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    We own the streets
    Not the police
    We will protest
    And do so in peace
    Abuse of power
    Will not be tolerated
    Police brutality
    Must be investigated
    Justice can prevail
    Silence is not an option
    People are now witnessing
    What the police do so often
    The evidence is there
    For everyone to see
    Black lives matter now
    How can you not agree

  • _ashna_ 2d

    This is a repost.

    A place that is to be heard about, A sensitive topic to write about,
    A place that looks like heaven or known as paradise on earth.
    Yes, I am talking about KASHMIR
    Many of you might stop reading this article after I wrote that last line . And those of you who kept on reading, those of you with that beautiful heart. I heartily respect you. Some of you might think I am an Indian why should I write about this? Because I am a human.

    Kashmir, part of our country, civilians with heart of an angel, gets killed day by day. And nobody wants to know about it,
    Whether a place like that existed or whether how many people gets killed.
    Have you ever thought about about a longing of a mothers heart whether her child would return back or whether if it was the last day she ever saw her son or daughter.
    And before going more into this topic, let me make some things clear
    I ain't gonna talk about political drama, I am talking about something that we all are losing currently, something really hard to find in people nowadays. Yes you are right Its Humanity, and yes it does matter, and yes if it is lost then you won't be able to differentiate between hell and this world.
    I ain't blaming any country or any groups.
    I blame us, the people, we talk about climate change, price of fuel, yet we shut our eyes and our mouths while we read or hear news that are supposed to be heard, very less people talk about it, Is it because you are scared? Scared to talk about humanity? Why don't we all stand together for once? Breaking all the boundaries as if they never even existed. Just imagine how fun this world would have been then. Less suicides, less killings, less protests and war. Wow, Why don't we just make that into reality?
    Did you know kashmir was ranked as the world's second most romantic destination after switzerland. Most of you will be like ya i know switzerland but where is kashmir. Places covered in thick blankets of snow, with eternally beautiful places,
    Where firings are heard like daily morning chirpings of birds, where humanity is murdered,
    Where peace was never felt by most of them.
    We need to support all the authors who write about these topics like khaled hussein who writes about afghanistan,
    and these kind of writings should be heard more than all those cliche love stories that everyone reads.
    Modern world? We believe we have done great wonders? I would like to question whether we have done aything for the people in need. I feel ashamed to say that I lived in a world like this, where innocents are erased from this world before they could exist. Aren't you all ashamed? I fear to imagine the future.
    I Don't know if you have heard about Alan kurdi or Asifa Bano.

    Alan kurdi, 3 year old syrian boy washed upon the sea side after drowning in the Mediterranean sea, Have you seen that photograph of that boy? Have you seen that boy? Lying there faced down , what could have that 3 year old possibly do to end up like this? Drowning? Feeling helpless? What I always thought looking into that photograph of him lying face down, whether he was ashamed to face this world? World filled with grudge and humanity. He didn't die of drowning, he was killed, killed by us, our greeds

    Asifa Bano, many of us might have heard this name, 8 year old who was gang raped and murdered brutually on january 17th of 2018, I remember vividly everyone posting about this beautiful soul with hashtags. And I remember thinking about it a few months after , how as time flew we just forgot about it because she wasn't part of you, so that means it wasn't your loss. So we just forgot afer one or two days of sympathy. But trust me I never forgot about her, nor her picture that was posted everywhere. That picture still keeps haunting me,I feel ashamed looking at her, I feel helpless that it happened to her. Where are those people who was posting her pictures with #justice #sosad. Is the drama over? She got justice doesn't mean its over, will you ever get her back? No but why don't we make sure there won't be anymore Asifa or Alan.
    Just think about her last few minutes in this world, how much she might have cursed this world, the devilish minds and acts of people. Why don't we understand? Why aren't we taught about humanity and mental health in schools? Why aren't we taught about life and its struggle in life? Isn't it why there are many suicides and killings happening everywhere? Our childhood, Our growing age. If we had been taught all these since that age would there be so many devils in this world? Would there be any reason for me to write this or you to read this.
    And yeah I still blame us, the people, we believe we have found and known everything, but yet there are millions of things to be discovered and things that have been forgotten.
    These are just two cases, just imagine the cases that go unreported and unknown by the world. Imagine all the kids who had dreams but never got the chance as we had. Imagine the fear in which they live everyday, the fear of what is going to happen tomorrow, whether they are given a chance to live a day more. Whereas most of us planned what we are going to do for the next few years.
    As new year is approaching, Have you wondered what it would be to have new clothes or having a new year party? New year comes and go but still nothing has happened. Lets all help those in need, not for blessings from God or anything, but for our personal happiness :)

    Ps: I do read love stories



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  • _cmwrites 3d

    Look deep with those tiger eye's!

