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  • _breathe__ 93w

    I have a curse,
    A curse to feel loved,
    Never to love again,
    So I want a lover,
    I don't have to love.

    I have been served
    Imprecation filled with
    Anxiety and emptiness.
    I will push you away
    But demand to stay
    I won't love him
    He must read me,
    So, I want a reader
    Whom I don't have
    To write anything.

    I will go,
    I can't stay,
    But I want you
    to hold on and
    Dance with me
    On the cracking floor
    Of the station
    On the music that
    Has no sensations
    I want a partner
    I won't have to stay
    With one, everytime.

    I am a bad witch,
    I have flesh that
    Don't really exist
    Specifically on me,
    I have a heart
    That doesn't feels,
    But only pumps blood.
    I want a soul
    That breathes now,
    I can't always breathe.

    Here, kiss me
    When I am withering
    Get me the moon
    If I ask you for it
    Bring stars to my
    Grey room
    I want it to shine
    But listen,
    I am born
    with darkness
    I have it in me
    I won't love

    I want fulfilment
    But I can't stay with it,
    I am hollow inside,
    My bones are a cage,
    I will trap you
    But won't keep
    I am empty,
    I will stay that.

    I want a lover
    I don't have to love.
    I want a feeling
    I don't have to feel