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    Some Words cut deep like a knife, twisted onto your heart..
    When you feel your chest squeezed painfully..
    Our brain can't seem to figure out how to make the pain go away
    So we clench our hands to our hearts hoping to protect it...
    It feels worse when it's from someone whom you trust...
    You can see a physical knife coming but an emotional one comes at the most unexpected times...

  • pallavi4 12w


    I awoke with a scream and saw blood on my hands
    Her unmoving form was beside me and a knife was in my hands
    Startled and shaken, the knife slipped from my hands
    The situation seemed bizarre and out of my hands
    How had the knife and blood made their way into my hands?
    I stood up unsteadily , placing my weight on my hands
    And glanced around and again at my bloody hands
    In the middle of nowhere , out of place looked my bloody hands
    A rope I thankfully found placed beside her slashed hands
    I tied her legs and bound her two fragile and mangled hands
    Then dragged her to the nearby lake by her hands
    I threw her into the lake using all the strength in my hands
    I threw the knife too, flung it with my hands
    Then cleaned the blood off carefully off of my hands
    The crime scene now didn’t hold a connection to me or my hands
    I was bewildered that I had managed a murder with these artistic hands
    I walked towards the winding road looking at my hands
    Mentally I wouldn’t be able to rid the blood off of my hands
    I stumbled and fell down often weighing down on my hands
    Yet I continued walking for the sake of these very hands
    Only a brush and paint ever had been held by these hands
    Now in a mess I was thanks to the wilfulness of my hands
    Why did I have to commit a crime using these artist’s hands ?
    I looked at the light at the end of the road covering my eyes with my hands
    It became brighter till it shone from between my hands
    It was then that I woke up from my dream screaming and waving my hands
    At the source of the light trying to stop it with my hands
    I took my head into my tired and long fingered hands
    Then kept staring confused at the paleness of my innocent, bloodless hands


    2nd of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Acrylic Hands” by Elle Smallwood

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    They call me " a serial killer',
    for killing myself!!,
    for killing the real me,
    for stravaging for long,
    as I dipped myself in blood,
    the fresh blood oozing out from a stabbed knife,
    as it's smell made me crazy.

    They call me " a serial killer",
    for killing myself!!!
    for the love that I had never met,
    for the love that was one-sided,
    for the love that I hadn't even told once,
    as I worshipped the picture of the girl,
    who passed to the other world,
    as I madly smelled the scarf of her,
    that she left on the way.

    They call me " a serial killer",
    for walking through the pardo woods in the dark,
    searching for the sillage of my rifted soulmate.

    They call me" a serial killer",
    for keeping a "Mizpah' with my deceased love.

    Yes, I am" The serial killer",
    as I killed myself!!!

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    My piercing edges go all out, the onion lay chopped
    As I lay off reposed,her eyes are all soaked

    Here I go slicing, the slices of butter lay slothy n smirking
    As I am disposed to my place, her eyes are soothing n grinning

    Here I go thrusting through squash relectuant to yield
    Ohh the determination in her eyes when she choses me to wield!

    Everyday I watch her as she blends all ingredients with tenderness
    Oh the chirpy spoon stirring,aroma swiveling..what a act I witness!

    But at night, she clasps me in the shadows
    I feel her ashen wrist n her heartbeat reiterating sorrows

    Time sweeps by with a reassuring glance
    For I hear," I'll be fine,I'll definitely ace the next chance!"
    Awestruck Im left everytime she makes that sanguine stance


    PC: To the rightful owner

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    Blown Away

    What remains of the trauma lingers,
    Dimming the light in my eyes.
    The naked bones from that day of suffering
    Will haunt me, echoing my every step.

    You attempted to reorganize
    The already uncertain meaning of my life.
    Tried to unravel the very thread
    Of who I am as a person.

    Your eyes are caverns of insanity
    That mirror the truth of your diseased mind.
    Paired with a devilishly manipulative mouth,
    You are not the man I once idolized.

    A pair of eyes, my own;
    Yearn to be the one holding the knife to your throat
    Feel the power swell from gut to chest
    As I watch fear bloom flowers in your eyes.

    You failed to break me down, make me weak enough
    For you to reassemble me in a way
    That would have fit perfectly
    Into your incestuous puzzle.

