

    रणनीति विरुद्ध एकत्रित हठधर्मी
    रण के सर्वश्रेष्ठ गदाधर व धनुर्धर
    ये बाहुबली ये आर्यश्रेष्ठ पराक्रमी
    ये पित्र तुल्य पूज्यजन, ये वीरवर

    राज्य लालसा में बिसराते हैं संबंध
    पशुत्व के आगे मानवता हुई गौण
    जिन गुरुओं का कार्य शिक्षा प्रबंध
    परिभाषित कैसे करेंगे अपना मौन

    महाभारत नामक संग्राम गाथा को
    जब जब संसार में सुनाया जायेगा
    चक्रव्यूह में हुए अभिमन्यु वध को
    काले अक्षरों से ही लिखा जायेगा

  • talima 88w


    At last he is keeping his promise.
    He is going to take his last breath in the lap of his mother, his motherland, his nation. He sacrifices his life, every drop of his blood, every beat of his heart to save his mother. He doesn't regret to hug the death. He is the most luckiest person in the world.
    His heart is going to stop beating.
    His eyes gently closes his sights.
    But his lips don't stop to smile that come from peace of sacrifice.
    He is taking his last breath with great peace and calmness.
    Though the pains of his body want to make his face pale but the peace of his soul heals them and make his face bright, the most brightest look.
    His wounded leg and hand make him dead.
    He is taking his last breath with satisfaction.
    He knows that he will be a contented soul.
    He saves his nation.
    He is a brave soldier.
    He is the God whom the all people of the nation can see him.


  • supppy 88w

    That moment before my death
    I took that last breath
    Even without realising it as last
    I just became past
    Without me, here just my body lied
    As I said I had already died
    As earlier also Air was all around
    But within my body it couldn't surround

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    That's a precious moment
    when the lord of death
    gives appointment only
    once after the life of war.

    Heart resigns to work,
    brain gets retirement,
    skin starts to shrivel,
    eyes bulges and tongue swells.

    It's my desire that my Krishna
    to be sitting next to me,
    caressing my soul which is
    longing to blend in him.

    Let my favourite souls be
    able to live in my absence,
    enabling my girl to be
    free from tears of missing.


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    Words Of My Last Breath

    As this light begins to fade. As I move out into the night. The memories are starting to cascade. Too late now to put up a fight. Not calling for help. I'm moving on to my next home. Where this life has created many, many welts. The emotional pangs have eaten down to the bone. I am not going away sadly as I have done the best I could. A message to the children in my family. Love each day the way you should. You have the key to live daily, happily. So, these are the words of my last breath. A lesson for everyone to know that each day is a blessing. We never know how much time is left. To each others souls we should be caressing.

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    ~Life is a constant journey initiating from the 1st breath and goes on and on and ultimately terminating in the last breath~

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    My Last Breath

    Breaking off from a secure enclosure
    I gain access to a brand new realm

    Taking a deep breath in a colossal colony
    I discover my existence in a brand new space

    Knowing nothing about the enigmatic Kingdom
    I start exploring myself anxiously

    Attempting to grasp my desired goal
    I see myself shuffling between ecstasy and agony

    Accelerating miles and miles in my life's voyage
    I realise I can never attain immortality

    Taking my last breath one day
    I will bid adieu my existence forever

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 88w

    Father's Request

    I've had a full life of family, kids and wife,
    And now it's time I died.
    I taught my child to walk, grow, stand independently,
    However, regretfully,
    My child knows not the importance of wealth.
    Qualified high and aiming higher,
    Working really hard,
    Makes difference by going that extra yard;
    But, earning the legal tender
    Is a dream yonder.
    As I lay here waiting for my last breath,
    This is my earnest request-
    Dear progeny, its nice to be social,
    But be remunerative and commercial
    Lest you become a pauper and controversial.

  • victoriaelizabeth1 88w

    Last Breath

    Thump, thump... Thump, thump
    Beat, beat... Beat, beat

    You hear it too,
    Don't you the
    Thumping and beating of that heart.
    You can't get that noise out of your ears.

    Thump, thump... Thump, thump
    Beat, beat... Beat, beat

    That noise its gotten faint now
    You fear the worse
    You look and you wish
    You wouldn't of seen

    Thump, thump... Thump, thump
    Beat, beat... Beat, beating and

    How time stopped and you able to
    See you take your last breath.
    As for you hear no more

