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  • bushbaby 6w

    The Outcast

    Who are you, sculpted Downcast,
    Bitter, frowning lass,
    Twiddling your thumbs 'fore you speak?
    Missing a tongue,
    Wearing fretful, furrowed brows,
    Smiling, yet, as you lie through your teeth?

    Who are you, befriending Lonely,
    Fibbing you were bored when
    I caught you peeking through the slits in the blinds?
    Longing gaze fixated on the gathering,
    The tender moonlight guiding
    Paths of silent tears hastily running
    From some hidden horror in your eyes?

    Who are you, masked as Mean,
    A side of you I've never seen,
    Barking like a dog demanding
    To be free of its leash?
    You are the outcast,
    Invisible to a tolerant glance,
    Tragic, self-fulfilling prophetic tale
    See, cages create criminals
    Just as criminals play charades;
    And for the two of us,
    It seems
    Our label materialised into a cage.


  • monette 9w

    Monette's mirror #7

    You are not all the pain of your past
    You are a conqueror rising above your strife
    You are not all the layers you have built to protect yourself
    You are a fighter with the will to survive

  • monette 10w

    Let me tell you who I am [part 2]

    I am the descendant of Mabel Constance, a lady, the the epitome of Grace
    I am uniquely and specially made to let my essence shine, like no other
    I am, unashamedly, equally the calm and the storm
    I am love, I give love freely, I always will
    I am passionate and I live to make all that surrounds me shine with brilliance
    I am a safe haven, the place any child can call home
    I am independently beautiful and even in solitude, never alone
    I am a fusion of ambition and art and all things fiery and romantic
    I am the music, the poetry and the light that oozes through my every part
    I am a child of God, the daughter of a King
    I am blessed, favoured and moulded with purpose
    I am, authentically, unapologetically, ME!

  • monette 10w

    Let me tell you who I am [part 1]

    Are you the little girl who was told she wouldn't succeed?
    The anxious teen who felt she never fitted in?
    The wild child who struggled to tame her wings in varsity?
    The young lass who fell in love with someone else's heart?
    The A student who wowed her friends and gave a trophy to her family?
    The over protective, worrying mother who questions every parenting choice?
    The young divorcee that everyone pities for being so alone?
    The career driven woman without a life?

  • precious_nothings 25w


    //Does Love still treats you like a stranger?//

    I search Love in rundown
    alleys and dingy hotel rooms,
    In a stranger's arm drunk
    on lust and cheap beers
    and nicotine smelling breath.
    And Love stays in brief
    hours and weeks on sweat
    stained bedsheets and
    hickeys flowering on
    my skin's landscape.

    The Night is always benevolent,
    Masking her rough edges and
    jagged lines the Day screams of,
    And Love served on
    sturdy limbs and flushed
    skins leaves me
    shamelessly brazen.
    He calls me his lover by night,
    And his stranger by day
    A wham bam bye thing,
    No strings attached.

    But there are heartbeats in
    Moments that defines me
    and leaves me hating,
    Hands pressed against
    his thundering chest,
    I whisper "My love",
    And our eyes clashes,
    Fire meeting fire,
    My unsaid sentimentality
    hanging on charged
    crackling air...
    And he groans
    Then spats a low "Whore"
    My loins swallows him up,
    An act of anger and
    turned defiant...
    and Pain becomes me.

    //I found Love in the arms of a stranger tonight but his touch left me cold//

    © Precious_nothings

    ***I don't know why I wrote this. But well, I love Kamala Das and I was reading her and I had to share these lines by Bukowski and I know I am blabbering but well, this happened***
    My hashtags will make this easier to understand perhaps?

    #love #toxicrelationship #lovelustandheartbreaks
    #poemsithoughtillneverwritebutidid #dontjudge
    #labels #notolabels #abstractpoems

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  • theshatteredpiecess 27w

    The night brings out every emotion,
    We try to hide throughout the day.
    You're the loudest thought in my mind,
    Yet again.
    I swear I try to suppress you,
    But it always narrows down to you.
    So here I'm talking to you, through me.
    You cuddle me up,
    As the emptiness keeps growing.
    I turn towards you, as you hold my hands.
    You tell me it's gonna be fine,
    And I'll survive the night.
    I look at you hoping you'll just take it away.
    And after the longest stare,
    I whisper, "You'll always be my home."
    You hold me closer and say
    "But you don't wanna settle right now,
    You'll always be my traveller."
    I toss my side as the tears fall from my eyes,
    And you lay there silently.
    It's strange how labels don't always define us,
    Because you'll always be my person.
    And even if we're apart,
    My heart will always crave yours.
    I'll meet you again.
    Preferably in my head.

  • pranalishah 38w

    - Deserted -

    Feeling deserted is pretty much unlikeable,
    As humans were used to socialising,
    Regardless of how introverted or extroverted
    Or whatever that stands in between,
    that we call ourselves...
    We need some build of experiences,
    No matter how we phase it...

    Whatever may it be so, we’re the same,
    All that differs is the intensity,
    Intensity of every experience —
    How we chose to let it affect us?
    How much we allow it to burn us to ashes?
    How we learn to let it go...?
    And what not...

