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  • claralynne 11w


    I miss the way Friday used to make me feel.
    Waiting for the bell to sound. 
    Days ahead imminently amazing; happiness-bound.

    But now it doesn't matter if Friday's around.
    Or even if my feet touch the ground. 
    Floating on my cloud---round round and round.
    Looking for a meaning... a purpose... or anything profound. 
    What day is it; What time is it? 
    Is the clock even wound?
    Oh what Id do to wind back the clock. 
    To a Friday with afternoon bells and boards covered in chalk. 
    And nights with friends where'd we'd giggle and talk. 

    "Be kind, rewind" on all cassettes. 
    Simple fun and pleasure. Scrunchies and barrettes. 
    Innocent minds and souls. Too young for regrets

    But now, with Friday comes a haze. 
    Days of the week...in a daze. 
    Dazed in the days. 
    Weak at the end of the week. 
    Living in a blur. 
    Walking's a stagger. And talking's a slur. 

    If you can just make it to Friday, that's what they always say. 
    That's when it will all be okay. 
    But how is that so?
    When it's like any other day..
    When time makes no sense and is in constant disarray. 

    I mss how Fridays used to make me feel.
    When I used to laugh for real. 
    When the weekend was tomorrow, and I had nothing but time to kill. 

    The aroma of bacon would feel the air the next morning.
    But now, I'm just mourning....for Friday's that don't exist.
    In a heartbeat, I'd go back.
    I would not resist.
    To hear that Bell again. And a class be dismissed.
    Movie nights With Friends- '10 things I hate about You' and Never been kissed'
    Tart, candy braclets half-eaten on my wrist.
    Goodnight hugs from my mother---Too many things to list.
    Those are the Fridays that I have missed. 

    If I can just make it to Friday....
    For a bit longer... If I can just subsist.
    For now I'll just relish in the fog of nostalgic Friday mist. 

  • claralynne 11w

    Sunday Sadness

    I wish the sun would go away.
    I wish I had the words to say.
    All I do is lay.
    An inner child is dying to play.
    Most rest.
    Pass money on a tray.
    Life in disarray.
    Skies are painted grey.
    Nostalgic memories begin to fray.
    For our sins, we eventually pay.

  • high_priestess 16w

    My #innerchild is having an outer breakdown and I’m at a loss of how to nurture her, so here’s an #apology to her.
    #lettertomyself #writing #short #selfhealing

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    Dear Little Darling,

    I’m sorry you have been trapped for long
    I feel you reaching for the sun
    I know you want to be free

    I’m sorry you are me
    I’m sorry we don’t know what it feels like to be held tightly, without being choked til we can’t breathe
    Forgive me please


  • suurinlex 18w

    Old and New

    Old collapsed. She had broken her body down. Her will: gone. Between the rippling self-loathing, and the starving of the self, she completely lost sight of the light. Scars littered her body, her soul glumly hung to her bones. She curled up in bed, shivering, sobbing. All was cold, and dark. She lay in the chasm of the self.
    A moment later, she felt her soul crack.
    Black slime spewed out from her chest. It moved towards the closet. Then it began to take shape. Old cried out. She trembled in fear. The shape spoke, "I am you. I am New." They whispered. Old studied the creature. They rivaled her in size and closely resembled a wolf. "What do you want?" Old asked. "Is this... What you want?" New replied as they gestured to Old's person. "I don't want to be miserable anymore. I want my pain to end." Said Old, defeated. New frowned. They grabbed Old, dusted her off, and whispered words of praise. Old cried again, but this time she was comforted by New's warm coat. New gently tended to Old's wounds and wiped away her tears.
    New would never allow Old to get to such a dark, abysmal recess again. Old stared into her eyes. New smiled at her and roared deep inside, awakening long forgotten hope. New spoke of balance and self-care. New was much stronger and more resilient. They had sharp teeth and a coat of steel. They were fearless. Old liked that about them. New spoke of the light in darkness, the darkness in light, and how they always must be entwined equally. They spoke of the need of self-love and respect. They pointed out all Old's strengths, and gently encouraged improvement where she was weak. Old had many values that New cherished. She was sweet and warmhearted. Sadly, Old had been taken advantage of many times. New would not let that come to pass again.
    After chatting a while, New took Old's hand, "Now... It's time for us to weave together." They whispered. Old's eyes filled with worry, but it quickly dissipated when met with the warm loving gaze of New. She did not feel so alone anymore.
    The two became one again. Vowing to never forget one another, and to always remain balanced.

