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  • mutilated_marionette 15h


    Each night sleep eludes me
    Thoughts invade my mind constantly
    Hours on end I lay with eyes shut
    Thoughts wandering in an endless rut
    Only to be greeted by nightmares instead of dreams
    This is becoming more commonplace it seems
    To finally escape the day to a personal respite
    Only for unpleasantries to haunt the night
    Constantly tired no matter the time of day
    Only to find no relief to my dismay

  • james_taumas 1w


    Still night
    I awake confused
    Where is dawn's light?
    Clock confesses my fear
    Hours till sunrise
    Beached upon a mattress
    Searching for sleep
    Starless sky mocks me
    Surreal thoughts tap dance
    Past present future sandwiched
    The morning traipse in.


  • poetictherapy 2w


    The darkness fades. Here comes the dreadful light
    I try to beat this demon but I can't win the fight
    I just want... to be just like them
    I want the joy of daylight but it seems that I've been damned.

    I miss my youth and living a normal cycle
    God please make this day my last revival
    I can feel myself rotting inside
    Where the darkness lies and the demons reside
    A busted bulb and candle that's been burned
    A broken mind that could never really learn

  • cosmicpoet 4w

    Late night old friend

    Insomnia is my old friend,
    he comes to meet me every night,
    never let me sleep,
    But ruins my mind,
    plays with my heart and
    leaves me in the morning skies.
    I ask him to come in the light,
    all I want is peace and rest tonight.
    says he's a selenophile just like me,
    he won't change n suggests I should
    change me.
    I doubt if I should go for it,
    behind the scenes could be a
    different story.
    Dunno what's gonna happen next,
    but if it leaves me then I may rest.
    Hope that day come too soon,
    Or may be that day would come when
    I'll rest in grave beneath the moon.


  • zuhaib_hassan 4w

    The way I'm

    I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
    Why am I so differently weird? Am I a "martian"?
    What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in
    "Because I don't belong in this world", So I'm non complying at home, at school I'm just shy and awkward
    And no I don't need no goddamn psychologist
    Trynna diagnose why I have all these underlying problems
    Thinking he can try and solve them
    I'm outside chalking up drawings on the sidewalk
    And in the front drive talking to myself
    Either that or inside hiding often to going somewhere quiet
    Trying not to be noticed because I'm crying and sobbing
    I had a bad day at school so I ain't talking
    Some cocksucker shoved me into a fucking locker
    And he said that I eyeballed him.

  • mkp_08 4w


    You lie there, staring at the ceiling
    at the window, at the walls,
    at the print on the bedsheet,
    sleep eluding you, thoughts
    clinging to you like long-lost
    relatives who constantly remind
    you how older you've grown,
    who and what you were as a kid,
    it's been so long since you were,
    by them, last seen!
    Unexpected guests, unwelcome
    people, unwarranted thoughts, always
    make you lose your sleep. But, there's
    an upside to it all, you get to filter,
    you get to clean, you get to pull
    away deeply buried weeds, yank
    them out from the undergrounds,
    pile them all in a corner, and throw
    a lit matchstick upon it, once and
    for all. This is, if you procure the
    strength to pull the weed out.
    Lying and staring just won't work,
    a little input, some strenuous task
    as ripping away unwanted thoughts,
    memories is what will bring you,
    a hard-earned, quiet sleep.

  • kidluvari 4w


    i think too much before i go to sleep
    that‘s why i can‘t close my eyes
    the whole world‘s awake inside me

  • aachiram 5w

    Be kind to everyone,
    It takes zero of your money.
    Listen them,
    Cheer them,
    Prioritize them,
    They aren't overreacting,
    They aren't seeking attention,
    They aren't acting victim,
    There's something serious,
    That eats them from inside,
    So be kind,
    They might remain silent,
    But they scream to help,
    They just want a small effort,
    A small talk,
    A small humor,
    So be kind.
    If you aren't willing to,
    Just leave, but
    Don't speak cuss,
    Don't be rude,
    Don't be frustrated,
    They are dealing with a deadly scenario you can't even imagine,
    So be kind,
    To your friend,
    Your aquintance,
    Your soulmate,
    Your parents,
    Be kind,
    And save them,
    Before it's too late.

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    #ego #actions #happiness
    #kind #human #help #sad
    #scream #problems #love
    #anxiety #insomnia #weird
    #bekind #soft #wise #childhood


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    Hey! Please be kind ..

    Your actions,
    your words,
    your abuses,
    your ego,
    Will cause a death one day, and you will have no idea.


  • zuhaib_hassan 6w


    I'm an emotional person. I feel everything deeply and intensely. I choose peace over power. I seek respect more than attention. I may cry over a romantic movie. I open up to anyone who has a pure heart even if I don't know them. I focus on the smallest situations. I fall in love with the little things and tiniest details. A simple random act of kindness can make my heart melt. A simple bad word can leave a permanent scar. I enjoy making someone's day, with a flower, a bar of chocolate or even a text. I send long paragraphs to cheer someone up, to support them, or to express my love to them. I fill your cup with my own. I care about every single person in my life. I'm sensitive and I overthink all the time, but force myself not to.
    I'm a soft-hearted person and I can't be anything else but that.
    This is who I am. I love myself that way. I accept it all.
    And I will not change this, despite all the pain I've been through, I will not change.

  • rochand 7w


    Have you ever lie
    Awake at night?
    Just between the dark
    And the morning light.
    Listening to the peace
    Night's sound.
    Waiting for the sleep
    To come around.

