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  • soundshack 30w


    Like a moth your sucked right in
    when the lights and sounds begin
    Planned on the village green
    the greatest sights you've ever seen
    Summer now has just begun
    and it starts with so much fun
    The travelling fair is in full swing
    the village lit up with its bling
    Chairoplanes and dodgems cars
    a simulation trip to Mars
    In the sky you see the glow
    every night you'd have to go
    Hook a duck and shooting range
    so much fun your feeling strange
    The octopus would spin you round
    you could not wait to feel the ground
    Sugar rushing through your brain
    candyfloss now filled your veins
    Summer now is in full swing
    when the lights and sounds begin

    Thomas Lennon

  • soundshack 30w

    Opening Night

    Packaging up and pulling down
    moving to another town
    The work was hard the craic was great
    until you lift the heavy plate
    It must have been now twice the weight
    you'd get the call your breakfast waits
    So much stuff to pack away
    have to travel in a day
    Checking loads and tugging ropes
    dodging traffic scream at dopes
    On the road now for the day
    for safe passage now you'd pray
    Safely parked now on new grounds
    building up not like pull downs
    Slowly now your work begins
    with it now excitement brings
    Crowds now stand and watch each day
    for ten days the show would stay
    Everything now double checked
    safety first in all respects
    Start the plant to check the lights
    ready now for opening night

    Thomas Lennon

  • soundshack 30w

    August Affair

    August Affair

    Sitting in the moonlit glow
    inside my head my memories flow
    Im whisked away now to one night
    August if my memories right
    In the square a few had gathered
    few drinks we had and we were bladdered
    With the jute box now in hand
    a midnight ramble we had planned
    Few more drinks we had acquired
    heading off we where inspired
    Up the road to curraghmore
    all the while now drinking more
    Over walls we had to climb
    the gates were locked now at this time
    Sitting now beneath the tree
    we rolled a joint our minds were free
    On this night the craic was mighty
    we played some tunes i got in blighty
    Soon our heads were filled with mischief
    what we done you won’t have missed it
    There used to be a wooden fence
    im talking now in past tense
    The creation that the poles now made
    would take you to the Celtic age
    Like i said the craic was mighty
    the moonlight everything so brightly
    To this day i still remember
    this was August not September

    Thomas Lennon

  • soundshack 32w



    Are you happy with your life
    with your family and your strife
    In a time that's filled with fear
    are you lucky that there near
    Living now with restrictions
    is it causing just more friction
    Sympathy for you my friend
    is it hard for you to bend
    Will you breakdown in your head
    think of all the things bed
    Wake up with the pain inside
    try to run and even hide
    Lockdown has us on ledge
    living life on knifes edge
    Will you brake or can you bend
    can you count on your friends
    Are you happy with your life
    with your family and your strife
    Living life in constant fear
    times have changed for you my dear
    Are you happy with your life
    with your family and your strife
    If you find you need a friend
    type a message and just send

    Thomas Lennon

  • soundshack 34w

    Rotten Souls

    Rotten Souls

    While you lay there in your bed let this thought run true your head
    Is that burning that you smell
    are you heading straight to hell
    Have you woken from your sleep
    to the sound of children screech
    Have you practised what you preached
    or just lied now trough your teeth
    Just remembered what you did
    can't contain it with a lid
    Every night when you get sleepy
    inside your head the thoughts get creepy
    Just nod off into your slumber
    remember that they know your number
    It's the number of the beast
    on your soul the devil feasts
    What is done is not forgotten
    dirty deeds your soul is rotten
    When they come Just be prepared
    to be running and be scared

    Thomas Lennon 02/02/21

  • cianoner 79w


    Imagine the panic, the havoc I've had it.

    Governments clear, close borders can't manage.

    Systems congested, Police arrested, the fear is so savage.

    Community's rest, try to ease stress, we only do damage.


  • the_village_poet 87w

    Act Of Sabotage

    Lifeless, bloody corpses lie in piles,
    The screams of parentless children are heard.
    Nothing but human destruction for miles
    People without faces, without words.

    Doomed by fate, some people say
    Is the excuse for not knowing it all.
    Coldhearted as we turn away
    Behind our nation’s mighty wall.

    Sending armies to establish peace,
    Only reaping more martyr’s deaths.
    No one can change another’s beliefs;
    Can’t return the dead people’s breath.