    Thump, thump... Thump, thump
    Beat, beat... Beat, beat


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    . Don't read this story
    . Just Feel this story
    . Imagine you as a Tina and mona what you want to be
    .#short story
    .#sad story
    .and tell me in comment section that how you feel after read this story as a Tina or mona ?
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    There was two best friends Mona and tina. Mona - a girl who suffering from cancer
    Tina - best friend of mona
    One day Mona ask Tina :-
    Mona - Tina what would you do if I am take my last breath?
    Tina - Ohh please don't ask stupid question like this !
    (Mona forced her to reply)
    Tina - ahh! Ok,hmm if you take your last breath I will come and alive you.
    Mona - Ohh really Tina! I love you so much...
    Tina - love you too ...
    -------------------AFTER 5 YEARS -------------------------
    (They separated from each other day by day and they slow down their talks and the day is come when Mona take her last breath)
    Mona - (send a audio message to Tina) '' I am taking my last breath ,Tina please come and alive me. I don't want to die.
    (but Tina was busy on her meeting so she kept her phone switch off and after meeting she drive car to go back home and when she switch on the phone she saw that moms give a some audio message ,she cry too much after listening that audio)
    (Tina call her and someone else received the call and said that Mona is no more after hearing this news Tina become silent and Tina drive fast to meet her and suddenly she accident with big truck , now she also take her last breath and said I am sorry Mona and after saying this line few minutes later she also loose her breath.)

  • the_late_night_tales 88w

    Lying down there cold,
    With long gone seethe
    This is end of his stroll
    Taking his last breathe

    He wasn't always this frail,
    Could've conquered the time
    Now he is turned all pale
    Nothing like in his prime

    Sad it is he won't roar anymore,
    His conquest is finally over now
    His sword won't shine like before
    Greatest warrior was he, take a bow

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    Lying down there cold,
    With long gone seethe
    This is end of his stroll
    Taking his last breathe

    He wasn't always this frail,
    Could've conquered the time
    Now he is turned all pale
    Nothing like in his prime

    Sad it is he won't roar anymore,
    His conquest is finally over now
    His sword won't shine like before
    Greatest warrior was he, take a bow


  • preetkanwal 88w

    My very own
    in dense fog
    came to mourn
    with dampened spirits
    in hazy morn’
    Leaves breathless
    breeze at rest
    Smoke engulfed
    still atmosphere
    numbed to the core
    Frozen smile
    of faint sunlight
    melted furrows
    from the face of brass
    death writ large
    Dripping moist walls
    gripped silent wails
    Steamy sighs
    left no trail
    Oh ! life so frail........
    Holding Thy hand
    since I came into being
    living thy whims n ‘ fancies
    I always obeyed, unto death
    Now mind unaware
    beyond your reach
    no promises to keep
    all bonds vanished
    to preach n’ please
    An aura of bliss
    engulfed my whole sphere
    All desires n’ fears
    laughter n’ tears
    success n’ failures
    will flew into thin air
    with my burnt ashes
    Ah ! At Last I am the winner
    on the path I dreaded to tread
    Unto death


  • nigarrao 88w

    Last breath

    Was it my spouse whom I was leaving alone,
    Or my kids whom I was bidding adieu, forlorn.
    Or may that unventured dream that I banked upon,
    Was it that house I lived in or those people whose hearts I won!
    Or may be none of these,
    Cause I lay knackered and too wearisome;
    From this rigorous journey called life, so fearsome!
    I need to go back and join in the universe,
    In heavenly peace, should I traverse!
    Nothing from this mortal world,
    Shall hold me back as I've already unfurled;
    Unfurled my wings for the journey all perpetual,
    I shall meet my creator all loving- The Eternal!

  • asleena 88w

    She let loose a guttural howl, which echoed through the lightless corridors of the mansion. She clutched her sister's hand tight. "I - don't - leave," She choked, tears streaming down her dusty face.
    Her sister was lying on the floor in a nightgown, struggling to breathe. Her eyes were half-closed, and her stomach had been stabbed repeatedly. Arya had removed the knife and tried to clean the wound, but she knew it was pointless. The life in her sister's eyes were fading.
    Laya coughed. "I-" She wheezed.
    "Oh, don't, " Arya murmured, her tears sinking into her sister's hair.
    "Love you, " Laya spat out blood. She trembled once, before looking at her twin with a final, loving glance. Arya bent down to kiss her, before her final breath left her.

  • kingdom_servant 88w

    Precious Life..

