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    These West coast vibes really suit me well. I love seeing the majestic mountains all the time reminding me of my own inner strength. The weather is gorgeous and sunny, severe clear skies. My heart is so happy and the peace I feel makes me immensely grateful for all of the wreckage these last 3 months. When the Universe takes everything away, it's for our highest good and healing. I've ended 5 very poignant and challenging relationships. One is with my only living parent, the other was my partner of 8 years. Life feels effortless and flowing full of abundance today. Waking up to a serenity I've never known in all of my 43 years.

    Grateful ❤
    Thank you all my fellow friends and writers on here that support and love me as I share pieces of my soul as poems on this journey called life.

    In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste ��

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    Standing still near sunflowers on a hill
    Sun moves slowly towards the horizon ending the day
    Sudden change once warm in my body, now grows chill

    This journey has taken many paths
    Newness is bubbling with wonder in the aftermath
    Waiting patiently, having the chance to reinvent myself
    I've pushed the reset button, rejuvenation turning full circle
    All the pieces of me coming together now in a hue of deep purple

    Each one the strongest and best version of soul
    Fullest expression, loud and colorful, I cast an intentional spell
    Ready to embark upon roads not yet traveled
    Mystery is my companion and faith is my guide

    Continuing to walk and dance to the beat of my own drum
    Never dull or boring, it's a full spectrum life I've begun
    Not for the faint of heart or ones who don't understand its intensity
    My heart is enormous as it shines light as a beacon of hope
    And awaits its wildest destiny


  • dishamandaviya 120w

    Hey guys ! After a long time.But please read it dont feel it is big but it is really true! If u feel just tell me I will do my best and write more to my next post.

    Just think why did God created a life ? Created us and many more things?
    And if he created us so what we can saw to him? To his creation?
    Everyone has 2 eyes , a nose 2ears and same everything then also everyone do not look alike! What a creativity!
    Since everyone's thinking is different and it is up to us what we do! Just take an example of a school , where ten students are new , as everyone has groups , Some will go to a naughtier gruop , some in silent group while some in a active students group , but they didn't realise it .
    Similarly , in this life also many bad things as well as good things are going on.But mostly by living in a habitual area where most people are a bit bad (have the teasing facts , fighting etc . ) so we also started behaving like them and feels that its common(for instance speaking bad words )

    And always good people are appriciated not bad ones so its ur choice? In which atmosphere u want to live
    And if u live with bad persons also so make a habit to not adopt their bad habits , BE YOURSELF!!!

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    Music is not my life
    But it really help my life a lot.


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    "Be yourself;everyone else is already taken"

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    If people don't let you come up in life, remember you're the master of your life. Let not others decide it for you.