    Hearing them scream in mortal pain
    As they search for a way out
    From underneath the mortar rain
    That sprinkles their blood all about.

    Senseless wars that have no end,
    Just leave mankind crying.
    Killing enemies to be another country’s friend
    Just leaves more of mankind dying.

    Dying with hate inside of their hearts;
    Living to kill anyone they can.
    For, whenever they see their world blown apart
    They are learning to hate their fellow man.

    “Kill” they say, “He’s not like you,”
    But differences don’t matter when you’re dead.
    Yet, that’s what our world is coming to,
    Forgetting words, remembering violence, instead.

    Senseless wars that have no end,
    Just leave the children crying.
    If you kill my enemy does that make you my friend?
    My answer is no, because now we are all dying.

    Stacey Welsh

  • israelmgonzalez 90w

    The Ire of the Irish

    The ire of the Irish burned brightly
    For many a year treated wrongly
    The heat became hot on Easter Sunday
    The whole damn thing ground to a halt that day
    Sunday ain't no fun day in Dublin town
    1916: the world seems irredeemably torn down

    Big plans being made over a glass of whiskey
    Or two or three
    Guns be firing on you: one, two, three
    Blood paints the streets a red quite dusky
    But neither side of the Irish Sea can find the key
    So it's a bullet or two or three for you and me

    Celtic fire burns fiery green
    For the English were quite a bit mean
    Cannons and small guns flashed
    Shells into people crashed
    These were the republic's birth pains
    Killing and dying under cold April rains

    The ire of the Irish boiled over
    Connolly and Pearse said 'rebel, rebel, come on over!'
    'Take you gun and fight them off!'
    But British fury eventually bumped them off
    Yet nothing could being the people back on side
    The ire of the Irish would not subside

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  • craigcryan99 98w

    Roots of Attraction

    Maybe she just wants to say something relatable...
    "What's Craig into?"
    Spits facts about Halo, so she can only talk game,
    Her words hold no weight but the way she carries herself is insane,
    On a scale of 1-10 her vibe breaks that scale
    like a sumo-wrestler would,
    Her heart is heavy,
    There's no big ego between her lungs.
    Mental capacity like a bottomless beaker,
    There's no chemical equation to explain her.
    The awareness of a squirrel as a 4 year-old troddles towards it.
    Instead of keeping the conversation going, she dashes;
    The safety of her tree will do for now until the anxious flashes and feelings of flips inside of her stomach disappear.
    She has plenty of time,
    Mainly because I can't climb.
    "He probably thinks I'm rude.."
    No, you're fixable;
    Just let me get my tools,
    I'm sure I have a few compliments in the shed that I can use.
    But I don't want to use you.
    My feelings are fixed,
    Not flexible, so don't get it twisted,
    My intentions are super-glue.
    Mostly it's your soul is that I want to stick to.
    But the soul will always be worn away unless you're some kind of 'super shoe'.
    I catch feelings and vibes,
    Vibe check: so many good vibes you deserve a Vibe Cheque.
    Smile check: makes me forget my...
    I forget what I was going to say.
    Alzheimers couldn't even make me forget the first time we met.
    I'd just romanticize it a bit.
    I am a bit of a romantic...
    But that doesn't mean I'm good at it.
    I'm keeping the roots of my attraction to you underground for now,
    I've planted the seed for you though,
    Hopefully it grows.
    Come down from that tree please,
    Not thinking of relatable conversations or
    Being incable of the conservation of emotions isn't the end of the world.
    Having money, owning the best clothes,
    Being popular, having hoes...

    All of that Is meaningless if your soul isn't rich.

  • ashmore 101w


    The air bites bitter, the sky is filled grey
    But the singing of the cobbles pull and guide the way
    The tones are all welcoming, the faces reflect joy
    You'll feel home at once, you'll feel home.
    Cockles, mussels and oysters for the pick,
    Tin whistles, bodhrans and the craic is so quick
    You'll be singing and dancing, in your heart you'll feel joy
    You'll feel home at once, you'll feel home.

    The history is dark and there are stories back ages,
    Of struggles and famine, rebellion and brave men
    They'll move you, inspire you, defeat you and make you
    You'll feel home at once, you'll feel home.

