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    During the life time of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), a rapist was punished based on only the testimony of the victim.
    Wa'il ibn hujr reported that a woman publicly identifies a man who had raped her. The people caught the man and brought him to the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him).He told the woman to go-that she was not to be blamed-and ordered that the man be put to death.

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    Hang the rapist

  • path_of_life 68w

    Punishment for rape in Islam

    Punishment for rape is stoning if the perpetrator is married, and flogging of hundred lashes and banishment if he is not married.

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    2018 justice for asifa

    bhagwan se bekhabhar apni hewaniyat ko dete anzaam..
    shayad wo bhul gaye the ki kar rhe hai wo dharm apna badnaam..
    baat choro dharm ki ye baat hui aam
    unme se ek kanoon ka rakh wala kar raha tha apni hawas puri sar-e-aam ..
    hum to naa rok sake to kya rok pata wo bhagwan
    ye kehte huye mujhe sharam aati hai
    kanoon par bharosa naa rha insaaf ka to kese hoga jug kalyaan..
    kisi ghar ki behan beti kab tak yuhi lootati rhegi sare-e-aam
    wo hewaan abhi bhi jinda hai bs bejaan hui wo nanhi jaan..
    justice for asifa..
    asifa hum sharminda hai tere kaatil abhi jinda hai..

    my draft post asifa (victim child)...late to poste here

    check on INSTA


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    Thirst For Justice

    –Sleep O girl, sweet reposes!
    Sang the pearly white lune,
    Many a mellow lullabies–
    Sleep ain't tucking me yet;

    'Twas midnight; calm and still,
    Some forty winks I'd, until–
    Came Asifa in a frayed frock,
    And tousled brown elflocks,

    It stood; that temple unsound,
    Bells; those apocalyptic chimes,
    –Those desolate thickets,
    And she; leering down at me,

    The rhythm of my heartbeat
    –stopped; in the dead twilight,
    Stripped, massacred was she,
    O Lord, pity her appalling plight!

    Her hands– cold and gory,
    Touched my weedy fingers,
    Said she– Justice is my want,
    'tis is my will, won't you grant?

    –She waned in those shrubs,
    Her body, o'er there would lie,
    Affliction wrenched my heart,
    My sister, o'ver there would die!

    Vanished that temple ruined,
    And that virgin sinless girl,
    Her thirst shall be quenched
    –I pledged that dark night,

    Uncertainty loomed awhile,
    That dream I couldn't fathom;
    Was it her phantasm–
    Or was it reality personified?



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    Thirst For Justice

    I have been dreaming of–
    That day where I would see,
    Little girls in tiny ponytails,
    And Asifa beaming in their faces

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    DISCLAIMER : The Kathua rape case refers to the abduction, rape, and murder of an 8-year-old girl, Asifa Bano, in Jammu and Kashmir, India, in January 2018.The examination by the doctors found that the girl had been drugged with a sedative before she was raped and murdered in a hundu temple , with the prime accused being a priest. ��

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    I write for asifa , I hold a pen,
    A little girl who wasn't even ten ,
    Her abbu couldn't save her , neither could her ammi ,
    People payed with her , as if she was a dummy .

    Imagining them drugging her with pills,
    Still gives me deep core chills ,
    Her yells and cries for a mere help ,
    Still haunts my mind when I think her yelp.

    All of us heard the endless cries ,
    That seeped from that mother's teary eyes .
    But we ignored her , we swayed her away ,
    Just because in a DARGAH did she pray ! .

    Every daughter's unsafe in our great motherland,
    From an old woman to a little infant,
    You or me , we're all insecure,
    It's a disease we ought to cure .

    Breaking the barriers of religion and caste ,
    Our opinions let's broadcast,
    India's esteem is in vanity,
    For my Asifa is dead and so is Humanity. .. -P.S.❤

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    अपनी नजर मे परदे लगा ,मेरे लिबास को ना देख तू
    हैवानियत उतार कर , ईंसानियत लपेट तू
    मै र्निभया , आसिफा , प्रियंका हूं तो मै दुर्गा काली चंडी भी हूं ये मत भूल तू
    सुधार अपनी सोच में कर , समय रहते बदल तू
    नारी अपमान त्याग कर , सम्मान करना सीख तू
    बस अब बहुत हुआ , इस ज्वाला से मत खेल तू
    चिंगारिया अब मत जला हो जायेगा फिर राख तू
    हो जायेगा अब ढेर तू

    ©unnati bisht

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    Her scars will stay even after she leaves...
    And blood stains will contaminate the holiest waters...
    Her soul tormented will never be consoled.
    The candles will never conceal the gloom that spread.
    It's not easy to dwell in the land of devils or promise a woman survival in this ground.
    Even Gods residing in temple continue to remain idle and hidden by the monsters that surround.


