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    Girl child is god's boon
    Who look as pretty as moon
    So why they want to kill her in thy womb

    They want mamma to cook their food
    They want their wife to make their cheerful mood
    They want a friend with secrets to share
    And a girl who can care

    So why they don't want a pretty daughter child
    Why are humans behaving wild ???
    To have wealth ,Lakshmi they pray
    To have knowledge , Saraswati they pray
    So why they don't want a devi in their own house ???
    And that was all to say .
    Anshera Mulani

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    कोर्ट के दर पर , दरखौस्त कर ।
    कितने अपनी जिंदगी में ही ,
    लड़ाई लड़ रहे है ।
    क्योंकि फैसले में ,
    ज़िंदगी लग जाएगी ।
    खर्चें भी काफ़ी होंगे ,
    और ज़िंदगी सिर्फ उसमे ,
    लगा भी नहीं सकते ।
    उसके बाद भी क्या पता ,
    जीत अमीरों , कसूरवारों की हो ।

    #court #pendency #poverty #yqquotes #condition #thoughts #urdu #life #critisism #oneliner #hindiurdupoetry #inhumanity #freedom #struggle #judiciary #commonman #JusticeDelayedIsJusticeDenied #justice #rich #yqquotes #equality #difference #money

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    Justice for the goddesses

    A real man lost that the roaring grin as that i am a man,
    hope for equivalence in civilization,
    the belief of humanity in human beings,
    to say that some more due to distrust of the current practice faith in the judiciary and the legislation In times of failure while pleading for the justice goddesses who deserve endless admiration from birth have been hurt by acts of sexual violence.

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    कहर या चेतावनी ?

    बाहर बहुत शोर था , भीतर मनुष्यता सो रही थी

    जानवरों को पिंजरे में कैद कर, वह खुशी-खुशी अहंकार की चादर ओढ़ रही थी |

    इस चादर से अपना मुंह छुपा कर , इसे वह शौक का नाम दे रही थी

    पापी होने के बावजूद खुद को निर्दोष साबित करने के लिए, तरह-तरह के उल्हाने ढूंढ रही थी |

    आज बाहर कोई आवाज नहीं ,पर भीतर मन चिल्ला रहा है

    जानवरों के साथ-साथ डिब्बे में कैद हुआ मनुष्य, अपनी आजादी के लिए करहा रहा है |

    जीने की उम्मीद उन आंखों को शीतल कर रही है,

    जो इतने बरसों से धुएं के कारण झुलस उठी है |

    आज यह जंगल सुकून से सांस ले रहा है ,

    उसकी भुजाओं पर प्रहार करने वाला अस्त्र आज उसे दिखाई नहीं दे रहा है |

    खुशी के मारे बादल भी फूट-फूट कर रो रहे हैं,

    देखो ! मनुष्य की मनुष्यता मशाल लिए अहंकार की चादर जो जला रही है |

    आज घर बैठे – बैठे हम एक ही सवाल कर रहे हैं,

    क्या किया हमने ऐसा कि घर के बाहर कदम ही नहीं बढ़ रहे हैं ?

    अरे ! याद कर ए मनुष्य यह तेरे ही कर्मों का फल है ,

    पीछे मुड़ कर तो देख यह तो तेरा ही गुजरा हुआ कल है |

    कैद किया था तूने इस धरती की नन्हीं औलाद को ,

    रोका था तूने उन पग पग चलते बाघों को ,

    ऐसा बांधा था तूने कि वो तो अपना घर ही भूल गए,

    चिड़िया तो नहीं उड़ पाई ,

    पर अंबर तक जाने के लिए उसके नक्शे न जाने कहां उड़ गए |

    तू भी इसी की संतान है यह न सोचना कि धरती यह भूल गई है,

    पर तेरे पाप का घड़ा तो बस भर ही चुका है

    संभल जा !!! क्योंकि ममता का प्रहार सहना

    तेरे बस की बात नहीं है!!