    This time, I'm going to be the one
    Holding the gun to your terrified face,
    Laughing as you tremble; only I'll pull the pin back
    And blow you away

  • lucifer_says 37w

    Some people aren't your friends,
    They're just scared to be your enemy


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    I am nobody walking on the street
    Searching for somebody
    My only companion my shadow
    Come closed to me with increase of heat
    But suddenly cloud pacify heat
    And try to hijack my happiness
    But even in darkest hour
    I am not alone
    I always have somebody by my side
    I am nobody walking on the street
    Suddenly sharp knife pricked my heart
    Blood is all around the street
    I am in the acute pain
    That pain is comfortable than love one can ever feel
    But even that happiness not last for decade
    I am nobody walking on the street
    Searching for somebody
    Abruptly hit by fate that take away my soul
    And left me in peace for which I always wish for
    I am nobody walking on the street
    Searching for somebody

  • anjuzzzz 58w

    Khamoshi bhi kabhi kabhi theer ki tarah kaam karthi hai

  • anthonyhanible 59w

    Stay Away

    So quick
    Blocking my heart from the hurt
    In the basement
    In the corner
    On the Porch
    I walk
    I run
    Pulling the knife out of my back
    I stay away
    So quick
    I'm fading away
    Time is passing away
    So hard to pray the pain away
    So stay away
    I became crazy okay
    It's my turn Russian roulette
    I'm down
    Please stay away
    Before I bring you down with me

  • anthonyhanible 61w

    Don't Pretend

    You're lying
    You really don't want to be here
    Don't Pretend
    There's no gun to your head
    There's no knife to your back
    You don't have to stay

  • anthonyhanible 61w

    Sharp knife
    Heart left opened
    Why would you want a relationship

  • avatarable 63w


    Life gave her a middle finger on every single attempt.

    Finally landed her dream job.
    The first thing she bought was a knife.

    To cut off Life's middle finger


  • normancrane 64w

    Machu Picchu

    A spiralling ascent
    Along the world's edge
    Sweatdrops fall
    To a below without sunlight
    Boot dust
    Llamas labour under supply packs
    Hoof beat lantern dance
    Shadows cast on the cliff face
    Distorted we loom
    Above the mute fog of humanity
    Awash in the final dawn
    The old Inca smiling sprouts his knife
    Ancient tapestral landscape
    Exhales into us
    Curvously infolding
    The old Inca holds out his hands
    The knife cuts horizontally
    Reality opens like a book upon a tabletop
    There, he says,
    Pointing to the infinite space between where the sky in the past met the land
    Timespace lies like a discarded washcloth
    And we see dimly through the mists—
    There, he says,
    Pizarro could not follow us,
    And we see dimly through the mists—
    The neon lights of

  • _un_familiar 66w

    While I'm moving towards you
    On the road of possibilities of you and me together
    I'm fighting with all the what if's and why's
    Trying to protect my Hope's life
    Seeing it injured and almost died
    When I spread the antiseptic of condolences
    I'm treating it's wounds ignoring mine
    I was able to hear it sobs
    I'm distracting it
    With the dreams of him to cite
    Which we both have been seeing every night
    When I started to stich it's lacerations
    A gasp escaped from my lips while seeing em opened wide
    As the ointment of prayers applied
    It trembled and sighed
    I couldn't hold back the acid burning my orb
    I let it slide
    I showed all of it
    The feelings of pessimism
    The feelings I've always tried to hide
    And my bruised and damaged
    Hope wiped the tears came from my Eyes
    She said don't let the negatives thoughts stab me
    They're standing there with the Sharp knives
    I want to live
    Please save my life

    #my_own_words #so_called_poetess #writerstag #poetry #writer #hope #happyending #wait #love #knife

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    #sunshine #knife # power # fly # sky # dew # rose

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    You are my sunshine
    I am standing on the edge of sharp knife
    Getting cutted inch by inch
    My own shine is eat up by dark night
    You are my sunshine
    You bring me back to the life
    Before your arrival everything was so dark & foggy
    Even my beautiful teddy turn into zombie
    My beautiful wings turned black
    And not let me fly
    You are my sunshine
    You bring back shine of my wing
    And gave me power to fly again in sky
    You bring back my charm
    All hopes started to pop up again from beneath the ground
    You are my sunshine
    You are like the small drop of dew which enhance the beauty of rose
    You gave me power to handle these tiny beast
    Who named themself as human beings
    You are my sunshine
    You take away all my worries and help me to shine
    When I was standing on the edge of sharp knife

  • anthonyhanible 68w

    My heart
    No one will get
    Broke in two
    Messed me up
    Deeply stuck
    Hurting pretty much
    For real
    Seems to be my destiny

  • inked_feeling 69w


    खामोशियों का मंजर है
    गहरा बहुत समंदर है
    कितना शोर इस दिल के अंदर है।
    मेरी रूह तक उतरा
    उसकी यादों का खंजर है।।


  • ayushi_m_writes 77w

    I won't mind

    I won't mind,
    If I don't get love,
    Maybe, I am a sinner,
    Do I deserve this kove?

    I won't mind,
    If I don't get the fruit of success,
    But I'm hungry and I'm craving for this,
    I just ask for little, not in excess.

    I won't mind,
    Sailing this ship of life,
    But there are others aboard who dispice me,
    I hope they don't stab a knife.

    I won't mind,
    Looking for love,
    I've heard it makes people mad,
    From which, I am far above.

    I won't mind,
    I know I am a wreck,
    I just need to survive this life,
    And make it out of this heck.