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  • shreyashisinha 14w

    Colors in life

    Life is too short to hate
    Find the colours that are bright
    Cause the faded ones are the trait
    Life is too short to hate
    Find the colours that are bright
    Oversee the selfishness, jealousy and the traits
    Life is too short to hate
    Find the colours that are bright!

  • jaya___ 14w

    For, life goes on despite hurdles
    Your mirth and sorrows will come in circles...
    Be hopeful when dealing obstacles
    For, life goes on despite hurdles
    Persistent are cherished in all Chronicles
    It's sometimes sun and sometimes icicles
    For, life goes on despite hurdles
    Your mirth and sorrows will come in circles...

    © Harfkaar August 16,2020
    Hello mates!!��

    Here's another weekend challenge!

    Okay so now the rules are:

    1. Tell us the topic (only one!) That you are most passionate about ..that you write on the most...like nature, friendship, sadness, resilience, loneliness, mental health, education, politics, romance..
    Anything...that you pen the most about.

    2. Tag one of your own posts (that you wrote on the aforementioned topic) with hashtag #j_mustread

    3. Write a TRIOLET poem on the same topic.

    //A Triolet poem.
    A poem of eight lines.
    1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat,and 2nd, and 8th lines repeat.
    Rhyming pattern ABaAabAB.//

    Example: one of my TRIOLET poem:
    Just a little reminder that I AM NOT A STICKLER FOR RULES. They are there to give the challenge a structure but otherwise the motto actually is to read all my friends pour their hearts out. �� Just drop by and share your feelings...don't worry whether the syllables are correct or not! ��

    Use hashtag #contest_j

    Winners announced on Monday.

    Cheers!! ������


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  • uttkarsh_15 17w

    Dark Light

    Too much darkness can drive you crazy
    Too much light can make you blind,
    Beware of these 2 every second day
    While Opening the curtains For the shine,
    Or trying to hide from something or someone
    By Closing the doors or Hiding Behind

  • cruisey 16w

    "Someday all the love you've given away, will find its way back to you and it will finally stay." ~unknown

    "Sooner or later you're going to fall back in love with your life. Sooner or later your chest isn't going to weigh heavy like an anchor within your body. Sooner or later, you will remember the lightness, the days that didn't end in aching, and that is when you'll realize it, that is when you'll understand–you survived." ~Bianca Sparacino

    #breezec #phrasec #somedayc #j_mustread #parked_park

    Warning: *Hearty welcome to corrections and criticism*

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    Parked Park

    I was swinging to and fro in a park eerily alone. The chains were rusty partly because they had to and also had once been held tight by sweaty hands afraid of falling. They would climb and glide the slide a thousand times and never get tired. The poles were gutted deep in the ground like roots. The dry leaves yearned for the cackle by the running of young boots. The groaning noise of the sea-saw reverberated in the air which once ringed with laughter. Ants collected food in the age old sand mountains. A little bent rungs of the monkey ladder used to be a stage for satire hosted by cronies. A gum long chewed now nailed under the slide traps no innocence but spiders. Newly painted rainbow silky slides resembled a sea without crease. Saw some feathers lying on the ground, thought of a bird inbound, looked up in betwixt leaves to find a shuttle, stuck. Saw a muddy puddle and recalled no hissing but cheering. Saw tic-tac-toe on tree barks now carved only by woodpeckers. The footsteps mapping the soil now seemed to camouflage. The breeze once welcomed by coos now a road less traveled. I saw plants once fences in shapes unknown because no one looked at them now. I saw a park in parking because no one drove it now. One day they'll return to this path like a man walking his daughter down the aisle. This time their chest won't be air filled but back bent and thinned. They won't jump to break a sleek stick off the tree but never let the one in hand to flee. And if they laugh like before they'll know–they survived. Someday, they will find their way back here, sooner or later.

  • heartsease 21w

    I've been a pink kite flying in your
    sapphire sky on the margins of
    tunneled roofs where sun settled
    on 346th day of December evening,
    and you've been an eternal zephyr
    caressing my wandering existence
    when our hearts collided at our first meeting.

    I saw rainbow painted on your walls
    but you smelled of a poetry written
    on manuscript which I read when
    I was fifteen, and when I turned
    eighteen my pockets were half filled
    with dozen of kisses and my heart
    was quenched by verses of 'forever'
    as I started walking home after our
    first meeting.

    I was a classic gerund basking over
    few pretty lanes and you were more
    like a figure of speech drifting over
    some mosaic sheets, together we
    smelled like a scented library where
    alphabets would fall out of pyres
    like clandestine melting with 80's
    paraffin wax, so that someday our
    love letters would be a part of such
    library dwelling in every teenagers heart.

    I sewed poems on your shirt,
    the way you stitched promises
    on my lips, and my mother never
    read the verses you wrote on my
    cheeks for those words were paradoxes
    changing each minute every hour
    into daydreams which I never stitched.

    #meeting #j_mustread

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️

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  • the_speccy_outsider 24w

    Vitiated by
    Indigenous laws under
    Archaic aegis

    Transcending to an
    Iota of a world where
    Ubiquity fleed

    Where petrichor seemed
    Like an artifact stored in
    Attic of the heart

    And none misused their
    Abridged power to showcase
    A panalopy

    Of orthodox perceptions
    For third gender family

    There's been a myriad of mendacious rumours that only add up to the fire rather than extenuating it. The third gender community is a part of our society since ages. Considered as a symbol of unity and strength by some. Some only think about them when a certain religious ritual is to be carried out. But spew venom about them once their purpose is fulfilled.