  • fellowtraveller 18w


    Some nights when moonlight
    Blankets the sky in a glittery mess
    I find myself near the window side
    Whispering a little prayer under my breath
    For the innocent little girl trapped inside
    The invisible confinements of my soul

    Nights like this, she dances inside my head
    By throwing her little hands above
    At times giggling at her own clumsiness
    Often missing the steps as her little feets were wobbly, her fluffy hair bouncing along
    Trying to match her steps...

    The chains around her legs protested
    Loudly with each sway of her body
    She was a stubborn little thing
    Her relentless efforts to untangle
    The chains of memories around her small body
    Never fails to amaze me..

    But i couldn't afford to let her out again
    So i hugged her from other side of the cell
    And cradled her in my arms, and find herself
    Slipping into the fairy lands where she would be happy forever..

    She was a dainty little thing
    I would rather lock her inside
    And chain her with memories
    And create her a world of fairies & prince charmings & happily ever afters
    Than let her be tainted by the world outside..

    Let her stay the way she is
    So pure, ever the unreal
    The moonchild..


  • mariateresa 21w

    This is deeply personal my friends. I choose to focus on positivity and love in my writing because that's what heals the childhood years I spent in an extremely dysfunctional and traumatically abusive home. I've endured a lot. I channel all of that energy into radical acceptance and today, I know I'm more than just a survivor. My motto is "Triumphing over Trauma" for this reason. To be the hero for my inner child. To show how love indeed heals. Becoming the spiritual warrior I am to show others the way out. Freedom from childhood abuse. The truth continues to set me free. Love is all that remains.

    #wod #childhood #soulhealing #traumahealing #survior #cptsd #innerchild #beingmyownhero #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writerslife #mirakee

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    Kissing the past goodbye

    One day it will all make sense
    Yells that threaten to deafen and screams in defense
    None of it was yours, they tried their best
    It was you who were made to feel responsible for the mess
    Sweet soul you are the glue that kept their broken bits together
    Now it's time to wrap yourself in a forgiveness sweater

    One day that warmth will guide you away
    Leaving behind all that disillusionment clouding your way
    Hugging the child of your youth, taking her hand you both will be free
    Toxic dysfunction masquerading as love, it's taken so long for you to finally see
    The role you played with upstanding grace, holding it all within your heart space
    No more will you live in fear, eating lies that plague your thoughts
    Goodness triumphs as your soul shines its pure originality
    Cleverly breaking away is the ultimate finality

    Fast forward forty-three years, now believing in miracles
    That one day is now, for you've survived it all
    Take advantage of the lessons and strength earned in the shadows
    You're a warrior after all, the only truth that matters

  • abwords 28w

    My Inner Child

    All the wars that I fought in the last 10 years;
    my catastrophes and my vague fears.
    All the looming emotions with fugitive lovers
    some of it real and most of it farce.
    The aftermath of consequetive wars
    had its own scars and rewards.

    But the abandoned child in me,
    with crippling anxiety,
    seems to be undone, he doesn't comprehend
    boundaries like you and I.

    I thrive in solitude but he is scared of it all.
    How do I tell him that he is wrong?
    He is squeezing my heart and now
    I'm running out of blood.
    I want to show him that rainbows
    can be seen from the puddle at your feet.

    I want to give him everything that nobody
    gave but he wants answers for questions
    that are already waived.

    "Let's call for a truce and let love be.
    Why so stubborn- my
    child? What's the rush?
    When you know you will never be
    alone, it will always be us."

    A Debbarma

  • myleswalkerjr 29w

    Raising My Inner Child As If I Were The Parent

    The shyness I have experienced since childhood

    Wondering if my acts of kindness really allowed me to be good

    Became a symptom but not the cause

    From feeling like the victim to a perpetrator who can get away with disregarding our state laws

    A feeling that has passed down from generation to generation

    Like I would be cheating if I lashed out because of my limitations in times of deprivation

    Yet if it wasn't for my family there would be nobody else to tell me " I don't need to bolster to the world "

    As we all share this one trait allowing us to be like an oyster that just created a pearl

    The same trait God wants me to nurture so I raise that inner child who represents myself from nineteen nineties

    Don't it seem kind of odd how my body has to be the temple like a church, unordered for me to teach myself to unlock a door so it can be opened with the right key?

