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  • mariateresa 3w

    Moving through cycles of grief as I continue to heal. Three life changing events are swirling around my heart. By recognizing each of them, I breathe aliveness and celebrate my own survival. By the end of this month, my Dad will have been gone from this physical plane for one year. Ending an eight year relationship with a man who was my best friend hurts like hell yet is the best thing I could've done for myself. Ten years ago, 11/12/11, I attempted suicide. The Divine number of that date is 9, symbolizing endings and conclusions. This year I said good bye to two men I loved dearly in different ways. These past ten years have taught me so many hard earned and learned lessons of faith, trust the power of belief and the meaning of unconditional love. I am my own best friend hero.

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    Life in Pieces, Part 2

    Seeing clear into deep scars of pain
    Carrying a torch of Light, shines upon each one by name
    No longer do I swallow the poison of their lies
    Pain and suffering seen from inside
    Mindfully choosing to release the energetic charge
    By loving myself and witnessing my shadows
    Holding these pieces together by love's tender and eternal flame
    Time releases the tension of blame
    No longer must I feel ashamed for what I wasn't ready to see
    Traveling through life's experiences with truth as my guide
    Love for myself comes with forgiveness on my side
    For only I can heal these wounds
    Gracefully accepting the lessons, dancing between periods of stillness, pausing with patience
    Walking forwards is the only direction

  • ayushi_m_writes 28w

    Do the rains remind you of me just how it reminds me of you?


  • ayushi_m_writes 29w


    Maybe in an alternate universe, we are still together and everyone is happy.


  • ayushi_m_writes 29w


    He was mine, I was his.
    He is still mine, I am still his.
    He is always gonna be mine, I am always gonna be his.
    No matter what happens in life.
    No matter where we are.
    No matter if we are not together anymore,
    I'll still be his and he will still be mine.
    We will always, at heart be only each other's.
    No power in this world can stop it.
    We are each other's, Forever.


  • ayushi_m_writes 29w

    For me

    For me...
    Can you forget your sadness?
    Can you put a smile on your face?
    Can you be accept it?
    For me...
    Can you be happy?

    For me...
    Can you live your life?
    Can you live your life to the fullest?
    And enjoy every second of it?
    For me...
    Can you love your life?

    For me...
    Can you stop hurting yourself?
    Can you stop blaming yourself?
    You did nothing wrong...
    For me...
    Can you love yourself?

    For me...
    Can you make your family happy?
    Can you focus on what lies ahead of you?
    Can you gain back your friends and make truce?
    For me...
    Can you do all this?


  • mariateresa 35w

    Life lessons learned when relationships end. Some people come into our lives to awaken us to our own song. My partner provided me with so many moments of truth. To see myself through his eyes. Priceless. Grateful ❤

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    Here I stand

    Clearing away the ashes from the past
    Soul's spirited essence becoming more bold, fiery blasts
    Echoes from yesterday's lessons propel me forward
    No regrets, love's offerings present a million words
    Expressing my truth, holding on to what I've learned
    Grateful for every moment
    We laughed, cried, and held hands
    You've taught me so much, at times I didn't want to hear
    Now those words ring loud and sing in my ear
    Your absence is felt deeply, I feel cold in its darkness
    Light appearing shows me the strength I must now harness
    Life's a series of songs and dances
    Some are not understood until the moment our heart is ready to take chances
    Leaving you hurts yet I must press on
    Deepening my soul's purpose by this new beginning, leaning into the unknown
    Learning more about myself
    Comforted by my own song
    Here I stand ready for it all
    Never forgetting what you gave to me
    Knowing your love
    Provided fuel for the faith that hope drives solo

  • mariateresa 59w

    My heart aches and my soul yearns for my partner. I miss him dearly. I dream of our reunion hopefully one day soon. Until then, my love burns so brightly, keeping our hearts alive by it's light❤

    #ilovemyman #myman #mypartner #imissyou #eternalflame #mybetterhalf #lovealways #lovepoems #iwillalwaysloveyou #soulmate

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    Your eyes the welcome sign leading me in
    Your arms are the building blocks comforting my skin
    Your heart is the foundation that guides me through this darkness
    Your soul is my touchstone declaring love incarnate
    Our bond has lasted lifetimes and burns forever bright
    My hand within yours together feels just right
    No matter the distance or miles apart
    In my thoughts you're a constant companion, never to depart