    Do good to yourself, do good to the society.
    Stand up and rise.
    Live, as the righteous of this world demands a keeper, and have courage to look in the eyes of those evaders of peace dazzling those innocent sight.
    So look deep in those hunters eyes
    Look deep with those tiger eye's,
    Look deep with those tiger eye's.

    With that held deep inside your hearts,
    Protect those failing dreams, those ceasing faiths and the freedom snatched.
    Let thy fluid in vain boil as the innocence plunge before your eyes, as the screams of there pain of burning hearts trap in your eyes, and let the flaming-orange rise.
    Look deep with those tiger eye's,
    Look deep with those tiger eye's.

    As they come, those hunters of peace, chasing jolly but those vulnerable, defenseless-hoofed beasts.
    In that deep dark night, in the hunters domain of might.
    A lurking-flaming-orange haunting, and taunting them,"the hunters", and there domains of might.
    Enclosing in, as the hunted are the hunters, like amateurs meet the master, closing in are the courageous eyes.
    As here it is the devilish-protector, the guardian, and the keeper of faith, dreams, and freedom.
    Intimidating the cold with its warm,
    Illuminating, and blinding those dull-dark monsteroues-hunter eyes are those tiger eye's.
    Look deep with those tiger eye's,
    Look deep with those tiger eye's.

  • anas_husain 4d

    Doom for justice,
    It may resurrect innocent's life.


  • ritu_26 1w

    6 महीने, 3 साल वाले रिश्ते के जमाने में
    मुझे उम्र भर का साथ चाहिए
    इस temprory सी life में..
    मुझे permanent wala प्यार चाहिए...

  • ritu_26 1w

    Be talented

    Don't be just a beautiful girl...!
    Be a multi-talented girl
    One day your beauty will be decrease
    Your talent will make a high noice

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    Justice एक ऐसी चीज है,
    Follow करने से नहीं मिलती है, लेकिन
    Pay करने से ज़रूर मिलती है।
    © beensN

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    A girl is your mother, your sister, your friend, your partner your inspiration, but never a toy in the hands of someone to make her cry! No means no!!
    #sexualrape #justice #happy #smile #girlpower

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    Hey the river, why you cry,
    Left abandoned, still you try!!
    Down the mountains, witches they stop,
    They try to touch, but you deny!!

    Hey the river, why aren't you so fresh,
    All the dirt , pains your breast!!
    You're too quick, but they're so many,
    Drank everything, left if any!!

    Hey the river, why don't you move,
    Burnt alive, no one to prove!!
    Though you tried but they didn't stop,
    Now you're bleeding drop by drop!!

    Now the river has passed away,
    Thrashed by the society, where the governments play!!
    now the river could never see it's face,
    Praying from the clouds "where the World was a better place!!!"

  • paradoxicalpenman 2w

    Dealing With My Digital Addiction

    Monotony has me and it's not an entrapment,
    A willful surrender and the cost is merely several modes of visual entertainment,
    Escape from the physical to the imaginary realities,
    Revitalizes my optimism and soothes my anxieties,

    All the injustices and cruelties recurring constantly puts me in a whirl of unpleasant emotions,
    Unable to ignore and helpless to provide any resolution,
    I satiate my hunger for justice through tv series available on the different digital platforms,

    Now I am stuck in quite a dilemma,
    The real world disappoints me on a daily basis,
    But Netflix has the power to rejuvenates my spirits,
    Because a just world is like a mirage,
    Where I stand thirsty in the desert in delusion of an oasis,
    So either I get depressed by the current world situations,
    Or live in an imaginary world where justice still prevails albeit it is a dystopian one,

    But i am also an eternal optimist always looking for the silver lining,
    I will deal with my stupid anxieties and come out of self-imposed hiding,
    Yeah the world is plagued with plethora of issues and problems,
    They are known to us as they happen thanks to the fact that we are the social media generation,
    But we are also armed with the same ammunition,

    Hate generates instant reaction therefore sees its zenith quickly,
    Compassion has irreversible effects but it also spreads slowly,
    So I'll try to contribute however I can to realize a just and sustainable world,
    May we succeed in this everlasting endeavour, fingers crossed!!!!

