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  • praachii 17w


    Appreciation is not just word,
    It can uplift someone's confidence to gird.
    Appreciating is an art,
    Those who can see good in others can do with their heart.
    Everybody deserves appreciation for anything good in them,
    It will help them develop enthusiasm and strength.
    In this world of demotivation,
    Let's increase appreciation.
    It can make someone's mood,
    It can let someone know the things in which they are good.
    Happier the people, happier the world,
    All around positivity and happiness will whirl.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 17w


    Tear in eyes, Pain in heart
    These things are our life's part.
    No matter how much we condemn,
    We cannot hide ourselves from them.
    With the flow of life, they approach us,
    Teaches new ways with life to adjust.
    Each time it comes with different purpose,
    We learn new lessons and conspectus.
    But tear and pain never come alone,
    Many smiles and happiness are yet to own.
    Everything is balanced in our life,
    Behind a drop of tears, thousand smiles lie.
    Being stable in every situation with positive mind,
    Is how we can deal with every situation every strife!