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  • anuradhasharma 11w

    अरसे हुए , आपके इंतज़ार में ।
    अब आपके भेजे पैसे ,
    भी पाबंद लगे ।
    ले आई हूं , गिरवी गहने ।
    जिसकी आस , हम भूल बैठे थे ।
    अम्मी–अब्बू भी , ठीक लगे ।
    पर शायद , उन्हें आपकी कमी खले ।
    बच्चें भी , बेफिक्र स्कूल जाते ।
    पर उनमें भी , कुछ खालीपन लगे ।
    राशन–पानी भी , कम नहीं होते ।
    पर आप बिन , स्वाद कहां सजे ।
    होली –दीवाली भी , खूब मने ।
    पर आप बिन , वो त्योहार न लगे ।
    नहीं चाहिए , कुछ हमें ।
    आप , घर लौट आइए ।
    हमें बस , यही चाहिए ।
    अरसे हुए , आपके इंतजार में ।
    अब आपके भेजे पैसे ,
    भी पाबंद लगे ।


  • piyushalbus 55w

    What people see as a glorious tribute to motherhood and women empowerment is nothing but desperation, exploitation and complete disregard for safety and rights.
    #exploitation #workers #labourers #farmer #childhood #mother #rights #hindipoetry #hindiwriters #childrights @readwriteunite @mirakee @hindiwriters

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    सर पे ईंटे लाचारी की,
    आँचल में छुपा कुपोषण है,
    सशक्तिकरण का चोगा पहने,
    कुछ और नही ये शोषण है।

    तुम्हें दिखता है मातृत्व जहाँ,
    मुझे आग भूख की दिखती है।
    बस एक रोटी की कीमत पर,
    इस मंडी में सारी जानें बिकती हैं।

  • prabhat_anand 72w

    यूँ तो कोई दिल नहीं
    जिसमें कोई डर न हो
    चेहरे पर फिर भी
    एक मुस्कान लिए चल रहें हैं,
    मजबूरी, जिम्मेदारी,
    धर्म, और कर्तव्य
    अब तो कुछ लोग
    'मौत के डर' को भी निगल रहें हैं!

  • monicathepoet 73w

    Death on the Tracks

    On that fateful evening
    tired after their arduous walk
    The migrant labourers had a frugal meal
    and sat on the tracks to rest and talk

    Comfortable in the knowledge
    Coz of lockdown no train would pass by
    They lay there on the tracks fatigued
    Without an inkling that soon they'd all die

    At dawn when the sun was rising.
    a goods train blew it's horn
    But the sleeping labourers didn't hear it
    And were cut to pieces that awful morn

    The villagers saw a heart wrenching sight
    They informed the authorities of the mishap
    And got the remains cleared in the morning light

    Soon the accident site started crawling with reporters
    They clicked the pictures of the strewn belongings
    Which were telecast by all news operators

    Debates began on channels
    and the blame game started
    My heart felt heavy for these poor souls
    Who in this gory way from the world departed.

  • rohitsw 74w

    जान बचाने के लिए
    निकले थे सफ़र पर,

    सफ़र बड़ा
    जानलेवा निकला...

  • prodyumno 74w


    There you see a common herd
    Trying to make their voice heard
    Everyday they are walking like ants
    They are so called migrants . . . !

    State vs Centre, the saga goes on
    No food,income & hope to cling upon
    Rumours,chaos and false promises
    Lies & ignorance still digging graves

    Covid-19 has broken the bubble
    Slowly our existing systems crumble
    From political to bureaucratic levels
    Only time will tell how it unravels

    Moving like a swarm of bees
    Like birds from different flocks
    Some have abandoned their hive
    United in the hope of staying alive

  • prasoon 74w


  • wildwanderer 75w


    निकला था घर से वो गरीब था ।
    मजबूर था फिर भी मज़बूत था
    वो देश का मजदूर था ।

    मेहनत से वो कमाता था ,
    उसका भी इक आत्मसमान था ।
    था वो गरीब पर अपने परिवार का वहीं भगवान था ।

