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    That Guy

    The guy that brings me more anger.
    The guy in my life. Let me tell you a story.

    Recently my new coaching has been started
    I was regularly seating on my second bench
    And three boys were seating just in front of me. Regularly the breakfast time, I think it was 9 am.
    One of the guy seating in front of me his Book
    and pen were follen down and he was not there,
    so I helped him picking up for him. Then suddenly
    The guy came in so I gave him his pen but
    he ignored me I thought he didn't heard me
    so again I shouted at him that your
    pen but he sawed at me for 5seconds and
    and he ignored me and gone...
    I can't tell u guys how much I was filled with anger
    OMG it was just boom I wanna kill him
    I every day each an every day I curse him.
    I hate him so much..

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    I know this story is not that good, but thank you for reading it, if anyone is.
    Love y'all��
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    Forever Mine

    ( VI - I hate him!)

    { Taehyung's Pov }

    "Hyung, why were you coming with yoonah noona??" Jungkook asked.

    "Nothing." I replied.

    "Tell us what happened." J-hope asked and all of them were looking at me.

    I told them about me and Yoonah being neighbours.

    "Aishh... Jinja!?!"

    "Wow.. bro! I am shipping you both!"

    I just glared at them.

    "Umm... Cool..."

    "Let's go to class."

    "Yes, let's go."

    Me, Jimin and Jungkook walked to our class. I saw Yoonah looking at me. She wasn't sitting on my sit today. She was sitting at the front.

    "Hi, Yoonah! What's up?" Jimin asked her and sat beside her. Jinja!?? Jiminie pabo....

    "Nothing..." She replied.

    "Noona... Did you do yesterday's homework?" Jungkook asked and she nodded and gave her notebook to Jungkook.

    "Kamsahamnida!! " Jungkook said and started doing his own work.

    After some time..

    Mrs Lee, the teacher entered as we all bowed to her.

    "Students, take out your books."Mrs Lee ordered.

    I was sitting with Jungkook and Yoonah was sitting with Jimin. Mrs Lee was saying something about human's brain.

    "Yoonah, tell me the answer for the second question."Mrs Lee asked Yoonah.

    "Um-mm... I-it's..." Yoonah stuttered.

    Ah..... She don't know this answer.

    "Answer is the third one." I whispered to Yoonah from behind.

    Yoonah's Pov

    Why is he telling me answers.....

    "Ah..  Mam third option." I said hoping it would be correct.

    "No...  Yoonah. First is the right answer. This was so easy. Pay attention in class..." She scolded me.

    As I sat down, I turned around and hit Taehyung with my notebook.

    "Oww.... Why did you hit me?" Taehyungu asked and pouted. Your cute face can't fool me!.....

    "You jerk, you purposely did that." I said as I hit him once again. This time he took his pouch out and threw it at me.

    "Enough!...Yoonah and Taehyung, see you in detention." Mrs Lee told both of us.

    Why..?  I can't tolerate him for one whole hour.

    "This is all because of you" Taehyung said as he pulled a strand of my hair. "Oww...." I winced in pain.

    "It's your fault not mine." I said smacking him.

    "Now stop you too." Jimin shouted at us as we both minded our own business before glaring each other. I hate him.....

    Class got over. After five-six more classes,  now it was time for detention. I entered the classroom and saw Taehyung there.

    "Come Yoonah sit. You both study for the test which is on Thursday." Mrs Lee said and went outside leaving me and taehyung alone. Why did she go!?


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    i have given my all honestly to him just in the hope of loyalty, unfortunately we get separated and now he start talking to his x, instead, creating any mess i tried to confess but he threw me out of his life!!

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    Jab uth raha tha mera janaza
    Uss waqt kaha the tum

    Char kandho mei se koi nhi tha ghum
    Ek tum hi nhi the, kyu bane itne masum


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    I've become so insignificant that our idiotic chats don't matter to you anymore