    It's beyond difficult to see him
    Hooked up to tubes & Needles,
    Helpless, confused, so fragile
    And feeble, his body aging, as
    his mind returns fetal.
    I watch him stuggle, tugging &
    pulls at those tubes, he seems
    Panicked by them. He wants
    Them removed.
    This battle he has to fight just
    To stay breathing, seems like
    Being Cruel to someone as
    they're leaving. My eyes can't
    Unsee what they're seeing, &
    The reality they are receiving,
    Weighs down on my heart, its
    So heavy its sinking.
    Overcome by the Sadness of
    What my eyes can see, Grief'
    Starts wreaking havoc inside
    Of me. I see his fight weaken
    No more stregnth to breath,
    The job of breathing for him
    Is done by machines.
    Tubes down his throat, unable
    To speak, as he hungers, hes
    Wondering, when he can eat
    Awaiting food, no ones ever
    Going to bring, Somehow he
    Is saying hes thirsty, to me,
    This torture hes suffering
    Is tormenting me, I have no
    power to do anything! He
    can't have any food he can
    Not have a drink. My heart
    can not bare, what he must think?
    The expression of Question he
    Keeps giving me, as if to ask
    "why & what are you doing to me?"
    Finally, pressure gives way, & I cry.
    He barely knows who we are,
    muchles that we love him he has
    No reason to trust that we arent
    There to hurt him, he doesnt even
    Know who he is...
    Please! We have to do something
    For him! Poor Mom hesitated, she
    Already knew..
    So we asked him what he wanted
    We asked what we could do? He
    was lucid when he said to release
    & remove all the tubes. To honor
    his wishes and our promises too,
    That is what we have to do.
    Im not sure he knew, he couldn't
    Breath very well, without all the
    Tubes, somehow i think he was
    Hoping it might end what he was
    Going through, even if passing on
    Was what he had to do.
    It was so hard watching as he
    Struggled to breath, all I could do
    Was hold his hand, & pray with him
    Promise I would stay with him, I
    Told him he was at home & he was
    Not alone & assured him I would
    Not leave his side!
    Then he squeezed my hand &
    I saw fear in his eyes, tears in
    My eyes, I kept repeating "Im
    right Here by your side," moments
    Later, he took his last breath, & He
    Died. My heavy heart filled with
    Sadness & Emptied out as it
    Shattered, tears over flow from
    my eyes, oh How I wept & I cried,
    Still had to Wake Mama, I turned
    On the light, To break her heart
    with the news, that the love of
    her life, had just died.
    It was the saddest deed so far
    I've had to do my whole life. I
    Pray for Mercy, & comfort
    Over Moms broken heart. May
    The Grace of The Holy Spirit,
    Help her stay strong in faith
    knowing Papa is going to a
    Much bettsr place. Papa we
    love miss you so much forever.

  • yaish__ 88w

    One last breath and all will end,
    To which i wanted my death to suspend.
    All will come to an end,
    Only our love will never end.
    I will still love you after my death,
    Even my heart stop to breath.
    I promise I'll always be with you,
    Just like a shadow to help you.
    I'm sorry dear, for leaving so soon,
    But you will find me, when you'll look at the moon.

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    सुनो, बस आज मुझे कह लेने दो..
    मुझे आज फिर से..तुम्हारा हो लेने दो।

    कुछ पल का सुकून चाहिए..
    अपनी पनाह में..मुझे रह लेने दो।

    छूना तुम्हारा, मरहम-सा लगता है..
    आज हर ज़ख़्म..फिर से सह लेने दो!

    सुनो, बस आज मुझे कह लेने दो..
    मुझे आज फिर से..तुम्हारा हो लेने दो।

    दिल टूटा है मेरा, दुनिया के रंग देखकर,
    दवा चाहिए..ख़ुद में रह लेने दो!

    जो दर्द दबे से हैं दिल में..
    आज क़तरा-क़तरा बह लेने दो।

    सुनो, बस आज मुझे कह लेने दो..
    मुझे आज फिर से..तुम्हारा हो लेने दो।

    ये फासले थे जिन्होंने खामोश की मेरी ज़ुबाँ,
    आज निगाहों को तो, सब कह लेने दो।

    कल ख़ूबसूरत था सपने-सा, जब मैं और तुम हम थे,
    एक बार फिर, 'मैं' और 'तुम' को 'हम' हो लेने दो!

    सुनो, बस आज मुझे कह लेने दो..
    मुझे आज फिर से..तुम्हारा हो लेने दो।

    के डरता है दिल..कल रहूँ ना रहूँ,
    ये ख़्वाहिश मेरी, पूरी कर लेने दो!

    जीने का तुम बिन न आए तरीका,
    आखिरी हैं ये पल, मुझको जी लेने दो।

    सुनो, बस आज मुझे कह लेने दो..
    मुझे आज फिर से..तुम्हारा हो लेने दो।


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    For the lines..

    सुनो, बस आज मुझे कह लेने दो..
    मुझे आज फिर से..तुम्हारा हो लेने दो।

  • my_tiny_chapter 125w


    I inhaled the rain,
    cloying with petrichor.
    Remembering the touch of his hand
    And the rhythm of his breath.
    Each inhale still feels heavy and constricted,
    and every exhale still brings a sense of dread
    for the rise and fall of my chest.
    Words drenched in so much unadulterated pain,
    As, He continues to dance in my head
    and forever sleeps in my heart.
    Though now only memory remains
    since the day we're apart.

    Days turned into months,
    And months into years.
    And I am too moving forward.
    Yet his essence still remains...
    My blanket holds secrets
    that haven't yet melted away.
    Staring at the amorphous darkness,
    Raindrops and tears fell in unison.
    I am alone again
    under this November rain.
    Into the distance I'm enveloped
    by dreams crescent arms.

    Nothing has changed,
    and yet everything has...

    Years of twisted agony, 
    aching to be forgotten...

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    I repeat countless times
    to the stone,
    to the sky,
    to the heavenly stars that shine so bright
    With one final breath,
    He said, “I love you...”