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  • _shayraa_ 17h

    मुकम्मल नहीं हुआ मेरा इश्क तो क्या हुआ
    मैं तेरे इंतज़ार में ताउम्र यहीं मोजूद रहूंगी
    गर महसूस हो जाए कभी मेरी मोहब्बत तुम्हें
    तो लौट आना बस.... मोड़ होगा वही, वहीं तुम्हें मैं मिलूंगी

    कि गर कभी तू मिल गया मुझे,मुझसा खुशनसीब ही कोई होगा
    मेरा भी ये इश्क था पहला, मुकम्मल भी हर किसी का थोड़ी होगा
    इसके कायदे कमबख्त बड़े बेरहम हैं,
    जान मांग कर बदले में जान के,इसने लहू बहाने की जान भी कहा छोड़ी है
    इसने निचोड़ दिया मुझे,
    मेरी सांसे भी अब किराये की हैं,मै भर नहीं पाती,इसने मेरी ज़ात को कमाने लायक भी कहां छोडी है,

    इंतेज़ार है मुझे तुम्हारा,
    मगर डरती हूं मैं,गर नहीं आए तुम .....तो....!
    मुझे मेरी मोहब्बत का हिसाब कौन देगा
    मुझे मेरी बेबसी का हिसाब कौन देगा
    मुझे मेरे आंसूओं का हिसाब कौन देगा

    अब इंतेहा हो रही है,
    ये बोझ ज़ख्मी दिल का मुझसे और सहा नहीं जाता
    मेरा मन भर आता है सोचकर तुम्हें,मन को‌और कुछ नहीं भाता
    मेरे नैनों में हर वक्त दीदें है तुम्हारी,मेरे ज़हन में हर वक्त सिर्फ ज़िक्र है तुम्हारा
    मैं पनाह पाकर तुम्हारी बांहों में,रोना चाहती हूं बेपनाह
    मैं महसूस करना चाहती हूं करीब से तुम्हें
    मैं मुस्कुराना चाहती हूं साथ तुम्हारे
    जब बारिश हो तो‌‌ मैं भीगना चाहती हूं साथ तुम्हारे
    मैं रोना चाहती हूं कस कर गले लगकर तुम्हारे
    मैं बेपनाह रोना‌ चाहती हूं, तुम्हें ‌सुकून‌ से पास बैठा कर मेरे और बस‌ देखना चाहती हूं तुम्हें
    मैं करीब से मोहब्बत करना चाहती हूं तुम्हें

    उम्मीद में रहते है रात दिन मेरे,
    कि कब तुम पूछोगे मुझे,
    कब थामोगे हाथ मेरा,
    कब सीने से लगाओगे,
    कब मेरे दबे आंसुओं को बाहर बुलाओगे,
    कब बेबस मेरी सांसों को सुकून पिलाओगे,
    कब मेरी बेचैन धड़कनों पर अपना हक देकर उन्हें चुप कराओगे
    कब मेरे माथे को चूम कर उसे प्यार से सहलाओगे

    ना जाने कब तुम मेरे पास आओगे
    ना जाने कब,
    कब तुम मेरे कहलाओगे

  • vannil_y 2w

    Heaven's Annex

    The rains fell and cold came
    Showers and downpour from Heaven's gate
    For its been a while since the earth drank
    'Cos it's roots had long been starved
    But it came, that look, that touch
    Lips on lips, softly, slowly
    Then he looked into my soul,
    Bent over and whispered:' This is forever'

    Time froze and as if it wasn't enough
    The next whisper said 'don't let go'
    I was gonna jump out of my skin
    But his hairy hands wouldn't let me
    In that moment I knew this had to be real
    Cos that voice, that kiss
    My soul drank to fill its thirst

    For the heavens had just opened an annex
    Rent free in my heart
    The rains stopped with clear skies
    But I still had droplets of his taste
    And he left it like it wasn't his
    I'd always run from rains to take cover
    This time I let it pour
    On my dry thirsty heart
    Since happily ever after was written
    In dripping watermarked ink

