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  • unknown_9 4d

    બોવ busy છો ને તમે!? જમવાનો, સૂવાનો પણ time નહિ હોય કદાચ તમારાં પાસે, નહિ!!!?

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    बात बस इतनी ही थी की, उनके पास और कई लोग थे।।

  • nazkhan820 1w

    Your Vibe.

    Either you light me up that all the darkness vanishes.
    Or you deep drown me under ashes.


  • __dikha__d 3w


    Love at first sight,First love.
    These maybe the best for many of you.
    But I think first love is just an infatuation,
    Love at first sight is just an attraction.
    Attraction towards their beauty.
    You look someone,you are attracted towards them and you eventually think that you have fallen in Love.
    But, it's not LOVE, it's just you are attracted to some part of them and it's obvious that you will forget that person after a certain period.
    Well!!! Love is one of the bestest feeling ever...
    When you are in love hours spent with your love feels/seems like seconds.
    Sometimes you wait hours and hours for just one text, one call which doesn't even take a minute but yeah it can make your entire day,it can bring a smile to your face.
    Sometimes you become very impatient to see them and sometimes you patiently wait for days, months,years to meet that special person.
    Everything seems to be so enchanting and magical when you are in love.
    You start listening their voice everywhere,you start looking for that person in every person you meet, every song you listen you start imagine that person,you started feeling their presence even though they are not with you.
    When you give your heart to someone, it's like that person only keeps revolving around you.
    Your focus remains only on that person and other things are just blurred out.
    You don't even know when you give all your body,mind,heart,soul and every damn thing to that special being .
    Love is such a beauty.
    Yet,it is one of the feeling that can hurt you the most.
    All love stories doesn't have a happy ending.
    There are so many instances when you have to sacrifice your love.
    Some stories are not even started cauz no one takes the first move.
    If one could have expressed his/her feelings, they might have a great future together but sadly they don't even make the first move and their love is Buried inside their hearts.
    Some stories are like both of them loves each other but can't be together,due to their parents so they ended up hurting themselves by respecting their parents decision.
    Some stories are ended because of this so called religion cauz our society gives more importance to religion rather than emotions,feelings .


  • _mr_ankit_ 3w

    मैं तुम्हें तरास कर उन्हीं हीरे मोतियों में तोल दूँगा ,
    जज़्बात का समुन्द्र छोर हक़ीक़त की नाव का मोल दूँगा ,
    और बिना सहारे तुम्हारे, अपने दिल को उन्हीं गलियों में किसी और से जोड़ लूँगा ।


  • wordsoftheetwilight 4w

    In the season of blooming,
    I was slowing withering with the traumas of my past.
    With the onset of the fall,
    The last of petal was still intact.
    The mad winds tried to break me as much as they could.
    You came in my life as sunshine in that stormy times.
    And made me uphold myself to wither all the past and revive with
    Petals of hope
    Petals of affection
    Petals of care
    And the stem of belief with roots of love.
    I can't describe even with all the metaphors of the world what you mean to me
    But surely
    These words will make your day I hope !


  • unknown_9 4w

    जिस इंसान को तुम्हें खोने का कोई डर ना हो!
    रोनक, तुम उस इंसान को छोड़ दो।।

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    बड़े-बड़े रिश्तें भी ख़तम हो जाते है अगर वक्त पर वक्त ना दिया जाए तोह।

  • monika28 5w

    The more you get busy the more you realize your importance in other people's life.


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    જે વ્યક્તિને તમારાં હોવાનો કે ના હોવાનો કોઈ ફર્ક જ ના પડતો હોય! તો તમારે એ વ્યક્તિને છોડી જ દેવી જોઈએ, પછી ભલે એ વ્યક્તિ તમારાં માટે કંઈ પણ હોય, કંઈ જ પણ...

  • ritz__ 6w

    Lots of surprise, gifts, unexpected wishes on your day

    Not a single thing

    We understand our importance in everyone's life

  • differentworld 8w

    # hurt
    # everything
    #long distance

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    Sometimes distance is important too,🥺to see the real closeness 🤗🫂of your relationship❤️ N to know what importance u hold in each others life.! ☺️😎


  • its_me_luki 9w

    And I'm slowly seeing you #leaving
    Leaving me with thousands #question
    Makes me #doubt myself and my #importance
    Would you please tell me what I did wrong
    #give me chance to fix myself to be your best

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    I'm trying to be fine
    Seeing your ignorance, everytime
    I know I'm not wanted anymore
    Begging you to stay here,
    just give me pain more and more
    I have to let you go
    I'm never be ready tho
    But keep insisting you to love me,
    Give me more feeling of sorrow

    I'm not wanted anymore, I know
    You've found someone better,
    And that always scares me
    Forgotten, unloved and left by you
    However, everything.changes
    This is your turn, your feeling has changed
    And I can't do anything, just acceptance


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  • cg_kumaran 13w

    Questions for you.. Time..

