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    One act of kindness is far better than a 100 acts of selfishness.


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    Your manners comes from your parents. If your parents are good humans then u are anyway going to be kind and good hearted person.
    Have u ever notice that?
    Whoever around you who is jealous or back bitching you, just notice their parents' nature, you will definitely get what kind of "Parvarish" they got since childhood.
    What we are today is teaching of our parents and this is true, if your parents have done good for others then you are going to be lucky and successful
    If all this castism and comparison this generation talking about it's what their parents taught them.

  • emranamohammad 5d

    Letting go of things is hard so try slowly, which may bring you confidence and peace #mirakee#kind#peace

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    Be kind to yourself and learn to let go

  • unsaidwordsbyme10 1w

    Sidhi sidhi si baat hai,
    waqt k sath tum nhi!

  • sejal__dutta 1w


    She is a sunflower soul
    Every night she dream off his sunlight.

  • feelings_never_fade 2w

    One is dying to meet you. Wish you know who


  • pandichitra_r 2w

    " Every Survival "

    It could be anything else beyond our thought process that they've been battling with for their presence in this cosmos.
    Be kind..:-)

  • porcupine 2w

    The cleaning lady

    Every week she arrives
    In the morning on time
    To our building
    Around eight or nine

    Washing and mopping
    Scrubbing and wiping
    Because of her
    Is why I'm typing

    So friendly too
    And very kind
    Talking on the porch
    Is always fine

    Such a good job
    That she does
    And nobody here
    Should even fuss

  • cg_kumaran 2w

    Be Kind..
    to those,
    Who Trust You..
    Who Needs You..
    Who Feeds You..
    Who Cares You..
    Who grows You..
    Who Loves You..
    Who Likes You..

    To the Children..
    To the Parents..
    To the Lover..


  • kauthar 4w

    I feel like I need to say this
    I tried to dismiss it from my mind
    ...but I can't no more resist
    It's now a concern to mankind
    How is it that we,humans changed is it,due to trend?...
    From everyone trying to be spiderman
    Rescuing and helping in all accidents
    To everyone now competing to be cameraman

    We've forgotten the word kind
    And humanity is what we have to find

    We hear a Yelp, yet not a single help
    I know some can't help
    Due to personal and medical issues
    But what about the others

    We've forgotten the word kind
    And humanity is what we have to find

    We claim recording is a way to help
    If our presence being there doesn't help
    You think recording will?
    Like just picture yourself watching live
    Of an accident that people are losing lives
    Will you rush to the scene to help
    Or inform another to join and watch ?
    Recording doesnt really help

    We've forgotten the word kind
    And humanity is what we have to find

    Our minds says someone else will come to help
    But who is 'someone else' when everyone says 'someone else' ?
    Am not saying we jump into the fire
    But we know what we can do to help
    Like give space and air for the injured
    Or call an ambulance or police
    Help in what we can,
    It will make a difference...
    Rather than making a film

    We've forgotten the word kind
    And humanity is what we have to find

    #help #humanity #human #film #kind #mirakee #mirakeeans #spokenwordpoetry


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    Help in what we can,
    It will make a difference...
    Rather than making a film

  • eden_with_eve 4w

    I have grown.
    Grown gargantuan. Grown gorgeous. Grown for the good.
    I have grown strong and proud and kind.
    I have grown better because of great women.
    They have given me roots to know. Ground to walk. Helpful gains.
    In a world of games I am made glorious with gifts abundant.
    For my part I am grateful.
    Grounded in greatness and in the name of a glory I am blessed golden.

  • vini_mundra 4w

    Countless moments shared,
    Joy and laughter flared,
    Rainbow and rain paired,
    To make the setting sun blazed!

    Kindness in her ties together,
    Weighing relations on a feather!
    She has a vanilla heart,
    Flavouring lives like a fruit tart!

    #love #sister #soul #heart #moments #sun #rainbow #rain #joy #happiness #vanilla #kind #candy #melody #writersnetwork #miraquill #mirakee #readwriteunite #poem

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    Soul sister

    Twin to a mellow melody,
    She is a satin wrapped candy!
    Oozing the essence of love,
    A soul sister glided down from above!

