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  • sheena 2w

    A Proposal

    "I don't know how to lay this out but, trust me when I say this; I know every little detail of you even the one's you never showed to anyone. I know your figments of imagination that keeps you drowning in an ocean of tomorrow's and what if's. I know the glee in your heart that tramples all the other things when you own something that speaks of certain memories to you. You are scared of breaking your heart, even the tiniest scratch makes you think it will stay for eternity. However, even if you claim to love others you are more into just one thing. I am that little thing you have been loving the most for all this time. That's me. You, yourself for you love yourself the most out of all."

    .......a proposal from me, to myself


  • she_wrote 4w

    What should I become for you?

    I thought for a while and then decided what I should become for you.

    It began with the thought of being your sunshine reaching to the point of being the river – submerging your queries and unnecessary worries. Should I be the rain pouring at the metal cladded balcony of your house, waiting for you to come out and admire me? Or should I be the breeze comforting your heart on late afternoons when you suddenly realise that it’s been hours since you raised your neck to look at time and you are late for your conference like always? Should I be the folded page of the current read you keep at your bedside to read at night? Or should I be the bottle of wine kept in the cabinet for special times?

    What should I become that you take notice of my existence?

    After a zillion thoughts I reached on a conclusion and decided to be nothing and everything to you. I would just remain me, the warm person who is made of all the essential five elements you come to at the end of the day. Nothing less, nothing more. Just me to you.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • snehajacob 5w


    A moment is enough to break someone's trust, but it takes a lot of effort to regain it back or maybe not.

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 7w

    Unity of seven colours
    if can create magical art over the horizon

    Think how majestic this planet would become
    if we rise above the limited wavelengths
    of our colours of differences
    and stand in solidarity
    for the humane causes
    to make a VIBGYOR of oneness
    with healthy arts of our humble existence.

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    To this morning
    as I woke up from the sleep
    and was unlocking my phone
    to check the time,
    my eyes got struck
    on that beautiful rainbow
    shinning graciously
    upon that locked screen
    I took a screenshot of it and
    felt wow, how wonderful it is

    I felt thoughtful then
    and reminisced the times
    I saw rainbows
    upon the sky for real
    how many times but

    It's indeed a rare sight.
    Infact I saw a rainbow literally
    twice of double years backs might be
    And that day I felt so happy on seeing that

    Suddenly deep inside I felt something
    as I came across the term "Rainbow"
    yet again in another part of the very day
    over here

    It grinded a deep insight within
    Why did the image of that very rainbow
    actually peeped through my phone's lockscreen
    It felt as a synchronicity
    of that universal language,
    deepening mine soul
    to dive deep into
    some soulful introspection

    What's rainbow actually is
    Merger of seven colours
    yet holding its uniqueness
    Standing in solidarity
    to shine vividly
    over this wide horizon,
    that whoever comes across a rainbow,
    they feel the beauty of VIBGYOR in unison,
    as the complete phenomenon

    Rainbows are a deeper concept
    I felt
    More than just seven colours
    It's teaching the power of unity
    Togetherness looks so royal

    It took the sun and the rain together
    to make an art of a rainbow
    It would take lights of our hearts
    to colour the darknesses all around
    to make a rainbow above our own clouds

    If only all the colours of this living cosmos
    can co-exist in harmony
    with each other
    then how vibrant as rainbow
    this planet would be worth living for

    Rainbow, coming as sign today
    is making me lightful in prayers
    to hope for this better world !


  • drsuryakantsahu 7w

    ये समय है आत्मचिंतन का..
    जरा बाहर और भीतर की अनवरत कोलाहल के बीच समय निकालकर कर शांतिपूर्वक स्वयं से बातें कीजिए.. कुछ प्रश्नों के उत्तर खुद से पूछने का प्रयत्न कीजिए... क्योंकी ये भी... जरूरी है!!
    #miraquee #poetry #life #Lockdown #Introspection
    #hindikavita #muktak #penbysurya

    मेरे ब्लॉग्स पढ़ें suryakant24.blogspot.com पर (link in bio)

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    जरूरी है

    उठो, थोड़ा शांत बैठो
    झांको खुद के भीतर
    ये वही समय है ना
    जिसके, ना मिलने की
    करते थे शिकायत अक्सर
    जिसके पीछे भागते थे,
    आज ये वही है अवसर
    शांत-चित्त हो बैठो,
    न अधिक कोई यत्न करो
    स्वयं को खोजने का प्रयत्न करो

