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  • themoonandthesun 5w

    White noise
    Confronted tranquil loneliness

    ~girl with headphones

  • mazingmee 5w

    Once I'll be dead,Tell me will you miss me the way I miss you watching that lonely moon?

  • beleza_ 7w

    #love #wild
    @writersnetwork Thank you for the ❤️ & repost
    @miraquill Thank you so much for POD❤️


    Drops of dew showered on silent poems revived buried feelings
    And the stinging questions of the letters melted by Jasmine's touch
    who got carried away by sentimentality
    and keeping the fantasies alive
    The butterflies were dancing between the petals kissing Jasmine
    In the chill of winter, the little squirrels hid in the mother's lap, waiting for the rays of the sun
    Don't know what, thinking that the sun was just being peeped through the clouds

    Suddenly the words of fantasies stopped flowing and a beautiful reality began to take place in my heart.

    In those cold winds there was a chill in the chirping of birds

    Soon it was evening and the sun with light rays hid peacefully and slept waiting for the next morning.
    I was about to look at the moon when suddenly I left the moon and saw small eyes which were full of innocence.

    In the hope of getting something, moving one hand forward a little, so that nothing should be snatched, the other hand was hiding behind.

    And what do I think... It's like that little squirrel is hiding some precious gem
    When I saw her fist, I could have laughed, but her innocence had settled in my eyes.
    That is why in a moment I understood not only the value of her treasure, but also the value and need of her precious treasure.

    Two peanuts yes just two
    Yes, she has slept hungry many times...but now...she is a mother now, isn't she?
    If you go back like this, what will happen to the hope that has left in the eyes of your children?

    And I... I just kept thinking lost in her innocence

    Then I got up slowly and she was looking at me a bit scared

    Perhaps wanted to say something, so showing two grains of fist, I lowered my hand again.

    I got up and went to the kitchen and picked up a basket of peanuts

    Yes, there was no need to search, I like peanuts so much.

    Now what else can I say, picking up the peanuts, that cute squirrel went to her burrow

    Yes, her burrow was next to the jasmine plant that was my favorite that's why now I'm in love with that cute little squirrel, after all my new little friend had a home near my favorite plant.

    Poetry flows in my soul like a gamut, but the playfulness of that little squirrel keeps tweeting in my heart every moment.

    Every animal existence on this earth whether it is innocent like a squirrel or a fierce hunter like a wild lion


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    Now what do I remember....the moon....or....the sentimentality of those eyes won my heart

  • puranidiary 11w

    I don't even know what is this ��at days when i don't rhyme i RANT. ��
    @writersnetwork �� #kuchbhi

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    Untitled ~

    story suffering,surviving, stabbing
    my chest it daily dies a thousand deaths
    with every drape of hoax courage,
    the cries, the chaos it all
    digs up a graveyard for
    all scribbled peace and pain
    and i choke to call someone
    for help and i cry for hours
    to verify,i still have a v o i c e.

    i see the sunlight suffusing
    slowly in my shallow soul and
    scattering the silence, colliding
    with blue ocean of parched eyes,
    whispering the wailing notes,
    the estranged echoes it
    altogether etches scars
    mere scars on every inch of skin
    and i rush and run to decorate
    all wounds with complete darkness
    where i see the murky moonlight
    mourning over my dead muse
    and stars burning, fading and
    falling like the dead ashes
    flickering like forgotten h o p e .

    And i feel numb and nothing in myself
    I look back in pool of memories and
    It splashes the tears like burning acid
    Rolling and rashing down my cheeks
    I swirl my hands to feel the warmth
    But the waves it drowns me in coldness
    I feel numb and nothing as they
    The crowd comes closer to feel
    my fury and i gaze at my glee with
    red burnt eyes and i scream at
    my sorrows with a husky voice
    For now they all fear me and my
    perseverance and p a t i e n c e.

    And now i enjoy the pat of pain
    On my silken shoulders
    now surely turned stoned
    there's still a story inside my heart
    Dying, breathing and falling apart
    And i choke the crumbled pages
    With ironies of home and happiness
    bleeding and taking birth as blue ink
    I write the verses and i let them suffer
    Incomplete like me, i write the rhymes
    and i break them into pieces to ruin them
    I write endless proses and poems
    and i pierce every piece with s o r r o w s.

    And i write it all for someone to read and
    chase me someday and then i would recite
    it all to them and when they would ask me
    about my life story i will scream and repeat
    that there was a story
    suffering surviving stabbing my chest
    and now my heart has shed the
    Very last drop of blood as ink
    and all my rage are written in rhymes
    these verse are verifying my valour
    these Poetries are peace and pain
    these serenades are sorrows and silence
    and now . .
    I feel nothing and numb in myself
    And now the story's dead
    as today i took birth as
    A p o e t.

  • zikra_ 18w

    Labon par thehre the kuch adhure alfaaz
    Jinke pure hone ke intezaar me ham bezuban bn baithe.

  • priynka 23w

    खयाल #kuchbhi

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  • beleza_ 26w


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    saamne hi rakha hota hai
    par akhbaar nii milta
    Kabhi-kabhi do logon k
    dil mil jate hai
    par vichaar nii milta


  • just_feel_it_ 31w

    हक़ीक़त में झूठ और ख़्वाबों में सच देखती हूं।
    कहीं तुम पहचान ना लो,इसलिए जज़्बात सारे अधूरे लिखती हूं।।


  • poeticjusticerraj 32w

    Aankhon ka paani..

