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  • theessence_ 2d

    Dear Steph.

    -You were amethyst in the ruins.
    Swirls of sun rays and moon dust

    -You were a pearl washed ashore this cesspool
    Your heart of silver immune to rust.

    -The rust of this wasted land.

    You were light redefined,
    You radiated with serenity.

    The honey on your cheeks,
    You were a fairy, no.
    An angel.

    I love to believe you ascended to the maker,
    That's what angels do, right?
    That the reaper didn't have you quiver
    And cry silently into the midnight.

    I love to believe your wings didn't wither,
    From an ailment that grips even the celestials
    What if it was neither?
    The bitter truth swirls within, and I'm in denial.

    The silver droplets from my eyes know no end,
    They flow with each beat of my heart;
    How can they not, when you're gone?

    Blue skies into grey clouds,
    Never again will you lit up my horizon.
    I still hear your laughter, just barely;
    When the last spec of moonlight fades.

    It beams at me,
    But I know I'm dreaming..
    Because, underneath this very soil you still lay.



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    Dear Steph.

  • young_flower 2d


    One thousand three hundred and thirty two days without your smile.

    The first 365 were the hardest. They were the ones that hurt the most, and made me fell the most lost.

    365 more, were spent trying to accept that I will never talk to you again. Accepting that death is infinite and not temporary.

    The rest? Well, the rest have been me trying my best to do more than survive. Knowing you'd want me to live, but feeling it's hard to breathe when I remember that you're actually gone...

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  • urvidhake_ 1w

    Missing You

    Walking by the bay,
    After a work day,
    I hopp onto the stone beside,
    Lying around like a helpless poor being,
    Constantly getting hit by a tide,
    It clicks me, what is the difference between me and this stone,
    Lying around the work,
    Constantly getting hit by the land of memories,
    Nights flooding with high tides,
    Where should I hide?
    You always come from the land of memories,
    And seek, to take me there.
    Where I cannot help but miss all the days
    We had before the lock down took over.
    And you were my only dreams drover.
    Now, I am just a lonely stone lying by the bay,
    Counting on the memories to take me away,
    Because I miss you today and everyday.

  • sonakshi_ 1w

    चल जो भी हुआ
    सह लुंगी।।
    तू दूर है मुझसे
    तेरे बिन वक़्त भी गुजार लुंगी।।
    तुम्हारी ख़ुशी के लिए तो
    तुम्हारा निकाह भी देख लुंगी।।


  • mariateresa 2w

    Feeling the blues comes in waves from the ending of a long term relationship with my true love and soul mate. A man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. This is how my heart grieves, through my poetry.

    #heartache #heartbroken #lostlove #truelove #soulmate #imissyou #soulconnection #endings #writerslife #mirakee #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #foreverlove #emotionalpoetry #processing #breakup #relationships

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    In recognition of my broken heart

    The silence from you creates a deafening madness
    Acknowledging the true cowardness of your non action leaves me in sadness
    No response to the heartache is worse than any words could express
    Pain like a knife dipped in poison driven straight into my chest
    Your love once filled me with a warmth so comforting
    Without it, I'm cast into a dark hollow place, trying to relieve the suffering
    Our friendship and laughter is what I miss the most
    Treasuring all the moments we shared the magic of companionship is what I hold close
    In my heart and in my soul
    The absence of you as taken such a toll

  • king_mawuli 2w

    if missing you is wrong

    i long to see your face one more time
    i long to hear voice one more time
    tho distance obstinate
    many miles away
    fond memories of you gives me sight

    i long to hear your voice one more time
    tis melody that quickens my heart
    i long to feel your love
    surging thru my pulse
    reignite my joy my life once again

    Tell me why
    i'm bursting with unease
    i feel so incomplete
    as you've taken over my mind
    tell me why I feel this way,
    if missing you is wrong

    Tell me why
    you took away my sleep
    you fill myself with you
    please I am not okay
    tell me why
    if missing you is wrong!

  • piya_inara 3w


    Dear friend,
    Today l blocked you to stop myself from remembering how much I loved you!

    Dear friend,
    Today I unblocked you so I forgot that why I blocked you in the first place.

  • anetita 4w


    Passing faces in the crowd,
    My eyes search for you,
    Heart yearning for a glimpse,

    Wondering, "Do you search for me too?"

    Eyes open, pressing rewind,
    Mind stuck in overdrive,
    Consumed by 2 a.m. musings,

    Thinking, "With you I felt so alive."

    Body craving your touch,
    Etched into my skin—a tattoo,
    Scars marring my memory,

    Asking, "Do you miss me like I miss you?"