    तुमने दुनिया बहुत देख ली
    भीतर भी तो चरण करो
    खुद ही खुद का करो सामना
    और शंकाओं का शमन करो
    बहुतों का साथ दिया तुमने पर
    पाया किसका, कितना साथ
    कौन पराया, अपना कौन
    अंतस में तुम मनन करो
    सबकी करके थके अहो!
    हां, करो, अपनी जतन करो

    याद करो पिछली बार
    कब खुद से की थी बात
    स्वयं से रख सरोकार,
    बाकी सबको करके गौण,
    पल भर के लिए, हो मौन,
    अपनी उपलब्धि पर खुश हुए
    या किसी गलती के लिए,
    जी भर खुद को लिया कोस
    अपने अंतर्द्वंद्वों से जो जीत जाओगे
    तब बालक की सी नींद पाओगे

    (पूरा पढ़ें मेरे ब्लॉग suryakant24.blogspot.com पर,
    जिसका link मेरे प्रोफाइल पर है)

    समय निकालकर अपने लिए
    बैठना जरूरी है
    मन की,  कर्मों की, विचारों की
    विवेचना जरूरी है
    सामाजिक व्यवहारों का
    आचरण भी जरूरी है
    पर भीतर पसरे प्रश्नों का
    निराकरण भी जरूरी है
    मन रूपी उपवन में 'सूर्य'
    भ्रमण जरूरी है

    -सूर्यकांत साहू 'सूर्य'


    (Blog post published on suryakant24.blogspot.com
    Please follow my blog post for my other works)

  • intrinsicaffinity 9w

    I am yet to cross a mind that feels like mine.


  • totempole 9w


    Aren't perspectives simply wonderful? Especially when they tend to clear the fog, sort the thoughts, realign thoughts again, polish words and the mind which generates those words, allowing their most preferential alignment and arrangement onto a medium to convey the idea, thoughts and enable the purpose of communication...
    Nothing like experience and perspective..

    The rationale ones, those which appeal to the thought processes most at that point of time, the ones that are in sync with the prevalent state of mind, the ambient environment, acceptable temperatures which we humans are always so susceptible to.. And which we are so confused or clear about, those are the ones we fear or comprehend, respectively and discard or subscribe to immediately, also respectively.

    Greater experience, elevated thoughts, ascension in Maslow's Theorem & Triangle, maturity, willingness to listen, increasing stillness within each one of us are amongst the facilitators to listening to unsaid thoughts, words and feelings.
    They open probable Third eyes and ears which allow greater understanding and acceptability.

    Acceptance of one's own abilities as well as limitations as well as ability and acceptance of living with them, open hearts and minds giving wing to fears and accepting others superiorities or abilities and strengths. Without doubting or diluting one's own, in comparison.

    To hold one's own in any and every situation.

    This equilibrium allows one to find paths through the minefields of human insecurities, complexes, fears of known and unknown reasons and future uncertainties. To deliver desired results and reach attempted destinations and aimed goals.

    Perspectives are wonderful, aren't they..?

  • abhishek_diary 10w

    Sometimes all you need is ,

    Bit of separation, resonating music

    Beautiful nature and mental peace .


  • author_sahil_katoch 11w

    Poem >>
    Peace lily!
    How you are so quiet?
    So empty, so white
    I have emotions filling me up
    I feel tied.
    How you so fearlessly standing
    When you can be plucked
    I have some fears tucked,
    In my sleeves
    In my head
    In my words

    #peacelily #peace #stillness #emptiness #overwhelmed emotion #poetry #introspection #nature

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    Peace lily

    Peace lily!
    How you are so quiet?
    So empty, so white
    I have emotions filling me up
    I feel tied.
    How you so fearlessly standing
    When you can be plucked
    I have some fears tucked,
    In my sleeves
    In my head
    In my words

  • devilfish 11w

    Faded Ink and Bloody Bathroom Sinks

    I look into the mirror
    I notice my interior reflecting
    Intensely in the vast immensity
    Of my past years in one piercing
    Memories rising like smoke
    As my heart chokes and time
    Creeps into the next phase
    While it decays human bodies
    A field of flesh
    For the world to graze on
    While the entirety of pain reverberates
    With the lengthened days
    And the invertebrate curse
    That resonates in our thoughts
    Eating at our brain
    We go insane
    We wax
    We wane
    We were once different
    Never again to ignorant the stain
    With remain leaving us the same
    To always change
    In constant speed
    In sync without noticing how strange
    It is to look into the glass
    Of truth
    And smash superficiality
    As it tries to dilute the integrity
    Of humanity and it's truth
    Our ability to compute
    Is not minute
    These lines they whisper
    Crisper clearer lines to you
    As the shadows drew their swords
    I die for you
    For me
    For all the light and all the dark
    So that it may fuse
    And only after knowing the dynamics
    Can we choose
    Between being romantic
    And being organic can we find clues
    It scares people because as we draw closer to the earth
    We see it's iridescent hues
    And the illusion of the sky's blues

