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  • godchild 1d

    Brain & heart
    Heart always wins the race !
    Though,brain is quite smart that knows how to end ,But ; heart knows how to be on the end .


  • thisiselle 2d


    The last thing
      I see,
               Right before
                      I jump,
             Is a sign
                    That happens to say:
                         "If you can read this,
                     Please stay."
          ....but I accident-


  • the_ardent_rhapsodist 2d

    I know I am a romantic,
    And I know I can't have a romantic love,
    Both because of the same reason,
    For I am passionate for the little things in life.
    ~ Azin Parveen
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    I know I am a romantic,
    And I know I can't have a romantic love,
    Both because of the same reason,
    For I am passionate for the little things in life.

  • olujobs 3d


    Our love was a tale written on waters.
    Fading after each stroke.
    Never to last
    Never to stand the test of time.


  • poetic_hulk 4d


  • _who_am_i 1w

    Plastic Thoughts

    You can see through it
    But it still persists
    The thoughts like plastic
    Beautiful yet toxic.

    The plastic so full of colour
    My veins pulsing with vigour
    The thoughts too look so charming
    But like plastic, their growth is alarming.

    They come not one by one
    But like an army, marching in the sun
    Clogging the beautiful river flowing through my mind
    Suffocating the happiness living inside.

    They form a transparent layer around me
    A layer of plastic, not allowing me to be free
    A layer of thoughts so many
    But its not one, it's what you call infinity.

    Its just plastic, nothing to bother
    Its just a thought, minds always wander
    You say its harmless and pretty
    But it is what's killing you peacefully slowly


  • themadsadpoet 1w

    Nothing beats the mind,
    More than the very thoughts it shelters.

  • differentlywired 1w

    The Invisible Doll-Maker

    A perpetual maelstrom,
    Constantly searching for an anchor,
    Clueless about who’s pulling the strings,
    Orchestrated by an invisible shape-shifting puppet-master, 
    The doll was once a man engulfed by his own shadows,
    Encapsulating a soul that imprisoned itself,
    Waiting for the song that could set it free,
    Hoping for the touch that could rekindle its spirit,
    Yearning for a life that time could not wear out,
    Groping for a way out of the concentric loops,
    Wondering what it means to be without objective,
    Thirsty for a drop of eternal inspiration,
    Its fluid dance never missing a pulse,
    Attempting to stir a quiver with its own rhythm,
    Awakening a crescendo that stops time in its tracks,
    Catching a glimpse of its reflection,
    On the edge where life and death are one,
    When stillness was indiscernible from motion,
    A delicate arc of resignation cuts across my wooden face,
    As I pull up the strings and smile at the hapless man in the mirror.

  • pj_animation 2w


    In a black suit on a white collar job
    A beating heart with broken parts
    A sound mind with a lost soul
    A smiling face with teary eyes

    Its always been irony
    I chase to spend money
    Its bitter chasing honey
    And to love you must know hate

    I love to weed, but ain't a ganja farmer
    I love getting high but have no wings to fly
    A broken heart still pumps as a piece

    For the most I can't remember are subconsious, for the conscious only bears the present from the recent, I might be a Cresent.

  • theidealist 2w

    When Grief comes calling,
    what do you do? Do you
    slam the door on her? I
    tell her, "Now, be a lamb
    will you? I have to keep
    my sanity. I have to sleep".

    But she is a vixen in black
    with a cigar dangling on
    wry scarlet lips. She smirks
    and laughs and breezes in
    and sits on the edge of my
    bed. Oh dear!

    All night long she
    babbles and babbles.
    She says she knows me
    all too well. This witch who
    is neither my friend nor my foe.

    But dammit! She prods and
    plods and pricks where it
    hurts. From childhood to
    lovers to the bruises on my
    shin, the story of my life
    on her palms.

    She is an itch I'll like
    to get rid of. A rotting
    skin I'd like to cut out. But
    that's what she do, clings
    steadfast to me, her
    cigar smoke filling
    my lungs.

    When morning
    arrives and she leaves,
    I stumble out of bed.
    The bags under my
    eyes a gory sight,
    my tousled hair a
    nest fit for a bird and I a
    walking tragedy mortals
    and gods pity .

    ©Meri Murry

    Had to be sarcastic XD

    #grief #irony

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    I married the Night and now He keeps me awake all night

    ©Meri Murry

  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Dear stranger uhmm... Sorry for being strange in your mirror of eyes, I know I'm so close to you but still far away just like the sun touching the sky in the horizon but still not touching and leaving behind illusions only.

    I kept on beading the beads of each and everyone's happiness but not yours. Maybe I thought you would definitely try at least by the end of the day to get out from the storm of loneliness and your silent screams as I thought there might be someone who can hear your arrhythmic beats which you were hiding behind your crescent moon of your wrinkling face.