    Nahi hona shaamil
    Iss mehfil
    Me jo milte
    Nakli chehre
    kaale dil

    Khud se nirash
    Kya banunga kaabil?
    Ghoorti nazrein
    Cheekhein jaahil
    Kya duniyadari
    Kase bante rishte
    Nasamajh hun jo thoda
    Yun hota na haasil

    Gine-chune, dost jase
    Hanste chehre
    Milte mujhse
    Milte gile
    Ojhal pal bhar me
    Ab hain anjaan
    Par mere chand sawal
    Palti kyu nighaein
    Milti nazron par
    Rang hua safed
    Bata to de
    Pehchane kya mujhe?

    Zindagi bojhal
    Udaas mann
    Na koi parivartan
    Beete kitne hi saal
    Aaj bhi magar
    Jab chalu sadkon par
    Neechi nazrein kar
    Jhuke kandhe
    Seele honth
    Thanda dil
    Maathe pe kayar


  • inked_selenophile 36w

    #oodquain #kuchbhi

    And if poetry is all about love then ask the moon to imprint its shine on the blank page

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    is all about pain,

    then put my inked heart on blank



  • _the_nightmare 34w

    ��so temp����
    Thank you for the helping buddy

    I am a NIGHTMARE
    That doesn't make you sleep
    I have a silence full of screams
    Some unsaid tears
    Some secret behind its crump
    If you want to escape
    I'll throw you in the hell !!!
    You have to deal with it
    I'm not going to leave your soul
    It's hard to wake up from Nightmare
    It scares you the most
    I saw fear in your eyes
    But don't forget
    Nightmares are dreams too
    Scared by Nightmare
    You will become Insomaniac
    The day you woke up from
    Disastrous night
    You wasn't able to explain
    I took you from you
    You are my prisoner
    My heart is also enjoying it now
    Just like you leave me
    Your shadow leave you the same
    No mercy it's revenge
    You make me Nightmare
    That's night's are witness
    it'll Hurt you like hell
    The demon craves for the punishment
    Lucifer screams like a deadly howl
    Every nights owls shout
    And lightning in the thunder
    Down on the seashore

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    I am a Nightmare

  • _the_nightmare 36w

    ��#NewProse 3����
    #genuine read��
    ��Song by king ����

    //Tu aake dekhle, maine raatein kitni saari
    Teri yaadon mein guzari //

    I hope you remember me as a song, that song you Never listened to in a while Ahh there is always a sad you in my nights , when i see myself as a whole. Its been a long long time now since you left. But I still have those memories, words , that sense of satisfactions. My loneliness , isn't that much alone, Is usually awake every night in search of you.

    //Bas mere aage apni hi tu baat kara kar ,
    Dil dukh na jaye mera thoda dhyaan rakha kar
    Ke tu meri yaadon mai hai puri basti
    Aur tere siva koi acha lagta nahi //

    (Ps-bohot se ache log hai��)
    When I read a letter that you wrote year back that fragrance of peace reminds me of you. And whenever you say i miss you I get the anxiety in the form of cyclone. I'm jealous of everything you get to place your gaze on.
    Goosebumps were my unknown guests and getting scared what happen next, that this sleepless nights is never going to end. I'm losing myself and pretend like I'm fine. I keep on telling myself that it's summer and again your memories freeze my heart as if it frost and push back into the flashback where i found lost NIGHTMARE ��

    //Par tere aage kuch bhi nahi sab khaakh barabar
    Mai kho jayunga milke mujhse baat kara kar //

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    The last ride

  • itsneetu19 38w

    Vo aankhon ki siyahi miti,
    Toh kya kalam khali ho gye?
    Dil ki khumari bhi hati,
    Ya kagaz kore ho gye?


  • aqstar 39w

    I put my feelings into words,
    Words that makes a seraphic poetry,
    Poetry from which I share my feelings.
    Feelings of to be lost,
    Lost in a seraphic writings,
    And this, this writing is also a feeling.

    #chainverse @writersnetwork @mirakee #senseless #kuchbhi #wod

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  • harish8588 41w

    इत्मीनान था,कि बस मोहब्बत थी तुमसे
    जो नफरत होती,तो कब के मर गए होते

  • childauthor_345 44w

    Sour the silent felt sweet by soul
    Screaming with infrasonic sound

    Yet tearing the buried heart in two
    Felt broken faded down to ground

    ~ ¢∆

  • malhar_ 49w

    Aajkl thakur sahab ka ldka bht bolne lga hai nahi...!!
    Kaichi ki trh juban chalti hai iski..huh


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    Sometimes mohalle wale ask some chutiya type questions like....
    'Aur beta college jaa rhe...padhne?'

    And i was like...nahi uncle mujra ki preparation krne jaa rhe.


  • childauthor_345 50w

    दो पल की खुशी के बाद
    मेरा हंसना - हंसाना चला गया
    आंसू भी तब खुशी से निकला करते थे
    अब तो मुस्कुराहट का फसाना ही चला गया
    और लोग एक वक्त हमारी जी हुजूरी में पेश थे
    हम थोड़े गरीब क्या हुए उनकी जिंदगी से हमारा जमाना चला
    हमारी चाहत ही ख़तम कर दी जीने की
    और कहते है हमारा आजमाना चला गया
    अरे भूल हमसे भी होती है आखिर हम भी तो इंसान ही है
    इसका मतलब ये तो नहीं हमारा तुमसे दिल लगाना चला गया


  • quarantinistani 50w

    Cost of Success

    To laif is to fial,
    means ke na pass.
    First Class!



  • childauthor_345 52w

    Khuda kare , tere jaha me Aakar Mai phas jau
    Tu bane oxygen , Mai tere Bina jee na pau
    Bas ijajat de tu mujhe tere saath milkar covalent bond ho jau
    Hamara pyaar ho itna saccha tum agar ho bhi jao purani to Mai carbondating ho jau
    Bas khub ho itni chemistry apni pyar ki history me Mai shumar ho jau ......