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  • devilfish 2d

    Learning To Love

    Trying like a newborn baby to supply
    To take to learn to go and get it
    I'm not ashamed of my own face
    I'm ashamed of what it becomes if I poison myself with shame blame
    And a name that is not kind
    I had to learn the hard way
    And I won't complain but time haunts it's empty space
    And if you don't value your worth
    It will snatch away your name
    And your face
    You think it hurts, until you can't scream
    You can't embrace love with a tongue
    Locked in it's place
    Dramatic as they dawn like red curtains
    At the end of a number
    Except instead of everyone clapping
    Everyone was bloody and screaming in pain
    Disappointment from the expectations going under driving everyone mad
    No longer are we sane
    The audience is there whether you're looking
    Or side eyeing what you're viewing
    Different lens but the image is the same
    It's perspective that we must learn to understand it's constant limitless change
    The only thing more constant than the absolution of our very name
    It's not our thoughts that we must give the place to fear it
    Throwing bombs at an enemy with no face you're never nearer than you are to your own flame of your existence
    If you choose to shift energy from yourself
    In a false exchange
    The hubris will set the stage for chaos
    As falsity is put as proxy
    And it will lay claim to truth as you can never be nearer to the heat of your flame
    As you are yourself
    You will raise Hell
    And fire will breed it's sinful smell
    Trying to find relief in a dream that you cannot rest from
    Everything needs to cycle
    As it's vital when you dream
    You have to sleep
    When you wake up
    Truth will rain down in sheets
    And wash your blood down sidewalks of side streets

    These alternate scenarios are the only tokens I have to share
    The intention is to demonstrate my insight
    So I can show you how I became aware

    It's our individual voice and action
    Fusing into your purpose
    Thwarted by inaction
    Remember the story of the rabbit
    And the tortoise
    Knowing when to strike as wise as a serpent
    Sink your teeth into your emergence
    And understand the state of shame after the curtain is not certain
    Clean your lens in order to better assess the world tilt it's stage like a magician
    Nothing is healing in excess
    With every action
    There's a process
    Time is truly priceless
    But it's one of few things you must
    I stress that in yourself
    You must invest
    No matter seemingly selfish
    And morals are kept
    And in retrospect looking back
    Expectations only set ne up for failure
    Calendars and maps turned into burdens on my back
    Only veering me off track
    And painting my life black
    I plan
    I listen
    I believe I can
    Even when I see my tears emerge like watery stars catching the iridescent light of truth as it glistens
    I remember I can
    I remember to love myself
    I'm the hardest person for me to understand
    I understand this insight can help familiarize
    What hasn't been popularized
    That we're not all so easily broken down and compartmentalized
    You cannot love a stranger
    Because they are never aware at all times of your every threat on your life
    Imposing danger
    Get to know yourself it takes time
    But you will flourish as a remainder
    Bruises shine and they serve no purpose
    Those are not reminders
    They're unjust
    They're cruel
    Hate and darkness rule the domains
    Of the crusted dirty plate
    Of yesterday's scraps for remains
    Biodegradable waste as long as they seek to validate their own name
    Perversion in the form of violence
    Domesticated terror in suburban highlands
    Everywhere you go evil is there if you can find it
    What's harder is to become instinctively aware of what you can't catch in a glare
    A feeling of unease in tune of what's not seen or heard
    An unspoken word
    Intuition is the verse
    Timing is the first
    Second guessing is the last

    Intake the Dewey drops of morning mist
    Let the water wash away the troubles of the day

    As daylight breaks and the leaves uncomfortably shake
    Just remember that the wind will break
    And love will tenderly float like a feather
    Into your heart
    Let my words be the food to your brain
    As a plate and if I may
    Say that I cannot take away your pain
    But I offer you my thoughts
    My love
    And I encourage you
    You're well deserving
    So find what you need
    And please, do fill that space

  • devilfish 2d


    I'm rhymic
    Like a bomb of volatile ticks
    That contort my body like ropes my tendons
    As they rip

    In the manner that my body dances
    Before it breaks
    I could even out each bone
    And assemble a new face

    I'm rhymic
    Grinding against metal shards
    To breathe through a narrow straw
    I don't think I can
    But I move forward because my will
    Will never break
    There's not an ache that could chip my Determined state

