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    Embrace my Madness

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    जोकर की भावना

    कभी कभी मुझे लगता हैं कि में भवनों इतने खो जाते हम क्या हैं क्या करना चाहिए सब भुल जाते है।
    किसी को खुश करने के चक्कर में खुद से नाराज हो जाते हैं प्यार जताने लगे तो गलती कर बैठते है जो नहीं चाहते कभी वही कर जाते अप की दोस्ती और हम दोस्ती को भी प्यार समझ जाते हैं हर बारी इक तफरा प्यार करके बड़ा तड़फते हर बारी इस जोकर से रुबरु होजते चाहरे में हसी और खुशी बातो में जुनून दिल में दर्द ले गया हम फिर यहीं दिल हैं हम अपना भावनो को बस यहीं दफना गया हैं सब की खुशियों में कुछ ऐसे गम भुला दिया और बस प्यार धुंडलिया। ।

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    Jo kho gaya wo khwaab hai
    Jo milega wo lajwab hai


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    A clown came to the circus and brought his doll with him. The clown laughs loudly and the doll would have been happy with more noise. The loose clothes worn by the clown tightly wrapped the nose. He had a very big stomach and also had a beard-moustache set. Joker used to come in the burning fire performing tricks in the circus. Joker sometimes brings lion, bear, sometimes dance comes alone.

    Sometimes he would catch the horse and sometimes the horse would bring it by catching it. People should be happy to see Joker performing many other types of feats. Sometimes he smiled fast, sometimes he started crying. Sometimes showing a big stomach, sometimes it would hang upside down. Sometimes he would race fast, sometimes he would come down from the top. Seeing him, the children shouted a lot, they used to whistle very fast. Joker is everyone's laughter but he never smiles from his heart!

    #joker #laugh #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    सर्कस में एक जोकर आया साथ मे अपने गुड्डा लाया |

    जोकर हंसता बड़ी जोर से गुड्डा खुश होता अधिक शोर से |

    जोकर पहने ढ़ीले कपड़े बड़ी जोर से नाक को सुपड़े |

    उसका था बहुत बड़ा पेट भी रखता दाढ़ी-मूछो को सेट भी |

    जोकर सर्कस में करतब दिखलाता जलती आग में आता जाता |

    जोकर कभी शेर, भालू को लाता कभी करते डांस अकेले आता |

    कभी पकड़कर वो घोड़े को लाता कभी पकड़कर घोड़ा उसको लाता |

    और भी कई प्रकार के करतब दिखलाए देख जोकर को लोग खुश हो जाए |

    कभी वो तेजी से मुस्काता कभी तो रोने ही लग जाता |

    कभी बड़ा सा पेट दिखाता कभी तो उल्टा ही टंग जाता |

    कभी तेजी से वो रेस लगाता कभी ऊपर से नीचे आ जाता |

    देखकर उसको बच्चे खूब चिल्लाते तेजी से वो सीटी भी बजाते |

    जोकर सबको है खूब हंसाता पर दिल से ना कभी वो मुस्काता |


  • hk55555 9w


    The stage of life made person a Joker
    In the deck of cards, It has power
    But on the stage of life its most powerless & unhappy person
    It got hurt by life so many times
    Despite of crying now its laughed every time
    For every betrayal & every downfall
    It tries to convert it into a new joke that added to his story
    Being a joker for others & for himself
    It obligate to laugh as hard as it can on every tragedy
    That joker has the right to cry but in front of walls
    As nobody understands its emotions
    For everyone it only loves money
    But Joker knows that love without money is like life without breathe
    The stage of life made a person a Joker
    In the deck of cards, It has power
    But on the stage of life its powerless & unhappy person
    That Joker find it easy to hide its felling
    Rather than clarify to anyone
    This is how it leaves till the end
    The stage of life made a person a Joker

  • ambivertquki 10w

    Soul that has been pretended
    from a long time, Really? Why?

    doing well or not
    I don't believe humans
    their humanity
    they aren't really
    all the time
    they pretended
    to be human
    even they are
    where to go?
    how to do?
    why to?
    what for?
    all goes in vain
    and makes you insane

    ~Ambivert Quki

  • _mr_write_sayings_ 12w

    Let people to betray you and soon they'll
    feel ashame of themselves after when you
    get to know about their worse side.

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    नूर से जुदाई मुमकिन साये से जुदा क्या है⁣⁣⁣
    आख़िरी पल के मानिंद सच बखुदा क्या है⁣⁣⁣
    मुझसे ना पूछों क्या हैं मिज़ाज-ए-रहाई⁣⁣⁣
    तुम क़ाफ़िर से पूछते हो कि खुदा क्या है?

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    They Laugh
    At me
    Because I'm
    Different ..!

    I laugh At
    Then Because
    The're all the same ..!!