    Do you ever had
    scary nightmare often?
    Which can't be describe
    Or be written.
    Which come by and consume
    Your sweet dreams.
    And fill it with
    Loved one's screams.

  • frogatesh 7w


    I'm a failure
    aren't i?
    I've never been the best before
    have i?
    i have but that doesn't matter anymore
    not after i led go of everything i loved
    i wish i could hurt myself more than i do right now
    i wish i could lose my self from now

    I'm so
    I'm so scared;
    of failing even more,
    trying even harder
    I'm scared of the pain that follows every arc
    I cringe to the pain of breathing harder...

    this laziness, idiocy
    is there for any person to see
    people's words hurt me
    'cause i am that one, selfish brat
    thinking the world is spinning around me
    and that I'm the only one who's hurt inside

    yet it's clear to see that I'm broken
    I'm shredded into pieces and I'm cutting down your skin
    I'm a monster that can't be changed
    like father like son

    I hope I'll be able to sleep.
    I hope i dream about sleeping next to you

  • landoflitdiaries 7w

    It's almost midnight,
    And I am wide awake,
    Overthinking yet again,
    About things,
    That I should not,
    Because of the hurt,
    That's hurting me.

    I almost think,
    How to not overthink,
    But for a control freak,
    Not being able to,
    Control the thoughts,
    Running at a lick,
    Is a losing game.

    Maybe tomorrow,
    Maybe coming week,
    Maybe next month,
    Or perhaps this new year,
    Will be better enough,
    To achieve what I couldn't,
    For I'm done contemplating.

    Hope and hardwork,
    Is what I swear on,
    Positivity and optimism,
    Is what I have,
    And smiling is all,
    I am left with,
    To finally realise, Not Yet!

    I try to remain strong,
    Giving up won't be my choice,
    Focusing on strengths,
    And working on my weaknesses,
    Did help me get through,
    But hitting Adulting gave my life,
    A whole new set of responsibilities.

    Now these responsibilities,
    And my desire to fulfill it,
    Is what keeps me going,
    For I know if I don't,
    It will tear me apart,
    In a guilt of not being responsible enough,
    For those who were always enough for me.

    When all of this takes over me,
    My tiny little heart,
    Asks me if I could spare some help,
    Of a heart that could contribute a little support,
    Not by being tangible,
    But more on a sentimental level,
    And now it's almost dawn and I am still wide awake.

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    #love #life #live #hopes #hardwork #positivity

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    Thoughts of an Overthinker!


  • thoughts_of_brij 9w

    Moments Of Insomnia

    I love that we say “xyz character / writer / film etc, invented Love when” but in reality i think maybe everyone everywhere (re)invents love every day and every hour over and over and over again and sometimes it’s as simple as a glass of water, as simple as brushing lint off a shoulder, as simple as “this made me think of you”

    - To Be Continued.


  • igautamji 9w

    I wanna sleep

    My eyes are closing
    This work is boring
    The boss is droning
    I wanna sleep

    I wish it was night already
    The day seems so long
    I've been at work since early morning
    Thinking where it all went wrong

    That dog is barking
    Those cars are honking
    So annoying!!
    I wanna sleep

    When are we gonna break for lunch
    My stomach seems so empty
    Looking at the seconds tick
    A minute seems like twenty

    Skipped that meeting
    Don't start preaching
    I am finally eating
    I wanna sleep

    At last the day is over
    I can go home and rest
    But as I lay down on the bed

    This isn't working
    Sleep's not coming
    I can't stop humming
    I wanna sleep


  • nighty 10w


    I go up when the sun goes down, that's the curse of an insomniac

  • none_ever_thee 11w


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    भीगे तक़िए ने कई रात छुपाए थे,
    हर्फ़-दर-हर्फ़ कई राज़ छुपाए थे...

  • zuhaib_hassan 12w


    Miss those days when "شب برات" was ELITE! Those Bombs, Patakas, Shurlian, family gatherings, giving honour to Elders, whole night praying and fasting in the day. The family bond was really Elite. We have a wrong perception that "Time badal gaya, it's us who changed" Time is still the same, but many people who used to be a part of our lives are no more with us. This social media thing really sucks. Go spend your time with parents, brother, sister family elders and make them Realise how important they are for you.
    Please, Allah! forgive our sins. May Allah Grant Countless Blessing to you and Your Family on this شب برات Ameen. ❤️

  • ananias 13w

    Just woke up and felt like this. #sad #lonely #dreams #unfinished #insomnia

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    I had a dream about being lonely, about feeling regret, a dream about longing, a dream I'm insecure and afraid to misstep. I wanted to be fulfilled, it was just like real life. It lasted less than the night.


  • darkness_of_the_sky 14w

    12th March 2021 (3)

    Are you ever afraid to dive into the waters of your thoughts?

    Even in a little water it’s possible to drown.

  • purusothaman 14w

    தாமதமாக தூங்குவது பகலில் உடம்பை களைப்படய செய்கிறது.
    அதற்கான காரணம் கண்டுபிடி.
    அதற்கான தீர்வு கண்டு பிடி.

    #sleepless night #insomnia #write #writer #writing #mirakke #lifequotes

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    Late night sleep that leads oneself to feel body tired and body weak in day time.
    Try to find the reason why late night sleep?
    Try to find the solution for insomnia.
    Everything is in your hand
    Make up your mind for everything.