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  • asteroidxae 3w

    In your cloudless summer
    spare me a beehive
    for I'll hibernate in there
    till first rain comes giggling
    I'll be chanting this prayer
    with an army of frogs
    till your welkin waters
    my withered spring
    at purple nights, I'll watch
    your pearlish fog laughing
    while capering comets
    tuck me to sleep
    for cloudberries cascade
    in chuckling chimeras
    at sheeny veils of morning
    I'll be swirling to meet
    schools of gouramis
    at emerald rivulet ripples
    as daylight marries twilight
    I'll be their bestman
    bursting crimson cherry bombs
    while northern lights shimmer
    and balmy incense waft
    I'll invoke to the highest heaven
    marvelous it is, marvelous!


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    bgpic : unsplash

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    as daylight marries twilight
    I'll be their bestman
    bursting crimson cherry bombs
    while northern lights shimmer
    and balmy incense waft
    I'll invoke to the highest heaven
    marvelous it is, marvelous!


  • _nandana_ 3w

    Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. 

  • hoodedprince 3w

    Best Of Today

    Dear Tomorrow,

    Hope I get to see your sunrise,and smell the innocence of birds who are still not scared of flying in the open sky.Today aunt Jane lost her love in war and..Slowly losing herself to a thought,as the reality sinks in deeper and deeper with every passing second.

    Clock ticked 11:45PM,looking towards the door,with her moist blood shot eyes,hanging on to a tiny thread of hope,that her love would walk in through the door suddenly,just like he did 10 years ago,carried her in his arms and proposed.But this time,aunt Jane was waiting to throw herself on him,and convey the deep heartfelt apology,who's guilt was weighing her down with every breath. Yes! Aunt Jane and Uncle had a big fight right before he left for his journey where he was welcomed with a bullet to his head.Memories of their happy times frozen and on the walls around.My mother trying her best to console,with a blank expression I watch my aunt,who is looking at walls filled with regret,as her last moment with him was filled with anger and despise.

    A war within me waged every single day.Eating me alive.I would go to bed soul dead only to wake up next morning and get eaten again.Being a Military man my uncle was a symbol of discipline but he always had his way of straightening things up.But he always pushed me by saying, "There's no tomorrow,if there is then,today is the tomorrow that you told yesterday."

    Now,as I look back at that tragic time,I sure have come a long way.The day my Uncle died,a part of me died along with him,only for the seed of resurrection to take root.Watering them with his words and with some ray of hope,helping me to blossom and spread the fragrance of empathy,warmth and spontaneity through my actions,rising and shining,regardless the filth that surrounds.

    Today it's been 5 years since my uncle died. And as I complete this letter today,to thank the yesterdays that taught me the value and gave me another chance called today,todays which has blessed me with a brighter tomorrow,and all tomorrows which has given me hope to make the best of today.

  • _nandana_ 3w

    Even the deepest night goes away when the morning comes. Even strong hate disappears when there is love in your heart.

  • _nandana_ 3w

    “Times may have changed, but there are some things that are always with us, loneliness is one of them."

  • _nandana_ 3w

    Don’t believe when somebody tells you about love. Words mean nothing. Look at what this person does for you.

  • poeticsky 4w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #heritage #imagery #pod
    Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments

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    Sometimes the Best thing you can do for someone is to give them their space and freedom to unravel their destiny.
    So, even if anything goes wrong on their path, they will always have self containment and peace at their heart

  • unblossomedyet 4w

    There are days I just want to slip into an emptiness and detach myself from from all entanglements into a river of deep silence, without a lifejacket on. Trust me!! This solace is such an empowering tool that can actually combat the turbulence within ...

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    A falling leaf.

    A mute dry leaf,
    Glides through the tree,
    Into the air of emptiness.
    You might lament it's fall,
    While I am gleeful, for its finally free!!!


  • _nandana_ 4w

    “I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore.”

  • _nandana_ 4w

    “It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling—that really hollowed-out feeling."

  • _nandana_ 4w

    The pain never really goes away; you just elevate and get used to it by growing stronger.

  • squared 4w


    Passing on
    the autumn days
    and older days of summer,
    the crowd betrayed the steps of sidelight.

    Everything was judged
    by its colour except the darkness,
    Which geared up its grace
    By tailoring its traumatic torment.

    The ought for the dark light
    Was lit around everywhere,
    For it braced their bruises hiding them
    Behind the bushing moon.

    The night held me
    Making me a part of conscious crowd,
    Which took their arms ahead
    for their waxed emotions.

    There was a story behind
    every scratch of a scar,
    Which the darkness cladded
    Around his chest.

    Where the shades of dusk
    Drowned the dilemma of dark circles,
    Which made them feel insecure
    about themselves.

    The darkness fueled the air
    with balms of hope,
    Catalysed the scent
    Of their unfiltered soul.

    For their marks of past
    Were concealed with the darkness,
    Which won’t let their future
    Judge them with the coat of their beauty.

    Beauty which draped itself
    With the costumes of their old reminisce,
    And their brackish burdens
    Which was blurred behind the night.