    Trying like a newborn baby to supply
    To take to learn to go and get it
    I'm not ashamed of my own face
    I'm ashamed of what it becomes if I poison myself with shame blame
    And a name that is not kind
    I had to learn the hard way
    And I won't complain but time haunts it's empty space
    And if you don't value your worth
    It will snatch away your name
    And your face
    You think it hurts, until you can't scream
    You can't embrace love with a tongue
    Locked in it's place

    Intake the Dewey drops of morning mist
    Let the water wash away the troubles of the day

    As daylight breaks and the leaves uncomfortably shake
    Just remember that the wind will break
    And love will tenderly float like a feather
    Into your heart
    Let my words be the food to your brain
    As a plate and if I may
    Say that I cannot take away your pain
    But I offer you my thoughts
    My love
    And I encourage you
    You're well deserving
    So find what you need
    And please, do fill that space

    -Anthony Aaron Musto

  • pallavi4 3d

    Diary entry for a day in the lockdown

    11th of June,’21

    I woke up and saw a beautifully warm morning
    When the sun’s already high in the sky
    The chirping birds had flown away
    Because late for the day was I

    In these troubled times nature has stepped in
    To look extra special, lovely and bright
    Fantastical flowers and their summer blooms
    Light up the day and make fragrant the night

    The hours are spent doing mundane things
    Eating good food is a ritual these days
    So I cook to my hearts content
    Sauté, bake, stuff, fry and baste away

    Writing is a pastime I enjoy now
    For thoughts simply glide and flow
    And like the little summer raindrops outside
    They pitter patter onto the pages below

    I read to spend the day fruitfully
    Curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea
    Watching superfluous and fake television
    Seems pointless and a waste of time to me

    With the sound of blaring horns now gone
    The ambulance sirens are regularly heard
    The world has gone topsey turvy while
    The lines between reality and tragedy have blurred

    I try not to dwell on negativity
    Although it is difficult given the circumstance
    I try and stay in a positively happy state of mind
    And give spirituality and healing a chance

    There will come a time when we will look back
    And remember these days of struggle and oppression
    I will say a prayer at night before going to sleep
    It helps quieten the mind, beat anxiety and depression


    11th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • dinakarreddy 4d


    He became her gratitude journal.


  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    I dip my fingers in
    Crimson, and cut my
    Hand on the shards of
    My broken heart that
    Held gossamer dreams
    Spun of sunshine and
    The warmest mauves
    And softest pinks of
    Emotions that came
    Close to what I knew as
    Love, once upon a time.
    Today they lie decaying,
    Deepest of mahogany,
    Shapest of blues, yet in this
    Indigo ferment, I see passion
    Simmering red and burgundy,
    Like the wine that stained my
    Lips that moment your deceitful
    Lips had moved over mine.

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    I dip my fingers in this riot
    Of hues, my broken heart a
    Chalice of inks, each one thick
    With stories I never got to tell,
    Of wishes stabbed to death,
    I write of ghosts that were
    The girls who fell in love
    With monsters, hoping against hope,
    That theirs would be a fairytale,
    But some beasts are just that,
    Sometimes love is not strong enough,
    Sometimes, beauty doesn't waltz
    Under grand chandeliers, no,
    There lives a beauty that slays her
    Monsters, and on their carcasses,
    She dances under the pale moonlight,
    A ferocious work of art, come to life.

  • devilfish 1w

    I Will Already Know Before It Happens

    The same snacking of the nightmare
    On it's same prey snapping bones
    From where?

    The question hangs silently swinging like a pendulum in the air

    I cannot tell where I have not been answer
    The defensive dancer

    This is how I act in the manner a Cancer
    The prancer never plants foot on a tightrope
    Of prayers prayers
    I make layers
    I make my own choices and I'm nothing
    Without the moon and ocean
    How their voices answer the question of my motion moving me further up the sustaining devotion
    now then and later

