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  • tas_saib 4w

    Has it ever occurred to you that our realities are fragments of manifestations from the portal of our imagination?
    Has it ever occurred to you that our present is the consequences of our past and that the future depends solely on the present?
    Has it ever occurred to you?
    That life is just a dream for the ego to enjoy
    and death is the awakening of the soul to a realm we'll live in forever....


  • heartofbabel 5w

    [ Illusions ]

    Not afraid of strife, war
    Bloodshed, destruction
    I was raised with this in my life
    It is the source of my corruption
    I've seen flags, wave
    The praises of this nation
    As bombs blast across the land
    And third worlds were degraded

    Not afraid of guns, death
    Terror, segregation
    It was preached from the pedestal
    And met with ovations
    One nation, under
    The authority of integration
    Indoctrinating the minds
    Of every single generation

    But yet, still
    They instruct me to be fearful
    Too afraid to rule my life
    And in a system to be cheerful
    Too afraid to become native
    Lest the trail I lead comes tearful
    They don't want me to question
    And of that I get an earful

    But every single year, full
    Of war and endless spending
    Berating and inflating
    All the wealth I've earned, descending
    I'm pretending life is great
    We're all so fake and condescending
    Got a mask over my face
    While underneath I'm comprehending

    That the rule I know's a monster
    Claustrophobic as it conquers
    Given power from the people
    Who were birthed to be the sponsors
    Waste their whole life with no honor
    For the mindless never ponder
    They just sing their petty anthems
    As their patronage is conjured

    A smoke-screen, daydream
    Living in illusion
    That the State is very great
    Indoctrinated and deluded
    No life to be uprooted
    Suffocating and polluted
    The existence of the State
    Is just death in conclusion

    And like sheep you follow
    Marching to the slaughter
    Submitting to a system
    That wants to slay you on the altar
    A bloodshed culture
    Preying like the vultures
    It is here you lift you praise
    Build your monuments and sculptures

    You have failed to remain human
    Embraced the cult of corruption
    And committed life to ruin
    No hopes of every straying
    From the State, no revolution
    For you're enraptured in deception
    Completely lost in the illusions

    © HeartOfBabel

  • crudemotions 12w

    Mirage of Happiness

    Often encountered in the sands of lifetime

    Oasis filled with pre-defined life standards

    Lures explorer for a detour from actual path

    Leading into the voids of the endless ambitions and desires

    Burying explorer with the weight of disappointment

    Only to find the core of this illusion is Mirage of Happiness


  • prekshita_tanwar 13w

    Illusory Truths

    Perceptions, intricately incorporated,
    Visions, the vast themes enfold;
    The architecture of thought, elevated—
    Oh! The cerebral complexities which manifold.

    Illusory truths, joyfully imaginative,
    Beyond perceptual truth;
    Lost in vastness, speculative—
    A sensitive capability, for years filled with youth.

    A world of strategic architect,
    Eclectic Logician, Pragmatist;
    The Intuitive, flawless yet imperfect—
    Perceptually truthful, socially individualist.

    Thoughts, such beautiful they are,
    With strange magnetism, unknown;
    Oh! How impactful they are—
    With delightfully elegant tone.

  • iaintacritic 13w


    The one you see moving around is a clone programmed to social pressure....
    And this clone has arrested the real me deep down in my unconscious at the bribe of this materialistic life...

  • fatty_07 14w


    Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the truth, maybe I didn't want things to turn abstract, but I felt I should say it, because this was the moment to say it, because it suddenly dawned on me that this was why I had come, to tell him 'You are the only person I'd like to say goodbye to when I die, because only then will this thing I call my life make any sense. And if I should hear that you died, my life as I know it, the me who is speaking with you now, will cease to exist.

    It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched for they are full of the truthless ideal which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real, they are bruised and wounded. It looks as if they were victims of a conspiracy; for the books they read, ideal by the necessity of selection, and the conversation of their elders, who look back upon the past through a rosy haze of forgetfulness, prepare them for an unreal life. They must discover for themselves that all they have read and all they have been told are lies, lies, lies; and each discovery is another nail driven into the body on the cross of life.

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  • nikita_bose_biswas 16w


    We all have illusions. We can hardly live without them. Most of the time they are harmless thoughts about things that are usually unattainable. When a person sees something that they want and then dreams of having it. Whenever someone holds an opinion based on what they think is true, or in some cases what should be true, rather than what actually is true, then that is an illusion. Illusions sometimes help people cope with painful situations, but in the end, illusions are only a false escape from reality.

    "Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue. . . .


  • veronica099_ 17w


    I am no poet nor any epitome of laureate.I am simply a human being bound by all the strings that this Universe holds. But, I have witnessed myself transforming from having an adamant determination for perfection to nurturing my flaws, to changing my outlook.

    It's funny how it changes you so much so that it makes you yearn for more and for every ounce of it. It slowly creeps onto you, only to whisper that you deserve more, bewitchs you to long for the absolute.

    The lifelong journey, bitter and sweet, the boundless chuckles every morning, the endless gossip under this mesmerising maze of stars, you want to clung on to them all, hide them forever from the world, in a place where noone can gaze.

    But you know what,all it wants of you is to be a soft,fuzzy niche to rest a sullen head, a space to seek relief amongst the restless strings of principles, like a warm blanket on a chilling stormy night, or like a fireplace on the clodest of December's rampage, or, a faint reflection on the flowing stream, or a reassuring echo in the mountains, a shade to rest your guards, away from the chaos.

    This is as if celestial mights, which were destined, are bonding, untrammelled by the barriers ahead. I am transforming to become selfish for more, jealous to share,yet happy to lose once and for all,everything, forever. This is so beautiful, the underlying force to take over and once and for all, I think I am in love.