  • sameer__ahmed 111w

    "It's My mistake!"

    It's my mistake to dress up as per my convenience!
    Never imagined my Dress will kill me!
    It's my mistake to follow up my dreams!
    Never thought I should get down to follow those dreams!
    It's my mistake to choose the one who could be my soulmate!
    But choosing a stranger among elders was a right virtue!
    It's my mistake to get help from a stranger!
    But helping never meant the same anymore!
    It's my mistake to travel late at night!
    Never thought that it will be my last night!
    It's my mistake that I was born!
    And So You kill me before I come!

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    Papa's Princess Priceless Possession

    Perfectly penned paradox perpetually pinpointing predominantly pessimistic perverted predators persuading or practising planned prejudice pressure politics & penetrating permissionlessly into private par public parts of a protected pristine priceless possession and perpetually pricking paining punishing the proud possessor, public ping-pong or punition to the possessor or possesee or pervet?

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    Ek din

    Ghar ki shaan thi mai,
    maa baap ki jaan thi mai.
    Hasti rehti, khelti rehti
    dekhti thi mai rangeen khwaab,
    kyuki banani thi mujhe pehchan si ek.

    Sab thik sa tha
    chahe woh maa ke aanchal mai sona,
    ya papa ki ungli pakarke duniya dekhna
    aakhir unki aankhon ka tara thi mai.

    Fir achanak palat si gyi meri duniya
    dundhle lagne lage se woh rangeen sapne mere,
    tootne sa lagne laga mere parivaar ka saath
    aankhein na jane kyu band si hone lagi thi meri
    unn bure logo ne kiya mera maa.

    Dari hui si thi mai,
    Sehmi hui si thi mai.
    Nahi jaan paayi mai maa,
    ki kitni kharab si thi niyat unki.

    Tumari buhut yaad si aane lagi thi maa
    na roo paayi,na chilla payi.
    Bas ek aakhri si khwaish thi meri,
    iss raat ko bhi tumare aanchal mai sona tha,
    par iss baar hamesha ke liye♥.

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    ये कौन सा भयावह चेहरा इंसानियत का सबके सामने आ रहा है
    दरिंदगी भरे हैवानों को हम-धर्म के नाम पर बक्क्षा जा रहा है
    अरे कैसा धर्म और कैसा भगवान् होगा उस हैवान का
    जिसे मासूमों की हृदय-विदारक चीखों पर थोड़ा भी तरस नहीं आ रहा है


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    Demanding justice for twinkle is okay but what about all the other girls who are brutually being raped? Are not they humans? Do they not deserve equal respect and justice? Do their culprits need not to be punished?
    According to recent data, 106 women are raped in a day in India, then why to focus on a single issue?

    Why to mix these inhuman crimes with religion and caste. No matter from which caste or religion they belonged to, who raped them, whether a hindu or a muslim, they were all little girls(or even adult women) who went through the same pain and same mental harrasement. They lost their identity , people started calling them 'rape victims' instead of their names. Being a girl, i know how bad it feels when somebody gives you awkward looks , forget about touching. Now think about them,
    Who were raped , injured , and maybe dead.
    How insesitive! How cruel!
    Don't they deserve respect?

    What i mean to say is why to demand justice for a single girl, it's the whole community who deserves justice.
    Our fight is not for Asifa, nor for Twinkle, we have to fight for all the rape victims, irrespective of caste, religion or age.

    Instead of #justiceforasifa or #justicefortwinkle,

    Why not to say #justiceforall

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  • sonalikaushik 137w

    Justice for humanity

    Everytime when it happens we demands for justice for twinkle for asifa for nirbhaya but why?? Why?? We shuts our mouth after a short time..
    No justice is worthy if that handicapped thinking is crawling in people's mind who commits these disgusting and ashaming crimes... Rape with new borns ,antihuman gangrapes.!
    those are not even animals ,those are worst than any evilest thing in universe..
    We need an accurate execution more than an another law, we have to set a terror on minds, we have to wakeup morals more than education, we have to prove that we are the country of mercy but within a limit...
    It's the question about our heritage our respect our responsibilities and our existence...
    We have to wakeup humanity for the better survival for the better attack for the better and safe present then future..

