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  • ileecoleman 27w

    Little Black Boy

    Forgive me king for I know NOT how to begin,
    To apologize for all the tears and fears that you've corralled within,
    For the mounds of broken promises that launched many dreams into the wind,
    Due to the addictions of those whose job was to protect you and called themselves friends,
    For the unspeakable pain you've endured that still leave you broken and insecure,
    I empathize and wipe my eyes that you have been unable to find a cure,
    Little Black Boy with ungodly secrets untold, left to fend for himself in an emotional fishbowl,
    I hear your silent cries and can see the invisible scars,
    The decible levels are off the charts and the wounds are the results of other's faux paus,
    But yet here you stand and continue to push through,
    With the weight of the world being carried by your shoes,
    I pray for the day that you heal all that hurts,
    And find peace within your inner sanctum without the need to please skirts,
    You are more than someone's utility,
    Your additions outway your subtractions,
    You are a leader to most and an influencer of many - just by your strength and reactions,
    So for now, melanin king that wears the shoes whose tips have wings,
    Hold your head high and adjust your blue suit,
    Take a moment to breathe then proceed with your pursuit,
    Your day will soon come and you'll glow like a lighter,
    Keep believing you'll beat the odds - look what just happened to Tiger.



  • philocalistabella 28w

    Children play soldier that makes sense ...
    But why do soldiers play children?
    -Karl Kraus

  • missmarigolds 28w

    across the sea
    lies a woman in bed
    she’s only twenty-three
    she dreams of peace
    instead of war
    she hopes her dreams
    will take her far
    she counts the stars
    she counts to three
    the ashes are making it
    so hard for her to see


  • philocalistabella 28w

    How many ears must one person have before he can hear people cry? And how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died? And how many years can some people exist before they are allowed to be free? And how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind.

  • philocalistabella 28w

    An apple fell to the ground and Newton discovered gravity
    So many Palestinians fall today but we didn't discover humanity...

  • philocalistabella 28w

    Israel has the right to defend but are Palestinians given the right to survive?

  • ffaazririnna 28w

    #travelisrael #visitisrael - say what?? It's stateless #israel Soon enough, #all_israel #israeli will crumble #israelkoyak and these are #israeli_moments #israel_times

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    " Stateless Nation,
    Cowardly Zionist "

    The filth and stealth
    of stinking, barking dogs with
    chins jutted out with aggression
    to attempt an impossible task
    of snatching away a land that
    wasn't even theirs to begin with.


  • sandeep29_03 28w


    She was on the video call with her husband.
    Her beautiful face and the smile which
    she wore while talking to him were saying everything about their long-distance love.
    She was in another country to support
    her family for better earning.
    She was being paid nicely for nursing
    the old age woman in Israel.
    She was having fear in her eyes,
    fear for survival.
    Everything was shaking around her
    as the country was at war.
    Her husband aware of the situation
    was instructing her to return to India.
    The talk was short with the certainty
    of love and fear hand in hand.
    And then, her beautiful face got replaced
    by a layer of thick black smoke.
    She disappeared from his screen in just
    a fraction of seconds.
    Her house got bombed by rockets and
    she fell victim to the war between two countries.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 29w

    Never let yourself down!
    Never give up and try to defeat the enemy
    Stand up and show your love towards Islam......
    #Palestine #don't #lose #hope #muslim #love #islam #islamic quotes #kashmir #show #love #westandfor #Palestine #defeat #israel #share #pod

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  • zubeeen 29w

    I am Palestine

    With wounds and wounded, I am Palestine
    My spirits have crossed the sky
    My voice is roaring in the heaven.
    Our heads are high
    Till the death and dry.
    I am Palestine
    Tortured or crippled, I am Palestine
    Emotional or Passionate, I am Palestine
    The great will Fear Shaikh Jarrah
    You are playing with fire, and we have no desire
    Except, the gates of Jannah
    My Tears of Women, will crunch the Valleys
    And Each of my children, whose death you dare
    Will be nourished with flowers.
    And I am Palestine
    I am the Gift, for those who laid in grave
    I am the gift, for those who fought brave

    I am Palestine
    And every scream will be counted,
    As we are neither vulnerable nor bounded.
    The Riot they have caused, for the peace we pursue.
    For whom you have done, If you have no one?.
    Oh Ummah! be patient.
    As patience is the greatest virtue
    Not a trouble, but a Test from him
    For who we bow, and for whom we live
    In this soil, prostration was our pleasure
    Laying forehead is the uttermost treasure
    For the ancestors and till the future
    And for this land, with blood, with soul

    Al-Aqsa is waiting for victory.
    And I am Palestine and I am Palestine


  • the_history_maker 29w

    हे इस्राएलियों!

