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  • lost___illusion 25w


    "The moment you left me, my head was split in two, one side was filled with memories, the other side died with you. I often lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheak. Remembering you is easy. I do it everyday, but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain, you see life has gone on without you, but will never be the same. "

  • mvietor 41w

    I Remember

    I remember hell,
    if I close my eyes.
    Please don't tell.

    Eyes searching,
    My prison, my home?
    Escape, in wait.

    Floor to ceiling in every window pane.
    The door just feet away.

    The devil's circling me,
    Loud assaulting words,
    weapons upon my soul.

    The Sun shines light against the walls, yet all I see is dark.

    Concrete bricks, incarcerated by the system.
    That Lord would be a blessing.

    Vulture or husband?
    No he is Satan, this is certain.

  • violetladyy 47w


    When summer's gone
    And all left was tan
    I still hear the laughter
    Roaring in the sand

    Bluish sky
    And scorching heat
    Igniting the feeling
    Burning deep within

    Serenity lean on my shoulder
    Waves crashing through my feet
    We buried our secret
    Along with the tranquility of sea

    Crumpled and flawed
    Still we let it be
    Cause what made it lovely
    Is you're there with me


  • vrindagoswami 75w


    I remember how i used to feel...
    So full and all healed...
    A feeling to me which comes rare...
    But at that time...
    It was like a breath of fresh air...
    I remember it and oh so clear...
    But all i feel now is this
    And everything in me just breaks...
    Leaving a trail of disaster in its wake...
    I remember...
    But i want to forget...
    If for nothing then just for my sake...


  • whomohitgoyal 77w

    I remember

    It's true,
    Sometimes I forget things.
    Basic things, Important things,
    Things that don't matter to me.
    But they do to you.
    It's true.

    But there are things I remember.
    I remember the dress you
    wore the first-time we met.
    I remember the first question
    you asked me the color of my eyes.
    I remember that first call.
    I remember your orders for chocolates,
    and your favourite books, stories and characters.
    The way you looked
    when you walked
    down the aisle.

    There were rainy days too.
    And I remember these.
    Most of them at a least.

    I remember the everyday.
    The forgettable ones.
    The wake up,
    get dressed,
    get to work,
    The days that are not hard
    but not great.
    The ones that wear you down
    and test the long run.

    You always manage
    to shine through those.
    I remember that
    I love that about you.

    I remember you are amazing
    I love you

  • ciara1 81w

    I remember...

     I remember spending a night over at my  Aunt Millie’s house in 2005.

    Hearing noisy people and cars passing by.

     Hearing gunshots during the nights.

    Hot summer at Millie’s house with Jasmine and I would go outside to see children riding their bikes playing in their filthy backyards, while neighbors sitting on their front porches. I remember seeing children passing by conversing with their friends while using profanity in their speeches. Eating Fruities. Now & Laters. Hot Flammings. Doritos mixed with cheese and hot peppers. Drinking Arizona Tea and juices.

    I remember when me and my cousin Jasmin used to play school by portraying in roles of being like a teacher and a student.

    I remember rocking on Millie’s black sofa couch listening to the radio in the dark living room,

    Hearing the Nelly Furtado song,  ''Promiscuous Girl.'' The Black Eyed Peas, ''Let's Get It Started.  Purple Ribbon, ''I’m On That Krypt Tonight.''

    I remember playing the classical hand clap game with Jasmine. 

    I remember when Millie would fix Jasmine and I ate Ramen Noodles with hot sauce. when Jasmin and I used to watch a lot of comical movies in my aunt millie's room. I remember watching  ''Love Don’t Cost A Thing.'' ''Next Friday.'' “House Party and ''Big Mama’s House.''


  • katherinewasowicz 86w

    I remember.

    I wish it was easy to forget the things that hurt the most. Broken hearts, certain people, and sad situations. I'm stuck remembering the bad things because my mind forgets the good parts that for some reason, don't seem relevant anymore. My mind likes to believe that only the tragedies matter.

  • abhishek_y7 108w

    I still remember

    It was her birthday,
    I asked her
    What you want? I'm sorry, i wish i could be there with you.
    She replied,
    Your presence in my life is a real bliss for me.
    Now write a long paragraph for me.


  • jpgillman_poetry 109w

    *Echoes of you in my life linger long after you’ve left me*

    ▪️Original poem, ‘Echoes Linger’©️ by @jpgillman_poetry▪️Image by Rodrigo Souza (Pexels)▪️

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    Echoes Linger

  • dkurup_03 112w

    I remember

    I remember those lies
    When I avoided your eyes,
    Just to find a way
    And search for words to say..

    I remember those smiles
    Which I'd fake every while,
    Just to see you shine,
    And make sure you're fine..

    I remember those few months-
    Filled with rapid turns,
    Which we were all confused about,
    Trying to survive through fall outs..

    I remember the choice to stay along
    Like the support of an eternal song;
    Though I failed, I tried to help you
    'Cause I remember everything we went through....

  • arenegaines 117w

    If only one could write
    Without remembering...

  • emotional_reader 120w

    I Remember

    I remember clearly the day that we met
    I remember your smile,so radiant and warm,illuminating my day with loving affection.
    I remember your kisses,so sweet and soft,engulfing my being with blissful elation.
    I remember clearly all the ways you made me feel.
    As if it were yesterday 'cause after all this time i feel that way still.