  • mariateresa 61w


    Reaching out to support what's needed
    Advice was given but not always heeded
    You did your best so don't feel slighted
    The wrongs that happened will be righted
    Everything I have will wrap you in a warm embrace
    Filling your heart with loving grace
    You've traveled to a safe space
    The time is now to snuggle inside
    Allowing memories of the past to fall away and subside
    Caring for you now is why these arms are open wide
    Stay here for awhile until your dreams grow alive
    You're always welcome to return
    Whenever your heart begins to burn
    Loving you is all I desire
    A feeling that will never expire

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 89w

    The Star Far Away

    I had this fear of losing you,
    But only because of the possibilities.
    The possibility of you feeling the same,
    The possibility of you loving me back,
    The possibility of you being mine,
    This fear gave me chills all over.
    But reality was bigger than my fear.
    You had your own fears to deal with.
    Fear of loosing that butterfly tingles,
    Fear of loosing that someone,
    Fear of loosing all hopes,
    I will now walk away from you.
    Leaving you with your own fears,
    And the one you loved so dear.
    You will never have to know,
    How bright of a light you were,
    In an era of darkness inside me.
    The only star at night far far away!


  • foxymalia 95w

    #imissyou and there is nothing more to say. #iwillalwaysloveyou and he will always have a special place in my #heart

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    Missing You

    I want to hold you tight.
    I want to wake up with you by my side.
    I want to smother you in loving kisses.
    I want you home in my arms.

    I miss you.
    I miss your special sparkle,
    In your eyes.
    I miss your arms,
    Squeezing onto me.

    I miss the love of my life.
    I miss my home with him.


  • foxymalia 98w

    I still feel like I'm a #monster from my #pastactions towards the #love of my life. I will #heal and #learn from my #mistakes with him. #imsorry and I didn't mean to do it. #iwillalwaysloveyou

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    I'm sorry that I harmed him.
    I didn't mean to.

    I'm sorry I hurt his feelings.
    I'm sorry that I broke him.

    I was young and made mistakes.
    Please forgive me.

    I was dumb,
    But I'm not a monster.

  • buzzbee 118w

    Love of my Life

    Ever since I saw you.You stuck on my heart.Ever since I realize you have a crush.You leave a pain which is lying on my heart.

  • dancingrose21 123w

    Sweet Dreams

    I whispered to you, I told you you are beautiful and perfect, then I softly
    Kissed your lips. . . Goodnight my love

  • muskannnnn_ 128w

    I loved you, without reason, or cause, or doubt. I loved you to the edge of what my soul could endure and then I loved you just a little bit more. I loved you beyond measure, beyond hope and beyond all sense of rationality.
    For here I was dying for you, until my spirit was weary... And there you were... Living your life, blissfully unaware.
    I just wish I could have been the one to make you happy for the rest of your life.. the one to love you and take care of you. I wanted SO MUCH to be that person in your life. But there wasn't a place for me. I COULD SEE THAT I WAS ONLY IN THE WAY. You didn't choose me and that will always leave its mark upon my heart. But please know that wherever you are I am thinking of you and will love you from a distance. Because I will always be the one who loved you. And that is why I am wishing you a long and happy life even if it is not with me.
    ©muskannnnn_ @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork #feelings #heartbreaks #iwillalwaysloveyou #shoot.

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  • courtneygirl 147w

    *Let you go*

    Maybe she stayed longer than she should have, because she knows how it feels to have someone walk away.
    Having felt the void before she didn't want that for you.
    She never wanted you to feel as worthless as you truly thought you were, you weren't.
    She was patient with you.
    She gave you the benefit of the doubt.
    And yet you still let her down.