    But in the end, I feel,
    We’re all the same yet deserted in many ways...


  • becoming 39w


    Who are you to label a living person?
    Who are you tell me if i can be femenin or masculine?
    Who are you to lable my choices into a category?
    Stop that. Simply because it makes you uncomfortable.
    It's me.
    I get to choose.
    Don't tell me im supposed to do certain things because of my gender.
    Don't limit me.
    You or anyone else, don't own me to direct me.
    Genders, sexualities, preferences, lifestyle, dressup and most importantly living should be left for the person to decide.
    Don't force them into interests from that young age, maybe they don't feel the same as you, maybe now they think it's the only logical thing and maybe when they get into their senses, they'll take up their whole life just to be happy and comfortable in their skins.

    Don't label a child from day one.
    Don't tell them what their interests should be.
    Don't mould them into something they weren't supposed to be.
    Let them breathe, choose and incontrol of their lives.
    ©Dr. Suez

  • selah_mj 44w

    Don't bother yourself much with the labels painted for you, about you by people.
    Remember, a painting is always from the perspective of a painter and not the subject


  • lost_girl_forever 88w

    I'm figuring out who I am one step at a time and it's a fight that never ends #identity #labels #fear #strong #fight

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    I am pieces
    I am labels that I want to completely wipe away but I am lables that I strive to embody yet will never truly be.
    Some lables are shiny armour that only reflect the person you want to see.
    Armour so you can't hurt me but this protection is weighing me down
    Hiding me
    Silencing me
    Hurting me
    Breaking me

  • devadoothan 105w


    On a warm sunny evening, he stood by the spiral stairs looking down
    Each step he climbed down, took him back a decade
    He finally reached the bottom, where it all began
    On that warm sunny evening he was ready to look back

    All the bottled memories he collected along the way
    Neatly arranged in a straight line in front of him
    They looked longingly and awaited his orders
    They must've felt so out of time

    He took each one, looked at the images inside, against the shining sun
    The smells inside took him back to those very moments
    The voices rang clear in his head
    The laughter, tears, screams and songs

    He took out his magic wand and waved in the air
    He weaved letters from thin air
    They came flowing across time and stuck on.
    Each bottle now had those magic letters adorning them.

    E.G.O spelt the biggest of them
    R.E.G.R.E.T stood not too far behind
    A.N.G.E.R was shaking and trembling away
    One of the bottles rose up in the air and exploded

    The shattered pieces were everywhere
    The voices filled the air all around him
    The images inside were crawling their way back up the stairs
    They refused to stay in his labelled bottle

    Just a few scattered letters on the floor remained
    Letters he weaved with his magic wand
    Letters with which he tried to label the bottle
    Just letters lay lifeless on the floor- E, O, V and L


  • premkumar_spatil 106w

    He who often labels others, reiterates his own prejudices.


  • littlemisssunshine 108w

    You Are All Of Labels

    You walked a long mile, so rested a while...
    Sun shining on your shoulders, making you glisten with hope
    Hope, for just a few more miles, make you walk again
    And you, suddenly stumbled onto something;
    Something you weren't sure to be precious,
    So you walked in with a gleam of amusement..
    Amazed to feel how you connected
    For the very first time after years you thought of opening the door
    That door, whose rust and dust made it unimaginable to even try
    You tried, you pushed it a bit
    But the creak was not clear and swift
    You waited to regain consciousness for the sake of your conscience
    Waited to know what it was, as years went and nothing like this could ever draw an attention for even a second.. You question..
    Curiousness, you may call it..
    Slowly played hide and seek
    Just like the ray of light peeping through that door beak
    And then, the light entered
    Entered your door, entered your life through your soul
    You thought of bathing in it, getting drenched in it
    Ah, where have you been so long, you felt like clinging, you felt like wrapping it up in your fist and never let go...
    All that you left somewhere in your life, you slowly started to pick those up in pieces..
    You were thankful, full of gratitude and it made you more hopeful
    "Hope", as you always say.. "Keeps us alive"...
    And kept you alive too, till date.
    Soon you found a purpose to your living, strengthening your weaker self, you felt more kinder
    Breeze that gushed in through the door, caressed you inwardly
    And you completely unaware of its short life
    Like, how long would it have allowed you to sail in it?
    That was quite obvious, might be.
    You failed to understand,
    Failed to guess that its momentary...
    You asked the breeze, why can't you stay here, by my side
    Even you want that right, so why can't you?
    Breeze accepted its incompetency in flowing always by your side
    "why don't you give it a try? " - you requested
    " Even if I try i cannot sail you till the shore" - breeze replied in despair
    The answer to the "Why" had many labels attached to you...
    Labels, which you never thought would define you
    Labels, which were not your own choice
    Labels, divided you, like our religion, caste, creed and what not
    Labels, which doesn't define you as human being and even at times make you untouchable, unmatched
    You thought your name was enough!
    You were enough!
    You and your name, under all these labels, just went unseen
    And with that, my dear you made a sin!!
    So now , you are labeled.
    "Don't give up without trying" - that's what life teaches, you remind the breeze...
    Teachings and preachings cannot always be practiced, that was the statement made.
    Numb as you were to see where it stand..
    "May be you were not worth a fight", your subconscious mind whispered
    You accepted, as it was you..
    You gulped, but you couldn't make peace with it
    "How can you give up? ", you thought of questioning hundred thousand times or may be more..
    But that "not worth a fight" made you silent
    It's easy for you to be happy in others happiness
    So let it be,let breeze go it's own way..
    You deeply inhale it's fragrance like an echo in your viens
    And here your memory inhibition reigns
    It's easier to see others happy, but difficult to make peace, still
    You wished you never opened the door, never let that light in..
    None of it was in your control, breeze too didn't knock before standing at your door
    Few things happen to get etched in memory
    And to let you know its importance
    To let you know that-
    you still are the same, still can't make peace with the lame..
    All you needed were so simple to ask for
    Which is too tough as you understood now
    People don't practice what they preach
    But one day, may be, faith will let your hope restore in it.


