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  • agile_dreamer 45w


    I know it's lame
    but tried to scribble
    whatever came

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    Unfinished lines

    They say they like winter; I wish I could say the same; but for me it's too cold; I don't want to freeze; I don't want to wrap myself; you're so mean; why don't you stay by my side; I like summer; I want to melt; I don't know whether the rain was refreshing or depressing; but trust me, I want to refresh you everytime you are depressed

  • agile_dreamer 50w


    There's no reason
    to smile , no reason
    to stand up again,
    no reason to believe,
    no reason to think again.

    When was the last time
    I truly smiled,
    when was the last time
    I was happy,
    when was the last time
    I explained myself.

    Trust me,
    I want to smile,
    I want to be happy,
    I want to explain myself
    but I have no one by my side.

    I tried to explain
    but sometimes I failed
    and sometimes I wasn't clear.
    Will I ever get a hand in this
    dark sea of melancholy?

    But don't worry,
    I will try again,
    try again with all my might
    to smile


  • agile_dreamer 51w

    Under Construction

    Trust me,
    she is still a little child
    who needs your
    hugs and kisses,
    who is afraid of the dark
    and scared of being left alone.
    Then why did you
    push her into the dark?
    Your darkness killed her,
    the little girl inside her has died.
    She is no longer your
    charming princess.
    Her mind and soul is
    under construction
    and soon she will sprout out
    into a powerful woman.
    She no longer NEEDS your
    she DESERVES your RESPECT.


  • agile_dreamer 51w

    Screening Effect

    I thought I would stand up again and fight the leftover battles, but who knew I would lose again. They took my sword and pushed me down. I have forgotten how to rise and stand up again. I am just a little girl who came to the battlefield without completing her lessons. Nobody taught me to hold the sword, nobody told me to take the move, nobody had the time to make me feel I ain't alone.

    What if I don't get up?

    I am giving up. There's no more left for me. There's no reason to fight back. There's nobody to aid me. There's no shield to screen me. There's no way out. I'm lying all alone. Nobody has time to help me get back to my feet.

    I'm a warrior. I can't give up. They did not teach me but I learnt. I learnt to crawl. I learnt to stand. I learnt to run. I learnt to fight back. I learnt not to give up. So, I will rise. I will rise for myself. I am having my shield to screen me.

    And sword?
    I'm myself a sword.


  • agile_dreamer 52w

    What if I start walking in the wrong path?
    Yeah, I know I will suffer
    But trust me I don't know how to get out of this mess.
    The more I try to stop myself ,
    the more I suffer.
    So what's the point?
    There's no difference.
    I'm still hanging in the middle.
    Waiting for you to bring me down
    to show me the path
    to help me take this decision.
    But I know the truth
    You will never come
    Then why am I waiting?
    For what am I waiting?
    You are ahead of me
    Then why am I looking behind?
    I will follow the path you showed me
    And trust me, I will beat you.
    See you at the TOP.

  • agile_dreamer 52w

    I am standing in the middle.
    Is it this hard to take a small decision?
    Is it this hard to shout out the truth?
    Is it this hard to express those long lost feelings?
    Is it this hard to see that person crying?

    I would shout them a thousand times.
    I would express my feelings a hundred times.
    Just to see you smile.
    Just to see you normal.
    But you don't have to worry,
    I won't do these.
    I know, I only complicate things.
    How helpless I am!
    How can I help you?
    Please, take me back.
    I promise you,
    I would not let them hurt you.
    I won't let them go.
    I will take the revenge.
    I will make them pay for each drop of these tears, for all these sleepless nights.