    तेरे बस की बात नहीं है!

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    Some random person comes into our life. Some of us make them our friends, some think of making them a life partner.

    But this random person is actually hiding his/her true face and they fool us with that fake mask of theirs.
    We gradually get addicted, can't live without them. Make them our first priority.

    But when time comes they take off their masks and reveal their true colours. Start blaming our innocence. We still try to convince them keeping aside all our anger, ego, attitude.

    Still they wont spare us. They'll curse us, hurt us by throwing badwords. They still won't stop they'll apprise everybody, that We're cruel.

    There dies humanity, trusts. Because innocent people are not spared in this selfish world.
    #liars #fakers #cruelty #inhumanity

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    Fooling innocents.
    Blaming their impurities.
    Is this a sign of humanity?

  • diya101 64w

    A girl is expected to be a wife after her marriage. Better to state an ideal wife who cooks, cleans, takes care and also gets beaten by her husband as quietly as possible. Is it? Is that what idealism refers to? The violence of a person becomes acceptable just because he is a "HE".
    Domestic violence is a very serious issue and it needs to be dealt with strictness and alertness. And the thing which can uproot it from its base is proper education which reduces the gender discrimination. Yes! When a girls makes a voice against injustice, it's just like an appeal from whole human community, for we all share a special bond of humanity and consideration for everyone around us.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Yes! I still love you,
    I still feel I miss you,
    But those swollen eyes of mine,
    That day stitch marks on my scalp were nine,
    The cigarette burn marks on my skin,
    Those bruises on my chin,
    They speak to me, ask me questions,
    Of whether I am in my illusions,
    Or am I in those darkest of dungeons,
    Where I ain't supposed to have any aspirations?

    Okay! You say I have a big heart,
    I should forget the hurt,
    As my heart is still with you,
    I need to forgive you too,
    But what about those uneasy interactions you forced upon me?
    Should I forget the misery you brought upon me?
    People call me whore because I was tricked,
    And you had me meticulously picked,
    For you to fulfill your desires,
    Against my wishes, I was forced upon with various sires.

    Yes! I have the duty of a wife,
    So you say I should resolve my strife,
    I fear it's not a mere fight anymore,
    I have lost myself in the process of extracting metal from the ore,
    Your violence and abuses failed you as a spouse,
    And still you command me to return to that sick house,
    I wanted to say you, I am not meant for the cage,
    Leaving you could be a good decision, you too shall realize with age,
    I ponder and ponder, for as long as I could,
    The way your domination prevailed and in future would...


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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Inhuman
    #writersnetwork #pod #inhumanity #mirakee

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    Difference between humanity and being human depends on your understanding and perception of inhuman acts.

  • harf__ 65w


    वो सब कुछ तो हो रहा है, जो नहीं होना चाहिए
    अब शायद इंसान को इंसान नहीं कहना चाहिए

  • heather_ 65w

    It was raining
    I was sleeping
    Suddenly I woke up
    And I saw through the window

    As it was raining
    The window was hazy
    I cleaned the window to see through
    And I saw a injured crow.
    It was lying in the road
    Everyone was passing by it
    But no one gave there attention to it.
    I ran away to save the crow
    Than i thought why I m saving it though
    Then a truck came by
    I ran into side.
    But I couldn't save it
    The truck pasted it .
    I felt so inhuman
    Why I wasted my time on thinking
    I would rather save it.
    I went near it
    And started crying
    A car came and hit me
    I was dead .

    I fall asleep again
    After sometime I woke up.
    I found myself in a open ground full with trees
    Banyan tree mango tree and cherries .
    I walked for sometime
    I fo a garden full with cherry blossom
    Pink and brown
    After sometimes of walking
    I found a queen wearing crown.
    She told me to have a trip of there
    I accepted it and started wandering.
    I saw a boy helping a little cat who felt in the well
    It reminded me of a poem.
    I read it in nursery
    It was pussy cat .
    I kept on walking again
    and I saw a injured crow
    Lying in the road .
    Than I saw myself
    Trying to save it
    But I couldn't
    Than I saw myself
    Crying near it
    And a car hit me.

