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    If kindness continues to remain like
    an inertia between us
    Our love may never lose its address.

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    Dear Kind Stranger friends on Mirakee,these are my words for you all...
    Stay the same always ,stay soft stay strong..
    People like you make the world beautiful ...❤️❤️����

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    Dear Kind ones,
    In every step of your life
    You will find people who will mock
    or insult you for being tender hearted

    But don't you dare to change yourself
    KINDNESS is not weakness ,it's your strength !
    Use it as your protective shield

    Don't be naive and
    Let them go away
    But make sure to bless them
    with all your heart for cure !


  • clearheaded_ 2w

    If we will do good to others. It will eventually come back to usi some form.
    So keep doing good, keep loving effortlessly.

    Goodness pays off ��.

    I feeel we all should be more human first ��
    #humanity #goodness #kindness#empathy #writerscommunity #issues ��#pride Month

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    More human ☺

    People always are so stressed , that they miss the basic point of their living . They forget the basic nature of life. HUMANITY.
    By the time they are hussling, running behind their aims, in cut throat competitions, they forget humanism .
    They forget kindness .
    They forget empathy.
    And may be because of this reason they commit heinous crimes .
    Because they don't feel others pain, sorrow, hurt

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    Spread kindness

    Everyone is facing something serious. Everyone is tired. Everyone feels depressed, dejected and low. Everyone has their own story subtle inside and a fake smile outside. We are pretending to be happy and normal to others. But inside, there are storms of sadness killing us. Don't judge others just by what they show you outside. Some are dying inside. Some are weeping inside. Some are broken inside.You know only the half they fake to the world. They have another face that they hide from the world.Try to be nice to people. Stop judging by what you see. You don't know their story. Be kind to people. It can make them happy for a while. They can stop their fake smile for a while. It can make them feel peace for a while. It can make them think that someone is there for them. Let us spread kindness everywhere.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 3w

    Yes sometimes you need to be rude to protect your self respect but other times be kind because kindness is like Sunshine...♥️
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    Oh darlin
    It takes nothing to be kind
    I know being rude is cool
    But sometimes being kind is coolest

    ©R.K Anand

  • ranikannan 3w


    I hope you find the courage to step away from the things that no longer serve you any goodness. I hope you're able to take decisions that may break your heart but will save you from a bigger mess.

    I hope you find strength in staying kind in a world that may spew hatred for its beings that live in it. Never let ugly make you ugly.

    I hope you find the will to throw away all your what-ifs from the open doors that could lead you to a wrong path down the road.
    I hope the universe shows you all the ways to find the keys that gives access to a lifetime of joy and peace if that's what you've been seeking for.

    I hope you find peace in accepting that "just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's meant for you." We're coming to terms with understanding not all that walk into our lives are meant to stay with us forever.

    And in the end, I hope you still believe that your heart, your feet, and your dreams will eventually find a safe place to reside in to where it's meant to be.

  • pearlheart 3w

    My dreams are so strong
    That my eyes refuse to sleep

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    I lay here alone..
    So used to being alone.
    Sometimes wishing to have someone to toss my leg over or to become a united pretzel as to where our limbs are crossing wherever they can.
    Pulling us into a temporary yet fulfilling comfort where it is actually okay when it is all over.
    Instead I lay here on my back with my blanket intact.
    Comfortable yet not complete.
    I want to be cradled while I lay on my favorite side.
    I want to forget where I am for a while.
    To sit and enjoy the true bliss of transferred energy and warmth from one person to another.
    Holding anyone will not do.
    It has to be the one made for you.
    For me that is.
    That someone is not to be found..
    It leaves me lost.
    I want to be crushed.
    I want to be crushed beneath you.
    Whoever you are.
    Person that I could never have.
    Person that I could love but never have.
    Person that I could love and you could love me back..but I still could never have.
    I would be yours. You could be mine.
    But I never can have..
    Why I do not know.
    I don't know the rules.
    Where am I going?
    Why am I here?
    Please if only someone could hold me dear..
    Oh Dear..No one is here..

  • bushbaby 3w

    4am thoughts

    There's a strange sense of happiness and comfort in being kind to someone else. It's almost as though your pain forgives you and ceases its torment, though that shouldn't be the nature of pain. Why should your pain care that another's pain has eased? Or perhaps we are all just connected beings, and your pain becomes another's pain and another's becomes yours. I've heard of burdens that get lighter when shared, but I had not known that burdens could so well be shared. Pain is universal, but we're all connected and hence, kindness can be universal too, if only we hold out our hands to clasp another's, and another's, and another's, on and on until pain becomes a thing that bonds, not breaks. And so in this revelation, I find comfort. In this truth, I find joy.


  • _lovins_ 3w


    If you make even one person smile during your day.. .. OR
    Brighten the mood of even one stranger, your day has been a worthwhile one.. ...

    ✨Become more creative in the ways you show compassion to stranger ✨

  • kajalpawar2911 4w

    The 9th of December'2020

    "There was no match to the generosity of that little boy selling snacks, serving more to those who smiled at him"...

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    Someone or something, such as a person, condition, or influence that radiates warmth, cheer, or happiness.

    Have you ever noticed the boost of energy you get when the sun shines bright? You automatically feel better when you open the curtains and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays. It’s like letting hope and joy enter your home.
    I LOVE the sunshine everywhere,
    In wood, and field, and glen;
    I love it in the busy haunts
    Of town-imprisoned men.

    I love it when it streameth in
    The humble cottage door
    And casts the checkered casement shade
    Upon the red-brick floor.

