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  • paruma 15w

    Stuck in this endless lonely hours
    Though the wall clock ticking on the hallway
    Never misses it's count
    I, in search of words to embrace the voice
    Encircling my head
    As emptiness begins to engulf me
    I seek for the foregone company
    To overcome this fearful anxiety
    Beginning to feed upon me
    leaving behind my unburied corpse
    Who delivers a monologue of despair
    Wanting to be listened
    But all that others hear is
    the unidentifiable whispers on the corridor
    And claims that my soul haunts


  • jazbat 47w

    Inner war

    Dark clouds overcast our emotions
    Agony,anxiety, rivalry frustration
    An inside debate of feelings & conclusions
    Engages senses in vague perceptions
    Hazy become all points relevant
    Towards revenge our apprehension intend
    Quarrels, arguments, fights or war
    Are the consequence of thoughts so far
    Long it takes to pop them out
    It takes time to raise a bout
    First a constant struggle continues inside
    Visible battle is our notions’ might
    A volcano of agony builds within
    It’s eruption results into fighting
    Before raising our fist with anger
    One has to face a storm interior.

    Ranjana B.(25/11/20)

  • samanthaharper 57w

    Death's Bridge

    I once again sit on the bridges ledge looking out at the nothingness. As death stood beside me. 
    " It's been a while dear girl since I seem you last" 
    I nod smiling sadly
    " It has indeed" 
    He looks down 
    " Are those new scars I see?" He looks up at me 
    " Yes they are, life's been getting pretty hard" 
    He puts his bony hand on my shoulder 
    " Death, is my time up yet?" My voice hollow and full of pain. He looks out with me
    " It isn't yet dear girl, you see life seems to want you are the mortal plain"
    I look up at him 
    " That seems so cruel when all I do is suffer" I explain with tears in my eyes 
    " I am so sick of my endless suffering, I'm so tired of fighting alone" Death looks at me sadly 
    " Life can be cruel it seems so many suffer till the end" I nod 
    " Then what have I done to deserve this?" I ask as my tears run down my face.
    " I wish I had the answer dear one but it seems some are destined to suffer" he take my hand as my rear fall more
    " Then dearest death end my suffering" I beg
    " No one would miss me once I was gone I wouldn't even be much of a thought" I admit
    " No one has been there when I needed them the most you see something always came up and I was only an after thought" I close my eyes as death wipes my tears 
    " Everyone would move on while only my ashes remained, then I'd be in a vase collecting nothing but dust" I say pulling my face away 
    " I'm already a ghost in everyone's life, my heart and soul is already fading away" I chuckle 
    " Life would go on without me without any effect" I nod as my breath hitches 
    " You see me Dear Death and that's why I'm here" I smile with tears in my eyes
    " When I'm with you my cries are heard and you are the one that calls to me" I take his hand in mine
    " You can save me death and end my hell".

  • quarantinistani 79w

    I am the struggle,
    I am the strife.
    This is my way,
    this is my life.

    I am the many,
    I am the one.
    I am all
    and I am.....

    © Thought Jutsu

  • mayameer 91w


    मेरी मैं से कुछ यूं लड़ाई है
    जैसे गहराई और ऊंचाई है
    अक्सर सोचता हूं मैं की औकात
    उतनी ही है जितनी मैंने कमाई है
    फिर क्यों ये बेवक्त बेवजह छाई है।
    क्या मैं से ही यहां तन्हाई है
    या मैंने सब चीजें गवांई हैं
    मैं भी तो मेरी ही परछाई है
    मेरी मैं से कुछ यूं लड़ाई है।
    मैं कहां हारा हूं मीर
    मैं भी कहां जीत पाई है।
    मेरी मैं से कुछ यूं लड़ाई है

  • wonder_words 92w

    Inner Struggles

    You struggle for your existence,
    When things aren't in your favour,
    Sadden by every failure faced,
    You get weaken in each step,
    No matter how hard you try,
    Everything feels not going right,
    But in the end we need to keep going,
    Someday sometime you win it out
    And that success can't be defined
    Because that will be priceless to your soul,
    Keep fighting till every breath invested,
    Have no regrets just do your part,
    You might fall at every step,
    With every fall you might fear more,
    But don't give up fight it out till last,
    One day you will get the well deserved result;
    That you wanted to achieve all this while!!

  • lazzzyyyybugggg 106w

    The eternity of my struggle
    lies between-
    What I am?
    What I should become?
    What I need to be?
    What others expect me to be?
    What fate has decided for me ?
    What astronauts said I should be?
    What my stars would make me?
    What parents have decided for me?
    What I really want to be?


  • _thesilentspectator_ 130w

    The black and blue rainbow

    Thus writes
    The owner of a lonely heart,
    Bottled up with strange thoughts
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    The lovely silent nights
    Were all wasted ,swimming
    In the ocean of black thoughts
    Trying to figure out 
    Who am I?

    The lonely thoughts in 
    The lonely heart seeked
    Some akin friends to hang out
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    The thoughts gave birth to
    Another rainbow of siblings
    Making it harder to
    Win the battles with the brains
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    Out of blue , my strange people
    Got some good friends
    In the heart of a kind soul
    Who travelled and won the combat
    Trying to figure out
    Who am I?

    Who am I now !?
    The Black and blue rainbow
    Invisible to the visibles
    Visible to the invisibles !

    And to the people
    Trying to figure out
    'Is this really a poem !?'
    Good luck with your
    Battle of black thoughts.


  • _twitterpated_ 136w


    Thou demon of my mind.

    Your soul lurks, confined

    To the long nights of my solitude,

    Unabashed and without fortitude.

    Unpardonably tread my veils,

    Beckon my unworthy fears & fails.

    Glorified in thy contemptuous triumph,

    Thou shall yet be overcome.

    Comes sunshine and solace

    Dark dreams drowned in grace.

    Demon of my mind, set ablaze

    In the dust of the morning rays.


  • revathikrishnan 164w

    Unearned dairy of an introvert..!

    For all those who think they know me.you might be right or you might be wrong too,but before you derive your answer just consider this just because you get my stupidly exhausting mindset doesn't mean you get me because below that smiling face i have on there is something.Something i too might not understand yet,something that arises a huge struggle within me when you do me wrong.The fight you never thought i had when you hear me cry it's not just attachment or a little love that might have crept into the dark steel stone shaped object called heart,yeah sure i cry for that but moreover i cry for my past sorrows,but you would never know or would you because it seems you have me all figured out.So,tell me what do i want in life.? When I'm modest where loss lay at our hands it's about all those time i thought i would jinx my life with one damn win.Something that i should cherish & enjoy,something that i should be proud of,instead i kept it locked away just like everything else.So,next time you call me confident remember that i shit bricks on stage too just because i fooled myself once doesn't mean i can do it for rest of my life next time you call me social think about all those times when i was sitting alone in my place waiting & watching for someone to save me from this nightmare.so, next time do this shoot me with your predictions bang on, and if your words hit line a bullet into my dark steel heart ,then I'm all yours.

  • zudora_zubairy 201w


    To win the war, You must first learn
    to overcome the despair that follows after losing numerous battles.
    Victory is just a push ahead,
    A reminder you need, whenever
    You fall.


  • breatheinwords 214w

    When I first saw her, my heart went, THUMP
    That's when my head went, OH NO
    Jane Doe