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  • idk243 2w


    How is it going is there any problem in ur life?
    Just go one step ahead like u play a sporting event chess and just think about it and try to indemnify it as it can help u in many ways


  • stankyryfol 3w


    It's weird sleeping alone
    In some strangers home.

    It's weird I'm stuck in a dome
    Where don't not belong.

    It's weird the faces I see
    That belong in the sea
    I'm drowning in 3


    1 hand reached for me.

    The other sailors have noticed
    So They put in a notice
    To go save the tortuous
    While others ignore it

    Im fighting the truth
    Like I'm stuck in some plastic bag
    Wild life is a metaphor
    And that's what makes me sad.

    Plastic bag- is the fake people who constantly stay attached to you. No matter how much u shake it off.

    Tortuous- a wise slow minded creature.taking his time with life. Knowing there is more beauty behind the hidden eyes.

    Sailors- people riding life like a wave. like they was on a boat just cruising. Watching for any body who needs guidance.

    Dome- my mind , my head that traps me from making steps . Keeps me in a closed in surrounding.

  • vishalsimar 3w


    Kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......
    Iam kidding.... Dont kill me...
    No iam not just kill me
    Nope... Let me live..
    Unhappiness is a state of mind
    Cant seem to get rid of it.
    Blah blah blah blah blah!!!!

  • mazingmee 5w

    Mood swings

    My tears wash out my pain, holding them close to my heart,
    That's the way I feel like melting in my pain,
    I feel scared most of the time when I'm all awake till midnight.
    I can't find my sleep,Most of the time I try to search right words to express how it feels inside out.
    My heart learnt to get used to it,not my body,it seems it is not allowed to learn from pain,
    In my moodswing I feel like cry aloud,but I don't want to drag attention,I just want to let my pain fade,,,
    I let them with each line I type without thinking twice about it..
    Either way I learnt how to burn in tears,how to feel pain while spreading smile..

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 7w

    #fall #spooky #horror #idk #halloween #autumn #hell #death hehehahahhahwisieie I wish I put way more effort into this. does anyone else feel the need to make every single word group rhyme somehow?

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    ⚠️dark content in honor of spooky season⚠️

    dark, tall, grim and slender,
    we all call him the ender,
    parks, homes, dreams likewise,
    unsafe they so do remain
    whether it be rain or shine,
    or day or night or dawn or dusk,
    avoid he and those eyes you must,
    or in your heart his dagger will go,
    he'll laugh, snark as your blood flows,
    then downward to eternal hell he takes you,
    where your yells for help are indeed in vain,
    to no avail your wails mean nothing now,
    terrifically deep down, where only zero sound
    is aloud above ground, this is how
    the ender sneaks through your town,
    he takes the silence of his victims
    once they've died, and compiles it inside,
    while you sleep gets in your mind,
    turns your sweet dreams right into nightmares,
    kills you next then repeats his cycle

  • stankyryfol 7w

    Ur beauty evens out my flaws.
    Ur beauty's dangerous, scratching me like claws.
    Ur that cactus Sharp and strong.
    But interior is liquid let everything fall, in place.

  • stankyryfol 8w

    I wanna give u more than a kiss
    More than a hug
    More then the past have ever done
    I wanna give u more than a kiss
    More then a hug
    show u I'm speacial I'm sent from above.

  • blanc_noir 9w

    I will love you.
    I will lead you in the dark
    through paths built of your
    burnt, fuming nightmares.
    My whisper will run through the trees
    Where the leaves will kiss
    a charm on it.
    And then it will find you,
    however far back you are,
    To take you in its embrace.
    I will slay dragons and burn witches,
    eat the apple and prick my finger;
    All the while smiling at you,
    and blowing kisses that spirits
    Try to steal.
    But we will make it to the top.
    We will stand on the edge of the world,
    dreaming about sunrises and sunsets,
    about pink flowers clad in a maiden's hand,
    and squirrels with a crown.
    We will dream of everything and love,
    Love like the universe loves it's stars.
    You'll be my Universe,
    And I'll be your stars.
    But when the next dawn comes,
    You will see me stand up and look
    at you, your face and your hands.
    I will utter an apology
    and fall into the nothingness before,
    hitting ground before the word
    reaches your lonely ear.
    What will you do then, love?
    Would you come for me?
    Or cry your remaining life for me?