  • writingsforheart 123w

    Can anyone relate?
    You can tag someone whom you're in love with...
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    That night

    I remember the night
    When words meant nothing
    Breaths were meaningful,
    Time meant nothing
    Moment was beautiful,

    I remember your eyes
    When stare meant nothing
    Still you couldn't stop smiling,
    When tears meant nothing
    Still they couldn't stop falling,

    I remember our love for eachother
    When we never said nothing
    Though lips kissed in moonlight,
    When we never confessed nothing
    We were laying next to eachother under starlight,
    I still remember that night
    I still remember that night

  • jadajennings 125w

    Happy Birthday

    do you taste a sweetness,
    or swallow your weakness?
    do you wish for my kiss,
    or simply less than this?

  • _hann_soloo 129w

    How I feel

    With or without you in my life
    the world Will spin on it's axis
    But I feel the world revolve with
    You in my life
    The world is magic

  • cardelljhardy 134w

    I Remember

    You were there in my darkest despair
    And still, I come unprepared.
    The moon shines bright tonight
    But my mood is not at all bright.
    My anguish is in full effect
    My past is anything but correct.
    I remember how faithful you been to me
    But still this life I'm living is killing me.
    I'll turn to you, God with all that I have
    For I shouldn't be depressed but ever glad.

  • oluwaseun0304 136w

    I pray now to remember all my days with you...
    #DearHusband #Iremember #Lovewife
    Cheers to all who's found love and someone to share it with ❤

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    I remember

    Dear husband,

    I remember clearly the times I prayed for you.
    I remember affirming never to play by any rules.
    I remember how difficult life was at some point.
    I remember you walking into the room.
    I remember how your face lit up at the sight of me.
    I remember how I felt, when we shook hands.
    I remember how you'd steal glances at me.
    I remember when you first told me you love me.
    I remember our first date.
    I remember our first kiss.
    I remember your first poem to me.
    I remember the pride in your voice as I am introduced to your friends and family.
    I remember when you first asked me to marry you.
    I remember our first trip alone.
    I remember all our post quarrel make ups.
    I remember how somehow your feelings are seen in your actions.
    I remember how you worry for me & how you stay proud of me.
    I remember our many days of togetherness.
    I remember because all these things we do still.
    I remember because all these I feel still.
    I remember clearly the times I prayed for you.

    I pray now, to remember all my days with you.





  • montypython95 155w

    Shadows on the walls

    The night slowly creeps in

    Waiting for the perfect time to strike

    In the silence of the night

    When my mind is drifting off to sleep

    Our shadows as we danced in the rain, paint the wall

    The rumble of the thunder

    The crack of the lightning

    The raindrops trickling down the curve of your neck

    I watch as our silhouettes dance around the room

    Our song playing somewhere in the background

    And all at once I am washed over with your scent

    The linger of your fingers on the small of my back

    No longer just a distant memory

    The night slowly creeps in

    As I watch our shadows paint the walls of the room

  • safiyyahalii 158w

    I remember (part 4)

    “It's just a bit of fun, come on” he released one of his hands from the steering wheel, shoving my shoulder lightly.

    “you call stealing a body fun? Invading, a dead man's resting place, do you even hear what your saying?” my voice rose with every word, unable to understand how this was amusing him.

    He rolled his eyes, the van sped, zipping, and over taking any vehicle obstructing our line of view.

    “no one will need it.  It's just bone”

    All argument I had, died on the tip of my tongue as we pulled up outside a very familiar building.

    He got out, slamming the van door closed behind him.

    “you gonna help?” he called, as I fumbled for the door handle. He was already pulling the body out by its decaying arm, tiny bits of bone, broke off and crumpled to the ground.

    “what's wrong Steve? This a little too disgusting for you?”

    I shook my head, despite the bile tickling the back of my throat.  I was not about to show him my weakness.

    I was a man for God's sake, what's a little bone and flesh? Just imagine it's not a human.
    It helped a little, but the minute he thrust the dead man's flesh peeled legs in my face, my stomach had had enough.

    Now the skeleton was decorated in little dots of my gut.

  • safiyyahalii 158w

    I remember (part 3)

    I remember the excitement of ripping open a well wrapped gift, and then faking a smile when it's something I didn't like.

    I remember blinking back green and white spots when I stared at the sun for too long.

    I remember digging through mud, at the dead of night, dirt collecting in my nails, as I searched for forgotten corpses. The satisfying crunch when flesh met  bone. Panicked laughter, chests heaving, we hauled the decaying corpse into the back of the van. Trying but failing to hold back my disgust, I waited for my companion to be seated behind the wheel, as I gulped in air through my mouth. Be brave,  be brave, I chanted to myself, even though I was anything but.

    A moment taken to straighten out my coiling gut, I swallowed my doubts, and climbed into the passenger seat. That's what happens when you blindly accept an offer. I had no inkling that a casual walk in the graveyard would mean digging up old bodies.

    And yet here I was, desperately attempting to keep a straight face.

    The drive was silent. Till I spoiled it.

    “What the hell was that?”

    His mouth lifted, into what should have been a mischievous smirk, but the shadowed glow cutting across his cheekbone, from the street lights lining the road, made him appear more sinister.