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  • lunatic2227 15w


    He was at war with the inner demons residing in him,
    for the darkness within him was overtaking his love for her, for she had decided to move ahead in their relationship.
    A battle between his emotions and his desire for her was going within him,
    But sadly, his desire won over his emotions, for he succumbed to the darkness within him.


  • shivanirj 22w

    I have always lived in the castle

    Yes, I have always lived in the castle.

    Empty rooms and cold, cold air

    I was alone until you came

    I thought you were answer to my prayers.

    I felt you, something not visible to the eyes.

    A shadow black and gray

    Made out of lies.

    He does not need blood, bone.

    He feed on me, my fears and desires.

    I know, I let you in.

    Now, you crawl inside the wall.


    I pealed every yellow and black wallpaper.

    But no, sign

    I gave you what I can.

    You took whatever I had.

    So, I'm burning it down to the ground.

    I heard you, you hissed and hustle.

    Yes, I have always lived in the castle.

  • am_alive 24w

    She craves to be somebody's poem
    But how can she?
    She doesn't have the sort of eyes where you can get lost and forget your miserable existence.
    She might not be the woman with a dawn of light where all the darkness disappear, rather she'll put you through hell.
    Her mystic essence might not be orchestral to your ears or divine to your spirit .
    She can love you terribly and not say a single word,
    Looking at those pair of black pearl , you might wonder if she is dancing in her daydream or carrying the weight of the world .
    She's not the type of person who will inspire you to write , rather manipulate your demon to take out the bottle of whiskey , howl in agony and cry at night.

    You won't find her in crowd ,
    You won't find her down the old Street
    She's a loner, choking on her own breath .

    And if you still dare to get voluntarily destroyed
    Search for her aimlessly in the woods,
    She'll be standing in between the depth of darkness and her gloomy mood.
    Her influence might grow moss of desire from your skin ,
    bones turn to stone and roots from veins.
    She'll not ask " who are you? Where you from?"
    But passionately let her starved demon feed on your tender skin._____
    Moupiya Ghosh.

    I don't know if this poetry means anything or not
    I just had to hold the pen to jot down my thoughts with ink ...

    #mirakeewriters #poeteycommunity #poetscommunity #writersnetwork #sensuality #innerdemons #desires #writerscommunity #darkhumour @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork .

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    Her gloomy essence

    She will not ask "who you are?
    Where you from?"


  • deadlittlesongbird 25w

    Sweet Baby Blues

    Selling drugs to live,
    Awakening some demons.
    Not just after you.

    Those sweet baby blues,
    The demon lives in your eyes.
    Poisoning your brain.

    That beautiful mind,
    Tortured, raped and left to die.
    This can't be your life.

    This life that we live
    After the trauma and pain.
    Is it all worth it?

  • poetssoul30 33w

    Inner battles Dedicated to dmx

    No one would understand
    Your fight
    No one will understand the demons you deal with
    Others will judge and assume
    Instead of trying to understand
    You find ways to face your demons
    You find ways to Endure the pain
    They don't see the pain you endure
    A fighter in every meaning of the word
    Until you can't anymore
    Doesn't mean you quit or gave up
    It just means you  Fought all you could

  • fallenangel0106 38w

    Don't go

    My bloodiest battle,
    Between heart & mind,
    Do I listen to my soul,
    Or lies evading inside,
    Barricaded, trapped
    Inside my own walls,
    To play it safe or risk the fall,
    My demons dance,
    Upon my heart,
    Knowing it still,
    Remains in shards,
    For the very moment,
    I dare to love,
    Chaos erupts, will I ever be enough?
    I will give you blood & bones,
    Hold your heart,
    Call it home,
    But the moment I feel you begin to slip,
    I cling to you, refuse to lose grip,
    For when I ask if everything is ok,
    It is not because you did anything,
    To make me feel this way,
    But simply because,
    I've watched too many people walk away

  • full_auto 41w


    The beast inside of me
    Is screaming out to breathe
    Wanting to be free
    It wants me to release
    It from underneath
    All that darkness inside me
    I used to bury deep
    That beast inside of me
    That's haunting all my dreams
    Ruining relationships I need
    And making sure I don't succeed
    Always there and never sleeps
    Waiting for that chance to get me
    And I dont know if I believe/
    That I have what it takes/
    To keep it at bay/
    I'm just scared of the day/
    That beast in me comes out to play

  • avanthikaleesha 51w

    Demons are doppelgangers,
    Both within and outside,
    Assuaging hunger in attention,
    Sharpening weapons in battles,
    But, withering to history in neglect...


  • red_wave_oceans 53w

    Inner demons

    I feel conflicted,
    Saddened and feelings of dark,
    My emotions feel twisted,
    Dangerous paths dare I embark

  • candicehasley96 57w

    Black Hole

    I found myself reluctantly crawling back to the black hole I had escaped from, and
    I tried to retreat but there is this gravitational force sucking the little desire I had left in my heart; I know I have lost this battle.

  • serenachapters 72w

    You hear my screams, you see my tears, you see the wants with the lies behind my cowering eyes, and no matter how my demons try to push you away you always find me in the dark to lend a hand, to lend a ear and to just make time for my lonely soul, because at the end of the day we're only human and we need a hand, we need someone.
    So Breaking through my erotic bubbles of insecurities you release these waves of electrifying but detrimental emotions to redeem me from being a lost soul.