    ये बातें सुनो कि यीशु नासरी एक मनुष्य था जिसका परमेश्वर की ओर से होने का प्रमाण उन सामर्थ्य के कामों और आश्चर्य के कामों और चिन्हों से प्रगट है, जो परमेश्वर ने तुम्हारे बीच उसके द्वारा कर दिखलाए जिसे तुम आप ही जानते हो। उसी को, जब वह परमेश्वर की ठहराई हुई योजना और पूर्व ज्ञान के अनुसार पकड़वाया गया, तो तुम ने अधर्मियों के हाथ से उसे क्रूस पर चढ़वाकर मार डाला। परन्तु उसी को परमेश्वर ने मृत्यु के बन्धनों से छुड़ाकर जिलाया: क्योंकि यह अनहोना था कि वह उसके वश में रहता। (2 शमू. 22:6, भज. 18:4, भज. 116:3) क्योंकि दाऊद उसके विषय में कहता है, ‘मैं प्रभु को सर्वदा अपने सामने देखता रहा क्योंकि वह मेरी दाहिनी ओर है, ताकि मैं डिग न जाऊँ।
    प्रेरितों के काम 2:22-25

  • rodney 29w

    When I say.

    Falling from the sky,
    I know I feel like I'm about to die.

    I don't like to speak lies,
    I'll let my lyrics pass through you like you aren't alive.

    I'm worn out of my lines,
    Trying to change your mind is not my life.

    Let me change myself,
    I don't care about life.

    From the place of honesty and sincerity,
    I've come here in clothes of music to free what I hide.

    I don't prefer to talk much,
    For my love is where I side.

    If today's world ended on my rhymes,
    I'd breathe life to you,
    Before I lay mine - beside.

    (If nobody was a person,
    She'd understand.

    Since, nobody is nobody,
    I'd rather let the time stand,
    Paint canvases on my way towards your land.)

    As for the people, the prospects of peace,
    The accords and all the documents in safes of treasuries—
    They lie next to country's conspiracy theories.

    For my faith lies not on human anatomy, physiology or wars fought on grounds of humanity,

    For my faith lies in Almighty.

    For if Islam speaks of God's abundant grace towards humanity,
    For if Jewish survived on Nazi's holocaust strategies,

    Why do we fight, taking sides for something so temporary?

    What's holy, if our body is defiled in Adam's ancestry?
    What's holy if innocent children's blood rain on the heads of the holy?

    If my country could live in harmony,
    With my Muslim, Hindu and Jewish friends sharing our traditions like long lost family,

    Why couldn't you be responsible for what you do henceforth,
    Than blame each other for what you did for all of eternity?

    Can a piece of land survive without someone feeding to its serenity?

    Did David kill Saul, just because Samuel anointed him instead of Jonathan?

    Did Abraham kill Ishmael, after Sarah conceived Isaac?

    Did Lord end the lineage of Cain, after he assassinated Abel?

    Didn't Akbar have all of world's religious leaders in his court of the literary?

    Why do we blame a religion,
    For what one does with his own hands?

    Why do we point fingers to each other,
    When I, myself am convicted of several?

    For blood runs red,
    Blood clots black,

    Whatever you think or pray,
    Pray that you never slay,

    In the name of God,
    Who never had a say.

    Who never had His say;
    In this matter,
    Even when you prayed.


