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  • annebird23 34w

    #ILoveYouLord #JesusIsLord #LoveisTruth #LoveGod #HolySpirit #Hallelujah

    I watched this movie tonight called "I can only imagine" about this Christian band called MercyMe...it touched on my biggest heart issue; Abandonment....my entire life I've been dealing with this, or so I thought...I guess I really hadn't been dealing with any of it at all until I started asking the Lord to show me His heart for me, asking Him to align my heart with His heart, asking Him to show me how to love Him like He loves me....and as I've been being refined by Him, He made me feel again...when I hadn't even realized what was really going on in my heart. I couldn't feel, I was just allowing small bits here and there. I closed my heart for a long while, like it stopped beating...I couldn't even feel it in my chest anymore, I was spiritually dead.... I held on to that closed off feeling out of fear for what it would be like to feel, and what I'd have to face if my heart could even take it....

    Well Lord, here we are...its just You and me forever. You've got my heart, I'm open to you Father. Today marks the day my heart finally cracked open. Today is the day it started beating for you again Lord!



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    My Heart Beats for the LORD

    Its a process, feeling again.
    I've been so closed off from it all
    I didn't even notice what I was doing.
    I thought I let down my walls
    I thought I let You in Lord.

    Did I lie to myself and you?
    Was I just pretending for a while?
    Being real and living in YOUR truth;
    Its a feeling, more then one...

    Becoming your new creation aint easy.
    Its breaking down every wall
    I thought I knew what truth was,
    I thought I knew when I was being fake,
    Nothing I know can be me anymore
    It can only be you.

    Your way is the truth of truths
    Your way is the real of reals
    You're my way out of this world Father
    I can only be yours now and forever.
    He made me a new HEART
    It is all for Him, no one else.

    "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"
    Jeremiah 17:9 KJV

  • annebird23 35w

    My narrow path is getting even more refined....in ways I couldn't even imagine possible....THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR MERCY AND YOUR GRACE!

    Thank you to CASTING CROWNS for some of their Lyrics from 2 of their songs: Only Jesus & Here's my Heart Lord.... The original content are the last 3.... I pray this touches you, and ministers to your HEART! Lord willing!

    #jesuschrist #jesusislord #grace #lovechrist #mirakee #writter #song #castingcrowns

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    My LIFE is Yours Jesus

    I don't want to have a Legacy
    I don't want them to Remember me,
    Only Jesus

    Here's my Heart Lord
    Here's my Life Lord
    I lay it all down for you Father.

    You are my Redeemer, my Savior
    You died for all my wicked ways.
    You gave me another way, a new Life.

    Old things have Passed Away
    Only Jesus Lives in Me Now
    He Gave me His Heart of Flesh

    I could want for Nothing,
    I could be anxious for Nothing,
    I could only Love You Lord, or Nothing.

  • annebird23 36w

    #JesusIsLord #loveistruth #openhearts #loveGod #mirakee

    Words from the Holy Spirit, all the glory always goes to GOD! Thank you Jesus Christ, you're my guide and my Sheppard.

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    The Lord

    His mountain covers the world
    His reach is in the High Heavens
    His waters are like a flowing river
    His kingdom pierces through dimensions
    He reigns over all our Hearts
    His love is like a Dove hovering around you
    He knows not time, or space
    He says what is and what is not
    He yearns for nothing, yet only His Son
    Jesus is the lamp light on our feet
    Christ is the name, the way, and the truth
    He loves us through His Son eternal.

  • rodney 37w

    Looping around sin.

    In a loop,
    Loop to loop.

    Swinging my head like a chandelier that's meant to break.
    Manly discernment helps not the head to save from making mistakes.

    What's at stake is the collar button,
    A collar button squeezing the neck.

    What's truth?

    My Lord, let me only walk by your ways.

    My Lord, help me to please only your eyes.

    My mind is floating like autumn leaves on puddle water.

    I want your rain to cleanse my perception of your reservoir.

