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  • jaizspeaks 1d

    A Traveller

    I was in a Dream
    and when I woke up, I was Dead
    It was My Life, The Dream!
    A Journey between Birth and Death.

    Am perplexed.....

    Is Life so short?
    Was I Born? Did I Live? or
    Dreaming Myself from another Universe?

    All I know is, Iam a Traveller,
    from an Unknown Start, Travelling to Infinity.


  • pritds641 2d

    Bird or Human

    Whom do you think more happy?
    Man can run, bird can fly
    Bird is my choice, obviously
    I am saying, it is not really.

    Decorated rooms, soft cushion
    One more house? Call a mason.
    Balcony up, garden down,
    House, building, city and town

    Nest, Open sky, on the branch
    May break, with a crunch.
    Weaving twigs, work of beak
    May break, not of brick.

    Do you feel a bit hunger?
    Buy some drinks and burger.
    At home you may cook,
    Spicy, tasty and delicious look!

    Sizzling hot or shivering cold,
    Juvenile young or aged old
    Gather fruits-seeds, from tree to tree
    Or cereals littered in free!

    Cough cold or sun stroke?
    Accident, paralyzed or bones broke?
    Hospital, doctor, medicine,
    Taken help of x-ray machine!

    Ploughed feather or wings' damage
    Nobody know how to manage!
    Sat on the wire, electrocute.
    Straight to heaven, no help about!

    Umbrella, fan in the summer
    Blanket, sweater for winter
    AC for further pleasure
    Cold water, use geyser!

    Cumulonimbus cloud, shrieking thunder
    Pass through nearly, don't wonder.
    Chilling cold or scorching heat
    Or deluge rain, we have to beat!

    Terrorists scouting around country
    Immediately engage canon and military
    CCTV employ for trespasser
    Polices stabilize riots of bouncer.

    Always have chance of die
    Look a arrow coming from sky
    None to help, none to alert,
    Only cry being so hurt!

    Flying in the sky
    Don't know predators nearby
    Their friends tell lie
    A big kite hit from the high!

    This is life, this is the fate
    Sometime they caught, sometime ate!
    Hunters entrap in the forest
    Sell as product to the rest.

    Often trained for circus
    Or exhibited in zoo parks,
    From past we serve as letter-men
    Tied to pole with a chain.

    You choose which is right?
    Quite peace or independent fight?
    Full of struggle, not only flight
    Ahead of them, only a few light!!


  • upasana224 1w


    अकेले ही जिंदगी जीते आ रहे हैं
    कभी एसा पल नहीं आया ....
    किसीके साथ जीउ,गुस्सा करू,
    गलती पे दातो, रो फ़िर मनाये ,
    ठिक हैं हम ही ज्यादा गुस्सा कर गये...
    अब तो माफ करदो जनाब
    कह देते है...
    गुस्सेवाले मोटे मोटे गल
    kisinu सुत नहीं करदा.....
    वह कहे चलो cafe में coffee पीते
    पर में कह दु.....
    मैनु नहीं पीना Coffee -Soffee cafe में
    मैनु न रास्तेवाली एक्दम कड़क चाय ही पिनी है !
    वो कहे चलो 5 star hotel chale खाना खाने,
    मैनु नहीं खाना 5 star hotel दा खाना.....
    रास्तेवाला धाबा चलो....!
    कुछ छोटे छोटे ख्वाब हो
    जो उनके साथ पुरा करू!
    वो गुस्सा करे, फ़िर रुठ जाउ ..
    फ़िर वो मनाए ...!
    पर हम कह दे मनाने की जरूरत नहीं
    हमे भी माफ़ कर देना कुछ कर दी तो
    कुछ सपने जो उनके लिए बुनु....
    बस ये कहने के लिए एक कहावत हैं
    बाकी तो थे अकेले
    अकेले ही जी रहे
    अकेले ही है जीना....!!!


  • muneeb_gulzar 1w

    Whenever I write About you,
    My pen Everytimes makes you mine.