    I see through intentions like piercing arrow

    All I know is I feel violated
    I shake so uncomfortably
    I'm uncomfortably aware
    My rib cage flares like flames
    My name falls like ashes from the air
    From my body falling in the air
    I exhale
    I'm aware
    My third eye is not blinded by smug glares
    And sticking your nosup in the air
    As if you decided what was fair?
    Hate doesn't care
    You seen my pain
    You didn't care
    You hate me...there?
    The truth could be your angel
    But you took the thought and you played it
    To yourself in box
    I inhale
    I balance scales
    I can make change
    Make the copper penny a scapegoat
    When is drains away my drench
    "Why is the Make America Great Again"
    Printed on his dad's scope
    And his trenchcoat
    Hello here is the footprint
    The infants they cannot say the words to tell you that they need us
    We were them
    Don't just love them
    Learn them
    Teach all of your wisdom to them
    And demonstrate
    Illustrate gardens of passion
    And your mind
    How to purge it
    With patriotic resistance
    Melody kept a key for a gram of
    La flaquita
    La niña
    In the bathroom
    Crying in the mirror
    Why do pictures make her love forget her worth
    As if one girl was to feel inferior
    As if you could use a human being as a cathedral to purge your perverse sins
    Diamonds and Violence seated
    Their dressed fitted thin
    Just like their skin
    Their never going to win
    Why do you hate yourself
    "Please karma..."
    "Kill him"
    I can breathe still
    I can hear scream
    Heave wheeze and a shriek so shrill
    Blood curling that the leaves grew still
    She hates her skin she loathes her looks
    She'd kill to look anything like a bottle full of pills
    Blood spilled
    I guess 'The World Elite"
    Are okay when the sleep while we dry heaves
    Wheeze on the sidewalk where you left us on the street
    Feel them bleed
    They die by your dirty green monster teeth
    Greed because they believe that poverty
    Will not be the hand that took their mother
    And brother
    Just like you and me
    Friends of family
    I'm tired of the wire taps
    I rip shreds of wires
    I did the deathbeds of the evil that doesn't need to make flesh bleed to ensure their survival evolved if it's not vital
    Then go ahead and go with the denial
    These "X-files" of records compiled
    Is serious but I'm delirious
    I can feel the wind before it blows
    There it goes a current of a torrent of waves of the water
    I feel it
    I peel it
    Instill it
    Paint words on the canvas
    I will it to be this
    I put hurt
    Work until it hurts so hard because I try so hard
    It hurt when it doesn't work
    Should've listen
    But you didn't wanna listen
    Want to glisten tell the truth
    When it comes to love don't rush
    Hope can't be crushed if we use our legs
    As stilts or our threads into flowers that don't
    Let our properties that bloom
    Paint the room when we make it move
    Make your conviction shake the hate out of a room
    With your symphonic hydroponic gardens
    Of iridescent hues
    You got confused
    And let the wrong people through
    But that's nothing that a needle can stitch
    You're equally
    Your life is beats the same tune
    Do not let then snuff your voice box
    Consume your spot
    Just shed a light
    If it is not what you wouldn't want if you were a mother to a child
    You have to fight the aisle
    Where demons are working with quick hands
    If you must transform by the moonlight
    Then fight for your life with the mother's knife
    She emits life but defends it with all of the rage that could ignite it churns the knife
    Feral and wild
    Simmering like slithering thick smoke
    Daring the appearance of the next arrival
    So her rage can make her baby's torment
    Her moonbeams are mad with maternal wrath
    In urgent fervency she cut off the scalp with her nails coffin shaped with a lipstick that her nails match
    Bring selfishness back
    You don't have to stand in line
    Fearing people online

    Instead of an emotional insect

    Because society has created an unacceptable
    In every loving godly wisdom
    Show the light emitting from the innocent
    It will cover red footprints
    n the trenchcoat of the white
    What is weak will grow weaker
    Before you know it the grim reaper will nearer
    They have wings and rotted out interiors
    Their violence feels familiar
    The thought makes me feel inferior
    In the way there's no reason
    Void of all the thought
    I feel my absence rip the cost
    As it never happened without the cause
    As well as the effect
    Let me signal the applause
    The dramatic effect
    Let me creep into your thoughts
    Let me see that they collect
    I want hear you demonstrate
    Want you to detect siren's
    Where the thought crossed with the
    Red gate
    I've seen caught as they ensnared themselves

  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    Waves crashing within,
    I burn,
    For you,
    You're Moon,
    I, your Sea.

  • devilfish 1w

    The Sky

    The sky is peering it's nightmarish eyes
    Into empty lullabies and starving cries that swallow the bright lights of day's light

    This kind of hungry night
    Will eat weakness in one blinding strike
    Dragging feet like concrete blocks down traffic flooded turnpikes

    I start to bite my lip until my bandana is red and bright
    Madness in my eyes
    A clouded black psyche
    A clouded black light

    Contrast with it's stark gaze down to the city and the things that are prey
    Squirm only because they're scared and pretty
    A tropical paradise with a quiet air to well fit me

    And a distant brushing of the palm trees and their restless leaves
    Endless in a sound that sharply bit me
    These lives forget me