    I want light, I want salt,
    I want your blood to cleanse my body of human nature.

    I don't need no automatic writing mediums.
    I never need anybody but you—
    My Lord Jesus and my Saviour.

    Let my writings be honest and never be a tool to communicate with demonic creatures.

    For I'm in your scriptures,
    For I'm loyal to your written words of literature.

    Wherever the worldly literature lies,
    Let me open The Bible to guide my discernment to make the right decisions.


  • _eridamilare 39w


    "sorry for your loss,
    such a death!
    was he I'll before he passed"?
    That's it,yes that's it,
    The only thing they'll say,
    The only thing falling on the ears of your family back-to-back,
    So you,stupid you,
    Don't jump off that bridge,
    If you need to isolate,do it
    Don't drink that poison bottle,
    There's enough water to go round,
    Keep pushing,don't relent
    Keep your inner thoughts where they belong,
    Check yourself!
    Know your priorities,
    Lastly, loss is as good as surplus
    Because it will eventually end.

  • _eridamilare 39w

    On The Go

    Stoned, misplaced thoughts,
    Immediate claustrophobia
    Clouds turn red,
    Eyes,slowly shutter
    Lashes,heavy as alloyed metal,
    Diarrhea turned nausea.
    Just say a word of prayer,
    One sentence to relieve you of your pain
    "In The Name Of Jesus..."

  • the_history_maker 46w

    " My Hope Knows,
    How To Bounce Back From ROCK Bottom" ~ @unstoppable_faith_

    And the Lord JESUS answered, If you had faith even [so small] like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, Be pulled up by the roots, and be planted in the sea, and it would obey you.
    <Luke 17: 1 to 37>

  • _ebube61_ 65w

    The cross my hope
    With you I could cope,
    The cross my gaze,
    All my shame has been erased

    Lay down your guilt,
    Your hope will be built
    Lay down your mourning,
    Joy will come in the morning
    Lay down your offerings,
    Pains will be gone including sufferings

    Drips of blood are still on the cross,
    It still washes clean like soap,let him be your boss
    You can bury in there, your curses,
    He still loves you, that's the cause

    The cross is still there,
    Not for impressions,
    But to suppress your depressions
    And give you salvation

    Let the cross be your gaze,
    There'll be an all-round Grace,
    To run the race
    Let the cross be your hope
    And you'll climb far with Grace's rope


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    The cross

    Gaze on the cross,
    And his grace, love and mercies will be in gross

  • ppghose 73w

    There is a severe lack of integrity in our generation.
    I have had my share of hard luck when I cross paths with the selfish and self centered people. But I will still press on to do what is right in His sight.My family and the world mocks me when I do what is right,every move of mine has burdened me in my mission.God help me as I walk through fire��#righteousness #faith #god #jesus #love #truth #bible #peace #grace #jesuschrist #holyspirit #blessed #salvation #wisdom #christian #prayer #jesusislord #believe #holiness #bibleverse #joy #lifestyle #forgiveness #repentance #christianity #trust #bhfyp @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Its courageous to have grace,
    When the world is an unfair place.
    Its beautiful to be kind,
    When the society is selfish and blind.
    Its lovely to be giving ,
    When the people around us aren't worth trusting,
    To live in any way righteous,
    Is brave and pious.

  • heavenly_broadcast 83w

    Though we walk through the valleys of the shadow of death, we Will fear NO evil, for Thou hath with Us, Your Rod and Your Staff, They Comfort Us. Psalm 23:4.

    For You OH Lord! Are Our Sufficiency.

    #JesusSavesLives, #JesusChrist, #Jesus, #life, #grace, #peace, #poetry, #writersunite, #writerscommunity, #writersnetwork, #faith, #truth, #write, #writing, #poetrycommunity, #poetrytruths, #poems, #poet, #poemoftheday, #poetryoftheday, #poetrylines, #thoughts, #philosophy, #prince, #princeofpeace, #JesusSaves, #JesusIsLord, #shepherd, #storms, #war, #sufficiency, #inspiration, #nature #love #life #inspiration #poetry #diary #thoughts

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    Drink from the cup of Peace
    Of the Prince Of Peace
    Whose waters are soothing
    To Our life in bliss
    Cradling us to rest
    In total sleep
    Leading us to pastures
    Of Great Serenity.

