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  • plaintive_tears 5w


    Always learn to lead your intuition,
    because it's the only thing saying truth to you
    before killing yourself from inside.


  • charvee 6w


    I am alone that much like
    Just bored in my own life.
    I am fed up by all things
    Just wanna express my tears.
    My feelings towards my life.
    No one is there with me.
    I wanna follow my dreams.
    I wanna enjoy by myself.
    Just feelings nothing is left.

  • charveekoyada 11w

    I am alone

    I am alone that much like
    Just bored in my own life
    I am fed up by all thinks
    Just wanna express my tears
    my feeling towards my life
    no one is there with me
    I wanna follow my dreams
    I wanna enjoy myself.....
    Just feeling depressed

  • sheikh_huzaifa 20w

    Today, also a heart touching story happened. A four year old baby girl namely Adha Jan from Ompura Budgam, Kashmir was missing from last evening. Today, her dead body was founded near her house. She was killed by a leopard, who was roaming in their area from many years.
    May this little baby girl get high place in paradise (Jannat)... So, sad. You can see her image with rabbit in her lap. So, innocent. So, cute...������
    Shame on the administration who don't take initiative after the missing report of baby girl. Why the government here first sees what will happen? Why don't they take action before this baby girl give her last breath? Why the administration is so lazy here? Why? Many questions arises in both heart and mind! We feel shame! After having so many big facilities but small facilities are still remaining... We don't want these kinds of things happen again in Kashmir. We don't want any other baby lose his/her Life. I want to say to the government. Take initiative regarding these things...
    #heart #touching #story #sad #disappointed #hurt #Kashmir #Budgam #Adha Jan #killed #leopard #death #Innocent #paradise #high #place #Jannat #administration #lazy #careless #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • benamak 31w

    My parents think I m still a child,

    They don't know i've already been sexually harrased many times in public transport,

    They don't know I hv been cheated , backstabbed & shut out people whome I once thought were my friends,

    They don't know that all these times ,people had been hurting me,using me ,and almost killed every last innocence in me,

    They don't believe I,ve started to work out the people,the society, the world around me

    They don't want to believe that I,ve already started to walk towards growing up.

  • lakshay1900 42w

    सोचा था तुमसे मिलके
    खुशियां बढ़ेगी
    किसे पता था
    तुम भी गम ही देने आए थे

  • _idgaf_pvt_ 45w

    My death...

    You killed me from inside,
    without drawing any blood,

    You didn't use anything sharp,
    or something like a blade or knife,

    You just used your tongue,
    to kill me from inside,

    And that was sharp enough...


  • alishazwritings 55w

    That Girl

    They scratched her in the darknight
    Even her on bloody fairlight,
    Life plays with her outside
    But being killed inside,
    Dared not to be smart
    And chopped at her heart,
    That piece of cloth that heals her,
    Shows how she fear,
    The morning comes after night
    But today she has to still fight!

  • happygirl_muski 56w

    आज फिर उन्होंने हमारे विश्वास
    को चूर कर दिया........
    की जो प्यार और स्नेह उनके लिया
    बचा था हमारे मन में
    आज खुद उन्होंने उसका कत्ल कर दिया....

  • ashwinraja 59w

    #suicide #killed #help #he #she #men #women
    #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @aslostasyou #september #suicidemonth

    Suicides can be prevented.
    People with suicidal tendencies need help. Be with them , you can save their life.

    We can save life.

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    Unnatural catastrophe could have been stopped if the attention was given rather than feeling irritated. What's the point is feeling bad now. We could have saved him. Everyone is here now but nobody was there when he needed us. Every one wishes they saw the signs. Everyone believed that he was just pretending, he won't do anything

    Look what happened now.

  • anthonyhanible 59w

    Gun Shot

    My body dropped
    You killed me
    Deeper in your sexual games
    Gun Shot
    Gun Shot
    Gun Shot
    Damn baby you empty it
    You killed the bed again
    Let's clean up

  • blacklife 61w

    "Thik h kya?"

    Kisi ko bepnaah chah kr...bevjh chor dena thik h kya...
    Roshni ki umeed dekr...uska rishta andhero se jod dena thik h kya...️
    Jaan tum ldte bhut the ki m hak nii jtati..aaj gr rishta pucha to tumhara baat ko mod dena thik h kya...☺️
    Phle dil bhr k kisiko chahna..fir uska dil tod dena jaana thik h kya...
    Vo shks jo phle hi khta tha..ki tere siwa kch h nii mere pass...
    Aaj usse sath gujare lamho ki keemat mangna thik h kya...
    Meri to laagat bhi nii puri hui ..jaana tumhara byaaj mangna thik h kya...
    Apna mante ho pr apnaane se saaf inkaar krte ho...
    Jra ek baat btao jaan ye tum kis trh ka pyaar krte ho...
    Hr bheegi plko m sapno k siwa kch kisse khaani bhi hote h..
    Khair hr baat jismo ki nii hoti kch rishte ruhaani bhi hote h...❤️

  • wandering_and_wondering_ 63w

    God does not put us in trouble without knowing our strength, so trust yourself. You're stronger than you think.

