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    थप्पड़ का जवाब गोली था
    और कंकर का जवाब पत्थर,
    जो ना सुनती ये गोरी सेना
    तो कर देते धमाका, कान के पास आकर।

    कुछ ऐसे थे ये परवाने,
    आज़ादी के दीवाने, मस्ताने।।


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    Happy Woman's day!

    To those who believe in being woman!

    We were created like this and we should be proud of what we are!

    Khanna b sath garam karengy, kapray b sath me press karengy, job bhi dono karengy! If I get angry, you get me an ice-cream and If you will get furious I'll cook you something special. We'll live together.


  • thewayward_laureate 6w

    As I was the only one

    Amidst the dangling threads of air
    I saw myself with a golden glow
    Which always flamed like a fire.

    I never wished to be the only snowflake
    Of the moor at night
    shining in the solitary sky of dusk.

    I moaned and moaned the entire dark
    But no one lit the extinguished flame
    As I turned the serene lark of the dark.

    And I decided to bring out my rays of hope
    Like a bird soaring the sky.

    I flew up the sky with my wings of fire
    With a determination of loneliness

    My rays alive,I burned and burned
    As I was the only one
    Who turned that darkness bright.

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    Faces were filled with pity after having a glance
    At the newborn girl's innocent visage
    As she tossed, turned and cried on the hospital bed
    And tried to see her happy relatives over her head

    Her parents' countenance was filled with pleasure
    Of having a nipper, their very first treasure
    But her relatives were sure enough to bet
    That the bairn wouldn't grow up to be an asset

    Her parents would have to collect money and worry
    To sell her off and pay some dowry
    Since some paper notes are all she's worth
    Her parents are expected to work hard since her birth

    Even while selling old newspapers, money is received
    But a woman, worth nothing, is sold for free
    From birth till marriage, she's addressed by whom her father is
    And then she takes her husband's name, till eternal bliss
    She never has her own name, home or rights
    Cos' women are nothing more than daughters, mothers and wives

    On the occasion of the arrival of a guest
    She'll run in home and serve what's best
    She can never prioritise her life or career
    Cos' she was born for someone else and not for her

    She burns like a candle for others, day by day getting shorter
    Leading a hopeless life, for all her dreams did she slaughter
    With a similar upbringing, she ruins the life of her daughter
    For she teaches her that women are men's objects, to be played with
    Who should behold silence even if abused, raped or hit
    And due to partiarchy, a woman is deprived of her dritt

    She's expected to cook, clean and do all the household chores
    She can either do it voluntarily or she's forced
    Cos she'll have to serve the man with whom she walks around the marriage fire
    The one who'll have the right to snatch each of her desires
    She'll keep mum because she's forced​ to digest
    That a woman is no more than a man's object

  • enchantingmayoor 8w

    Lips to tipsy nose...
    Eyes for an epic tale ...
    I would fall in love for one night...
    I am a journey reaper...
    Tell me just if you plan to come along...
    One night of love...
    One day of affection...
    May get often....
    Do remember...
    Globe is round...and so is our love!

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    #Independence day special #Indian fighters #Martyrs

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    The Martyrs

    It's 2021, but still we can't forget those every single torturous day
    Once our country face
    The days where people had only one aim
    Just to set our country free

    The days when our mother were bound in shackles ,
    Millions of her children were tortured viciously .
    When there were no hope of light
    When her children saw her mother ,
    Crying in pain , trembling and growning in pain

    It seemed impossible to everyone ,
    People questioned themselves that ,
    What are there next step ?
    Still they tried and died .
    Millions died just because they tried to save our mother .

    There was a spark of hope , trust lied in their soul
    All it needed was a fuel ,
    Which would help it turn into a dengerous burning fire
    Which could destroy everything .

    Like every single day ,
    they lived inside a cave of darkness
    Searching for a way out
    They knew outside the cave there is a light
    They kept searching for it even
    When few rocks fell on them , one got sick ,
    Snake biten their feet , sharp pointy rocks pearcing them ,
    They were injured , there feet were disabled ,
    There energy was about to get exhausted
    There were no food ,not even a drop of water
    Still they crawled to find out the way out

    Still people can not forget
    Those days
    When old people were not allowed to take rest ,
    When children were not allowed to grow
    When people were not allowed to speak .
    People wanted to scream
    there mouth were forcefully covered with hands , they were strangled
    Still they didn't lose that little flame burning in them

    Now we can forgive those torturers but we can never forget their deeds .
    The list of trillions of people they killed
    can never be repaired nor can be forgiven by anyone of us

    Now those trillions of people we call are Martyrs
    But beside it we can call them heroes too
    Because they may not be the leading once
    But they sacrificed to set our mother free
    They came forward holding their life on their hands

    They lost everything and yet nothing to lose
    But what they created are still serving billions of people
    Even after so many years

    It's miserable to think that we actually lost those people
    If we still had them
    God knows what else we could create

    I beg to the God to give them enough peace where ever they are
    When they were here they did a lot to save us

    Now we are standing in our own house
    We are sleeping peacefully
    We are not going to bed in fear
    Of what going to happen tomorrow

    Just because them ,
    Their blood , sacrifice , effort and lives
    We still have many such people
    Who are now in armies
    Protecting our country and us .

