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  • geekysapien 6w

    Being Human

    God created us as "Human Beings" but are we living so ?
    Or just surviving like animals?

    Even if we are living, are we living with love and radiating positivity?

    Or just moving in a rat race of hatred on a way to achieve more ego and create more foes.

    Achieving success is good but achieving hate along with it is not.

    Don't create many haters that they wait for your failures and become more than happy and contented when you FAIL

  • jaya___ 9w


    Finished reading #ikigai
    I'd recommend this book to y'all.
    This book had a calming effect on me as I read it...a little boring and slow in the beginning but as it moved ahead I started enjoying it's description of Japanese culture that promotes mental and physical well being.

    It focuses on simple, nutritious yet minimal diet and simple exercises daily. It focuses on having a slow paced life and pursuing things we enjoy.


    It advises us that modern Life has powerful forces and incentives like money, power, attention and success which distract us on a daily basis, don't let them take over your life.

    Ikigai tells us to keep busy by doing things that fill us with meaning and happiness. These things needn't be big: we might find meaning in being good parents or helping our neighbors.

    The book guides us to imbibe WABI SABI which is finding beauty in imperfections of life...and ICHI GO ICHI E which refers to the concept that, "this moment exists only now and won't come again", so enjoy the moment and don't lose yourself to worries of past and future.

    It's important to remember:- to live a long time you need to do three things: exercise to stay healthy, eat well, and spend time with people.

    "The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."

    © Harfkaar 26.08.21

    PS. Watch my interview on YouTube. LINK IN BIO.

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  • geekysapien 12w

    Mera man, Meri kahani

    Na jane kyu ek dar sa lagta hai
    Kaisi hogi zindagi aage, yeh sawal meri rooh mai jhunjta hai
    Ae mere malik, sabki dor tu sambhal rha
    Garib ko tu khila rha, hawa ko tu chala rha, mere ang sang hai tu
    Teri mahima kon hai janta, sheshth se sarwashesth hai tu
    Meri zindagi ka b maksad likha hai tune
    Ae mere malik, mujhe shakti de rha tu
    Na jane kyu akela sa lagta hai
    Na jane kyu sab k bech rehkar b khali sa lagta hai
    Ae mere malik, sabko tu hi chala rha

  • rubiguri 15w

    #miraquill#Ikigai#wod#writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    Penning down my feelings sitting in balcony
    I felt extreme gratitude towards my destiny
    I used to stand among the crowd
    But my soul wandered through the cloud
    At times I wanted to cry my heart out loud
    But my mind was trained to be cowed
    I always searched for someone to understand what I feel
    Hence it took me years to finally get healed
    But one fine day I found a friend named pen
    And started to live my life once again
    I began to find solace in arms of poetry
    And rewrote the pages of my life in symmetry
    It was a feeling of immense happiness
    That I was alone but never felt loneliness
    Eventually I found my true soulmate
    And the reason for being passionate!!

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    It was a feeling of immense happiness
    That I was alone but never felt loneliness
    Eventually I found my true soulmate
    And the reason for being passionate!!

  • ramya04 15w

    He is her ikigai.

  • geenha_writes 15w


    A moment of transformation
    Ordinary to extraordinary
    Unknown to insightful
    A moment quite rare
    Anticipated by most
    Tens and tens of times
    She screamed
    Excitement colouring her voice
    The life-changing spot
    Or so she thought
    Then she lost count
    So many Eurekas in one lifetime
    Moments full of meaning
    Yet failing to give meaning
    She was like a painting
    Bathed in black soot
    Lost in a dump of scribbles
    A mix of words
    Plump with memories of excitement
    Buried beneath all that dust
    She was like a box
    Covered in glitchy colors
    Her words sprinkled over her
    Laid to rest where the worms lie
    Nothing to see here, they said
    Just a soul frayed
    Her purpose, one too many
    Even in the fading distance
    Bright as butter her scream
    Eureka!!! But not for the last time

  • skyhigh01 15w

    Swami Vivekanand- "Love is expansion and hate is contraction." Martin Luther King Jr-"Darkness can not drive out darkness.Only light can do that.Hate can not drive out hate only love can do that."