  • yashashwani 29w

    इसलिए ये सवाल नहीं है कि कौन देश श्रेष्ठ है,कौन देश अश्रेष्ठ है।सवाल ये है के किस देश में अधिकतम श्रेष्ठ लोगों का निवास है और किस देश में अधिकतम निकृष्ट लोगों का निवास है.............. मैं सारी दुनिया में चक्कर लगा आया हूँ सभी जगह अच्छे लोग हैं और सभी जगह बुरे लोग हैं, लेकिन
    बुरे लोग ताकत में हैं हर जगह और अच्छे लोग शक्तिहीन हैं हर जगह । अच्छाई कि एक मजबूरी है,अच्छाई आक्रामक नहीं होती है, हिसात्मक नहीं होती है । बुराई आक्रामक होती है, हिंसात्मक होती है ।........... अच्छाई को कोई मौका भी नहीं मिलता, दूसरी खूबी अच्छाई को कोई आकांक्षा भी नहीं होती, कि उसे स्वीकार मिले, अच्छाई अपने आप में ऐसा सुखद अनुभव है, कि अब और कुछ और नहीं चाहिए।...... बुरे लोग छाती पे सवार हैं और अच्छे लोग इतने अच्छे हैं कि उनसे ये भी नहीं कहते कि अब उतरो भी ।



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    वसुधैव कुटुंबकम ।

  • cardelljhardy 41w


    Israel is the home of God's chosen people and the story of redemption of humanity through Him.

  • devdoo 70w

    My Screening For Volunteer Human Trial Of "Covaxin",����'s 1st COVID19 Vaccine,Is Tomorrow At Sum,Sixa O Anusandhan(SOA) 'Varsity,Vubaneswar

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  • _chevy 91w

    The same God

    The same God that split the red sea.
    The same God that walked with Adam and eve in the garden.
    The same God that swooped down in a chariot of fire.
    The same God that was with the Israelites when they crossed the Jordan.
    The same God that was with the 3 hebrew boys in the fire.
    The same God that gave Samson his strength.
    The same God that gave Solomon his wealth and wisdom.
    The same God that gave David his victory over Goliath.
    The same God that was with Daniel in the lions den.
    That same God....


  • israelmgonzalez 114w

    Dear Jacob (Explicit)

    Dear Jacob
    It's been along, long fucking slog
    After a long road traveled and all the shit
    At last you've made it home

    I heard Nebuchadnezzar sent you packing
    Seventy years of waiting
    Loving, hating and praying
    Rode back with Cyrus when Babylon took a sacking

    You went back to a house no longer yours
    Had to give Alex, Ptolemy and Seleucus VIP tours
    But when Antiochus made you treat him like a god
    He got the Judean hammer blow courtesy almighty G-d

    Dear Jacob
    Heard you had it good for about eight years
    Had oil for a day and that lasted for eight
    And or the briefest of moments everything was great

    Then came the Romans to make you shed all them tears
    Titus cut, burnt and stabbed you all them years
    And when you sought at last to avenge your name
    Hadrian took your fame, your game and even your name

    Heard you took to wandering the earth some
    Clocked more miles than Voyager One and then some
    Saw the world but they didn't fucking like you
    Tried to burn you so you could stop being you

    The world got smarter, faster and smaller
    New found knowledge had them feeling a little taller
    You thought your lot had improved they say
    But they gave you no love just the same

    They accused you of running the show
    In spite of having little room to grow
    Nobody ever kept you in the know
    But did you know you control when we're getting snow

    You showed love
    They ain't never show shit back to you
    Even accused you of not having their back
    But in the end it was they who stabbed you in back

    Dear Jacob
    I heard the Germans did you dirty
    Said you were subhuman or some shit
    Left you for dead and nobody did shit

    Gassed, starved, beaten and shot
    Cried for help but it was all for naught
    Six million wounds Hitler gave you
    Yet you stand tall and he ain't fucking breathing

    Dear Jacob enough was enough so you went home
    Five armies came like they were marching on Rome
    Two weeks at most was the prognosis
    But in a year you beat into them a little gnosis

    In '48 they came and you laid down the law
    In '67 they came back for some more flaying
    So you punked them in six like you were The Klaw
    And again in '73 even though they caught you praying

    Many say the land doesn't belong to you
    But even the desert blooms when it sees you
    Man it's like everything came back to life
    When they saw you coming through the door

    It's been a long tough road
    Dear Jacob so glad you're still alive
    So proud to call you a friend man
    Long life to you


  • eyeslikeblues 116w


    Blood of Christ cover, guard my broken heart
    Holy Ghost embrace this mark
    Treat with oil, bread and wine


  • eyeslikeblues 117w


    He understands life and human nature
    Boaz covers various sins
    Bashert love knows no fear


  • eyeslikeblues 117w


    She knows rocky Via Dolorosa
    Into authenticity
    That brings forth peaceful life