    I am greatfull to those people
    Who have already did for us and people who are now doing for us .
    I am proud to be an indian .
    I feel proud to talk about our warriors , Martyrs , armies
    I feel proud to talk about their deeds .

    A great salute to our Martyrs , freedom fighters and armies
    God may listen to our pray

  • women_with_pen 12w

    it's been 124 years,
    of a man who brought down the Bombardiers.
    hereby celebrating his life on the 23rd of January,
    and adding more to his honorable notoriety,
    than just his unfair closure of obituary.

    Born on the beautiful land of Cuttack,
    was a child,
    who redefined India's struggle for freedom,
    worked for abolitionism and chose ways that left people beguiled.

    was courageous enough to go beyond what was rife,
    was strong enough to form the "INA and the "BLOC"
    was resilient enough to handle the British strife,
    was valiant enough to contradict with the wrongs of the leaders,
    and was progressive enough to transgress the misogynistic aggressors.

    To a leader like this, India bows,
    To a fighter like this, it's a little tribute and bestow.

    Oh,How buoyant it is, to be grateful to a leader like Netaji,
    of every speech of freedom he is the main addressee.

    In 1945,
    he bid the world a good bye ,
    accepting pragmatism,
    and gifted us with an unending sense of pride and patriotism.
    none of us have the right to take this freedom we have, for granted,
    slowly and steady ,in years, it was planted,
    by people who gave up thier lives
    who in our hearts must always outlive.

    #subhashchandrabose #originalpoem #donnotrepost #independence #bosemystery #23rdjanuary #India

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  • kikasu 17w

    Aaj inhe cehchane de...

    Aaj inhe chahakne de,
    Basti hui nai duniya mai inhe khilkhilane de..
    Ye v prakriti k hi den h..
    Yeh Or koi nhi hame subah subah uthane wale pakshi anek hai....
    Nhi chinte h inse jindagi,
    Isiliye chaliye aaj inhe chahne de...
    Aaj in pr koi rok na kre,
    Jha jati hai inhe jane de...
    Choti si hai ye zindagi..
    Chlo inhe nai khushiya batne de...
    Isiliye chlo aaj inhe chachane de...

    Har pakshi k prajati anek hai..
    Inke jati v na ek hai...
    Lekin ye nhi krte hai jatiyo k bhedbhav kuki,
    Inke irade hmm manushyu se nek hai..
    Hmm manushyu ke gande irade se hi ye dokha kha jati hai..
    Kuki dana dalte hi ye use pyar smj dharti chum aati hai..
    Toh chlo hmm aaj ek sankalp le aate h..
    ki inke aashiyane pedo ko na katte hai..
    Or phir aaj inhe swatantr rup se chahane dete hai...

  • anniestarr 19w

    I am and I will

    Growing -
    find someone who is ambitious,
    a social climber,
    someone who will elevate,
    someone that will provide.

    Grown -
    I am ambitious.
    I will climb whatever stairs I choose.
    I will bring myself higher than anyone else ever could.
    I will provide.

    I am and I will.


  • eulalia003 19w


    Instead of forcing myself to love what i do...am learning to do what i love these days

  • vidhi_53 24w

    She is beautiful,
    She is independent,
    She is strong.
    She is beautiful inside and out.
    Let her decide what she wants in her life,
    Otherwise you would never know,
    When she will go far away from you,
    In the moonlight where she belongs.

  • alphav 24w

    If I wear less makeup, but I'm still brown, will you stop rejecting me?
    If I dress fully covered without giving a hint of my skin, will you stop harassing me?
    If I reduce my weight, will you carry me on your shoulders for a trip to explore the world?
    If I gain weight, will you place that 'miss universe' crown on my head?
    But, if I do all that i wanted,
    They would call me a slut,
    To whom should I live for?
    Society? Or myself?
    It's time to teach young girls that
    Waxing, clothing, and makeup is their decision,
    Skinny or fat, it is their body,
    A body that's not specifically nourished for their boyfriend nor husband,
    Her body, her choice,
    But her body alone is not her definition ,
    I will wear what I've wanted to,
    I will do what I've wanted to,
    Call me a slut, a bitch?
    Good name from bad people is a sin,
    Shaving is fine, hair on her skin is also fine,
    Lipstick is fine, short dresses are fine,
    Too much, too less, shut them all,
    Everything that she does is fine!
    Framed by:- Sharu Latha
    Id:- @sha_ru_latha
    #feminism #girllife #alphavictor #mychoice #girl #modern #feminist #girly #modernlife #ourchoice #society #social #pain #girls #painoflife #painful #freedom #independence #independent

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    Just because I'm a girl?