  • alfaz_tere_ 154w


    आशिफा, निर्भया या हो बुलंदशहर की गुड़िया,
    इंसानो के बीच हैवान पाल लिया हमने ।
    हैरान हूँ लेकिन तुझ पे मैं, ऐ इंसान,
    औरत की इज्ज़त में भी मज़हब ढ़ूढ़ लिया तुमने ।।


  • __inkedsolace 163w

    Asifa? Nirbhaya? Zainab?
    I am sure that i wouldnt have to tell you who these people are. Afterall, they were trending on news channels and social medias.
    Oh, but why? Just because they were brutally raped and mercilessly killed? They would have been just another individual in this vast country, if these evil incidents hadnt taken place. Isnt it?
    I have learned in history that early humans were animals and now i realize they are still the same.
    The eye that once used to dream about flying in the sky, now fear walking on the ground.
    Brutal rape, devastating molestation and merciless murder? For what? Just to satisfy your sexual needs? Stealing the dreams of an entire family for sexual pleasure..!
    And then the victims are blamed, while the filthy rapists walk out in the open with heads held high.
    Society often blames the victim saying that her clothing was too provoking. Like seriously? What do they even mean by provoking? If so is a women safe in a salwar kameez? A saree? A burkha? Nah.!
    And then they say it all happened because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time? So then tell me when is the right tym? Where the right place?
    So much of restrictions? But why? Just because we are born with a vagina.
    Everyone will remain quiet until "his daughter, his mother, his wife or his sister" turns into "my daughter, my mother, my wife or my sister".
    And now that it had happened in our own hometown -KANNUR, you can still stay the same until it happens in your own home.

    (And the list will go on)

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    Just because i was born with a vagina,
    It doesnt mean that you can open my legs and break my wall whenever, wherever or however you want.


  • pickedapen 164w

    The future us is somewhere in time existant and they see the past and they smile knowing that we will end up together.
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    In the solitude of noise
    I listen to your heart
    Beating and rebelling
    Against the silence that is...

    In the stillness of time
    I see your rushing blood
    Scarring and painting
    White planes of nothingness...

    In the moment that's yours
    And mine I see the future
    Us swinging, swaying and
    Waving at us that is now...


  • ta__haa 196w

    I was gliding like a beautiful butterfly in my alluring purple dress over the vast green vallies ,enchanting with my fantasy and revering in my dreams.Carefree , nonchalant ,enjoying and grazing my horses .Suddenly an ugly monster came and abducted me and took me to a temple, i wondered for what purpose he dragged me there ,he started advancing towards me ,i cried ,shivered , trembled and then he did something that made me strafe every moment ,i didn't understand what he was trying to do but i saw my dress turning red,that day shaded away my dreams ,purpose of existence and this butterfly drowned like an impure and mourned insect.#Justiceshouldprevail


  • gratia_rmz 197w


    Asifa...ninte aathmaav vedhanakalum durithangalum illaatha, kaama bhraaanthaal antharaaya manushyarillaatha aa lokath, daivathinte madithattil suralshithamaayirikkatte...

    Ninte ponnomana mukhathe nishkalankathayum omanathavum thirichariyaathe, ninte niramulla swapnangalum santhoshangalum thachudach, ninte mridulamaam shareerathil thangalude kaamaarthi theertha aa vanya mrigangalk enthu shiksha koduthaalum mathiyaavilla!

    Asifa...maapp...Ninak vendunna surakshithathvam nalkaathirunnathinu...Nee arhikkunna neethi nishedikkappettathinu!

    Kunje, nee anubhavicha vedhana, nee neritta kodum peedakal - ithonnum lokathoru ponnomanakalkum neridendi varaathirikkatte...Ninte maathaapithaakkalude kannuneer, avarude vedhana - athoru maathaapithaakkalude varaathirikkatte...Oro kunju baalyangalum surakshitharaayi valaratte!

  • thenixwrites 197w

    She bled to death...
    Could anyone imagine what was running in her mind when she was raped
    As an 8 year old girl ? She doesn't even know the meaning of 'rape'...and them 'humanity'
    Being drugged,raped and murdered finally...
    Brutal men...they don't deserve to be addressed as humans even...!
    Just for Asifa...