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  • kri_k_sni 33w

    Army's congratulations for
    BTS' 'Dynamite' hits 1 Billion views on YouTube; becomes fastest Korean group to achieve this feat������

    This song always hits hard to me ����

    Song : Just one day
    Singers : BTS
    Album: Skool Luv Affair

    This is a past 7 year old bts song
    Realised in 2014
    but still it is special to me ��
    I always cry after this song ��

    True army's get this song better

    Non army's
    Type : " Just one day bts mv "
    On y tube
    And see the video + song
    ( Dont forget to turn the cc on ��)

    #bts #army

    Sometimes music speaks
    What we feel inside ��

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    Like this every day
    I imagine all night,
    because it's a meaningless
    dream to me anyway
    If you and I can be together
    for just one day
    If you and I can hold hands
    for just one day
    If you and I can be together
    for just one day

    Just one day (only one day)
    If you and I can be together
    I hope I can only be with
    you for one day

  • user_unknown 91w


    Just for a day I want to die to see who really cares

  • 5and10 160w

    Can you please stay with me?

  • suruchimallik 172w

    Somethings happen at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected moment,
    And you make an exception for just one day,
    And accept whatever is thrown at you and surprisingly it turns out to be something you won't have ever done in your sanest state,
    And you are greatful that it happened anyone...
    These are good days when I just lie on the bed and think...
    "Wow! Who even knew this was possible"
    While smiling like a maniac and drifting off to a peaceful slumber

  • suruchimallik 178w

    A Birdy's voice...

    A year has come , and a year will pass away
    And I can't be anymore thankful for I'm breathing today
    Life is a journey we need to slay
    Fun, moments, friends and craziness
    A spoonful of laughter and a sack of memories, and tomorrow will be a bright day.
    Day has come, day will end
    Life will follow the steps of sun
    Bright with joy, no regrets to pry
    Night has come , night will pass
    To welcome a new day to life
    Yeah, yeah
    Yeah just one day, one night
    The mystery girl go until the dawn moon sets
    This is so fun, all fakeness has gone home
    A small smile makes it's way in my lips
    I smile like maniac, focused on nothing but gazing at the night sky
    This seems so real, the smile is genuine and the laughter isn't fake anymore
    And just like that even if I know it will not last forever, but I m only asking for a little more
    Yeah! One day, one night
    A night full of stars and moonlight
    Don't think about anything
    Don't even speak, please just smile for me, I still can't believe it, everything feels like a dream
    Don't try to disappear
    Let me capture this moment forever in my little heart
    Is it true?
    So beautiful yet so terrifying
    When it will stop, will it feel like fantasy ?
    Unsure of the fact, she asks for something. Something that's not too much but still a lot.
    Yeah! She asks for one day, one night.
    Just one day, just one day
    She's like a butterfly , not willing to fly away, not willing to close those eyes
    Afraid she is, unsure if those eyes will open again
    "Can I live a little longer?" She asks her destiny with a innocent smile and drifts away in the peaceful slumber.

  • achrodite 191w

    The dripping BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS, became the paint coloring their dreams.

    Awaiting for the masterpiece, the journey of the seven continues.

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