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    #To those who tag me but never read even a comma of my work
    I wonder how you remember my name without reading my work. I remember Keats or Shakespeare because I read.

    WN thinks I'm not that attractive �� or at least my lexicons are not brilliant.

    If you love children poems, tap here #childrenz

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    Kids and rain

    Tick tock runs the clock
    Waiting for no lazy bones,
    Hush, hush screams the rock
    And thinks of some mute tones

    Cold wind sneezes a whoosh
    As raindrops plop on pools;
    And you can't tell who's whose -
    As kids slam and break the rules.

    Pitter-patter dances all 'round
    The rain shameless and naked;
    Boys whiz along, make splashy sound,
    Girls slosh barefoot, their skirts lifted.