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  • himanshi_sharma 30w

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    Life is about having hopes yet
    despair is everywhere.
    Funny how pain always sweeps through our hearts
    But ������,
    You Add life to me
    And when I witness it pulling away
    I lose my breath in the most spacious of places;
    surrounding your heart.

    Poetry never dies, nor does the love
    It becomes one and beats inside the poet's heart.
    ~ Love becomes You
    Like that hymn ~
    The melody of the song ringing in my ears -

    ❝ Afsos hota hai, Dil bhi ye rota hai
    Sapne sanjota hai, pagla Hua. ❞

    I see promises failing
    dreams shattering and
    the ache of our shattered heart is loud enough to be
    perceived through the ears.
    ~ And when all of our senses stop
    Love becomes our coffin.~

    I think my skies might just implode into
    fiery fluster
    looking through your eyes.
    A brightness in you where the sun takes
    my eternal sunrise.

    ❝ Meelon ke hain faasle tumse na jane kyu
    Anjane hai silsile Tumse na jane kyu. ❞

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    I believe there is a reason why I
    feel the skies talk to me every night.
    I believe your message is reaching me through the beams of the moon.
    What if,
    We are born here on earth and after we die,
    Our souls travel to another universe
    and relive the same story?

    ©���������������� ������������

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    I believe there is a reason why I
    feel the skies talk to me every night


  • in_thy_arc_ 30w

    Former to for , the benign December

    flustered December rebukes shrinking
    saudade regarding eleventh season
    with frozen hands lying with sheet inking
    learnt lessons to bloom with fancy reason

    Dark bellied bounded words beats gilded leafs
    But the Eclipse overrides epoch
    Days in downtown dwells with doubtful belief
    Time hallucinates the heart of clock

    Marking serenity in silver code
    December wiped her blues to welcome Jan
    Carved apt bridges to cascade by abroad ;
    Two winters held hands and new time began

    Illuminating iris imprinted
    And Bedecked belonging snowflake tinted

    ~ snowman soaring high in eyes of her .

  • ersheeen 30w

    Mama i love you and this post is to let you know how much you mean to me. You're a star of our world.

    I know i can't define you in these lines but i thought this little effort will make you happy. You know what, you always inspired me to do my things with all the concentration. You gave me energy, my wings and a small thing which matters a lot - your smile.
    You teach me how life is a game, and how to play with it. You showed me light to the correct path. You loved me infinitely whenever i needed you. You covered me with blanket when cold hurted me. You gave me all the love and support when no-one was with me. You teach me the difference between truth and lie and good and bad. You have putted the correct amount of solute in my life solvent. You scolded me when i was wrong. You slapped me when i was confuse. You kissed me when no-one was accepting me. You hugged when i was totally scared. Surely you're a gem, the precious one and i promise you have craved your best in me. When i got success you were the only one was the happiest of all. When i got second you were the only one to build strength in me. You found a diamond in me when i was a rusted iron. You forgave me when it was surely to get beated. I must say you're the best of all you're awesome, incredible, lovely, sweet, cute and all thr best words in the world.

    @ersheeen @readwriteunite @miraquill @writersbay @writersnetwork #imppersonc #pod

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    Here i want to say that you're a amazing mother we guys are really blessed to have such a great mother, who always led us to success, you're the best of all.
    By the way sorry, i haven't done my best as i should still i think you will love these and have the beautiful smile of all the time.
    Here it comes to an end because now i left no words i know. I know it's funny still saying the truth.

  • diamond49 30w

    My Muse
    My partner in crime
    My best eating partner
    My hankerchief
    My Sweater

    Its three years
    We have been together...
    It is more than friendship
    Like a bond forever...

    The one's beauty
    I described in my poem
    Whom I showed
    Every corner of my home

    The one in my imagination
    In my dreams, my creations
    The one in my story...
    Is a girl
    And I just want to say
    I love her��


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    I love her

  • pallavi4 30w


    Mothers have a special way
    Of saying that they care
    Loving us from afar sometimes
    Without even being there
    No matter what goes wrong in life
    It is a comfort to know
    They will never judge us no matter
    How many tantrums we may throw
    You are special to me
    Because you are also my best friend
    And I know we will have each other’s
    Back right till the very end

    I was a very naughty child and still somehow
    Was the apple of your eye.
    I think I was one of those
    Children who were lucky to not
    Have been separated from their
    Mothers even when they were at work
    Because I would be tied to your back,
    Like the local native population
    In my town and so I would simply go
    Wherever you did.
    I still begin to smile
    Just recollecting those days of fun
    With you. My favourite memory from
    Childhood is sitting on the kitchen
    Counter and poking holes into savoury
    Snacks that you would be
    Waiting to prep and fry.
    You and I would either listen to your
    Favourite songs on the cassette player
    Or sing some ourselves while we cooked.
    This inculcated the love for music
    In me at a very tender age. I still remember
    Those days fondly when we still sing
    Them together even now ....
    So many decades later.
    The whole environment of food and
    Music and your company
    Were and will always remain my
    Favourite memory from my childhood.


    7th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: picture circa 1985

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  • chinahorom_ 30w


    Your importance to me is like an instrument played in an a capella, it would sound much richer but its name and definition would not be the same.

    This is how I am constantly changed by you.


  • daffodilpearlzz 30w

    Written from the perspective of Zahira Ali of the series Girls' Hostel of TVF
    Thank you for the like WN ♡

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    Why did you leave my paths
    only when our journeys had only begun?
    Why did we argue for the noise
    which broke our serene silences
    into shards of broken trust?
    Why did we not turn back again,
    or not look at each other once again
    for we weren't supposed to stay apart
    just as we're now, caged in ourselves?
    And why did you propose
    that everything changes,
    that everything changes, eventually
    when I said about something
    that never changes, the past?
    Why did you remain silent,
    when I asked you
    if we could get back to where we were?
    Why did you walk away
    wishing me good luck?
    And why did you cry, wiped your tears
    and walked away without even looking back,
    not once?
    So did you live these two years,
    wanting us to be as we used to?
    I never knew.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Tue 7 Dec 2021

  • sherly_lilian 30w


    Hey Replace,
    My lovely daughter
    Look at you playing around mischievously
    A spitting image of my mothers daughter
    The one who left us too early
    Even before the real party began
    The one who watches over us from above
    Or so we all hope
    Look at you being all beautiful
    Just like she was
    Funny how life replaces what we've lost
    And they wonder why I love you much
    More than I love anyone or anything else
    But although my heart still bleeds
    It's overwhelmingly full of love
    And a little pinch of fear
    That life might take you away too soon
    But life must move on
    With hope leading the way


  • writersbay 30w

    Write something for a person you really love and cherish. Tell them how important they are to you.

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