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  • insaane_whiskeyyy 28w

    You & Me

    May be just like stars and moon,
    Even the darkest sky looks
    prettiest when stars shines,
    Even the shining starts
    looks prettiest when moon glows..

    May be just like
    moon and clouds,
    Even the moon glows perfect
    cause of sun but still looks
    prettiest among all the stars,
    Even the moon looks prettiest
    when clouds hides it ..

    May be just like
    clouds and rainbow,
    Even cloud looks prettiest
    when the raindrops meet sun,
    Even the rainbow looks
    prettiest when it rains too much ..

    May be just like rainbow and sun,
    Even the raindrops make
    rainbow possible but still
    makes the sky look prettiest,
    Even the sky looks prettiest
    when the rainbow shines among sun...

    May be just like
    sun and moon,
    Even sun makes the day
    prettiest but not nights,
    Even moon needs sun's light
    but makes the prettiest
    night at dark sky...

    May be just like
    you and me,
    Even we are apart
    but still close by heart,
    Even you inspire a lot of
    people but still my eyes
    are kept on you,
    Even you have phases but
    Still I love u......


  • insaane_whiskeyyy 28w


    What we call poverty is simply a raw
    exposure to the terror and fragility of life


  • insaane_whiskeyyy 28w


    She writes her whole heart,
    She may become the drop of rain,
    She may become the scars of your sky,
    She may touch the sky while it's thunder,
    She writes everything what she felt,
    She may become the ray of sun while it's dark,
    She may become the glow of moon while it's light,
    She may create possibilities in every impossibilities,
    She will become everything,
    She will become creative!


  • insaane_whiskeyyy 28w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #insanewhispers #postivity

    Yes life sucks sometimes but you can't hold onto that forever.
    You have to stay alive for the good times.
    The times where you're at a party and you sit and have deep talks with a girl you just met and share a piece of your heart with each other because sometimes opening up to a newfound friend is the best way to heal.

    Stay alive for the times where you're with your friends and laughing so hard that you tear up and your stomach gets tight. For the times where you're so happy that all you can feel is sunshine pooling from your smile.

    For the times where things just feel so right and content. For the little things, like hot baths and coffee and autumn and going on adventures with your friends and driving with the window down, not caring how messy your hair gets or how silly you look jamming out.

    Live unapologetically because life is too short to apologize for living. You have a right to claim this life and take it by the horns because you are not a slave to the world- the world is a slave to you.

    You have the power to rise above the struggles and shine amid the darkness. So do it. Stop letting the dark consume you, and consume the darkness with your light.

    Things will get better only if you keep on pushing and keep on trying to reclaim your life and make it your own. You will be okay. You've got this. ������
    By unknown writer

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    For the times where you're
    so happy that all you can
    feel is sunshine pooling
    from your smile.


  • insaane_whiskeyyy 28w


    The tighter you try to
    hold on to someone,
    the more likely it is that they
    will slip through your fingers.

    Just be yourself and trust
    that things will happen as
    they're sup- posed to.

    What is it worth anyway
    if they want to leave,
    but you keep them through
    trickery, lies, deception or
    other negative methods?

    If their love for you alone
    is not enough to make them
    want to stay, then let them go.

    It will free you up for the right
    person who will walk through
    fire, risk life and limb,
    unselfishly put your needs
    first, and who wouldn't leave
    your side for a lottery payout.
    You better believe that


  • insaane_whiskeyyy 29w


    The sky behaves dark as
    I asked you for my life,
    The stars faded as
    I called you on call,
    The moon hides
    behind the clouds as
    we had conversations
    with laughs,

    The universe
    showers love
    as I love the voice of yours,
    The shooting stars
    got caught as
    I had eye contact,
    The clouds showers drops
    as you spell my name,

    The smile on your face
    means my small world
    filled with stars and shines,
    The holding hand of yours
    means my universe filled
    with moon and sun.

    You are my sunshine,
    And I just wanna be
    your moonlight,
    Will you allow me
    My love?