  • uttkarsh_15 2w

    *Just Yesterday*
    All were preparing to sleep in my house and i too was preparing in my bed which is near the tv.My parents sleep in a seperate room and my bed is in the main hall where there's tv.So when Everyone slept I tried to see whether The download on My Ps3 has completed or not .
    I was damn sure that i had changed the sound settings so that no one could listen a single sound.
    But it was all in my imagination ������(I'd forget to turn it off)
    Then the Ps3 start intro flashed with the loud sound,
    And i was smart enough to turn off the tv and get on my place with my accounts books with pen and a scale .
    As my sister came to have a look ,she didn't even noticed a single thing,
    Then i went to the room where my parents and my sister sleeps as i was being Manoj Bajpai(Great Actor) pretending that I'd heard the same sound .
    Par pata nahi karma ki kya kripa thi ki......
    The train whistled many times as my house is near the railway station .And then my sister and I said together that the strange sound was the train whistling. Pheww ������
    Then I studied accounts for an hour, Aur phir I turned of the tv for Some relaxation and i knew that i was taking risk (Risk hai Toh Ishq Hai ������),
    Then I switched bw Bond movie ,The Big Bang theory and finally I landed on wildlife channel that i find most fascinating,And then Something strange happen ...
    My sister was staring from the room and saw me watching tv������
    Then i thought she would tell on mom, But she just turned off the tv and took remotes with her,
    And andar se maa ki aawaz aayi ....
    "So jaa beta soja Subah phir uthta nahi hai "
    Aur tab maine bahut himmat ka kaam kiya-
    Jaakar so gaya
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  • gs_journals 2w

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone’s victory. I hope y’all are spending your day victoriously. Allow me to share this with each one of you. Victory or defeat isn’t a definitive moment. Every moment is an opportunity to emerge victoriously. These moment to moment victories will create a beautiful hue of life that’s lived victoriously. The only victory that truly matters is the victory over our own tendencies. No victory is big or small. Each time you win over yourself. You do a favour to the entire existence. You make the whole world better. Thank you. So much love to each one of you. <3

  • gs_journals 2w

    Trust is the most crucial thing of all. We must learn to trust. We must surrender to that trust. Only that trust can pluck out your doubts.

  • gs_journals 2w

    The act of observation will affect the observation; e.g. any act of observing an electron requires a form of energy, like light, that’ll change the nature of electron, its path of travel. Also if you observe the robbers, and they know it, they’ll change their actions.

  • gs_journals 2w

    You don’t stop breathing because someone said so. Similarly, you don’t stop loving because someone said so. That’s how natural love is to each one of us. To not love is unnatural, it takes unimaginable efforts. Every person wants to love. Every person wants to be loved.

  • gs_journals 2w

    In my experience I have learned that the more you know yourself, the clearer it gets that there’s no need of having another human being by your side to be happy, to feel loved or to love. Existence in itself is a moment to moment embodiment of love. Practising this love is the only purpose of every religion. Understanding this love, is the only courage, one needs to cultivate and truly matters.

  • gs_journals 2w

    Come sit with me I’ll narrate you a tale of young love and lost money. I’ll narrate you stories about how fragile hearts become when they’re left to die, of how hard it’s to feel worthy of love when your birth givers leave you at cross roads. I’ll narrate them like it’s fiction so that your heart doesn’t break like mine did.

  • gs_journals 2w

    I’ve reached a stage where the idea of having sex is sexier than actually having sex or maybe the secret of sex is exposed. It isn’t as sexy as we make it out to be, just like almost everything! Fair enough.

  • gs_journals 2w

    The world is a beautiful place where beggars and addicts dwell! Beggars with a lot of money and addicts with perfect relationships. Don’t be one of them.

  • gs_journals 2w

    If I get scared to speak my truth then I don’t deserve to speak at all. I don’t deserve to have a voice. I don’t deserve to call myself a human.

  • gs_journals 2w

    read this if you're feeling a little stressed out #journal

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    hey listen.

    I know there's probably a lot on your mind right now.

    and there are probably a lot of things you feel like you need to do.

    and you probably feel a little overwhelmed.

    like there is all this pressure.

    around you.


    I know.

    I'm here to tell you.


    it's okay.


    you will do the things you know you need to do.

    you are capable of overcoming all these obstacles ahead of you.

    take a deep breath.

    drink some water.

    take a shower if you need to.

    and then, keep going.

    you got this.

  • gs_journals 2w

    Promise me. If someday, you and I fall apart. Forget it!