    Satisfying our longing soul
    Sufficient for our thirst
    Our Prince of Peace
    Eternally Brings Us Peace
    Amidst pestilences
    And reoccuring plagues
    Amidst the storm
    And noisy gongs of war
    He Eternally remains
    Our Prince of Peace
    Our Redeemer & Strength
    Our sure sufficiency.

  • rachealangel 102w


    * Fear destroys destiny.
    * Fear takes you far away from God.
    * Fear is a sinker.
    * Fear decives you.

    Do not be afraid. Once you have Jesus, you don't need to be afraid. He will always protect you. Peace❤❤❤

  • rachealangel 103w

    If Jesus comes today, where will u go to. R u sure of your eternal life with Jesus. If No, tell me in the comment. Don't like the post alone, give your life to Christ. He is calling

  • rachealangel 103w

    The voice of God

    The voice of the Lord is soft and faint. He whispers into your ears. He does not shout like the devil does. Listen carefully to his voice. He talks through you spirit man. So for you to hear God properly, your spirit has to be healthy and strong. You can feed your sprit daily by reading the Bible and praying. Peace❤❤❤

  • rachealangel 103w

    God has a purpose for everyone. His purpose for man is of good and not evil

  • fedim_lana27 119w


    Never lose hope
    You don't know what a prayer can do.


  • abbyngozi 126w

    Love goes beyond words
    Love is demonstrated
    It's acted, it's expressed
    And God expressed his love in that he sent and gave his son to take our place, to die, be buried, to be judged for our sake, and most gloriously to rise again and now because of God's great love for us we are seated with him in heavenly places, we're living in his name, exercising dominion on the earth.
    It's the father's desire that all men be saved and just incase you're asking HOW
    Well it's simple, simply confess that Jesus is lord and believe that God raised him for the dead .

    He loved you even before you were born. He is God and He is Love
    You can send me a direct message if you just made the decision

  • thetruenyree 138w

    Feeling thankful on my birthday.

    Jesus you see all. Please guide my steps away from the dangers I can not see..decisions, toxic people, sickness and disease. These will never attach to me because your Holy Spirit inhabits me! Thank you for saving me, for filling me, For being everything and more I will ever need of. Thank you for allowing me in your presence daily. Make me more like you..loving selflessly as you do. I give you all Glory, all Honor and all Praise as you are so deserving! Thank you for a double portion of you today and always!


  • psalmsofencouragement 138w

    The Heavens Proclaim

    The Lord’s voice roars from Zion
    For He is the Lion of Judah
    He is the mighty fortress for His people
    For honor and majesty surrounds Him
    His kingdom can never be destroyed

    Let us praise the Lord for His great love
    For He is a rescuer of those who seek Him
    The Lord satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things
    For He breaks the chains of the oppressed And delivers them from  the deepest darkest gloom.

    For soon Christ will come and reign over all
    He will humble his enemies beneath His feet
    There will be no more death no more  sorrow

    For it is written
    Oh death, where is thy sting
    Oh grave where is thy victory

    Though our bodies be buried in brokenness
    We will be raised in glory
    Though buried in weakness we will be raised in strength
    For those who were victorious to the end
    Shall taste of the tree of life

    For there is but one God
    And one Son who is a ransom for all
    For He loves us with unfailing love
    His faithfulness endures forever

  • kaealove 139w

    Spiritual Maturity

    Descend on my heart Lord,

    And rest......on my mind,

    Let only divine thoughts flow from my lips.


  • mc0wusu_write 146w


    Good manners and self respect can open doors that the best education and opulence may not open.