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  • kashtandon 13w

    Inner Peace

    'When you are silent in din
    Actually you are listening your
    Inner soul'


  • rathiaish03 101w


    Who Says That, The One Who Appears
    To Be free, Are Not Confined?

    Who Says That, The One Who Looks Fulfilled Aren't Breaking Within?

    Somewhere Within All Of Is, Resides a Prisoner.

    As We Make Our Way Through Life,
    The One Residing Within Keeps Getting Shifted

    To Be Let Me Out, Desperate To Taste Freedom
    But, Little Does It Know That
    Even The Air Outside Isn't Really Free...

    Who Says That, The One Who Appears
    To Be Free, Are Not Confined?

  • karan_urao 131w

    From not being loved by one to Hating All

    #poetry #hatestories #innertalk #hate

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    With shooting stars passing by
    Just lie to see my childhood die

    To see the universe with meanings
    Oh' the beginning of the understandable world

    With Universe so large, I'm a speck of dust;
    To the past, focussed off lust.

    To my world, her mesmerising glance
    The time we shared, a balance; our romance.

    With one love shared by two souls,
    Life goals hit by heart, Oh love.

    To her, she wanted no more
    Offshore he goes, for unsure peace

    With walks of her broken promise & I'm sorries.
    To hate all the beauties, "lier"

    To the dead love, she births in me
    A conky heart to hate each living soul.

    No more to love, a dark soulful energy
    To thee, no more to see ✊


  • empresszakiyah 229w

    I really don't like it when my fears and anxieties threaten to take over. There's too much to accomplish to be riddled down by them. So it's all about pushing, striving and coming out on top
    #selfmotivation #growth #progress #movingoutofcomfortzones #power #innertalk #selfbelief

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    If there is one thing I know to do when my back is against any wall is to think of the people who've gone before me & how they managed to triumph over their challenges.
    I Can and I Will DO it!!