  • aarymay 4w


    Tu to bhool gya tha usko kya hua aaj jo uski yaad kr ke rona aaya

  • aarymay 4w


    Kitne kaam baaki rhe gye the tumhari zindagi me ab wo pure krne hai mujhe
    Aman se aarymay ban ke dikhna hai

  • bunnyfromjupityr 4w

    This is about my best friend who took their life on Halloween 2020 #poetry
    #death #imissyou #queer

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    eulogy for hurricane mykal

    Your funeral was last week: unspeaking, half delusional, sleepless and weak after that October morning the call woke me. Bawling bloated tears broke me, soaking my bones. I’m mourning, waiting for you at home. Beer cans in piles, nonstop laughter, we spoke plastered as the sunrise spun into a peach powder horizon. I still cry “why you are gone?” Goya spice on beans and rice, you always left during night. Air shaft lungs lit cigarette cinders even in zephyrs; fall leaves light our frayed twin flames. I miss how you slept till noon. On the way to the wake. I’m shaken. The car window draft makes me quake in amassed cloaks of mist over the silent I-90 interstate. I closed my eyes crying to the most beautiful song: it’s immense immutable quiet. A year crafted in fucking hell. I listened to muted mouthfuls of music ripple along walls as I got high. Scarred memories blister acute childhoods. We came out scorched, right? Your graft against host throat choked you the same, huh? Murder of crows grin that was applied post mortem thin. Snipe smoke slurred out roasted lung too August autumn fire hot.I don’t blame you for wanting the internal burning to stop. Cauterized words sing “I’m fine.” Grief gashes gild with time. The Kintsugi of the self, molten gold grows, clotting jagged cracks. Do you miss me? You taught me carrying charred crucible cups by yourself only ever overflow. Your comforting chaos will never be lost. I was caught by it too. You didn’t ask about the rouge red bloody bathroom sink, how hard I cried, the severed skin, or the empty bottle of rosé. You know how much I love you, a lot. Draping drunk, skating, scraped road rash knees, smashed knuckles bleed all wry together. Impossible flips on our ground floor apartment porch. It’s implausible, not any nouns, aphrodisiacs or euphemisms can’t make your absence go down. Trying to find the crown of the queen that “saved you.” And what’s lost can’t be found.
    I got a bandana at your funeral and the knot slips. Could you twist it tighter round my wrist?

  • simreensheikh 5w

    Missing someone ❤️

    "I miss you in ways that not even words can understand."
    "Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you are close in my heart."......

  • midnight_bellow 5w

    I love you in a way which no one can understand .
    - To my best friend ❤️

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    I haven't ever thought (even in my scariest dreams ) we will end up , living so so far .
    There were days , when we used to hug each other every day and look now at this sombre period I can't even hold your hand !!!
    You used to dance crazily and I used to sing madly , hovering all day around, and now
    all those moments are washed away like sand by separation's rain .
    This game of parting for so long and meeting only for a teensy time , is not really fair .
    There's no one else , whom I can speak my heart to , I am holding things up to share it with you when we meet next hoping that day to come soon .
    A lot is going in my life nowadays , I search for a homely hug at every corner but get knocked back each time . A feeling of being loved has already died inside me .
    But , despite of all these , I love you with a love , that no one can understand !!!


  • redneckwriter69 6w

    "I need you "

    Why does my heart ache so much
    This pain is deep and hurting so much , I need you
    Days that I can't bare it
    Your not here , I need you
    Tears flow freely more often
    I can't hold it in ,I need you
    Memories can't stop the pain
    Your love remains , I need you
    I can't stop , wanting to tell you everything
    But no one's here , no one to listen , I need you
    No one to catch me as im falling

  • _powerful_words__ 6w

    It feels so heavy sometimes,

    when I remember the days of us,
    when we were together, but now it looks like that our promise of "stay together until the end" is buried with the memories.


  • healerr 7w

    At the shore of life
    She let him go
    Her desire started with him ended with him just like that

    May be this is also love

  • sheuaker 7w

    Loving You Missing You

    I was trying to kill my nerves
    I was trying to heal my life serves
    I was holding your warmy hands
    I was kissing you in time of presence
    Cause I was
    Loving you
    Too much loving you
    Cause I am
    missing you
    I'm too good missing you

  • jzpenningmyfeelings 8w

    My diary is the only one, knowing how much I miss you.


  • terbell 8w

    In This Moment

    If I was face to face with you
    In this moment
    Id say, feel, and think
    A million things
    With such passion
    As I cry a river.