  • angelinabasudas 112w


    Labels are complicated
    Set up boundaries
    Limits newly made
    Snipped wings, caged butterflies.

    As long as you are breathing
    And not hurting
    Yourself and others
    Living and letting others live
    It's just perfect.

  • questioning_life 115w

    Sun rays

    Sun rays still shine through cracked windows
    Our hearts may be shattered but we can be heroes
    Labels or voices will never define you
    Trust is valuable don't let it hold you


  • happilyeverafter 115w

    This can make me mad ...

    Why do we wake up or why do we sleep?
    I think that is a thing we Human need
    Why do we get names? why do other's put a label on our forhead? I think it's other peoples weakness for being insecure but I know now that only Love is the best cure to that so please don't put labels on other peoples forhead!


  • purple_river 122w


    They put us in boxes
    Label us like products
    Tag us with adjectives
    Scrutinize our conducts

    But how can mere words ever confine us?
    Our esoteric obscurity is what defines us
    The boundless shifts in emotions and feelings
    We navigate and transform through every dealing

    Yet uncertainty always meant anxiety to our race
    Mean, scared beings try to show us our place
    But our indestructible souls withstand it all
    Illuminate us with love as we grow and evolve

    The world's still so miserably dark
    And we're still the hated question marks
    But once our chaste luminace breaks free
    This turmoil shall be exiled for eternity.

  • tabz35 124w

    You had already made your decision,
    I thought as much,
    I could tell in your eyes,
    a dismissive, critical look.

    Ready to cast judgement,
    hone in on your prey,
    to revenge and mistreat,
    you knew exactly where my sore points lay.

    You found my weaknesses,
    my vulnerabilities you knew,
    an expert at manipulation,
    crafted with skill.

    You knew how to lure me,
    into your trap,
    press all the right triggers,
    so I'd get stressed and react.

    It was part of your plan,
    It went just how you wanted,
    a box with a tick,
    a difficult case absconded.

    The smirk on your face,
    as you wrote down your last note,
    you couldn't hide your pleasure,
    you wanted to gloat.

    I was nothing to you,
    just a nameless face,
    just a number,
    one of many,
    to get rid of like waste.

    Like a dog that disobeyed you,
    challenged your authority,
    you will sit, you will stay,
    you will bow to my superiority.

    Put a label on,
    and discard.

  • thewingedpen 127w


    Some words are opaque
    Like those glass walls barricading my mind
    Half- burnt alphabets
    Embellished with sophisticated desires
    Yet perishable
    Yes, promises too are perishable

    (Your love was also perishable. Those rumbling waves never reached its destination, the shore)

    I wonder if humans had labels
    Young eyeballs growing darker
    As the ticking clocks
    Strokes lives with mundane hues
    An old, forlorn parchment attached to 'innocence'
    Reads, "Fragile, handle with care."
    Bodies moulded out of hatred and gloom.
    Turning love into ashes

    (The heart, resting in a cage of my ghastly bones, is 20% flesh and 80% empty void)

    Invisible wrinkles on invisible souls
    Souls counting minutes inside mortal bodies.
    Bestrewn with microscopic scars, too small to be seen
    Yet deeper than the darkest abyss.
    Clutching innumerable tags growing on their skin
    Yet the hollow hope, alive in those eyes.
    Someone would know the worth of their love.

    (I've kept my emotions in the cold storage, for the day if you ever decide to trace those cursed footsteps, again)


    I've tried to write a little differently than my usual style. Drop your reviews upon this. It'll help me improve.

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  • abilene 128w


    I know for a fact
    that I am not
    The labels
    That sit above my head
    Like a halo

    I don't have a barcode
    Cemented into my skin
    Chosen by someone else
    That determines what I am
    And what I'm worth

    But in the end
    You will see me as what you want to
    There's nothing I can do
    It's easier to assume
    Than it is to learn
    So you'll keep seeing the sign above my head
    And ignore it's crooked letters
    You'll believe what you read
    And not what you see
    Because to you
    All I am
    Is my lables