  • devilfish 12w

    Continuity and Streams

    I feel so deeply it's as if it were a dream
    I see life coming
    Death pulses as time breathes
    Only pain can measure what's left
    Of humanity
    And this free Sea if toxicity
    And toxic smog that lingers
    As it creeps
    With fingers it penetrates the ozone
    When the Earth sleeps
    Once peacefully
    Now it wakes up to dried streams
    And it's need that we force feed
    Pollutants at warped speed
    And we don't see
    As time reaps what was done in secrecy
    Has now come cloaked in karma's cut throat
    Reality that multiplies it's fury into the
    Knots of infinity
    Death is it's divinity
    Will Independence be enough to deliver
    Me to being self aware
    Freedom in letting go of expectations
    Liberty that lives in me
    Exalted in my essence
    I'm luminescent laying out clarity
    Im weaving lines of misspoken sanity
    I'm scrubbing the sores of vanity
    Ego won't calm calamity
    It's inanity is apparent in it's irrelevancy
    To our democracy propoganda is a pity
    Profanity inserts itself in mundanity
    Where it dirties our minds with willingness
    To falsifying ego and demonstrating our
    Practicality and sensibilities
    Are abnormalities
    Because no one's understanding emotion
    Or depth in chaos
    They just laugh at me
    I isolate me
    I take care of me
    And nurture me
    I'm lonely but I must walk my own path
    Of destiny
    Pick up what's left of me
    And further me
    The art of truth
    Is a mirror
    Staring back at me
    Peering with concerned furrowed brows
    That identify with my unsettling
    And it seems to be my only company

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  • shrinking_violet 15w

    If you can't own it then it's not worth it.


  • vasubandhu 16w


  • aarwaii 16w


    Last night I half-consciously weaved
    A fever dream of a childhood stream
    Of consciousness incorruptible,
    Visible from afar,
    Of hope not anchored to the next OMR,
    Of love which was not a result of numbing negotiations,
    Of past not held hostage to present persuasions,
    Of summers passed with cheeks to the cold floor,
    Of people who brought back lost me to the right door,
    Of a Myna tied up with a megaphone,
    Perched atop a yellow-topped auto gone
    From this street to appear in the next,
    Which cried of religion, and burnt Marionettes,
    Which begged me to join the Harem,
    Which begged me to lose Decorum,
    Which begged me to scream and shout,
    Which begged me to eat shit and sprouts,
    Which begged me to lie and lie,
    Which begged me to give it a try,
    Which begged me (to stay safe and sound)
    Which begged me ( not to make a sound)
    Why did I ( make that sound)?


  • daffo_dils 17w

    #introspection is required before we respond to the world.

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    Running ....
    to nowhere known

    Sometimes, we run miles,
    Towards the waves sounding like breeze.
    Thenafter reaching nowhere,
    not the world calling..

  • rumirecites 17w

    Selfless-Love: an oxymoron

    Can love be selfless?
    It may be a cure in the purest form
    It can be sacrifice, when there's no harm
    A devotion, a wait, a temptation, a stake
    But can it be deprived of being reciprocal?
    Even if the beloved is a little less vocal

    Love is meant to be theurapatic
    Enduring the emotions, sudden, erratic
    Harmful, destructive, painful, assumptive
    Not in the least it may turn into a beast
    That disrupts the inner peace and takes away the soulful leaves that nurtured you
    And protected you
    The true self should remain within,
    even if it costs a thousand kin.

  • the_unknown_writer_20 17w


    Introspection is the attitude of going inside when it's necessary. It is especially applicable before a task or a busy day. The result of going inside is peace and calmness, which gives clarity to the intellect for making right decisions. Introspection does not mean avoiding the world, it means going inside and getting empowered to act along with others.


  • warriorbychoice 17w

    Time... a four-letter word that always has stumped you with a different meaning everytime to define it.

    #introspection, #life, #lifethoughts

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    When you weave it to make a life...it always seems that you are running short of it.

    When you are trying to work hard...it always seems there's so much to do in very little time.

    When you are trying to love someone...it always seems where have you been for all this time when you have so much to give.

    When you are trying to take a break...it always seems that why and what have you been running behind all this long...

    Time... a four-letter word that always has stumped you with a different meaning everytime to define it.


  • lapis_lazuli 61w


    Every time I dive into your eyes my dear ,
    I always find a new block to reconnoitre ,
    Each time I try hard on them to decipher ,
    But till date I hardly find any rejoinder...