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  • mariahj 5w

    Happy International Women's Day

    Happy international women's Day to all the beautiful, strong, creative, quirky, and genuine women that are reading this. 2020 wasn't an easy year on all of us. We've all had to endure different life experiences. All of us went through either loss, grieve, change, and challenges. Some lost their jobs, some lost their loved ones, some lost their homes, some lost their partners, some lost motivation, some lost confidence, some lost hope, some got stuck overseas and still can't reunite with their families. With all the difficulties that each one of us have had to endure I wanted to congratulate you on being strong and showing so much resilience. I wanted to tell you that you are appreciated. You set a great example for a lot of people out there. Sure some people might not tell you that on a daily basis which is why I'm here to make sure you all hear this. You are all beautiful in different ways. (You are your own person) Whether your beauty is emotionally, physically, mentally or all of those put together. Love yourself. It's easier said than done I know. We as humans are changing and growing constantly. Love that change about yourself. Love your flaws. Love your thoughts. Love your body. Love your heart. Love your soul. Accept the difficulties that come up. Accept the changes that are happening and learn from it. Challenge yourself to be a better version of you always. Challenge your brain with new hobbies. Become more productive. Teach your brain to become more positive. Support, love, care, respect, understand and listen to one another. Openness, communication and consistency is the key to achieving those things. Don't let anyone tell you what to do and/or how to be. Don't let anyone disrespect your thoughts and feelings because you deserve to feel whatever you want to. We are humans. We are meant to feel different emotions, and we are meant to use our brains and think. Don't let anyone make you feel any less than the beautiful unique person that you are. Don't let them bully you into becoming a monster. There is so much love in this world. There are so many good people that deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. There are so many people that deserve kindness. Be kind and be loving always. Eliminate any person that is toxic in your life. You don't need them. You don't need that kind of energy in your life. There is not one toxic person out there that deserves to be in your life. You are worth much more than that. You deserve happiness, compassion, gratitude, kindness and love. Don't be afraid of standing up for what you believe in. Don't be afraid of making new friends and meeting new people. Trust yourself. Learn how to let go of things that are compromising your mental health. You are worthy. Surround yourself with positive kind people and healthy environments. May 2021 bring upon you lots of blessings, joy and success. I love you all. ‚̧ԳŹ

  • mariahj 5w

    Lose yourself;

    Get lost in this life. Get lost in nature. Get lost in trying new things. Get lost in yourself. Get lost in your family. Get lost in everything that you fancy. Get lost within the ground beneath you. Get lost within the sounds of earth around you. Get lost at different times. Get lost in revolution. Don't let any person tell you any different. Get lost within the sound waves of the ocean, the wind, the trees, the birds. Get lost in your goals. Pay attention to your bucket list. Get lost in art. Get lost in cultures. Get lost in music and instruments. Get lost in loving everything and everyone around you. Get lost within your soul. Follow your heart and mind. Become everything. Lose yourself; to regain yourself.

  • aayussee 5w


    Can you be a fan of a real person, who talks quirky, who has a smitten smile, who has flaws but it looks like carving on him. How could you be so Celebrity Like when you're just infront of me. Speaking, Smirking and Smothering every pounce of my heartbeat. How can I always stop to see it's your face, to listen when I hear your voice? With every step I take there's a concern that reminds me of you. I am sure your little fangirl.

  • sk_soulsrhyme 5w

    She's powerful enough to drown you
    & caring enough to save you too!
    It all depends on how she's treated by you..

  • im_unstoppable 5w

    Loving the scars....

    The journey of self love includes tackling a lot of hurdles...
    It has its highs and lows...Good days and bad days...
    You have to learn and unlearn a lot of things...
    It takes time...it takes patience ...it takes love
    This journey is empowering ...it's liberating...
    It makes you see those beautiful colours of yourself ...which were blinded with insecurities and self hate...
    It takes you to a place where no hate , judgements can reach...here the destination is unknown but the journey is beautiful..

  • mariahj 5w

    We are all a being.

    We are all made on this beautiful earth with possibilities. We are all formed on this earth within an instinct knowledge of FIGHT or FLIGHT. Likewise, we are all born with what we all know as BLACK and WHITE. Not only that, but we are all born with what we all know by not quite the simplest words but with that difficult comprehension. Such as kindness, logic, faith, genuine, loyalty, honour, euphoria, realism, love, peace, reasoning, gratitude, healthy, toxic… Is that blessing you might ask? The good fortune is that God moved us to this world to live for a purpose. God led us to this idea of life to work on ourselves to reach that purpose. Whatever that purpose is Try and reach it. Try to ask yourself about this; why do we often see signs? Why do we have déjà vu? It's because of a particular gift we call it second nature and/ or instinct of being humane and/or spiritual energy that is way beyond what our brains can comprehend unless; God believes you can handle not only recognizing the facts but hearing the truths, seeing the sufferings, going through similar encounters too. So we can relate to other people on another level. It's always the vibe of that being. And it can never lie. So educate yourself and open your eyes to the real world you will get there. I promise you. Life is so beautiful, and we do deserve it if we are good to it. You've got to bring something to the table. Always.

  • robertdowneyjr 6w

    Be kind

    Be kind to water
    Like it is flow through
    Be kind to air
    You can hear speak
    Be kind to cloud
    To provide peace of mind
    Be kind to animals
    To see their cuteness
    Be kind to human
    To see theirselves.

    ©words vibe

  • good_soul 6w

    To Love is ‘To Struggle at Ease’.


    #love #struggle #wordprompt #groot #kind

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