    However if I were to do it in a way like my parents did with me to some extent

    Does that count as self discipline?


  • dreamer_kris_ 31w

    The Kid In Me

    Hey you kid,
    I know that you are Mad at me and Sad
    at the same time...
    I know that I promised you
    will go to the Moon,
    have Rollercoaster rides of life together...
    I know, I shared my thoughts and
    I know, I told you stories about
    how the world is,
    How beutiful this universe is...

    Kid, I know your dreams
    I know the stars in your eyes will make
    way for us to make our Hearts One,
    to see our dreams come true...

    Kid, hey kid
    I know I promised you that
    I will hold your hand and
    jump into the galaxies of stars
    Hey kid, hey kid I love you
    from the bottom of my heart...

    But now, I am going through a choas
    and I don't want you to let in
    I know you gave me your spirit to
    come out of this,
    Our burning desires will burn this chaos,
    And this time we are not gonna make any promises...

    The day the chaos melts through our love,
    I will hold your hand and
    take you to the moon kid,
    You will take me to the moon...

  • mariateresa 32w

    Healing inner child wounds, closing the chapters never to be relived again. Setting down the baggage from the past is do freeing. Dreams coming true, magic that bursts forth from within my being ��

    #dreamsdocometrue #innerchild #woundedinnerchild #healing #healingjourney #souljourney #sweetchildofmine #sweet #innocence #soulhealing #writerslife #writersnetwork #mirakee #writingcommunity #writingprocess #processing

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    Sweet child of mine

    Hush now sweet girl, it's just your fears making you feel cold
    Stars are bright but can't be seen yet, your world is too loud, so much unseen
    For you are a child of wondrous play, cast off to be forgotten, feeling invisible and stuck in place

    Hush now sweet girl, your gentleness is often misunderstood in this world
    One day it will all make sense, the torch you carry will light up your dreams
    All of the experiences will serve to bring you home

    Hush now sweet girl, dry your eyes for the tears you weep are now to be dried
    Miracles take shape, once alive only in your vivid imagination
    Now stepping into golden light and the place where you will thrive in its creation
    All the hours spent alone are over, you have finally arrived
    Peace within, tremendous joy and the greatest of all love stories is about to be told

  • the_mirage 35w

    Letting go

    This is a place
    Where I pour my void away.
    Please understand,
    These are unchartered terrains.
    These are all the things
    I keep my doors closed to,
    For these feelings I have never
    Let myself feel up to.
    I ask myself this question
    Everyday, everytime.
    If I am broken
    Which part is whole of mine?
    I come here in hope
    To face the demons I feed;
    To talk to my inner child,
    Ask her if she's healed.
    I come here, afraid I'd leave empty.
    I come here, afraid I'd leave heavy and full.
    This is my safe place,
    But I come here in hopes-
    To let go of my pain
    To let go of all the pain...

  • mariateresa 40w

    Self healing creates such a renewed bond with my inner child. Going inwards and tending to the fibers of my being cultivates a strong love, trust and belief inside. The magical medicine of breath and presence, leaning into further awareness of self ✨

    #selfacceptance #selflove #selflovejourney #selfhealingjourney #selfhealing #selfhealers #souljourney #innerwork #soulwork #soulhealing #innerpeace #breathwork #healing #healingmedicine #breathislife #justbreathe #journeytohealth #wellbeingjourney #wellbeing #wellness #innerchild #mirakee #writingcommunity #wordart #writersnetwork

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    Divine Feminine Rising

    Dipping into my inner child
    Forgotten, forlorn meekness mixed ever so mild
    Reaching out a hand that instantly strengthens the bond
    Reigniting innocence, feeling calm with the resilence to carry on
    Joined by the pieces that make up the whole
    Rising together to form the beauty that is soul
    Rejoicing in truth having finally gained awareness
    Accepting myself while honoring the inner essence forever so precious
    Outer shell softens allowing for the transitioning integration
    Divine Feminine is felt with fierceness and granted salvation