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    Somewhere between the blue tinted ocean
    And pink marshmallow sky
    I blemish the rainbow
    With drizzle of blood
    Fill the void by stubborn wind
    Freedom hynotized my innocence minds
    Likewise, I spread my wings
    And broke the chain of my social awakening
    Sinners lurked in the light of ever changing darkness
    I was seeking the shore of truth
    Vehemently silence forcefully cease my undying uprightness


  • skynight 2w

    Why we should not fight for these situation?
    When we all have right to speak then y we cant speak?
    Why we r soo dumb?
    Ask it ur self...

    Ki tadp tadp kr marjaoge ..,
    Jis din tumper ye keher brsega...
    Tujhe tb tk pta nhi chlega..
    jb tk tu ek beti baap nhi bnega����.

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    Ki aaj phir ek shareer bejuban pdgya..,
    Ek nhi lakh nhi arbo ka juban bnd pd gya...
    Ek panchi kaa jese usse azadi chin li...,
    Aj phir un drindo ne ek maa ki jaan chin li.

    Hr gunhaa ki saza hai ..,.
    Is gunhaa kaa ku nhii...
    Roz ek ldki ghut rhii...,
    Pr phir bhi ye desh ko prwhaa nhi.

    Ki bikhar sa jata hai shreer ,
    Jb drd kaa kst uthha hai..
    Jinse jiwan dan mila ..,
    Usiki ke jism ke liye tu mar jata hai..

    Lazza hai ee drindo tumper...
    Jo tumse hui na ek ldki ki kader.
    Ghut ghut kr jioge jb tumper ...,
    Brsega ye drd ka keher..

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    Peace be upon you all


  • nehaazeem 3w

    I don't understand why it's so normal between couples or anyone to insult, fight, disrespect, taunt, blame each other and then call it love? Fight happens where there is most love ? That's a joke. Absolutely against the fitrah/heart, the nature of human being. I don't watch Pakistani dramas because it's nothing except time waste, they show nothing real but all the foolishness and evil that I mentioned above and call it love. I don't know about you but I have never felt love with any negativity. People watch these dramas and behave the same their partners. Not cute at all. No ethics no morality. No love.

    True love is beautiful, Merciful, justice, peaceful and balance. It's not accepting "everything" but being soft in your ways. Discussing matters in a calm way. Showing how much you matter to each other.

    I said this years ago and I'd like to mention again that the world can normalise evil but that doesn't mean we obey the crowd. If we are real we choose to follow our heart. True morality. #wakeup ��
    #khanakhudgaramkaro #shitpost #lies #drama #love #nolove #balance #justice #knowledge #cute #beautiful #soul #spiritual #couplegoals #couples #instagood #daily #hope #art #tv #quran #quote #motivation #❤ #read #writersofinstagram #writersnetwork #words #marriage #��

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    Not Cute...


  • rahul_govindan 4w

    Adding one more to the captivating "Auto Rickshaw" tale:

    I stared my walk, from the school to the bus stop,
    This time all alone, as my dear comrades left home earlier ��
    Random thoughts wandered inside the abnormal mind.
    The sunbeam kissed, no, exactly "hugged" my face,
    Leaving me to sweat like never before...
    Got inside an auto, and settled in the right corner...
    I heard a few whispers right behind me, two young lady,
    Wearing the exact replica of my uniform...

    (I didn't wish to peek into their chitchats)��

    A few kilometres passed, and one of those two said,
    "Anna, Stop the vehicle"... The auto driver's ears were far away,
    To perceive her voice. "Anna Stop the vehicle", she said again,
    But this time in high frequency...
    Just like how normal people react - myself sitting right ahead,
    Knocked the ears of the driver, as he stopped the auto..
    "Sorry maa..I didn't hear you", the driver said...
    The girl made her pay and left with a smile...