  • anthonyhanible 65w


    Really another sister
    Really another bother
    Really another baby
    We're losing a lot of people
    By the gun

  • wandering_and_wondering_ 70w


    I'm an atheist, Who doesn't believe in God but does believe in the magic of universe.

    I'm an atheist, Who doesn't worship stones but do believe that in every soul, there is an angel

    I'm an atheist, Who doesn't believe in religion but do believe in Humanity

    I'm an atheist, Who doesn't believe in Gurus and Maulanas but follow the path guided by great teachers

    I'm not against the holy books but I don't find logic in it. What worked thousand-millions years ago may not work today.

    I don't restrict myself from believing but I find it hard to believe is something just based on faith.

    I have been to Temple, Gurudwara, Dargah, and Church.
    I have Sewaiyan and celebrated Eid with them.
    I have decorated tree on Christmas and waited for Santa.
    I have attended Jagrata
    Bhandara has made my tummy happy.

    I'm searching for some answer,
    I'm trying to find the logic of every action,
    I'm trying to find reasons for events.
    I'm reading books/article/interpretation but I'm not able to connect all dots.

    Maybe it's beyond my understanding.
    Maybe it does not make sense in my small mind.
    Maybe I'm not able to interpret it correctly.
    Maybe I'm not able to fill the time gap of now and then.

    One day, I'll find all answers, I am seeking.
    That day I'll believe in a god like everyone else.

    But till then
    I'm happy believing in "magic of universe"
    I'm happy worshipping "human/living creatures"
    I'm happy putting my teacher over your god
    I'm happy Reading self-help book over spirituality
    I'm happy to visit my friend and family then the religious place.

    Let's hope That day comes soon
    Where I can believe in all. (The god and the universe)
    Now, for me, the universe is my god and I'm a firm believer.

  • crickett 70w

    Had a dream I actually saw my Demons in visual, crazy thing is they looked like regular individuals. Attempting to break in my home I was screaming for help wondering why no one came for help!I look to my side had a gold Sword on my belt..I smiled knowing I was about to raise hell, I killed one and they started screaming louder at this moment I felt I had the power! Killing one by one till there all done. No blood no bones just me in my brain all alone. Did I really kill my demons? No I didn't because I was just dreaming.

  • atulprayagi 71w

    ऐसी ही गलती अश्वत्थामा ने की और उत्तरा के गर्भ में ब्रम्हास्त्र चला दिया , इस कर्म का परिणाम यह हुआ कि उसे नरक में भी जगह नही मिली और वह आज भी दर्द से कराहता अपने शरीर को घसीटता मृत्यु की भीख मांगता फिर रहा है।

    #humanity #killed #bombed #motherhood

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    अरे ! ये इंसान तू कितना घिनौना है
    कसम से तुझसे अच्छा तो कोरोना है

    दरिंदगी भी आज हो गई शर्मसार,इस
    जघन्य अपराध का क्या क्षमा होना है!

    विनाश किया तूने उस मां के प्रणय को
    चुकाना होगा ऋण आने वाले प्रलय को

    वक्त पर होगा न्याय जो विदित है शास्त्र में
    राख होंगे सभी इस ममता की ब्रम्हास्र में


  • ayezindagi 72w

    #Kerala @Mallapuram #Elephant #Pregnant # Firecracker #Killed # Humanitylost

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    आज फिर एक बार तु इन्सानियत से उठ कर हैवानियत पर आ गया।
    कसुर क्या था उस माँ का जिसने तुझ पर तेरी इन्सानियत समझ कर भरोसा किया।

  • why_cho_serious 72w

    An elephant life is far more worth than the human's life! #fuck #killed #brutal #corona #selfish #human #people

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    Worst Creatures That Ever Exists

    And i think Corona is far better than humans,

    We selfish people who would never hesitate to do anything,

    If we felt threaten means then we will kill one another for so sure

    Actually it's better to die in Corona rather than living with this so called human creatures.

  • heyoka_warrior 182w

    I've been negative for a very long time.
    My wounds they took over me.
    My sufferings they killed me slowly.
    I was badly injured, unable to get up.
    Until I cried out to you,
    You felt my sorrow and delivered me.
    You taught me incredible things.
    I've found out some treasures from you.
    I don't have to wear my old self anymore.
    With the treasures you've given me,
    I'll choose and try to be positive.
    Thank you for saving me.