    It is a life choice that was concomitant. Yet they strive to struggle to make their mark in the society even after being a subject of harsh treatment by some. The society should contemplate the fact that people of the community aren't provided with a higher education or employment opportunities and are, therefore, forced to ask for money. It is not something they do willingly, rather it's a choice they have to make.

    I wish for a parallel world where the Third Gender would be revered and considered as equals. Where they'd marry the person they love. Where the young ones would no longer store their respective dreams into an attic inside their heart, closed for eternity, or put on lipstick, wear a saree and go to people's houses to give blessings. The same people who loathe them and are cunning.

    I hope people don't misuse this honour they get when the Hijras, as they are referred to in India, visit their house. I hope they respect them and help them if they are in ardent need of it. To make them a part of the society and not ostracize them.

    Not to forget the ancient belief, that their 'dua' (blessing) is always heard.


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

    #attic #multiverse #wov5 #wov4 #j_mustread

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    Seldom are the musings of pristine past revalatory;
    Often transcending one to a land where misfits reside;
    Getting congenial with phantasy, away from archaic norms.

  • smily_aina 27w

    You are the quiet of the peaceful sea
    Halcyon shade of the viridescent tree
    You stand tall when thunder strikes
    Not stumble when you step on spikes
    As wild as a storm when justice fails
    Spare no-one whom hinders thy trail
    Alive in the land of fallacious warmth
    You wrap us around your kindled hearth
    Song of the future, past's plea
    You are thee, but another me

    #alivec #youarec


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  • shreyah 38w

    / Numbers are obsolete,
    Put strings beneath the
    measuring scale. /


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    Political Satire

    Speak but in limits
    or you would be tied
    with slogans and phrases
    alienating you from your
    own country for the reason
    that you offended the ones
    who were ruining it.

    Reality stuffed in a
    see-saw imagination.
    Is it normal that my
    mind runs through a
    maze which is always
    confused between
    circus and politics?

    Vote-bank draped
    in rigid casteism.
    Out of the blue,
    Is it just me who
    wonders that how good
    a chef they would be
    so as to cook division
    in saffron vessels?

    Pseudo hopes following
    pseudo development.
    Unemployment tops
    the list from bottom.
    Suitable designation
    of places is the only
    the need of the hour.

    Brittle vows oscillating
    across wrong leadership.
    Corruption at its height,
    media hibernating under the
    spell of a sweet good night,
    Vision doesn't come from
    blinding light yet "they show
    you heavenly dreams and
    tuck you six feet under."

    ©shreyah || 15-03-21

  • waitaminute 45w

    Exhausted from my confusions,
    I seek home in silent delusions,
    Where voices can't chase me,
    Where my chaos can't tease me,
    Closing my eyes feeling zephyr,
    To heal my mind, silence my soul prefer,
    When my brain can't control,
    When my eyes can't hold,
    Silence sings me to sleep,
    It affects my cells to deep,
    Sitting at roof top watching sky,
    Talking to tiny stars and glaring moon pie,
    Every song relates to me,
    Every lyrics I can feel,
    Feets above ground, this silent world feel surreal.


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  • yayinology 57w

    #j_mustread But you already read it��

    #BPD #instability

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    Some days I feel the need to save everything and everyone, thinking it's my turn.
    Other days I just set everything on fire, and watch it burn.

  • outofleague 63w

    Under what circumstances does
    your own body goes against you
    to remind and ensure that ease
    to float like a butterfly will
    wither with the passing years,
    instead of ageing oneself into
    a container that radiates gracefully
    the determination of a youth.

    India is not blessed with a majority
    of individuals despite any age
    with either a healthy body or
    a wise ego.

    The actor Sammo Hung
    (born 7 January 1952),
    also known as Hung Kam-bo
    in his career demonstrates
    how futile is the understanding
    of human beings who conclude that
    there is a particular condition
    to refer someone agile.

    I am not defending whether
    the actions portrayed in cinemas
    are real or not but the possibility
    of producing acts that puts
    most aesthetically appealing people
    to shame.

    People quarrel over actors
    about who is the better dancer
    ignoring the number of candidates
    involving the supporting performers
    with the actor under discussion.
    If they can dance,
    why can't you ?

    The mind of the expert
    whom this content is about
    is a miracle against criterias
    of established vision for mobility.

    If he can do what he can
    why can't you or any other person
    who consider themselves to be
    too late to even begin somewhere.

    Don't let yourself become
    the victim of any irony
    that restricts life
    from evolving.

    #unorthodox #structure #miracle #irony #ironyc
    #martialarts #martial #j_mustread

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  • veracity 163w

    Quand L'amour est vrai,
    Crois-moi, Le ciel bleu sur nous peut s'effondrer
    Tu t'en fous de monde entier

    #j_mustread #miraquill #lamour #love

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    Some day you will find love and it will be painful, but it will be true, and it will be beautiful, it will be pure and you will see that you have never been loved, not this way, you will wish you waited for this love...

    Someday you will find love, and it will be painful, but you will be happy, you will feel it in a way that you never thought possible, you will see that those before now didn't know how to love you and you will wish you waited for this love...

    Someday love will find you, coming from a heart so pure and honest, with a great love to share, and not for once faltering. This love will make you happy, this love will heal the wounds they left, this love will make your scars beautiful
    And You will wish you waited for this love...!