    Hey, its Time..

    Yeah, its Time..

    Hey, its Time speaking..
    Aren't You done with your Sleep..

    No, I am so Tired..

    Wake up, Little one..
    Wake up….
    Its really Time now..
    I need to Run..
    I don't wait for You..
    And, I Cant..

    You are So Annoying Time..
    You once again..
    Wiped my Sleep..
    I have Questions for You..
    You have to Answer those..
    Since, Only you know the

    Why you always be on Time..?
    Whats matter with you..?

    Do you know, How hardly We
    Run for You..?

    Who are you First..?

    And, Why You always control

    Why don't you have Feelings..?
    Why don't you have Emotions..?

    What makes you to Run that
    What makes you to Run that

    Who Taught you to Behave like
    Who Creates you First..?

    Whether the Universe Controls
    Or, You controls the Entire

    As you knew, We humans have
    Our Life is Limited..
    And, its too measured by You..
    Why dont you have Life time
    Or, You have Life time ?

    As we knew..
    Every Process has its Own Starts..
    And Process requires Energy
    To Continue..

    When You Start to Run..
    Who Ignites You to Run..
    What Fuels You to Run..

    You should tell this..
    You know what..
    We People
    Now have several Troubles..
    Fuel Price hike is
    Heavy One of those..

    If you say us, whats your Fuel..
    If you say us, whats your Energy
    As a Secret..
    We People, too try that Fuel..
    To Run Our Resources..

    As we knew..
    Nature never harms Nature..
    You are One among Nature..
    Your Fuel never affects us..
    Your Fuel never Fails You..
    Your Efficiency is 100%..
    Your Stamina is 100%..
    Your Performance too..
    We may copy from You..
    And, Apply that in Our Earth..

    Can you..?

    Its Always Time..
    Be on Time..
    Run on Time..
    Time Makes Everything Possible..
    Time Knows Everything..
    And, You should Remember that..
    Time is always Changing..
    All Changes isn't Easy..
    All Changes isn't the way You wish..

    You should Remember this..
    You Can't Control Over Time..
    If you try so,
    You only Lost your Valuable Time..
    Try to Understand Time..
    Try to Run with Time..

    As Time Changes..
    Everything Changes..
    As Time Grow..
    You too Grows..
    As Time Runs..
    You Should Runs..

    The Secret is
    Be on Time..
    Respect Time..
    Calculate Time..
    Plan Accordingly..
    Live Happily..

    As I said, its Time..

    Hey Time..
    You Have several Questions to Answer..
    Why dont you try to Run away..

    You should Understand this..
    Not every Questions needs Answers..
    Some needs only Acceptance..
    In Life..

    Again, You Starts Running..
    Hey Time..
    Here I comes..

    © CG Kumaran

    If you Read this..And Like this..
    Please Leave your Comments..
    To Know more..
    To Learn more..
    To Write more..


  • unknown_9 13w

    Aapke pas wakai me waqt nahi tha!? ki sirf humare liye waqt nahi tha!?

  • mona05 13w

    Your shadow
    will leave you
    when I am around
    you will lose
    your hope
    if you
    hear any sound.

    I gloom
    your mind
    with scare
    I grip
    your thought
    not to dare.

    without me
    there's no
    value of spark
    I am none other
    than but dark:

    "Demon's Ruler".

    I have the power
    to make you
    without me
    there's no

    through me
    you will
    find your
    I am the
    only source to
    provide you

    I bloomed
    the nature's
    through my
    I am none other
    than but light

    "Angel's Blessing".


    Thanks a Ton ��@mirakee.
    Today is "World Happiness day" and I am thankful to each one of you to make my day ��������. God bless each one of you .
    Thanks a million @writersnetwork .

    it's my First pod ever since I become part of Mirakee Family

    #opposite #wod #power #importance @writernetwork @mirakee

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  • unknown_9 13w

    'Importance is important.'

  • unknown_9 14w

    फ़िर आज देखा की जिस तरह, जैसी बातें वो हमसे किया करता था, जैसे वो हमारा हाल पूछा करता था ठीक वैसी ही तरह, ठीक वैसी ही बातें और ठीक वैसा ही हाल मैंने उनको किसी गैर को पूछते देखा...

  • gaamir 16w


    Paisa zaruri Nahi kehne waale sabhi log palat Gaye ,
    Jab sikka girne ki awaaz aayi