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  • anuradhasharma 16w

    इक निवाले में वो , पूरा पकवान चखा देती ।
    हर त्योहार उसी कपड़े को , नया कह पहना देती ।
    हर दिन अपने झोपड़ को , महल कह सजाती ।
    हर रास्ते बिन चप्पल बच्चों को , हिम्मत दे चलाती ।
    हर दिन वो घरवालों को , जीने की नई आस दिलाती ।
    ऐसे इक गरीब , अपना घर चला लेती ।


  • vijisophia 17w

    Me and my carcass

    What a pitty on you oh dear
    You lost your respect the day you were born
    No one thinks that you are a human
    Nor they take you as their own

    Each time you have to go down
    Just to avoid the fuss in the house
    But each time when you drop
    those tears from your eyes
    You seems like a carcass lying on the golden casket,
    With a pleasant smile on your petals my love

    Don't you dare to talk to them
    Coz they don't have ears to hear
    Your agony will go with you
    Though you tried your best to prove


  • julie__ 22w


    I hate the way you look at me like I am not even there,
    The look in your eyes shows no emotion or care.
    I hate the way you talk to me like I am so beneath you,
    I try to do everything you want me to do.

    I hate the way you look at me like I am made of a glass pane,
    Although I am shattered and broken I try to hold my tears from falling like rain.
    I hate the things you say about me like I am not in the room,
    You think in my hand should always be a rag and a broom.

    I hate the fact you think that you are better than me,
    You are the one who made me into this person I've come to be.

    I hate the way you give me rules like I am your child,
    Never let me out of you sight for longer than a little while.
    I hate the things you think about me and all of the questions that you ask,
    Leave it where it belongs the past is the past.

    I hate that you do not take me anywhere,
    It's like you are embarrassed of me so you rather me not be there.

    I hate the way you say I can do nothing right,
    And how most of our time spent is in an argument or fight.
    I hate that you talk down to me and try to call me out,
    But if I say something back to you I'm just running my mouth.

    I hate the fact that I can not be the perfect person you want me to be,
    I would give up my own life if I knew it would make you happy.

    I hate that you think I should wait on you everyday,
    But I ask one simple thing of you and you never go out of your way.
    I hate the way you love me because it doesn't feel like you do at all,
    You are suppose to be the one I can rely on to catch me if I fall.

    I hate the way you look at me with all the hate in your eyes,
    Like I have completely and purposely ruined your whole life.

    I hate that you blame everything on me,
    Sometimes I just wish you would tell me to leave.
    I hate the way you do not pay attention to anything I say,
    But I still make myself believe you will change one day.

    I hate that you do not spend any time with our kids,
    You are to busy for them in the life you live.

    I hate that I sit here and think of all these things to say,
    While you are out having a good time and at home I always stay.
    I hate that you think women are suppose to wait on men,
    My vows were to be your wife, not your slave until the end.

    I hate that everything I say seems so stupid to you,
    You make fun of me constantly for everything I do.

    I hate the way you complain about all the things I do,
    I'm sorry I'm not perfect I could never be like you.
    I hate that you are so overly jealous and controlling of me,
    I deserve a life to I can't be who you want me to be.

    I hate when you say I love you because I know it is a lie,
    And everyday all I want to do is cry.

    I hate that you throw so many slams I need an umbrella,
    I'm sorry but I'm done being your Cinderella.
    I hate all of this hate that I have inside,
    Everyday I feel like more of me has died.

    I hate the fact, I just wish that you would see,
    That the truth is I hate myself, I hate being me.

    - julie.

    #women #inequality #suppressedwomen #overpoweringmen #miraquill


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    Life is like a magazine book,
    us women are compared and stared at,
    we are given choices but are being exploited.
    our power is limited in the eyes and areas of men
    do they forget where they came from
    if so well damn.

    She's a lioness; don't mess with her.
    She'll not spare you if you're a prankster.
    Don't ever try to saw her pride, her self-respect.
    She knows how to thaw you, saw you so beware.

  • _craftygirl_gauri0410 23w


    Saw a post saying Respect Women
    But what I feel is...
    Respecting women is good.
    But respecting their situation is more important than anything else!!
    Irrespective of their gender, caste, religion!

  • amethyst_20 26w

    Inequality may get worse if inequity is preached

  • sevendrading 27w

    Learning to Fly

    The airport bows, hands pressed in namaste,
    presents itself, lifts its hem to reveal
    waxed limbs, sharp pressed walls,
    sterile gait, crafted
    to be world appropriate;
    just not helpful
    to the indigenous.
    Sentient doors part at your arrival
    Premium rates do not apply yet.
    There's a price to be paid to daydream
    in the lounge - overindluge
    in your smile over-commit
    to the act that you own it. 