  • poetic_catastrophe 40w


    When you held me and whispered in my ear, "this is heaven," it made me hold on tighter. I closed my eyes and listened to your beating heart, breathing in your scent I am adicted to, so familiar with yet the high is stronger than the last. When you whispered, "don't," all I could hear was the unsaid pain, the fear, the inner child, too used to the dark pleading to keep the walls up. It broke my heart, so I held you closer. When I said, "it's okay," it was more of an attempt to hold a hand out to your inner child, to say, "it's okay to be afraid of vulnerability," and to thank you for trusting me with your heart.


  • tikilove 44w

    My child

    In a corner of my mind,
    I know she's there sleeping.
    This young and reckless child,
    With sunflower eyes, smiling.
    She played with a pebble,
    loved to pop a bubble.
    Let her blossom,
    Not be forgotten.
    Oh, how high she could fly...

  • amariespeaks 46w

    Conscious Guidebook for the Honest Parent

    I wrote a FREE pdf booklet for anyone looking to incorporate conscious learning into their children's life or even their INNER child! Comment if you'd like a copy!

    Below is a list of questions I hope my boys will seek up and find their own answers to - Using the references and resources compiled here as jump off points and guides on their quests.
    If you are ready to undertake the journey then please read my guidebook and have fun checking out the resources, activities, and experiments provided to find your own answers - or at least start to weed through the possibilities out there!

    What is the purpose of this world?
    What is my purpose as a person?
    What happens when we die?
    How do I live my best life?
    Do I have core values and if so, what are they?
    Does my cultural environment have core values and if so, what are they?
    What do I stand for and what/whom would I make sacrifices for?
    Who should/does/can hold authority over me?
    Why do I grant them that power?
    Do my core values align with the current laws of men?
    Am I fueling my success or my demise?
    What is my stance on Truth and Honesty?
    Am I loved?
    Am I loving?
    What is the difference between consent and force?
    Restriction and flow?
    How do I choose to form my conclusions about information I am shown?
    Do I use deductive or inductive reasoning?
    Am I listening to reason and logic?
    What does my gut tell me?
    Who do I trust completely and why?

    Cue Pink FLoyd :
    “Mother, should I trust the government…”


  • smritimarto 47w

    My courage smiles a little everytime, I stare at myself and allow my beautiful tears roll down like a pair of sixes dice. #mirakeewriters #innerchild #express #peaceofmind #motivateyourself #bekind #innerprogress #innerstrength #writersnetwork #poetry

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    Courage dwells within you, and,
    Peeks outside your heart when,
    You stare so deeply at the world that,

    You welcome your despair,
    To run along with ecstacy, and,
    Let them share the perks of the journey


  • _ms_mystery_ 48w


    When you can't understand the present
    Hold hands with the past,
    For they are clear and true.

    Hear, when the past sings to you
    Try to understand it's stories
    Listen to it's pain...

    When there is no light,
    Let's rent the past's smile and dream.
    No worries,
    The past child in you must be innocent and
    the happiest
    than the one now!
    Try to treasure it
    Let's create light together!


  • smritimarto 48w

    If I am failing, in order to see some progress in my work ahead, that is a good sign to keep up my spirits to practice more. #mirakeewriters #innerchild #express #peaceofmind #motivateyourself #bekind #innerprogress #innerstrength

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    What is the meaning of progress?

    Getting two steps ahead, four steps back, but keep going on, and on.


  • smritimarto 49w

    Dedicated to all those who can sit still and yet tell me everything I need to know about.. #mirakeewriters #innerchild #express #peaceofmind #mirakeenetwork #dedicated

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    Little tricks

    Effort is the trick you play,
    At all your friends
    When you realise,
    They welcome you as another
    Fellow star in their sky.


  • dedestined 49w

    Winter Time

    Wide roads - all mine,
    In the morning mist...
    - Not a honk nor squeak, only -
    Trucks with foglights flashing -
    Empty of commuters, job-goers & morning walkers -
    Run on & dissappear in the blur...

    Take a turn, a long run, a sudden stop
    In the chill daybreak
    Mittens & scarf & breath-clouds...
    Each morning, be a kid for 20 minutes...