    I never bothered to ask you how are you? What you need? Or are you really okay? As I can feel your warmth but that warmth felt like a sun struggling to shine behind those thick layers of snowy clouds.

    Ah! I enjoyed the ride of rhymes in your poetry but I never thought to dive deep into the ink which was bleeding from your heart. To the world your poetry is magical and mesmerising universe but failed to see your poetry as a shooting star who was falling in the peaceful pages to wipe out all unexpected and unbearable pain wishing to smile again which seemed miles away from the sight.

    I know you are brave and strong enough to stand up without anyone's presence but I failed to understand you too need time for that and at present want to rest under the shade of love and care.

    Standing at the seashore you are a serene sea which soothes the eyes and soul but when I started the voyage I realised the struggles and storms you are tackling daily.

    Behind your smile was a mysterious novel which no one could read or the ones who started reading left midway keeping an autumn coloured bookmark between the chapters hoping to read later but never turned back again. Your skin was dusty and webs of puzzles entangled you completely.

    Colours were waving their beauty outside but was still incomplete and void as your hues were abstract which I finally tried to understand and searched eagerly to see what you were collecting and hiding it in that secret room.

    Oh dear I was surprised to see the room. It was a royal book shelf lining with gems of different volumes, chapters and series of novels which I tried to search everywhere and in everyone; but never in myself. All the experiences till now forced to look me inside as I was feeling incompleteness in completeness too as I never touched this part of mine which was a treasure I was carrying and embracing ignorantly! I learnt little late that to love and give happiness to others first you should fill the void in you. Fill your soul with happiness and sparkles of kindness which will then automatically spread like the first ray of sun in the day.

    I'm so sorry dear self as I never checked upon you, your mental health, your needs and your voice. I never saw that time was frozen inside myself and everyone was walking ahead. Sorry for keeping you apart though everyone felt togetherness still you were standing apart when the surrounding was blooming spring and you were the only one standing with falling autumn.

    PS. No wonder why is mental health still a big question! No wonder why is depression so miserable! Until and unless you don't satisfy your hunger of soul, nothing outside you can bring that precious smile! Pause for a moment. Think for a while. Be little kind to self also. Write it down, paint, sing or start dancing you will see and hear those silent but disastrous voice that was killing you inside. Open the door to self to find the path of solutions. First make yourself complete instead of making others complete taking those broken pieces as you won't be able to finish your milestone when your mind, heart and soul are not aligned properly.

    Don't turn yourself to a stranger as one day you will find harder to love yourself than anyone else in this world!

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    #truth #irony #struggles #selflove #care #kindness
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork ♥️

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    Sorry for being strange in your mirror of eyes, I know I'm so close to you but still far away just like the sun touching the sky in the horizon but still not touching and leaving behind illusions only.

  • kelvin_mathew98 2w

    You are the Best
    Iam the Worst

  • vivekumaruz 3w


    Politicians win because reservation exists


  • rohi06 3w


    What an irony!!
    You end up loosing people,
    You never wanted to loose ...

  • ferozah 4w

    The irony of my life is the most biggest mistake I made was loving you more then my life !!

  • _celena_ 4w

    Wondering why the emptiness
    weighs far more than anything else!


  • andymike 5w

    #irony of life

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    Shall we

    Gaming is addictive, gambling is destructive but sex is recurring
    Our version of fun is truth and dare

  • sapnasharma 6w

    To ignore is to acknowledge.

  • tuiethetweety 7w

    "Irony of life"

    you can consider yourself as mature,
    when you're already married to somebody else and your love interest despite knowing this fact,dares to ask you to marry him now.
    that too at a time when some years have
    already passed since your marriage!
    now he comically asks you to go back to him.
    though,he is the one who had left you.
    but behaves like you have left him and got
    married to somebody else willingly!
    these words,nevertheless don't seem to
    bother you even a little bit,they rather sound
    so badly meaningless and nonsense to you.
    you just don't feel anything after hearing him.
    you cclearly feel your detachments regarding
    his and your relationship or love affair.
    his plea or pinning for your absence now
    really mean nothing to you,at all.
    If all of the above comes true in your case,
    then rest assured,as you've grown strong.
    also your maturity is proved now.
    It's not the age that make a person mature,
    but it's the hard times and bitter experiences
    that makes a person mature and practical.
    so,your beloveds words are now futile.
    Irony is,his time to get back to you is over.
    still he fails to understand this.
    yes,the actual truth is that you still love him.
    want him,but situation doesn't let you be!

  • _pratidhwani_ 8w

    I say, ' I love animals'
    And it is 'I' who cook chicken at home.