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    A Joke is very serious things �� #joke #mock #fun #serious #joker

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    Good thing about A Joke is,

    When you make fun of someone you'll love it.

    And The Bad thing about A Joke is,

    When you get mocked by someone you'll probably gonna hate it and the person as well.

    That's why A JOKE is very SERIOUS thing!.

  • inked_paper_coffee 21w


    Disguise the real face beneath,
    Fear filled masked; real me,
    Woes with my own failures,
    Dispute between me and myself.
    Jilt with faked happiness,
    Buried the real essence me,
    Like demise clown in the nest,
    Nipped by the fake self.
    Hoax spilled around us,
    Masquerade like a clown,
    Gloom behind the laughter,
    Half of life that falls headlong.
    Caught in the dark,
    The deep dungeon imprisoned,
    Where shades even denied park,
    Life that grimed.
    Enquires self, do you wish more?
    Beneath utters, need the clock,
    Same river do not falls twice in the dock,
    Don’t just think, act to the core.


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    Wind is the way, sky is plan, sun is the distination

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    Bitch Please Your Legs
    Are Like MacDonald's,
    Open 24X7


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    I know I live
    My dreams, my visions scare the shit outta me!

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    I'm just clone

    If you kick me
    I'm just fall down
    Kindly don't there
    When I'm getup

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    I hate myself when i love someone

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    We live in a society,
    Where honor is a distant memory.
    -(Arthur Fleck)

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    Cesar was sitting at home playing a card game with Joaquin. "Cesar your aware how Jared doesn't get much involvement in any of our group crime sprees correct?" Joaquin had brought up. Cesar gave a slow nod eyebrows furrowed. "Ah yes I'm well aware of that fact." "And?" Cesar looked up at his brother. "And what?" "And what can we do to change that?" Cesar now suddenly won the card game cheering and clapping. "Oh yes what a relief it is to have beat you at cards haha! To answer you brother Jack is a tough egg to crack, he has always been that way. Yes it seems he's a bit more harsher on Jared. But I'm not sure we can change that. Its gone on too long. Anyway lets go see where Jared and Heath are shall we?" Cesar decided barely standing from table when Heath came walking down hall sharpening a knife. "Where's Jared?" Joaquin asked getting up from the table and walking over to Heath who now rolled his eyes. "He was just in my room spending the last half hour or so ranting about how badly everyone hates him. How do you deal with it Joaquin? I just told him I had to get a bite to eat but honestly I just couldn't take much more of his complaining and whining ugh." Just now Jared came down the hall and Cesar announced he won the game of cards asking whether Heath or Jared wants to play. "Fine sure whatever lets go," Heath agreed him and Cesar now playing cards. Joaquin pat Jared on the back. "Be right back," was all he said going to the bathroom. Jared exit the mansion about to go look for his brother after reading Jack's note to not go looking for him. Coincidentally that’s the precise moment Jack was about to enter the mansion. The two brothers slightly bumped into each other and Jared found himself gulping quickly apologizing "sorry didn't mean to-" he felt Jack place his hand over his mouth. "Don't its ok I actually came to apologize to you brother," Jack admit Jared gasping as he felt Jack suddenly hug him. Jared hugged back Jack looking puzzled as he pulled back and saw tears welling in Jared's eyes. "Whats your problem?" "Y-you never hugged me before y-you surprised me was all," Jared let out in a hushed whisper. Jack's eyebrows furrowed. "Never? I had to have when we were kids perhaps or?" Jared shook his head hands in pockets now. "Nope. Any affection I got was not getting a beating from you or dad…." "Jared I'm sorry. I lets just go inside," Jack broke off brushing past him and Jared followed. "Your playing cards without me?!!!!" Jack suddenly was screaming out Heath telling him to chill Joaquin just now coming back from the bathroom Jared just mute at Jack's sudden rage but Cesar was shakily putting the cards back in their box standing and coming over to Jack. "Sorry Jack, I should have known better. Why so angry though? Were you and Jared fighting? Where did you even go?" Jack now went to another room talking to Cesar about how he went for Batman for advice and came and apologized to Jared. Jared went in a different room telling Joaquin about how he thinks him and Jack sorta made up finally. So this time it was Heath alone. "Ah so I'll be the new one left out. No big deal big bros, who needs company I got my knives," Heath state smiling as he stroke the blade of his shiny newly sharpened knife. He now went to his room locking the door before doing what he has secretly done for years: cut himself. "I'm not a monster no, I don't wanna be evil. I regret the things I do. But I love causing chaos and like cutting things and love blowing things up sending buildings in flames…." Heath trailed off climbing into his bed. He's forever conflicted with his underlying guilt and conscience he secretly has… "I should've acted more concerned when Jared rant to me. Truth is I have enough problems of my own…."

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    रज के रुलाया,
    रज के हँसाया,