    For I and the crowd is waiting
    For the arrival of forever darkness,
    Which would cut the cliff of their
    chaotic and crapped memories.

    Where everything was judged
    By its colour except the darkness,
    Which creeped towards the origin
    Of ethical morals and decency.

    Nonetheless by their
    Bygone patches of pain upon their face,
    But wholly by their
    Distilled and aseptic essence.

    When the light roared
    About the debt of darkness
    Uttered about its deviation,
    “Even your shadow leaves
    You behind in the darkness “.

    For the shadow
    that leaves you in the darkness
    Knows the worth of your courageous soul.


    /Thankyou so much for your read. ^-^❤️/

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  • love_whispererr 4w

    "YOU" an alone tool for my metaphors who never dishearten my balladries.

    #tools #imagery #wod #unfoldc

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

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    When you unfold my balladries with some miseries and with many larkspurs

    I'm a bare pansy
    neither from the hibernation of summer
    nor from the cradle of vapourish September
    an unnoticed metaphor I'm
    dangling from the essence of an old letter
    give me and undone sonnet of heartache
    I'll unbutton its soul and decorate it
    with my vagrant petals of winter.

    I'm an unremembered fairytale
    neither from the castle of German's Rapunzel
    nor from the trepidation of Hansel and Gretel
    and unhinged album I'm
    embellished by the breezes of spring
    where the ewe dances with some lambs
    under the street lamps of a sheepfold
    and behemoths are killed by that brave ram.

    You're the cold lumberjack
    from the fanciest citadel of my pocketbook
    and from the mahogany colors of my corsage
    but a naked lie you're
    squawking with the melody of my metaphors
    where I pierce many prickles on my heart
    to undress my nights inside a tavern
    and inscribe some sonnets for my empty wardrobe.

    ʖ͡° bidya ༎ a rookie

  • inner_conflict 4w


    A graceful flower holding a bouquet
    In every nook and corner
    They spreads their Aroma
    An unknown fragrance
    The exotic scent that took away my senses
    Everyone was magnetized by their charm
    Standing in a dewy weather
    I feels sultry
    These heavenly lovers love


    #imagery #wod @writersnetwork

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  • blossomwrites 4w

    The art of poetry is like blooming daisies
    It makes my olfactory senses activated in a rapid instance !

  • preetkanwal 4w

    When waves of emotions swell
    verses echo in tears
    hidden in seashells,
    sparkling with pearls of poesies,
    where a sea of painful stories dwell.
    Poetry permeates in breeze
    my fresh wound’s moist smell.


  • _astitva_ 4w

    PS: It's my first attempt for a Haiku.

    #wod #imagery #Haiku @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Lustre of lillacs
    Blooming balladry beauty
    Charm of poetry.


  • elament3 4w


    Something wicked clings to crevices within my sinus roads.
    An intimate location where unwanted wretches roam.
    Unwelcome, uninvited they make themselves at home.
    Yet this peculiar morning brings unsettling undertones.

    The silence of this locale...  odd this time of week.
    Places gone for refuge deny the solace that I seek.
    Frantic grasps for freedom reveal the worthlessness of flee.
    This evil dances through the depths of my olfactory.

    Adjustments aimed at focused flailing, searching for the cause.
    I notice that my home is ravaged
    *insert a frightened pause*
    An unsettling concoction horror, shock,  anxiety.
    And continued apprehension of my olfactory.

    This pungent distraction forcing blinded sightless looks around.
    Enough to overlook remains layed sprawled across the ground.
    Within this violent moment a painful impact and release...
    Then freedom found from pain, and sorrow... permanent reprieve...
    Defeated by a foe that I could never see
    The villainous aromas housed in my olfactory.


  • inked_selenophile 4w

    my moon ������ Ishhhh (208)

    Mai nazar hi nahi hata pa rahi hoon chaand se

    I clicked it ����

    #imagery #writersnetwork

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  • sarah_arsheen 4w

    I'm set on my way
    Into darkness
    Which holds
    My breadth
    Reminds of
    untold fears
    Making me
    Drip down tears
    In this one way
    Track I might distract
    But no worries
    I'm clutching tight
    To this rope of hope.

    Now I'm in pitch dark
    Like never before
    Fireflies to be
    My eyes
    Led solely by
    The stars

    Am I the
    Cinderella now
    Dancing towards you!

    With each step
    Let this earth rise
    To form magnificent
    Stairs of moonlight
    Leading me to heaven
    Out of entire
    World's sight

    Yes indeed I'm on
    My way to get a
    Glimpse of your ray
    My heart can make out
    Your splendid silhouette
    In Starry sky but
    Unfortunate are my eyes

    I'm finally here
    All I wish is
    Just to see you right
    Want to hug you tight
    Cause I know
    This is my
    Utmost delight!


    Hope it's good :)

    #picturec #imagery
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    Now I'm in pitch dark
    Like never before
    Fireflies to be
    My eyes
    Led solely by
    The stars

    With each step
    Let this earth rise
    To form magnificent
    Stairs of moonlight
    Leading me to heaven
    Out of entire
    World's sight