  • unfiltered_thoughts 14w

    Haakuuna Matataaa

    Means worries for the rest of the life


  • sadiyaa 15w

    Weary of the palaver, irked by the fancy
    Perturbed by the capricious etiquette
    And ticked off by my out-there perplexity
    Subservient of the servile haters,
    Wounded by the crimsoned roses within.
    Ah!the moonlit night, quite obeisant
    washed the shallow scars with the glorifying beam.
    With a magic wand, the twinkling diamonds
    up their in the roof aloof, silently
    kissed my terrible worries away.
    Am I an abandoned soul or what!
    A bruised one! A desperate one in despair!
    I feed my emotions a dessert of love
    my mind clasped by my care, heart singing my hymns.
    So noble, yet enslaved and entangled.

  • sadiyaa 19w

    A tryst with the blithe darkness
    the tristful visage of the eupeptic moon
    rendered my heart blue and fastly
    it embraced the refulgent pearl in the dark sea
    That lonely friend floated in the vastness
    and with joy it jumped to travel its shift.
    How bestial the stars of the night are!
    Their envious gape disquieted the moon
    and in the cosy lap of the dome,
    it ensconced till it fell asleep.
    Alas! the sun slowly woke up and
    I returned with again the same thought
    "where did the moon hide?"
    contemplating and waiting for darkness
    to take the reins of the night's reign again.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 22w


    You're destination of my heart in the maze of emotions that roams,
    I embellish you with my gloomy tales and blissful poems,
    I engrave my unsaid words in the chest of your divinely virgin pages,
    Paint them holding brush of memories spreading hues of obscure images.

    My impotent cries you silently swallow,
    Absorbing each of my teary pearl,
    Under the cover of my cuddly pillow,
    I preserve you with utmost care, my shrunken world.

    I delicately cloister my dark secrets into your white leaflets' wrap,
    I have been inking you since I've learned and shall adorn you until my fingers bleed,
    I write the tales of truth, about how they decieve, betray, trick and trap
    and how do I sometimes fall prey while other times manage to succeed.

    I set my gushing emotions free into the warmth of your heart's cage,
    I confide in you as you're the only one that could be trusted,
    Whilst I decisively expose to each and every novice page,
    My past holding ugliest truth gets dull and rusted.

    The most precious treasure, like an accordion crooning my melancholy,
    No eye would ever be righteous to read you except mine,
    I would treat you like the book, most pious and holy,
    No particle of dust would ever be able to kiss the cover of thine.

    Unmasked you, exactly the same as your personality appears,
    My closed lashes kiss your forehead without any worries,
    I don’t hesitate to shed my weeping tears or reveal unleashed fears,
    I adore you the way, none of them could have ever admire their diaries.

    My sole companion you are, in my life's pinkie and blue,
    The possessive me, shall protect you from the evils all around,
    Not ever let the moon to steal your peace or sun to shine over you,
    Raindrops would surrender and vaporize but you won't ever be found.

    As you have sheathed my naked soul deep within,
    I would take you along as I bear my lonesome heart,
    You would rest in peace on my chest in my coffin,
    Destiny and death would stand too helpless to tear us apart.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

    #diary #life #inked #love #melancholy #sadness�� #coffin #heartbroken #soulmate #companion

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  • mydancingthoughts 28w

    Woh jaan se badhkar thi


  • ritik_sharma 28w

    Window of Heart

    The pain the she has deep inside her, I could feel that today. She has done everything right but the things are always upside down for her. That eyes had a millions of hope that are burried inside her since so long. I sometimes feel very low when I see her loosing hope. Though her voice was low but I could feel the intensity of her expression with how much sorrow she was looking at me. It's just a matter of time one day surely soon she will shine bright like a sun and will make this world bright.

  • haesbichgaara 28w

    Is it still love.

    Successful love is not always about staying together forever but is also about living the moment without ceasing the love we had for eachother from the start.

    We can stay together forever but is it love you taking care of or the responsibility you get along with the love you once had.