    Too much makeup
    Too less clothing,
    Too fat, too skinny,
    Don't wear that,
    Don't do that,
    Don't go there,
    Why? Just because I'm a girl?

  • victoriaibukun 25w

    Great things

    Great things wasn't built in a day, doesn't mean you should be stupid enough to not speak up.


  • karanpatade 25w


    What is my life
    spending away with you
    if i haven't spent some of it... with me?


  • ishani_d_p_ 28w

    স্বাধীনতা -

    যুদ্ধ করেই,
    জয় লাভ করতে হয়,
    সে যুদ্ধ হোক সশস্ত্র বা নিঃশস্ত্র |
    মাথা নত করে পরাধীনতা থেকে,
    মুক্তি পাওয়া অসম্ভব |


  • nonnyboy 28w


    In freedom we shall rise as one.
    I drop my weapon of war,
    And raise my armor of peace,
    In unity we shall hold our hands as one,
    In independence we shall celebrate our Freedom,
    With our weapon of war beside us,
    We shall remember we are the green White green warrior.


  • gbless 28w

    Nigeria @60

    Nigeria we hail thee
    But all of us have failed you
    We have sworn to obey you
    But all we have done is shame you.

    We have done everything but what is right
    All we do is fight
    We rant, we cry we chant
    But vote we can't
    Now we hope our Nigeria is coming soon
    Since we celebrated @50 in bomb and ruin.

    We have raised our voices and bark
    Claiming to be right but stark
    With Ignorance and lurking in the dark.

    We made leaders who are filthy
    Who are dirty and thirsty
    Thirsty for power and wealth
    While our Mother land is in bad health.

    We are in a conflict
    For four years we are treated like scorn Then when Election times come
    Jeeps crawl into our neighborhood
    Men with Agbada and nice suit
    crawls out on their knees
    Throwing to us promises
    And demanding for our thumbs.

    Our needs are uncountable
    So we doubt whether our vote will count
    Since we are desperately in need of Stomach infrastructure
    Then physical infrastructure can wait.

    So we sell our vote
    Sell our future to feed our drying bones And I we go to the poles
    Adding salt to our wounds.

    My Motherland bleed
    While we watch her live stream in 4g
    From the East to the North
    To the wild wild West
    Things has gone down South.

    The ballot is stronger than the bullet
    How do we sell our votes for a diet
    We claim our vote don't count
    And rather have money in our bank account
    Like honey in it Cocoon
    Should we just keep quite.

    The African Giant is sick
    While snakes and monkeys get bank alert
    Leaders we can't bank on
    And public officials with Private bank account
    Civil servant are civilised slaves
    Not even worthy of a minimum wage
    and youth are astray and in rage
    We are in 21st Century but living in the stone age.

    #Boko Haram attack
    #Fulani herdsmen's on our farms
    #Terrorism all on our Ark
    #EndSars and #StopRape On twitter trends
    But we are still not on track.

    During Elections we have over 95 contestant
    But to us only the opinion of two candidate are candid
    They sweet mouth us like candy
    And crush us when they get the office they demanded.

    Our hopes are sinking
    The forest is shrinking
    But the trees keep voting for the Axe
    Because it has a wooden handle
    They think he is one of them.

    Fresh air was free
    Till inflation set in
    And our children grow thin
    Our pocket get slim
    Then we understand what inflation means.

    We have all been amaze
    That the maze in the House of Assembly can be stolen
    And then Assembly dismissed
    and we stare in tears and gaze.

    Nigeria is Sick
    and pls take notes
    That our Votes
    Could be the antidote
    Our blessed Nation craves or it could be costume for her grave when we sell our Vote.

    I hope this leaves you restless
    So the Spirit of Nationalism is awaken
    To make our Land me stainless
    And filled with love and Peace
    Enjoy this Diamond jubilee in peace.


  • estherabikale 28w

    A small tribute for my country.... Nigeria ��������
    Long live Nigeria ��������

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    Sometimes ago, she was just a child
    While in captivity, ruled by her captors.
    But she's strong-willed, wanting to break free,
    To experience the joy of a bird freed from its cage
    And stand tall with her head high.

    But she was black and naked, ridiculed and Shamed among among the blue-eyed humans.
    She was made to dance to their tunes
    And was called names and also named the
    Descendants of the apes.

    But all the taunts made her stronger
    And fearless, making her long for power
    To stand on her feet without support,
    To be a great leader,
    And back a true daughter of Africa.

    She conquered, she was celebrated,
    Clothed with the greens of farmlands and whites of happiness,
    And was given a name, a new beginning,
    But she's never one to forget her sisters.


  • _simdiii 28w

    Freedom she sought
    Freedom she got
    Yet not the freedom she sought