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    I ask my soul
    Soul preserves all answer
    Akin yet offbeat it sounds
    Why can not wear enmity
    Soul an apostle of Ikigai
    Satiate life by living purposely
    Earthly heaven ruled by love
    River who is duty bound
    Restrain her block her way
    She casts her course anyway
    Meraki is the strength behind the flow
    Love an art wings as passion to flourish
    Creation is what we present to the world
    Devotion adds meaning throughout the pace.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 15w

    #words #ikigai #miraki #miraquill #writersnetwork #wod #mirakee #eunoia @writersnetwork @miraquill

    // Meaning of the words used in this post :

    Ikigai - to have a direction or purpose in life that provides a sense of fulfillment.

    Meraki - to do something with pleasure, love, passion, absolute devotion, putting something of yourself into what you're doing.

    Eunoia - a well mind, beautiful thinking. //

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    Meraki in your deeds,
    Leads you to reach your ikigai...!!

    To follow your ikigai,
    You must know it right.
    To do your best in the present and for the days to come ;
    Use the magic of being determined.
    With meraki and eunoia,
    Leave a piece of yourself into everything you do ;
    By giving your best,
    Leaving the negativities and worries of mind at rest.

  • pallavi4 15w


    Hikikomori is a term in Japan used to describe someone who has “withdrawn” from society. The average age of hikikomori is around 32 and consists largely of men. This is a mental disease that was initially thought of as a simple refusal of a young man to leave the confines of his room/ parental home to interact socially or get a job. It is however much more layered and difficult to treat without medication and therapy .

    Crippled by the very thought of leaving
    The comfort of my home
    Has made me Hikikomori with no one
    But my parents to call my own

    My sekentei I’ve forsaken, become
    Completely amae and lost my ikigai
    Akin to a rapidly flowing river I’ve let
    Life simply pass me by

    The helplessness I feel inside is like
    A bird flapping it’s wings in a cage
    Not even my own brother can understand
    Or my discomfort begin to gauge

    Beaten, threatened and abandoned I survive
    Willingly bound to the confines of these walls
    Forgotten I have the komorebi through the sakura
    Or the autumn leaves come the fall

    Being considered a recluse, a hermit
    Would’ve relatively been some relief
    The doctors have failed to treat my condition
    Or find a reason for my disease

    Complicated is my situation just like
    The intricate folds of an origami bird
    People negate my very existence and
    I am considered a burden on this world

    I am like the broken vase that no kintsugi
    Could ever with gold hope to mend
    My life has an undecided future
    Living in an ibasho not seemingly a very happy end

    Japanese words used:

    1. Hikikomori: withdrawn
    2. Sekentei - a person’s reputation and the need they feel to impress others
    4. Amae - dependence
    5. Ikigai - essentially about finding your purpose in life
    6. Komorebi - the Japanese expression for the sunlight as it filters through the trees
    7. Sakura - cherry trees
    8. Origami - the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures
    9. Kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum
    10. Ibasho - a place where you can feel like at home, being oneself


    12th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #words @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #hikikomori #ikigai #japanese #japan

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  • ablaze_writer 15w


    I. The day she met his eyes and slowly each of his poem turned into 'Her' as pronoun, somehow life led him round to his reason of being alive.

    II. The universe where she asks for reason since all she has ever known was pain inscribed in her reflections only to learn the beautiful existence of stars, moon and sun.

    III. The heartbeat of my mother holding my hands each night saving me from demons which grab onto my skin tight.

    IV. Every flower in my garden wilting/weathering and being a revival for others.


  • hoorbanu98 15w

    Dear Elder Sister♥

    You are my courage
    You are my strength

    You showered me with
    Passion, Pleasure and Absolute devotion

    You are the one to
    Do things which gives
    My heart a peace and patience

    You taught me
    To let out my thoughts openly without scary

    You told me
    Once life is not a roses of bed

    Till today
    I follow that concept in life

    Their you said me
    We should have passion
    Pleasure and absolute devotion all the time

    You politely carries those
    And kept that in my heart and mind
    Saying we should have be alive for them

    Pleasure gives me world life
    Passion hides my pain to express my own self
    Absolute devotion makes me and my family together

    《 12-07-2021 》

  • abino_writes 15w

    *I found my ikigai*

    i was
    baseless without a taste
    racing without a lane
    wanted to be jack of all trades
    forgetting life is a phase

    i tried
    winning every race
    getting best grades
    hoping everyday
    things will come my way

    in the course i
    made alot of mistakes
    created alot of hates
    wish i could go back to those days
    to amend my ways
    my life wasn't straight

    untill i
    just held a pen
    penning illusions
    creating emotions
    painting imaginations
    flaunting metaphors
    then i found my lost course
    now and years to come
    it will be what I'm made for


    #wod #word #miraquill #writersnetwork #ikigai

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    I found my ikigai

    I found poetry
    I found my purpose


  • yamini_sinha 15w

    When I felt the pain of the world, I found my own as miniscule, since then healing others with my quill, became my IKIGAI .