    (Imaginary world)


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    #body #postivity #miraquill #loveyourself
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    what is body positivity?
    it’s a social movement to empower all individuals irrespective of what they look like.
    empowering people isn’t the same as promoting an unhealthy lifestyle but in fact, the opposite. body positivity does not normalise any health problems but it does normalise not fitting into the beauty standards of the society.

    i agree that there have been people who use this movement to continue being unhealthy but that simply means that they weren’t a part of the movement in the first place. there will always be extremists to each and every movement but criticising the movement as a whole is not okay because it has helped me and so many others like me.

    one can only ever want to be healthier and better if they love themselves first. a person who doesn’t love themselves would never want to work on themselves, which is why, loving yourself is the first step towards self betterment. so body positivity is important to accept your body but not the circumstances, to accept your flaws but not the problems attached to them and to accept that you’re not perfect but work on being better than before.
    body positivity has helped me and i’m sure it can help you too. give it a chance.

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    Body positivity

    what is body positivity

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #insanewhispers #swahili
    #friendship ❤️

    To @kri_k_sni
    you are looking at your phone screen, and
    you look at me through that
    a blue light is my face
    you look at me through that
    my smile
    and thousands of miles
    Somewhere am your friend.
    © insane_whiskey

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    unatazama skrini ya simu yako, na
    unaniangalia kupitia hiyo
    taa ya bluu ni uso wangu
    unaniangalia kupitia hiyo
    tabasamu langu
    na maelfu ya maili
    niko mahali, rafiki yako.

  • insaane_whiskeyyy 31w

    Do i even know what i have written ������
    @writersbay #someonec
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Finally, the time has arrived to dive in deep once again without holding back..
    Breaking all the chords,
    Facing every fears head on..
    Ready to walk this path even if it feels alone..
    Keeping this business known to none..
    Hoping to return back as new someone..

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    Hope we all meet someone special at some place somewhere sometime

  • insaane_whiskeyyy 31w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #loveyourself #insanewhispers

    according to your notion of beauty, but hey, guess what?

    I don't really care, because I don't sit here to match your image of beauty or perfection,
    I am here to confidently flaunt my scars, my dark circles and my pale skin because for me being myself is the only definition of perfection.

    There is nothing more beautiful than truly accepting and loving yourself for who you are.
    Don't get me wrong, all of this does not mean that I won't work on myself, infact I WILL eat healthy and I WILL take care of my skin, but I won't hide away my flaws just because your eyes aren't capable of seeing the beauty and uniqueness of my flaws.

    I love myself and I hope you love yourself too, let's break these conventional figures of beauty and bring the rawness back. #loveyourself

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    Love yourself

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    "But for me, being imperfect is more beautiful than being perfect"❤️

    I don't think that to live in this world you have to be perfect, it's okay if you are imperfect, it's okay if you have flaws as long as you love yourself you don't want to be perfect.

    Perfect or imperfect, you're always worth for everything and you will be.
    At times you may lose yourself or even compare yourself with other becoz of this imperfections and flaws but you have to realize that you are always beautiful no matter if your are imperfect or perfect.

    If you look yourself deeply you'll find that you're completely beautiful.
    Always remember a pretty heart doesn't need a pretty face or a perfect body.
    No one is ugly in this beautiful world evrything started when people started judging each other.
    This world is so lucky to have you, lucky to have a beautiful art like you❤️

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    .But for me, being imperfect is more beautiful than being perfect"❤️

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    This was into my drafts before update
    so i added bg
    But now its not supported..
    miraquill/mirakee itnah bhi badal neh
    kih kya jarurat he yarrr ����

    It will take time to realise that you were and
    you are loved by yourself"❤️��

    You should know that you were,
    you are, and you will be loved by you.
    Even if you don't realise that's the truth ��

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  • insaane_whiskeyyy 32w

    #motivation @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Dedicated to those disappearing from miraquill
    Ihv seen many of the id's have either been deactivated or deleted ��

    All these days you were not here, you were not here. They thought. You were hidding yourself becoz of someone

    But you need to show yourself to everyone,
    you need to show them you're still here.

    Remember, you are the most important, without you, things won't and will never work out.
    You need to show people that you're able to make things alright, you need to show people that you're WORTH for the things they said you're not!..

    sometimes its okay to hide, but you can't be always hiding, whatever it is, just let yourself have the courage to face it, you can.

    You're here of you,
    Only for you.

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