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  • jashaswini 208w


    Eluded distortion in time and space creates fabrication or loopholes in life which we often perceive them as miracles.
    A Miracle is experiencing Love at First Sight .
    Getting kissed on the forehead when the rain trickles down your blushed cheeks .
    A Miracle is hearing someone Sing out loud to their favorite song in the car Unafraid and Unabandoned.
    A Miracle is hearing one’s“Dorky Laugh”with the Snort in it.
    A Miracle is being faced with your own Mortality and being given a Second Chance.
    The greatest miracle is to remain for one extra second in a divine consciousness.
    To remain one second more in a divine consciousness, is the supreme miracle on earth.
    Miracles are unreliable,
    In this unfair world.
    But chances are always given
    You just have to Spot it and take it
    Before time runs out...