  • haesbichgaara 30w

    Just a short poem with which many can relate I guess....

    Now, lemme tell you"you are blessing to this Earth".
    Share it as much as you can ✨

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    Can I Live?

    What's that on your face I said,Beauty she replied.
    What's that in your heart I said, broken pieces she replied.
    What's in your mind I said,"you're ugly, you're worthless, you're garbage to this earth,you can do nothing,do you even feel guilty for yourself,do you think you worth it, you're fat, you're dark, you're skinny, you're pale, you're no one"with asymmetric smile she replied.
    Anything else she asked, No"with devastated heart" I replied.

  • searching_for_my_querencia 32w

    Afraid of real intimacy

    There are words...I can not say
    There are feelings...I can not express
    You can lay in my embrace
    I can provide you with my warmth
    But all of me...I can not undress


  • searching_for_my_querencia 34w


    With me...your innocence will fade
    With me...you will lose every god you ever prayed
    Hold me...and a sinner you'll be
    Hold me...and this dark is only what you'll ever see
    Feel this cold...this moment is a sin
    Breathe me...and the light will never begin
    Touch me...and these shadows will cover you too
    Sweet little girl...do you still wanna say "I love you"


  • searching_for_my_querencia 35w

    The shadows don't leave me...

    Due to the cold night
    The feelings of past that need to sleep under the warm blanket... wake up every time at 3 am and whisper in my ear
    "Consume us"
    and then they enter in my subconsciousness, there they dance around on the silent beats I created with my eyes closed...
    Morning kisses me and they sleep again.
    But their shadows don't leave me, they are still here... slowly sucking the beauty of my present.


  • searching_for_my_querencia 35w

    The hidden blue...

    Blue is in me,
    Blue is in you,
    Blue is in the truth untold
    Blue is in the happy smiles too
    Blue is in the skin that never felt sunlight
    Blue is in the tears that never dare to fall
    Blue is in the eyes that expect
    Afraid of loneliness
    Hidden in love and friendship
    Blue is in the force that connects


  • searching_for_my_querencia 36w

    Tears of the night... (Part-2)

    Wearing a dull moon in its crown
    this night is crying in my arms...
    Saying "My love... I come in various layers
    Up above the beautiful smile of my lover exists...I am the solitude that they kiss.
    Deep is where the beasts live...I am the key that unlocks there ugly desires.
    Feel me from the window in your room
    Don't go where the beast lives...beauty is not my real identity
    Trust no one except yourself
    The shine of my moon...
    The smile of my lover...
    Should live for eternity"


  • charithaburri 40w


    Yun lage ki paani barsa hai.... Kahin hui barsaat tho hai... Suno tho achha lagtha hai... Aawaaz mein koi baat tho hai

  • veesthoughts 40w


    The enemy that's living within
    Desperately wants out
    But never finds the way
    So it doesn't go anywhere
    It stays and it screams
    Banging on all of my walls
    It never gets restless, never sleeps
    3AM comes and I'm wide awake
    I've tried to drown out the sound with
    ...some laughter
    ...shots of whiskey
    ...extra loud music
    But nothing ever seems to work
    Nothing can calm it down


  • lilywrael 40w

    He once said
    You are beautiful enough for me
    You are perfect for me
    You are good enough for me
    You are the one for me
    Well i guess he forgot to add one
    You are stupid enough to believe me

  • zp_inked_ 44w


    Ek main rahun
    Rahe mera imaan...
    Ek tu rahe mere sath
    Na rahe is dunya se koii waasta..
    Guzre ibadaton me saari raat..
    Sukun ho zindagii me mere...
    Dunya ko khus na karun kavi kar ke tujhe naraz..
    Ke mar ke jaun jab to Muskuraye mere Aakhirat..

  • zp_inked_ 44w

    Sard Raatein

    Ye Sard raatein..
    Kuch bikhri yaadein..
    Aankhon me unka chehraa..
    Takiyo par bin mausam barsatein..