  • iamhischulars 150w

    So is it me, my Superman

    I hope it matters when you hurt me
    I suffer in silence because you hate me
    I hope I'm wrong to think you don't love me
    I feel like you have given up on me
    I wonder if you really wanted to chose me
    I hope you said the truth to me
    I don't understand why me
    I only wanted you to be faithful to me
    I wanted you to keep your promises to me
    I still can't believe that the fool was me
    I thought that you truly loved me
    I never expected YOU to ever hurt me
    I hope that you haven't given up on me
    I heard you say you can't stand me
    I just want answers but you yell at me
    I thought those words were only for me
    I love you so much, do you believe me
    I want you to talk to me not fight with me
    I forgave you for all that hurt me
    I fear its never going to just be me
    I loved all of you and you forgot about me
    I thought I was your last kiss but not me
    I need to know was it ever just me
    I ask for you to please be real with me
    I never imagined that you would do this to me
    I know you've said it's better to be without me
    I am so sorry but I was just being me
    I believed you when you said you loved me
    I know you texted you are tired of me
    I want to be your everything, let me
    I hope you see what this is doing to me
    I know I can't be sexy, I can only me
    I can only have one true love that's for me
    I hope that it stopped like you told me
    I know I won't be ok if you lied to me
    I know that you're the only one for me
    I will forever love you and pray you love me
    I know I'm made just for YOU to be with ME
    I need to say I'm sorry for being ME
    I can never let you leave me
    I have to prove that its TRUE LOVE from ME


  • i11itch 150w

    My favourite stories
    Are the ones We wrote.

    The strokes
    Of every pen and pencil
    every entwined hand

    That meshed
    together the Burgundies of our bravery
    the Reds of our raging fits
    the Greens of grace filled late nights
    or fights.

    Our painted stories
    Will always be my favourite.

  • ranatasuzuki 158w

    "We didn’t talk about her often, but I remember twice you referred to her as ‘your girl’ and both times the feeling was the same.
    It wasn’t jealousy or anger.
    It was just… painful… like a thousand needles had been inserted under my skin.
    Followed by shame and guilt for feeling that way."
    - Ranata Suzuki

    My debut poetry collection The Longest Night is available on Amazon, Bookdepository and more. Visit www.ranatasuzuki.com/thelongestnight of stockists.
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    "We didn’t talk about her often, but I remember twice you referred to
    her as ‘your girl’ and both times the feeling was the same. 
    It wasn’t jealousy or anger. 
    It was just… painful… like a thousand needles had been inserted under my skin. 
    Followed by shame and guilt for feeling that way."
    © Ranata Suzuki

  • accalias_memoirs 158w


    Silly was she to think that everything were true. That the sweet words were poured out from the bottom pits of his heart. That the gestures were for her to be a part of his well-woven future of togetherness;
    Her fantasy became a fairytale. She thought that the Angels sent him to her world of loneliness. They had a world of their own. They built their own castle where he was the King and she, the Queen. She was loyal to her King, and he to her. They made a perfect pair others said. And she believed it without any second thoughts. He was glued to her heart; You could try ripping it out, but even then it would bloody beat for him.
    She yearned for his presence, his voice, his scent. It was the most beautiful feeling that stirred her senses. Never in her wildest dreams did she see him fading away. Not from her. Ever.
    She thought this was a forever meant to be.
    But it only was her, sinister and false-hope giving mind which whispered these lies into her ears.
    Maybe he wasn't fond of her anymore. Maybe he was tired of her; Handling the obvious mess that she is.
    Or maybe he forgot his vows and the promises that he bore. And maybe he was only lying because that's what he has been doing this whole time. It was all but a lie.
    Foolish was she to fall for it all.
    To be manipulated.
    To be used.
    To be fallen.
    Now when she realized that he never meant what he said; that when he whispered 'I love you', it didn't even bear the slightest dignity of it at all, she feels that her whole world is shattered.
    She is broken.Burnt.Choked and still.
    Her heart is crushed by the weight of his words. The realization hit her as enormous waves. Her mind is flooded. With his images, glimpses from their beautiful past. Of the times they have spent together. Of anything and everything.
    Every ounce of him was loved by her;Truly, madly,deeply. He knew it at heart. But now, he is not the guy she once loved. The one who adored her, and wouldn't let her feel how she feels now.
    It is killing her and it is ripping her apart to walk away. But she has no choice. She can't accept the fact that after all that they have been through, he can't really decipher her emotions, her feelings. And she can't ever live with the fact that she meant so very little to him.
    So right now, right here, she is walking away with a heart full of memories to last a life time. The happiness and joy she has received and will always be cherished. Thanks for the memories. You were the most wonderful thing that happened to her. But it hurts her to accept the fact that you were nothing but a beautiful Mirage...


  • poemluv0403 172w

    Ab toh tere maujudgi Ko mehsus karte hain,
    Tere kami me...