    Oh, yes! I love the sunshine!
    Like kindness or like mirth
    Upon a human countenance,
    Is sunshine on the earth

    Upon the earth; upon the sea;
    And through the crystal air,
    Or piled-up cloud; the gracious sun
    Is glorious everywhere!

    #love poem
    #romantic poems

    ᗯᝪᖇᗞᔑ Ꭲᝪ ᑭᝪᑎᗞᗴᖇ:
    “Look at the sunny side of everything.” ― Christian D. Larson

    “Make hay while the sun shines"
    The idiom/ proverb means that if there is a task that needs to be done then it must be done while you still have a chance to do it. Advantage of favourable circumstances, which may not last indefinitely, must be taken. Most of us are inclined to delay things by postponing them to later dates. And come that later date some variables might change and it might no longer be possible to do it. This phrase applies to everybody regardless of their age or their gender.


    P.C. - Pinterest.

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  • sheikh_huzaifa 4w

    Show your kindness secretly!
    Not to show off it,
    Not to make fun of it.
    If you are giving something to someone, don't make fun of that person. Give it kindly...

  • faulty_puppet 5w

    To all the beautiful souls doing their best for them and the world.

    You are gorgeous as the flowers and more. Keep shining. Keep smiling. Spread the love and the hope.
    #love #kindness #flowers #hope #faultypuppet

    @fromwitchpen @darkerthanblack @love_whispererr @tamanna3 @niviee

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    Watch the sky, as night comes to an end
    With tomorrow's sun, we will bloom again
    Stay alive, through the phase, for me
    Till you die, your life, is free

    Another, new day, has come for you to play
    Giving, reasons, for you to smile and stay
    Live the light, fight the fright, for me
    It's your day, and it's for you to breathe

    Fear not, the night that comes again
    I'm here, and you're not your only friend
    Times are dire, but stay alive, for me
    Death ain't here, so now your life is free

    Light the world, with your charming smile
    Make them smile, who were lost in their cries
    Pull them out, show them life, for me
    Morning light, is such a sight to see

    Bloom and shine, till the colors have fallen
    You're always, a sign of good omens
    Sway with pride, in the wind, for me
    Fly away with the wind, you're free

    Make a place, in all the hearts you find
    You're the one, who can make a stone smile
    When you go, please wait, for me
    The end you know, is not the end, you'll see

    Withering now, but you'll never fade
    You'll rise, to live another day
    Keep the faith, and the glow, for me
    Times will change, but you'll always have me

    Dust and ashes, but this isn't your end
    Buried now, but I'll see you soon again
    You're here, smile again, for me
    End of road, but unending, is the journey


  • poesybird 5w

    Stay safe and stay healthy! #alright#kindness@mirakee@mirakee_assistant @writersnetwork
    Ps: thank you so much @writersnetwork❣️

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    Tryna be okay
    Tryna be alright
    But when I hear covid third wave is gonna hit soon
    I just don't feel right!

  • piu_writes 5w


    Running out of a terrible marraige with my son in my toe •My old father was bringing us back home as we had no were else to go• waiting in the bombay airport for our plane to arrive, my little son wanted some snacks and I left my seat to buy• way back to the seat I realised all benches were full with a bidwildered look I stood there thinking what to do• suddenly I see a stately african gentleman 7 feet of height with a sweep of hand offering his seat like a queen I felt in front of that shining in armour knight• I thanked him profusely and I wondered in my mind how God had created such beautiful souls kind• Here I was a stranger with so many woes and I saw the gallant gentleman with kindness standing on his toes , leaving a seat for a lady was such a sweet gesture in the busy bombay airport I remember the kindness of the African stranger• May the world have more of such noble souls let the human hearts be filled with humanity as that is the real goal• so this is my small tribute to the stately African gentleman where ever he is let him be happy that's the prayer with all my heart for him that's what all I can •

  • rishki 5w

    किसने रोका है

    हां माना असमंजस है हर स्वास
    फिर भी लगा रखी है न तुमने अच्छे कल की आस
    कल, आज और कल ये तो केवल धोखा है
    तुम्हे समय पर विश्वास करने से आखिर किसने रोका है।

    हंसना-रोना हमारे लिए है जीवन का एक खेल
    सात रंग इंद्रधनुष के आपस में खा जाते है मेल
    उन रंगों में आज घुलने मिलने का मोका है
    तुम्हे अपना असमान रंगने से आखिर किसने रोका है।

    खा के एक निवाला आ जाती चेहरे पे मुस्कान
    कचरे के ढेर से भी चलती न जाने कितनो की जान
    अंधेरा कर देता एक हवा का झोका है
    तुम्हे घर का दीया बनने से आखिर किसने रोका है।

    गिर जाता है वो, जब हो जाता कमज़ोर
    मजदूर था कब तक चलता उसका ज़ोर
    खींचता खुद की नैय्या जैसे समुंद्र में कोई नौका है
    तुम्हे उस हाथ को थामने से आखिर किसने रोका है।

    बचपन की नादानियों में सुकून मिलता था
    उन गलतियों से हर चेहरा खिलता था
    अब तो केवल यादों का लेखाझोका है
    तुम्हे फिर बच्चा बनने से आखिर किसने रोका है।

    आरोप मढ के तू जंजीरों में कस गया
    चक्रव्यूह रचते रचते तू खुद उसमे फस गया
    हर बार पीछे मुड़ के देखते हो, की कब किसने टोका है
    तुम्हे आगे बढ़ने से आखिर किसने रोका है।

  • rupal_kaur_anand 5w

    Being kind is the best thing you can ever do to someone
    #humble #kind #kindness #quotes #stories #feelings #instagram #instawriters #positivevibes

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    May you shine brightest in the sky
    But never forget that sometimes
    You need to be kind

    ©R.K Anand