  • black_p_m 1w

    Thoughts of a blind one

    I can hear the birds sing their morning anthem
    I also hear the hoes of the farmers, my dad's included

    I can smell breakfast cooking,
    I think the milk is burning, but the potatoes smell heavenly

    I can literally taste the heat form the stove on my tongue
    As I chew on some roasted maize mamma gave me

    I can feel sisters hands as she guides me towards my little stool beside the window where I can feel the lake.
    I feel the irregularities of the stool while I feel for where to sit.

    Once I am settled, I begin to imagine.....
    I imagine being able to see the lake in its full glory
    I imagine how the morning sun would spread itself across the lake like a child reuniting with their bed before leaving for school.
    I imagine the colors....bright and perfect
    I imagine mamma's little garden with an array of various plants and flowers
    I imagine some of these flowers receiving their sight
    From the sun's magic touch after a long dark night.

    This is my world, full of vibrancy and color
    Even though I can't physically see,
    My minds eye will show me everything.

  • journeyingwithnomakha 2w

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #courage #boldness #power #imagination #no limitations

    What if we lived in a world with no limitations ,
    Where everyone believed all is possible,
    What if we already have that world ,in the pages
    Of every book,our mind runs wild like fire
    In our minds
    We jump from one rooftop to another,
    We have wings and we soar as high as we want to,
    We love unconditionally and we're loved
    We're the conquerors,
    We tread on the serpents
    We trample the vicious lions
    We overcome all obstacles.

    What if the pages became our reality.
    Maybe then we'll realize
    What we can imagine, can come to pass.

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    Dear passersby

    The pages of my book,
    Fresh and intact.
    Never once even peeked at,
    Will you do the grand honor,
    And take me with you?

    Perhaps, I am the remedy
    To your heartache,
    When all else goes wrong,
    You can dive in my pages of
    Endless possibilities.

    Together we can paint the sky poppy red
    The amber rays of the sun, celadon
    The emerald trees, cameo pink.
    Because in the canvas of this book,
    Boundaries know no existence .

    Take me with you
    But be mindful of this.
    I am not for the faint-hearted.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 2w


    Calenders do not adorn the walls, no more hanging,

    Calculators are not found in the drawers any more, missing,

    Radios have been silenced forever, aren't found singing,

    Bells in the schools do not swing merrily on the celing,

    Wrists have forgotten to wear watches, hastily ticking,

    Walls clocks seem to be on the verge of extinction, retiring,

    They all point towards the culprit, grinning and teasing,

    Smart phone who's replaced
    them to bring about a new begining
    But there's someone sitting aside, gracefully smiling,

    As it's existence is old yet as good as gold, most appealing,

    The one who has clutched the heart of logophiles, crazy about writing,

    Its the pen, the void of which no substitute will ever be filling,

    The joy of staining pages over pages ,overwriting and cancelling,

    Making umpteen corrections, checking multiple times before finalising,

    And then looking back at those crushed pages with endless inking,

    Soothes the writer's heart, rendering him a sense of ecstasy, a proud feeling.


  • the_amorist 2w

    My Meek With A Supernatural (B)

    She's not the type to be described as exorable
    Blessed with a kind of beauty
    And a unique quintessence of ingenuity
    You would hardly ever see in a mere mortal

    Question how I can make these claims so boldy
    About this entity at which I marvel
    And what I'll do simply
    Is speak of my meek with a supernatural

    Eyes like an illusion
    You'll fall prey to them at first sight
    Quirks and insecurities she often mistakes for impurities
    If a drink be what she be
    They be the enticing aura of the solution

    Lips like refuge
    If you manage to have her smiling ear to ear
    They'll drive away your worries and fears
    In other words they feel like home

  • nits23 2w

    You make me happy

    When I am with you it feels better but when you are not around with me feels everything is going wrong. What I am just because of you .

  • snehajacob 2w

    He took me to a fairy land
    he uttered the most beautiful tale
    it is our saga
    how we met.

    Brewing coffee for us
    the smell itself was euphoric
    greenery hugged our home
    the foggy nature
    made me crave for cuddles
    so we both snuggled.

