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    "A note to paper"
    A saying goes like "a person can be a home"
    Certainly yet I not felt a_person being my home
    Surely quite enough there was a thing, i say
    Home; not thy prettiest of all, Fragile and dusty

    Wreaked and stuff elsewhere in the corner
    She's a little geek and has a little shy fever
    Yet Guess! what she loves, speaking in silent!
    Of million letters in your head stuffed in tight

    She likes it all, all of the way I was "being"
    She says alittle mess was I "you're feeble darling"
    Left.. me..to say"you're a geek with wonders"
    She'd been Treasuring all the broken memories.

    Which i was to throw it away,away from my soul
    Like;of though which pricks in keeping memorial
    Wasn't i to trash it!?"Ought not ,keep treasuring"
    Said she.Why though!?"you'll be stonger darling"

    She builds a different world for I"The Better one"
    Into which we both fit perfectly from the old one
    "I" A queen within her; A royal crown of my own
    Self royal gesture was "I"pondering of my own

    With her It was a much justific different intuition
    I have had all over! Peace streaming down
    Once again within her.. if felt nice to be alive
    Little "shy fever paper" made me feel like home
    _Chithuyia pfoze

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    Little shy fever paper