    Flames of burning dreams were high,
    The entangled yarns,
    submerged in fumes,
    The sky Shedding tears over the melancholy
    the witnesses to my growing ardour,
    the Tulips, shrinking in shame,
    My edifice of hopes a blazing arcane.
    Crossing the corpses of kalon
    That my heart had gathered in the tryst
    held with utmost belief,
    I fell onto the funeral
    Of my precious passion,
    Feeling like a dead being,
    unfortunately alive, breathing nullity
    In a deep sea of mirk
    Gripped with claustrophobic ghosts ,
    But then I met a sonder
    Revealing a milliions in pain,
    Some had dead wings,
    Some paralyzed limbs
    Craving for some relief,
    their cells speaking of their agony.
    I woke as a savior,
    Hugging each one in despair,
    My words found them peace,
    Their wounds a bit , healed ,
    Since then I found my Ikigai,
    A reason to wake up,
    After every night,
    So as to write some more quotes of love
    To the aggrieved soul,
    For whom all hopes, did shove.

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #ikigai

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    And I found a reason to wake up



  • bemyheartless_love 15w

    In life
    Love that provides
    A sense of fulfillment
    And heart has even lost all love
    But somewhere,
    it's left to explore the possibilities
    where love has faith of miracles
    that you lastly taste the fragrance freely
    as the calm wind before you leave the house of betrayals


  • unsung_seagull 15w

    When I’m in a suspended state. When I’m just breathing away my time. Out of nowhere random thoughts start channeling around an idea. Not even an idea, sometimes around just a word. It’s a rush for a while and a calm for a few moments. In the background the right words try to find a good alignment. And the rampage goes on till something sensible comes out of it.

    When the words fall in place and all of a sudden you become conscious, you know it. You know that you’ve created something so beautiful that your soul becomes as light as a feather. And there is this happiness. And you’re the sole reason for this state of mind of yours. It’s a feeling of redemption. The bird that was trying to make out of the labyrinth of the mind has made it out. And the bird is you.

    This is a kind of blissful feeling that makes the world very small. Everything around is just passing by the storm you’ve have become. And the people around look like fools for a while. You just feel pity for them to have no idea of such an ecstatic feeling. It is like you’ve seized the day and lost in your own rhythm. You’ve learned a cosmic secret and have become a new person. The psychedelic rock song in your mind is playing you and you’ve comfortably become a Pink Floyd’s lyric.

    I enjoy this state of mind for two-three hours whenever I write a good poem or good story. It elevates if someone appreciates it, shares it on their status updates. When you’ve surprised yourself and made the universe your subject. The sigh off your guts says it was worth a try. And I think those are the few moments you’ve really lived.

    #wod #pod #words @miraquill @writersnetwork #ikigai

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    The Writing Ikigai

  • alakta 15w

    I like meraki more but I tried something with ikigai, because why not?!

    Thanks for Editor's Choice.

    #words #wod #mirakee #miraquill #musings #ikigai #life #pod

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    The clouds drifting
    Through the mountains,
    And the sky decorated
    With sprinkles of stardust
    Mist dripping from
    The leaves and my heart;

    My heart skipped a beat
    As I yearned
    For the fragrance in the air;

    Where are you, beloved,
    My dreams, the ikigai
    Of my life?

  • star_angel 15w


    Don't ask yourself what the world needs.Ask yourself what makes you come alive,and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive..!!

  • ninja_5712 44w

    Everything we do in this life has a purpose even if it's sitting idle.


  • anshubharti 60w

    One of My ikigai.. .

    A poem or line a day keep me calm and lighted

  • uday_anshuman 71w

    He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.

    - Nietzsche