  • stankyryfol 10w

    I know that love hurts, yea it's true.
    I know my soul burnt, down with u

    I know my life's a trip,
    I know who's life this is.

    I know life is precious
    With the presence of attention.
    Fuck it.

    Im Singing up a melody.

    Trying not to let them get to me, or u. Are u

  • stankyryfol 11w

    Idk I can't compete

    U guys are good at writing
    Ur words are the fire, firefighters are fighting.
    Instead of anger
    It's the pain that u are hiding
    Then when u are calm u noticed
    How much pain it was , it's amazing

    But how is fire damage so amazing

    Because you are letting the fire burn all the old and a chance for it to regrow stronger.
    Sure it's depressing to look at
    But that's still your negative thoughts thinking
    You are to use to the same old shyt
    Not giving u a chance to make the new begining.

  • she_writes07 11w

    Sometimes even if we have everything still it feels like something is missing...

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 11w

    Jealousy?! IDK

    Jealousy might be the word,
    The thought makes me sigh,
    Every night as she goes to bed,
    One lucky guy gets to be around,
    Offering her good night kisses,
    On her forehead and that won't be me.


  • marcelino 11w

    Wake the f*** up. No time to play.
    Get the bag and remove delay.
    @writersnetwork @theboywiththespecs @miraquill #idk #idc #idgaf #wakeup #lovemyfoot. #hatelove #lies

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    romantic love.
    a stupid distraction
    a millennial fabrication.

  • she_writes07 12w

    Sometimes it's better to express your feelings.

    Rather than hiding it!

  • quieth 16w

    world's a bad place..may it not be..so shall i wish to leave but just like dreams it won't work.. so obsessed with own misery..i am a stone and thoughts are the sea and so i shall not move and so shall i remain right here. What's the escape of this melancholy?

  • quieth 17w

    शयर आदमी हूँ, ना तेरा ना मेरा!

  • quieth 17w

    पहली मोहब्बत तुम थे,अभी भी तुम हो, गलत हर बार ये सोचू मै कोई आ कर तुम्हारी जगह ले सके, तुम्हे भुला सके, दूर कर सके, मगर जो कहानिया साथ लिखी थी? हम दोनो थे उसमे,वो तो हमेशा है ही,तो तुम भी हो,फिलहाल तो :)

  • mads_2731 19w

    Im drunk rigut now lol

    They say my body is a temple
    Yet it feels more like a capsule
    Filled with doubt
    Filled with worry
    Filled with no direction
    As time fades
    The capsule's space fills
    I realize
    Soon, there will be no space left
    And I will fade
    Just as time did
    Filled with everything
    I wasted my time to avoid

  • charlieka 20w

    Kite killing gales smear diamonds into exclamation points before snapping the cords and booting them into the looming Northern cumulonimbus
    little buzzing seeds trickle in the hourglass one by one they sizzle as they drop then disappear into a fog
    in a distant haze rows of gasping stalks yield and pose
    the world is grey green sick with rapid growth
    The weeping hills caress the moon face as she sleeps in silks
    The reflection I see in the glaze of day startles with clarity
    I wake
    Who have I been and why was I gone
    What spinning wheel pulled me in
    taunt with indifference
    Undeniably wearing a different skin
    The heart of my home is damaged but
    My soul
    is still there and growth with scars
    Will Commence

  • tally_writes 21w

    True or not?
    Comment your opinion
    #true #false #maybe #idk #notreallythinkingaboutthat #writer #writing #write #poet #poetry #love #sadness #quote #quotes #dailypost #hottopic
    Ps: I know I haven’t really been active lately and that’s because I’ve been busy with my end of year exams coming up. But I have a few ideas for summer which I will be posting.

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    Everyone judge differently
    But they all judge