    I got fainted
    Than I opened my eyes
    I saw myself in a wheelchair
    I was surprised
    I saw my sister
    Calling me
    She asked ' is everything is okay '
    I said yes.
    Than I went near the hazy window
    I cleaned it to see through
    Then I saw the crow pasted by a truck
    Then I felt like being human sucks .

    I think the above poem is little tough to be understood but its meaning is we are so inhuman we only care about ourselves if we see other organisms in road we just ignore it . so this a fictional poem. I hope you guys will understand mainly talking about inhumanity .

    I know it makes no sense totally flop ... But still i told u I m annoying and I m not gonna change myself...

    Thanks for reading this annoying piece sorry for spoiling your mood and day !
    Thank you ❤

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwirk #mirakee #pod #ceesreposts #crow #life #nature #window #hazy #inhumanity #cruelty

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    From the window


  • amisha_00 70w

    Let's talk about humanity!
    Oh sorry, this doesn't exist anymore. The very meaning of the word 'humanity' has lost its essence in true sense. We 'humans' as we are stated, have failed at being a human. The behavior and virtues we practice are barbaric and cold-blooded rather than being altruistic. The more egregious thing is that the people commiting the heinous crimes are still remorseless. The daily news of these crimes committed, in more bizarre monstrous ways are forcing us to question the mindset of such people. The thought process which lacks basic sympathy and moralities. The dastardly act makes hard to believe in 'humanity'. The motives behind these crimes are absurd. The level of lunacy ,these people have surpassed is beyond imagination. This needs to stop. These living dead personalities are leaving behind a state of absolute eternal deafening silence making us realize the negative growth of us as humans.

    We can't blame anybody, Can we?
    Who's at fault!? Central government? State government? Or opposition?
    No, the fault resides in the absence of sympathy , th absence of basic kindness , the illiteracy ,the fact that this ill-treatment of animals is used as a bait to attract political controversy , the fact that there are people focussing more on the place of crime claiming it as a hindu-majority or muslim-majority region ....this is where we lost our so called left 'humanity' .

    This peaceful conquest we are fighting with inside our brains needs to be heard. An inhuman crime has been committed and what we need is justice and an assurance that these callous crimes won't be repeated , not another topic for political controversy .

    #inhumanity #justice
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • p_s_rawat 71w


    बेरहम है बहुत जाने किस बात का गुस्सा है,
    क्यों समझ नहीं आ रहा है कि वह भी हमारा हिस्सा है.
    सोचता हूं कि जानवर ही बन जाऊं इंसानियत तो बची नहीं, फिर मुझे इंसानों से बचाएगा कौन?


  • khushi_khanna2612 71w

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of human and inhuman???
    Or what is the difference between human and inhuman???
    According to me, both are the same ...
    An evil person is generally called as a wild animal bt can anyone tell me that which elephant had ever fed a human with explosive stuff ....
    Or which cow has mixed explosive substances in its milk which is to be delivered door to door ...
    No one , literally no one .....
    Then why to compare an evil with animals ....
    Infact anything good should be compared with animals and anything worst should be compared to humans ....
    It is actually a great crime to harm any of the creatures on this earth .....
    Inko koi haath lga de toh marne maarne pr utaaru ho jaate h mgr iss bezubaan ke saath aise krte huye inhe sharam ni aayi ...
    These criminal have done a hilarious crime of spoiling the lives of an pregnant elephant and a pregnant cow ...

    Mere maalik ne toh insaan banaya tha jo aaj haivaan ban gya ...
    Mere maalik ne toh dharti ko swarg jaisa banaya tha jo aaj narq ban gya ...