  • enleightonment 18w


    There are things I dare not touch,
    Mirrors I dare not gaze into.
    I've since survived Medusa's cold stare,
    but the hissing continues to brew.

  • _broken_mirror_ 23w

    I realized there's no one in this world who could completely understand you more than yourself,
    Longing for a person who can understand your reasons is just like longing for an illusion which doesn't exist.

  • shrihari_nandini 23w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #nandini #forever #rules #opulence #illusions

    A Major Theft
    - Bhavya Gogia

    Who made the rules my Father?
    And why did you let'em implement?
    Why are you so cruel Oh Father?
    You used to be my sole opulence!
    Who is someone to say,
    That I don't belong to you,
    Who are they to crush my belief
    Who gave them the authority if not you!
    Karma Bhumi is this world
    That's what you chose to call,
    And strung us in the web
    You made the rules for all,
    You made us all unpaid servants
    By showing your mercy first hand
    You left us in debt which can't be paid
    And no option for reprimand
    Why Oh Father, you call yourself 'Great'
    If you leave us with nothing but hope
    That one time you're ours then not
    We dont own you cause you're the God
    And don't you smile, you cunning mind
    I won't heed to ill refutations you give
    Or your devotees or whatever whoever
    Cause I am tired of being just submissive
    Nobody heard what I had to say
    Just clinging to the hopes, I'll be alright
    Oh no what you ignored all along
    Was in real, my actual sight!
    Yes I dont care to worship you,
    Yes I dont heed to do any thing,
    But I knew I adored you, I knew
    I loved you with my everything!
    Why is it, who made it so,
    I hate that love, if that's how it's defined,
    To suffer immensely is never love
    All rules of bliss, its you who defied
    I am dead from heart which sang about you
    My spirits cling to last bits of hope
    Love is not a half way road,
    Dont come to me, if you've to be God
    I was clear then, and am clear now
    Mistreated perhaps by my own foes
    But all I wanted was my Father, his love
    Never all of your opulent fancy shows!

    On 11th November, 2017, I got the best gift of my life. But its stolen from me now.. I got the gift of innocent love. Well, not ordinary though, love of God. (Though it never qualified as love, I choose to call it love for now)
    But as I say, it wasn't ordinary, it was so much more, my personal attachment to him, I never knew came to be of social importance.
    Everyone praised me for devotion, they do so till now.. But I was never a devotee..
    I tried my best to follow all the rules, be a devotee, do what not, think what not. But all this just stifled me.
    And one day, in the blind chase of becoming a 'good devotee' I lost my past innocent self.
    You can see from my old poems and recent ones.. How I tried to incorporate the rules in me. How I tried to make my Father as the King of Universes.
    How the one reciprocating my childish acts became a Supreme Personality refered to as 'Sir'.
    Well, I've come a long way. And I am in no way posting myself superior to all the genuine rules abiding devotees.
    All I ever want is, my innocence back, and that's why I am leaving all thoughts of being good and perfect.
    I'll be what I am and I'll see God as I saw before even if that makes me the worst sinner of all times.
    Thank You for reading..

    Yours truly
    ShriHari Nandini

    In the picture- All I ever wanted- my mother & father ❤️

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    A Major Theft

    - ShriHari Nandini

  • silent_scribblingss 25w


    The whole world is
    Tucked in the trouble of illusions
    Unknown fears, unbearable ache
    Memories sliding deep with tears
    Somewhere I see a shade of happiness
    To rejoice the colours of joy
    In my dreams, I suddenly realise
    Emptiness follows me like a shadow
    Leaving my half imagined
    Canvas of happiness…

  • poster_boy 26w

    Once you find, there is no where getting back.
    #reality #illusions #realisation

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    Realisation ain't window shopping , so you can grab answers for the questions aroused at matrix level and return back to illusiory state but dissolution of matrix.

  • poster_boy 26w

    Don't try to sell reality, only illusions has its customers.

  • cassiopeia_sky 32w


    Illusions what are they but a mask to turn people away just to live another day...

    Perception of reality easily distorted within the thin veil of one's mind can make you go insane just trying to find people to blame...

    False misleading vibes entering into the brain with no hope of survival along with nothing to gain...

    Within the matrix of lies illusions will fly the tower of destruction where no one is spared due to they just didnt really care...

  • roshscribbles 32w

    I love the most

    The snowy winds and the cloudy frost
    the divulging woods and a rusty post
    No way to go,all I think is I am lost
    Amidst all these let me raise a toast
    You're are the only one I love the most....

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  • dil_k_ahsaas 39w

    मौत बांहे फैलाए जिंदगी को नए सपने दिखा कर लुभा रही है
    जर्जर शरीर के बदले में जवां शरीर के वादों से फुसला रही हैं।।

    दिल के एहसास। रेखा खन्ना

  • puranidiary 41w

    All my life

    All my life I've looked at words as rhyme of all life jingles
    Luminous of my dark kingdom as those stars twinkle
    Coated with concealed pain expressing all giggles
    Washing down past taints like those fresh sprinkle
    Pouring my inert sensation just like brook flows
    Comforting my bleeding heart as the zephyr blows
    Illustrating my life illusions all sweet and fray
    Disclosing through eyes which lips fail to say
    And Scribbled letters,the Swords of my all fights
    All my life I've looked at words as my knight

  • kishore_devnani 42w


    ‍♂️Dec 3

    ILLUSIONS are the greatest source of happiness in our life.

    In Short-> Movies, Holidays & Events.
    In Long-> Life, Relations & Religion.

    Expectations of a desired experience or belief help us to stay alive in this game.