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  • bluemoonlight44 4w

    I glued myself

    I glued myself to the walls of love
    I couldn't get you out of my head
    a thousand reasons why I didn't want to leave
    I can't live without you I couldn't breathe without your hugs

    I glued myself to the phone of love
    talking to you makes me feel like I'm alive
    all you kisses is all over my bedroom
    all of them started become one giant kiss on my heart
    I couldn't forget how you use to stop by my class room wanting to hold my hand and walk me all around town
    all our time intertwined into infinity and beyond

    I glued myself to the whispers that you sing to me
    every piece of melody speaks to me like angles and demons off to war
    I'm tangled up in every thought of mythical wonders
    your love keeps me going your fragrance keep my blood pumping warm

    I glued myself to the super storms that hit me with lightning over and over again
    every pain that I feel gives me more pleasure to keep on sparkling up more fireworks to lit up the night
    every moment with you is more fantastic
    that's why I glued myself to you

    @ Bluemoonlight44