  • popo_smile 73w

    Every body has something to hide. Their great evil hidden inside our body. #innerdemons

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    The devil in our heart.
    Demons in our closet.


  • thisisoladimeji 74w


    Like Satan himself
    I appear as an angel of light
    Pure like from God's own shelf
    Innocent to all who behold my sight
    But all is a facade
    There is a demon inside me
    Corrupt as from hell flawed
    Immoral as can be
    A demon waiting to be unleashed
    To feed on its guise
    And commit an abomination yet conceived
    Freed from the gaol it has come to despise
    I hope the world will accept this demon
    For by its letting loose will I gain my freedom

  • wespadeshere 75w

    There's an incomparable talent
    For their hidden agenda
    Behind all the smokescreens
    And quiet tacenda.
    A mystifying darkness
    That flirts with the danger
    Have you gall enough
    To dance with this stranger?
    Hush, little demons
    Don't you scream
    I'll lay us all down
    Right to sleep
    Together forever
    In peaceful unrest
    Till dawn do you
    The ultimate test.


  • wespadeshere 75w

    My mind is played
    Right up to a tacet
    Though who am I,
    But one more facet?
    Of this bleak and hazy
    Incorrigible plight,
    Of the weak and lazy
    Impossible fight?
    Who struggles to do
    ..just one thing right?
    Too meek to whisper
    "Will I make it through tonight..?"


  • wespadeshere 76w

    #depression #fighting #innerdemons #thoughts #despondency #hopelessness #seeking #silverlining

    My life is that one long
    Annoying stray little thread
    Poking out from
    The edge of the jacket.
    Some days it takes
    All the energy I possess,
    Not to quickly yank it out.
    Not to swiftly cut that line
    Off from the rest of them.
    I know in the moment
    That it feels like the right thing
    I know in the moment
    It wouldn't seem to cause any harm
    And I can spend all evening
    Convincing myself
    That the growing hole
    In the jacket won't become
    Any bigger than I see it now.
    But in that same moment,
    I also know, that if I did,
    Other threads
    Would come loose and follow after.
    Until that hole
    Can't be ignored.
    And all it took
    Was one little stitch
    Coming undone
    For it all to come apart.


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    Some days it takes
    All the energy I possess,
    Not to quickly yank it out.
    Not to swiftly cut that line
    Off from the rest of them.


  • wespadeshere 77w

    #stim #dissociation #DID #innerconflict #innerdemons #overcoming

    When it's too loud in me
    And I need to breathe
    Past the voices and demons
    That threaten to tank me

    The barkchips of the playground
    Set the scene for the battleground
    As I walk beneath the watchful eye
    Of the blazing summer sun.

    My swing on the swingset
    Is the silver saddle
    Belonging to my secret war horse.
    I'll mount it and grab the reins
    With both my hands
    And then take off.

    The music playing in my ears
    Is my battle cry, it's my first strike
    For my fight to protect
    The ground within me
    While the ground beneath me
    Stays just out of reach.

    But I see you there, walking on by
    Camouflaged by shady leaves
    And I envy your silence
    For to you, it comes easy.

    But all you see
    When you look back at me?
    Is a kid on a swing
    Just wasting valuable time.


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    But all you see
    When you look back at me?
    Is a kid on a swing
    Just wasting valuable time.


  • keates 78w

    ••• DEMONS •••

    "Why do you hide behind your masks?",
    to the old man, the little boy asks
    The old man smiles and whispers in his ear,
    "To save you from my demons, dear"
    "Demons? Where? I see none!"
    "For behind this mask there lives one!"
    "Are you a demon?", little boy was now afraid
    "All of us have demons", the old man said,
    "Don't feed them or let them grow
    Never ever let them show
    Hide them well behind the masks
    Keep it a secret if anybody asks"


    Penned on 10th January, 2018


    Every person has their own vices, inner demons that they have to battle in order to become who they are. It's an inevitable battle that one has to fight. And mostly, one has to fight those demons on their own.


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  • samzstory 83w


    I am standing,
    in the decisive bent ,
    With lots of undesirable questions.

    I am walking
    in the lost paths,
    With fragments of myriad thoughts.

    I am losing
    the fight
    With my own desires million times.

    I am dreaming
    again in day
    With a hope to live it again in ages.

    I am percolating
    through the time,
    With a conviction to find those lost moments.

    I am roaming
    like a cursed monk
    With a remembrance of my lost gods.

    I am suffocating
    in my own silence,
    With a wish to shatter the cage to pieces.

    ©Sambit Kar

  • aru______ 84w

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    She has faced anyone who tried to stop her from achieving her dreams, she did some crazy things that no one knows about. People look at her and always wonder why she is so calm and mysterious but in fact, she isn’t. Not everyone knows that, only the ones who are like her and who she spends time her with the most knows . They see her laughing and smiling too but the others think that she is a heartless monster and that she’s got zero problem in their life, that everything is perfect. She lost trust in the most close people who were close to her ,her heart suffered, she was always in conflicts with her mind, with herself, with people who were always talking shit about her. She was too strong externally but was too fragile internally and no one noticed that she is getting hurt because she mastered in hiding her pain.
    ©aru#darkness #innerdemons #thoughts #tod #writersnetwork #moon #writerstolli #mirakeeworld #ceesrepost #trust @aryaabhipsa @udit94 @knulll @writersnetwork

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