    बदले हालात ने सब बदल के रख दिया ,
    देश का मजदूर दर दर भटक रहा।
    कही खाली पेट भूखा वो से रहा,
    लौटने को अपने घर को वो बिलख बिलख के रो रहा ।

    कही पैदल ही सफ़र मिलो का तो चुका
    नंगे पैरो धूप में वो जल रहा।
    परिवार को साथ लिए सड़कों पर वो सो रहा,
    देख उसके यह हालात मेरा दिल अब रो रहा।
    रजनी बलवाल

  • unloved_poetries 75w

    For the labourers who couldn't make home and died on the way.
    I hope things get better someday.
    The disease, the hardships,
    This too shall pass.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #corona #labourers

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    Wasn't my life already hard?
    Two meals a day
    Or one in two days.
    Toiling day in,day out
    Without a pause.

    Only to know
    I still couldn't afford
    Three meals in a row.

    I had little hope to live
    But a sweet family to keep.
    So I lived on the edge of a cliff
    Even when there were reasons to weep.

    Then came the pandemic
    To make me more melancholic.
    And all of a sudden
    I was trapped in an unfamiliar land.

    No vehicles or aids.
    And food was already
    Almost never on my plate.

    I longed to reach home
    Amidst this storm.

    Walked on foot
    Miles after miles
    Only to get a pity look
    Once in a while.

    The skin blistered
    Under the scorching sun
    And muscles cried
    To resist the painful burn.
    Hungry, thirsty
    Hopeless, exhausted.
    Praying silently
    To reach home soonest.

    The journey was too long.
    Or maybe I wasn't too strong.
    But I'm a human after all.

    I struggled all life
    To keep breathing
    And here I am
    Struggling on my last breath.

    I wish I had a little money,
    A little more success.
    Because no one cared
    For people like us.
    We were only meant to work
    Till the last of our life
    And it never mattered
    How hollow we survived.

    I closed my eyes forever
    Wondering what was worse.
    The disease that spreaded fast
    Or the fact that I never made it
    To meet my family
    Or we were only left to survive
    At mercy with our poverty.

    I had always lived on little hope.
    But I wish upon my last breath
    That my family never meets this end
    And they shall know
    That I tried my best to meet them.

  • divyat_kaavish 76w


    उस ऊँचे दुकान के गिरे शटर के पास,
    आज ज़िंदगी मुझसे मिलने
    फ़ुटपाथ पर आई...
    मैं ज़िंदगी की तरह ही
    थका था पर हारा नहीं,
    बिछड़े साथी सा -
    मुझे देख ज़िन्दगी मुसकराई
    अखबार में लपेटे इक वक्त की रोटी मैंने
    भूखी सी ज़िंदगी से बाँट कर खायी...
    उस ऊँचे दुकान के गिरे शटर के पास,
    आज ज़िंदगी मुझसे मिलने
    फ़ुटपाथ पर आई...

    ©whispering_waves (काविश)

  • __jim__ 81w


    Maine bhi socha thha ke
    Mai Bharat ka vanshaj kehlaunga
    Ye Imaaratein ye ghar saare
    Mai apne haathon se hi toh banaunga
    Jiski poori Lagaan bhi naa milti ho mujhko
    Par us se hi ek saal ki mai rozi apni ko chalaunga
    Kuch ummeedein le kar chala thha gaaon se mai
    Aaj udhar jaane ko mai Border pe patka jaaunga
    Gar soch mai paaya tab hota
    Toh aaj sochna padta naa
    Meri khushaali se kisi ko kya padta
    Har koyi aaj ghar me kahaan sadta
    Meri hi badduayein hain
    Mere Jaison ki hi ye duhaayi hai
    Ke aaj na tum kuch kar sakte
    Jaane ye naubat aayi hai
    Ab kuch lambi aur chadhaayi hai
    Fir karmo ki bharpaayi hai
    Sisak sisak kar
    Bilak bilak kar
    Maafi maango
    Upar waala harjaayi hai!