    When you feel out of place, like yeast 
    among mushrooms, look to the east.
    On the stone steps lie dreams stuffed
    into asbestos, aluminium, and tarp.
    Stored next to the taxiway
    out in the open, evident.
    Smell the must of skin
    cooked in the slow heat
    living scavenge waiting 
    to be picked clean
    to be ignored
    Like you.


  • rupal_kaur_anand 28w

    As we grow there are so many things we forget.
    Yes we might learn important life lessons as we grow but never forget the old ones ♥️

    #descrimination #racism #inequality #womanhood #feminism #lessonswelearn #instagram #follow

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    Never forget the lesson of equality we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • discoveringself 29w


    A flower and a leaf
    Are loved unequally,

    Yet the leaf never
    wilts in sorrow,
    It goes about its duty,
    Of nourishing its plant,
    Devouring the sunrays,
    To lend beauty to the flowers;
    Much aware, the admiration
    Is only for the flowers!
    For the leaf, this is its life
    And its destiny!
    And acceptance comes easy;
    Lending it grace and perpetuity!
    That the ephemeral beauty
    And seasonal blossom of
    The flowers may not know!

    Love is unequal!
    Work is unfair!
    Admiration is sporadic!
    Yet its the color of
    The leaves that lends
    Fervour to the garden,
    Serenity to the forest,
    Peace to the heart!

    Let joy be the job
    Of the flowers;
    Let the leaf be the
    Unsung nurturer;

    And lets learn
    the acceptance of the leaf!
    That though life is unfair
    And unequal;
    We have a role
    To play that none can replace!


  • mathi_fk 29w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Inequality

    @mirakee #mirakeeans #inequality

    " If anyone does "

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    Should not give space
    to treat
    Arise and raise

  • dreamersneverlearn 29w

    The ladder (is broke in America )

    it shakes me
    Constant worry
    I'll never be free
    I work long hours
    With minimal pay
    Will it always be this way?
    Will i ever hear crickets instead of gunfire
    Will i ever be able to lay in the grass
    Is it too late
    Is this concrete jungle forever my fate?

  • inoxorable 32w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Inequality

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    Life is Full inequality

  • eccentric_eesha 39w

    Inequality is badly rooted
    in our system and society
    which makes everything
    unfair for everyone to
    survive peacefully. It gives
    birth to many malpractices
    that refrain us from taking
    a leap towards progress.

    © Eesha

  • soularchitect 39w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Inequality

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    Inequality is born from the greed of humanity.

  • parihar_sahab 44w

    inequality is just a creation of poor thoughts of intelligent people.


  • flatbrush 47w

    #Inequality #3 words one-liner

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    Inequality equals injustice.


  • goldenthoughts 47w

    Look around

    Look around and see that
    All things are not equal.

  • theyellowwallflower 48w

    The Gap

    You say there's no gap.
    But from where I stand
    There is an ocean
    That disproves your ignorant notion.
    Herein lies the gap-
    In "not after dark"and "be back by 5"
    And in me wondering if from my walk,I'll come back alive
    It lies in me having to ask thrice,just to go to the mall with my friend
    While for you,the outings know no end
    Endless road trips,and your several "night outs"
    Are something that I can only dream about
    Kids should not have to learn to yell fire instead of rape to get help
    But this "trick" was drilled into my head the minute I turned 12.
    So when next you feel compelled to declare that there's no gap
    Remember,you don't have to memorize all the helpline centres on the map.

  • itechinshield 52w

    "I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore" said Marina Diamandis.

    The world we're in is not the safest place to live for all the women, black people, LGBT people and more. People simply get killed by just being themselves. It has always been this way.

    And it's been enough.

    A poem by me for #MarinaZine
    #equality #inequality #womensrights #women #feminism #lgbt #poem #poetry

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    The Day After

    Two magnetic hands tryna come together
    Two gunshots then total silence
    Throw some dirt, plant some flowers
    And forget about them the day after

    Two mouths tryna find each other
    Two cuffs then death sentence
    Hang them fast, you sons of bitches
    You'll forget about them the day after

    Another day, another murder
    She was a friend, she was a sister
    You might forget about her the day after
    But her kids will be waiting for their mother

    I know you won't help if we get slaughtered
    To you, these hate crimes don't really matter
    I know you'll forget about us the day after
    Don't pretend to care, don't even bother
    We all know your world will soon be over
    Behold, cuz we're in this together.

  • harshvardhan__ 57w

    There should be no inequality and discrimination in education.Every one should be same. So selection should be merit based

  • harilakshmiii 59w


    Before you entitle your sons with rights that seem fair to the society , think of your daughters and the entitled men they would have to endure