    Little things
    that he did
    made me feel euphoric
    He is Euphoria.
    soul knows how
    home feels like.
    He braided my hair
    pink flowers he picked up for me
    placed it well.
    I took the plant
    As a souvenir.

    The path was breathtaking
    fog hid the path
    white blanket covers all
    little pink flowers said hello
    he stopped to get one for me
    the path is better with cute
    little flowers here and there.
    Freezed the moment
    so that I can replay
    these memories when I'm cold.

    I took a Polaroid
    him smiling like a kid
    I captured that moment in my heart
    home was hugged by green and beautiful flowers
    I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming
    this is real like our love.
    this place now holds the best moments
    nature at it's best
    cold outside... Foggy but I can see the greenery
    this is a sweet dream
    playing in my mind.

    Goodbye, to this fairy land and dreams
    fairies wander at night
    they are hiding in the white blanket
    I hear them talking about us
    They are happy and us too.

    Thanked him for this dream
    too good to be true.
    Enlightened my soul
    taught me a lot of things
    Finest decoder
    Deciphering my soul and myself.

    This fairy land of dreams and much more
    Brewing coffee, coffee mugs, tales, fog and much more...

    #imagination #greenery #us #foggy #himandi #happyplace #reelorreal #fairyland #fairies

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    Fairy Land


  • jyotsanaanand1999 3w

    तुम्हारे इंतजार में,
    ना जाने कितनी रातें गई।
    ना जाने कितनी बातें,
    ना जाने कितनी यादें,
    ना जाने कितनी वादे।

  • maggie469 3w


    I love reading stories, I have since I was little girl, I would get lost in these stories, I loved so much.Traveling with magical creatures, Wizards, sometimes time travel.
    As I grew older, I stopped imagining I was in these stories, because now I know that they are not real, they never were.
    But I wish they were real.


  • _do_lafj_ 4w

    He- Tu hmesa mere face pe smile le aati hai..
    Me- Haann
    He- To tu meri kyo nhi ho jati..
    Me- Agar mai teri ho gayi to mai fir se khud ko kho dungi...
    He- Jaruri nahi har shaks ek jaisa ho..
    Me- Jaruri to ye bhi nhi ki hm janbujh k fir se apna dil dukhaye...
    He- words nhi ab kya bolu...


  • smartzs 4w

    Love ,
    When the whole world was attacking me with harsh words .. I was fighting for our existence .
    And you were just silently observing ever second without uttering a single word .

    But you know what made me hurt... You coming at the end and telling me just a " Sorry " !! ...aah!!

    Thank you ! I really hate loving you , love



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    Just like a delicate glass
    We created our bond
    But look ! We failed
    It broke with just few drops of misunderstandings

    Shattered into pieces
    It might hurt us ...
    Better be careful !!


  • sleepingsoul 4w


    Think about the topic,
    Mix up words,
    Burn the reality,
    Cook the imagination,
    And your poetry is ready

  • june_margot 4w

    When we look at successful people, we always see the spotlight, but forget the arena of darkness surrounding them.

  • june_margot 4w


    You are flawless. You are perfect.
    I love everything about you except for one thing, that you don't exist.
    Maybe good people are just a beautiful illusion.
    Kindness in this world is another intitution
    We thrive for moments
    to which we can return
    When times get hard,
    to acknowledge how far we have come.
    We live recital
    these little islands of hallucination
    Some become real,
    some remain imagination.

  • debu443 5w


    I can read poetry imaging you ;
    Even, i can write stories for you...
    But i want to live those stories with you...
    If you want to ❤️!!!


  • neehaa 69w


    जो कभी खत्म न हो, ऐसी यादों का बरात होगा, तू।
    चाहने से भी पूरा न हो, ऐसा ख्याल बनेगा, तू।।
    मेरे दिल में बसा एक खूबसूरत सा राज होगा, तू।
    मेरे मायूस से होठों को मुस्कान दे जाए,
    एेसी बेहतरीन अलफाज होगा तू।।

  • neehaa 92w

    Tum mere wo aakhri mohhabt hoge...
    Jo phli baar hoga mujhe.....
    . @neha..