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  • go_win_the_hearts 71w

    #The Murder
    (Death of humanity due to death of a pregnant elephant)

    It's true that the world is cruel,
    hate wins the race than care.
    It's a world of cheap manliness
    we often forget who we are?

    God creates conscience in man to
    see what is bad and which is good.
    We are given two stupid eyes
    but couldn't see in a manly mood.

    The Dumb and it's womb are bombed
    left to death the innocent entity.
    Ruthless the shameless behaviour
    killed, I bet , the glorified humanity.

    The helpless elephant on the media
    is dying thousand deaths in all eyes
    struggling to survive fails to live,
    the cruelest murder ever in any day!


  • harleen_kaur_ 71w

    Humanity fails again

    What was her fault?
    Was being hungry her fault?
    Or trusting the mankind was her fault?
    How?? Can anyone be so ruthless towards that peaceful being...
    She never hurted anyone nor did she say a word
    This is inhumane!! The poor animal met her end at the feet of stark inhumanity...
    But beware humans! "As we sow so shall we reap"
    Whatever you do towards these innocent creatures will come back to you magnified!
    Because nature has its own ways to treat humans who fail the test of humanity!!

    #elephant #inhumanity #sad #reality #perpetrators #need #to #be #imposed #mirakee #pod

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  • soumyachandrakar 71w

    इंसान तेरी इंसानियत कहाँ गयी,
    क्यों उस बेज़ुबान हाथी पर तूने हैवानियत दिखाई ।

  • soumyachandrakar 71w

    इंसानियत नहीं रह गयी अब तेरी पहचान,
    जो बेज़ुबान जानवरों पर क्रूरता कर बन रहा हैवान ।

  • brokenbutinlove 78w

    वो ना धर्म देखते हैं ना जात, ना बर्ण
    चाहे हो ईसाई, जैन, हिन्दू, बौद्ध या मुसलमान
    ना सोचना जानते हैं ना रखते हैं कोई चीज की समझ
    ना वो उमर देखते हैं ना रखते हैं दिल में रहम
    वो हैवान हैं, सिर्फ दिखाते है अपनी हैवानियत
    और उससे जन्मा हुआ कोहराम ||


  • grotesque 81w


    Rokne se toh ruk jaate,
    Par tok ne se rukenge nahi.
    Yeh jo desh mein ho raha
    Use muh pherenge nahi.
    Har ghar ki ek hi hai kahani
    Har ghar sameta ja raha hai.
    Par kuch gharo mein kuch khas hai
    Jo unko alag se ghasita ja raha hai.
    Jo koi puchhe tum kyu ho aisi
    Toh mai bolu aapko zarur dikhega.
    Jo koi puchhe kya hai jo dekhna hai
    Toh main bolu bohot nafrat; bohot nafrat.
    Woh jo tumhare ghar mein the, kiraye pe
    Woh aaj sadak pe hai tumhare nasamjh se.
    Kaisa hai yeh zulm ki humne aankh hi
    Band kar bas TV pe atke huye hai ki aaj
    Kitne maut huye aaj kitne maut huye!
    Arey maut nahi qatl hua hai, insaniyat ki.
    Jo log ghar se beghar huye aur jinko
    Beghar kiya gaya, kya qasoor thi unki.
    Aap mast ghar baithe sochte honge kitna
    So liya, kitna phone pe Instagram kar liya.
    Woh log toh sadiyon se isi aag mein jalte the
    Ki tufaan, bhukamp aur mahamari mein
    Do waqt ke roti kaise milegi? Neend ayegi ya maut?!
    Nahi yeh ittefaq nahi ki aisi shor hai.
    Yeh toh bohot saalon ki gunj hai.
    Aap kabhi sune hi nahi. Maine puchha;
    Aap dekhna chahte ho un logo ki halaat..?
    Aap muskurate kehto ho, aaj nahi aaj nahi.

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