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    trying my hand at tercets
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    A drop of purple in the pool of black
    Felt merciful, cut white some slack
    My feet moved fast to a slow song.
    Hopes and Wings, are supposed to break
    The butterflies are dead, let’s cut a cake!
    Around my neck I put a noose.
    Dancing hard, chasing a wild goose,
    Till all the strings break
    Just like my heart.
    A symphony’s been playing ever since
    Like a love song on the radio
    They said it’s good for my cardio
    But I beg to differ darling
    Cuz it only left my senses burning
    For the rhapsody of your touch.
    Consuming these synthetic emotions of amour
    I hum a broken melody
    Of the irony of love and its parody
    Waiting for the end to come.
    And perhaps it came too soon
    For no one saw the next full moon
    As I sat there bathing myself in blood.
    This pain in my heart left me screaming
    But when I looked up my eyes were beaming
    Laughing in the face of death.
    My fingers strummed a tune of apocalypse
    A prophetic revelation of a cataclysmic abyss
    Savoring the last dance in each other’s arms
    Watching the never-ending snow globe of a fleeting us.