  • auburn_falls 103w

    Who are we to say,
    Where you should stay or go.
    Naysayers will always be the loudest
    But your future only you know.
    Wanderlust is the greatest blessing,
    And you need to use it,
    Where ever this adventure takes you
    The journeys surely worth it.
    At home we will find comfort
    In knowing that you are growing,
    You have new friends to meet
    And the seeds of ideas to be sowing.
    Don't think we do not miss you
    Quite the opposite is true.

    So steadfast we shall be waiting
    At your journeys end
    And everytime your presence is missed,
    We'll raise a glass to our absent friend.

  • clara_fawely 112w

    Tír na nÓg

    Tá Tír na nÓg ar cúl an tí
    Tír alainn trí na chéile
    Lucht ceara cós ag shúil an shlí
    Gan bróga orthu na léana
    Can Béarla acu ná nGealige

    Ach fásann clocha ar gach driom
    As Tír seo trí na chéile
    Is leabharítar teanga ar cúl an tí
    Nar thuig aon féar ach Asop
    Is sé shúid sa cré anois

    (Extract from 'Chúl an Tí' by Séan O Ríordáin)

  • craigcryan99 117w

    To Cork

    Layers of green slathered across the landscape, catching my eye automatically after every blink.
    The sky is dull.
    Clouds cover the majority of the otherwise clear blue sky, patches of which sneak out from behind the fluffy gas to meet my eye.
    I saw a big, grey whale tail a few minutes ago.
    This terrain doesn't need the sun's light to show off it's beauty,
    and it's humility is admirable.
    The sheep graze as I pass by, not aware of my wonder.
    Peace and tranquility are the best features.
    Every so often a small, unassuming cottage appears,
    They are seemingly dotted across this 3D map.
    The window separates me from this natural expression of elegance.
    I'm truly jealous.

  • alicja 120w


    Roses are red, violets are blue and my heart is broken in two...

  • alicja 120w


    People make bad choices, but no matter how much you will regret them, it won't change anything. You have to face the obstacle, learn from it and eventually move on.....

  • alicja 120w


    Are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're there.

  • craigcryan99 122w

    "Spice Bag please, Joyce".
    The aroma of the salt and chilli-seasoned spice slathered, sprinkled on the chips and crispy chicken.
    My mouth begins the salivation process as "number 67" is called.
    We all hoped to get number '69'
    But this big bag of goodness is more than just a consolation.
    A portion of curry sauce doesn't go unnoticed,
    However the opposite isn't frowned upon either.
    Sometimes the fork isn't supplied but it's no problem
    I'd imagine if cave people had spice bags they would eat with their hands too.
    Anyways, the plastic forks have a tendency to drop the chip;
    The tendency to really break some hearts
    As the tremendously flavour-full chip, already perfectly sauced-up- Falls back into the lake of curry sauce below;
    Rescue attempts are pointless, it's futile.
    "It's gone, Craig"
    They try to console me but I am in heavy grieving.
    The first stage is denial.
    The second stage is to eat the chip nonetheless.
    Lads pass by on stolen bikes, rallying around;
    perhaps they smell my spice bag.
    Of course they do, they're smellable within a three mile radius.
    'Smellable' should be a word.
    Used to describe the smellability of a seasoned spice bag on a Saturday evening.
    It's a tough task to overcome the mighty bag of spice without aid from a fizzy drink.
    A can of Coke is the common choice.
    It never helps, never fails in making the mouth even spicier.
    Sometimes you conspire in treason, blasphemous thoughts may fill your head;
    "Maybe I should have just gotten Garlic Cheese chips from the chipper..."
    But at the end of the day, the body and soul are sufficiently satisfied.
    Everyone's full to the brim but in a good mood afterwards.
    Even the lads rallying around want to be part of the periphery of pleasure evoked by the sensual Spice Bag.
    "I'll sleep well tonight" We all repeat.

    #Food #Ireland #culture #Irish #love #beauty

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @naveesha @hushed_voice @unidentifiedthoughts @unidentified_one @amritapaulchowdhury

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    The Spice Bag


  • poems4healing 123w


    Waste not your time
    Negotiating the past
    Clear your thoughts
    For life moves fast...

  • craigcryan99 123w

    In the News Today

    In Alabama Abortion is banned before the rifle.

    You want to carry arms with pride and prejudice while victims of rape and sexual harassment carry their arms as low as their heads in embarrassment, hands on their stomach knowing deep down they have a child inside of them.

    But It's fine.. at least they have a shotgun to protect the kid.