    A mind which was searching for content quoted as follows,
    "Sometimes you have to raise your voice, if not for others,
    Atleast for you" ❤️

    - G Rahul.

    #reality #voice #justice #selfhelp

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    #mirakee #justice

    Hey! God,
    you know what
    I have a habit of talking to you via letter.
    Please receive, Love��

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    Letter to God (part 6)

    Dear God,
    You are giving me a lot of pain,
    Till date neither I have complained to you once nor have I told anyone about it.
    Neither i ever show pain through my face nor do I tell anyone about pain.
    Even i don't write about pain.
    But I want justice because you are hurting my MAA.


  • yours_fortune 5w

    Youths you have to understand the difference between right and wrong.
    What has to be shared and what not.
    It's not always true that if a girl cry and say she is been assaulted, try to look for the facts and situations behind it. You all are smart enough, so share what is necessary.
    Your voice can change someone's whole life.
    Think before you act
    #humblerequest #zomato #justice #justicetoboys #feminist #feminismcard

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    Dear girls,

    Stop using social media as a feminists tool. For the sake of name and fame, you are doing injustice to all the boys and girls who are being assaulted and treated bad and are looking for justice.

    Please do read it twice

  • diya101 5w

    Everyone says there is no difference between a man and a woman. But I say there is by the rule of nature. And if this nature ceases to exist, our existence will come into peril. And by this nature, it's important to let one do what one wishes to do. That is it.

    Happy women's day!


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Why she?
    What sins did I procure that I got a she?
    Why such irrationality have been subjected to we?
    All good deeds went into vain,
    With her, we all went into immense pain.
    Even though I was upset, I thought I should meet her,
    Maybe once I should see her
    Then I went in to see my wife
    And next to her, I realized was my life.
    Her dark eyes revealed nothing but innocence,
    Her tiny fingers wrapped around my finger like a fence,
    Like it would never let it go!
    And then I realized it was foolish to know,
    That she is a pain,
    It was foolish to know that she was a bane
    It's not the boy or girl which did matter
    But that face of her was bound to get worthy flatter,
    I knew I loved her since then,
    I realized it was insensitive to not be chosen,
    Not be chosen for being a she,
    With that adamancy, I might have refused her genuine plea,
    Even her plea to stay alive,
    Or to study mathematics with other five
    Or to get the cycle she needed,
    Or to go to the college she wanted,
    Or to go on the trip she wishes,
    Or to not just do household dishes,
    Or to do whatever she wants to do,
    Cause it's no one's cup of tea how she does brew!!

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  • honey_peace 6w

    #justice for ayesha

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    Ayesha tum kamjor nhi the
    Ayesha tum galat nhi the

    Pyar k badle pyar manga to ky glt kea?
    Use vo smjhe bs ye manga to ky glt kea?Koshishon k baad b tumne ek or koshish ki to ky glt kea?

    Tumne bs es poori duniya m use dkha ye glt kea
    Apni ammi or abbu ko usk lea akela chora ye glt kea
    Tum saaf dil the ayesha pr tumhari ankhon m usk pyar ki dhool the ye glt kea
    Tum apni duniya khtm krdi begaane k lea ye glt kea

    Tum apne ammi abbu m zindagi bhar k lea ek kaash chod gye

    Dafan tum apne bachpn ki yaadein us ek phone call m krgye
    Kaash tumhare abbu tumhe kisi jadui tabeez se us din bacha paate
    Kaash tumhari ammi kisi bahane se bachan ki trh tumhe wapis bula patee
    Kaash koi ajnabi tumhe us din rote hue chup kra paata
    Kaash tum khud ko majboot kr paati

    Jannat to us insaan ne khoi hai jisne tumhe khoya h
    Har ghar m naa jaane kitni ayesha ka tumhe dkh kar dil roya h
    Tumhari vo hasi sb bayaan kr gye tum itne gam kyun chupa gye

    #RIP ayesha

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    If money were to grow on trees,
    Life ain't gonna be so unfair.