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    #On my way #sukoon#identity
    By unknown writer

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    Muddaton baad aaj fir kuchh likh rhi hu,
    Kuchh bhi to nhi badla.....tb bhi es bhid me khudko sambhalna sikh rhi thi, ab bhi sikh rhi hu,
    Kitni baatein hai kehne ko, pr dil keh rha hai bass chhoro rehne do.....
    Lgta hai ye dil bhi khuddar ho gya hai,
    Ab andhere me bhi ghabrata nhi, mujhse jyada samajhdaar ho gya hai.....
    Bass kuchh chand shbdo me ese band krti hu,
    ye kitab fir kabhi khola jayega.....
    Fir yhi dil ki baatein hongi, isko fuslake firse bola jayega.....

    Tripti singh......✨

  • prose_nexus 5w

    If you turned up to the venue, that's fine,
    If you move above low judgements, that fly,
    If you see me with another face, that's mine,
    I never changed, I just started living life.


  • prose_nexus 5w

    I believe a lot of people battle out with this, but in truth, the right company is yourself, before anyone else because until you learn to love yourself, you can never love others.

    Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT, REPOST, FOLLOW AND MOST OF ALL, BE SATISFIED. It does count and you do matter.

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    #mirakee #miraquill #poetry #identity #crisis #challenge #love #philosophy #god #miraquill #challenge #love

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    It's tough out there in the lonely abyss.
    You're not alone around here.

    The irony of living.
    It's tiresome, friends around you
    But no one gets you.
    Try to speak out but your heart won't let you,

    And in your mental, you are craving attention,
    But a taste of it, the aftertaste has a sour tang to it.
    It bites the jaw.

    In this loneliness you abide,
    It would be understandable why suicide would have a question mark at its end,
    But do not trust it as you are not certain of what comes next.

  • prose_nexus 5w

    Scandalous elements are what represent us.
    The change begins with us,
    But trust and believe that this world's war will be dangerous.

    #mirakee #miraquill #poetry #identity #crisis #challenge #love #philosophy #god

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    The Backstreet Instruments

    I'm aware of the Backstreet Instruments,
    It's the Dark Queen's influence over her people,
    So subtle, it's like a passing consequence.
    Leaves you lacking confidence,
    And passing chances where the rich would often place their bets.

    The Mad Kings would use these to catch your heart, and without your volition, your soul.
    Their manifestos are empty,
    Promises that only give hope to the weary.

    Creeds portraying principles and evil deeds that no judge can judge,
    And no brush can wash.

    Beware the Backstreet Instruments,
    For it invokes poverty on the crude spirits.

    Listen but do not be tempted,
    Feel but do not be absorbed,
    Understand but do not sympathize.

  • alastair_margerman 5w


    we identify with, and become attached to a form, a thing, a thought; and bind our self to that with which we associate

    the emotional distance, between our self and the object of our association, is indirectly proportionate to the strength of our bond

    we are more tightly bound to family than to a stranger, and associate more readily with our thinking than the ideas of an other

    remove the emotion between our self and the object and bondage gives way to clarity

  • juveenee_black 7w


    liquor spilled
    Red wine pouring out
    Beer oozing
    Champagne, cocked open
    Soda water, poorly rich
    Rose, to your taste and satisfaction
    White wine, for the pretence
    skin over skin...
    underneath the covers
    They were drunk,
    forgot about class...
    An eye prick open,
    new to life...
    Its heartbeat still shaky...
    Just a single mistake,
    costs a life.."Welcome Home"she said without a man beside her...

  • she_wrote 8w

    What am I?

    What am I?
    I thought for a while,
    So,when people started detaching, I started attaching myself to them.

    When people talked of love as pain and loneliness as treasure, I started cheering for love loudly.

    When people stopped trusting , I started putting my trust in everyone.

    When everyone believed in irrationality, I vowed to maintain my sanity.

    What is normal to you is normal to me except what's abnormal to you is also normal for me.

    I ain't a saint or a sinner. I am not divinity , just a human.
    Mere human.

    At last if you ask
    Who am I ?
    A paradox is what I conclude.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • heartofbabel 8w

    [ Doubt ]

    What abyss is there?
    In anything but doubt?
    Fleeting in it’s hold
    As I am but less devout
    While only mind can hear
    Unless it’s spoke aloud
    Just a shadow in a thought
    Needing heed for it’s surmount

    Distance, separation
    Maybe that is where it’s held
    Where truth has been abandoned
    And all of hope is but dispelled
    Where love is but a word
    Oh so easily withheld
    That we form into militias
    To wage in war as we rebel

    Tyranny, it calls
    To be our propaganda
    To tell us who we are
    Until we’ve grown into a slander
    The rules that they exhibit
    Are like chains we couldn’t handle
    And when the flag waves in the sky
    We salute to our commander

    The sins of our fathers
    The allegiance to a master
    So abused by its act
    We’ve found comfort in disaster
    So amused by the pact
    That war’s become our capture
    Life so easily expelled
    All existence is in a fracture

    Canyons opened up
    To the corruption of a cistern
    Poison is the water
    Yet we drink it as an intern
    Burning who we are
    Until we’re reduced to a cinder
    Shaming us from love
    Until all we are is a sinner

    Left within a cavern
    No means for our escape
    This darkness overbearing
    Blinding us in hate
    We wanted something else
    Yet our dreams have seemed to fade
    Till all that’s left is doubt
    With no hope for anything

    A simple cause to question
    To steal your will of life
    To keep you veiled from seeing
    Refraining you from sight
    To keep in fear of freedom
    So you will never fight
    For life is far more worthy
    When you’re basking in the light

    We have all been charged
    To be held to an account
    Convinced to fear the sentence
    In how our burdens will amount
    But if truth will bring us freedom
    Then we cannot do without
    For there is not a verdict
    In anything but doubt


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen
    #Doubt #Identity #Introspection #Purpose

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    [ Doubt ]

  • heartofbabel 8w

    [ Break The Habit ]

    Creativity wants to be birthed from me
    All my day dreams wanting to escape their solitude
    I want it too, but I keep doubt holding me down
    While the congress in my mind continually argues excuse
    Maybe I’m not cursed, maybe I’m just clearly a fool
    To hold talents and vision to lapse in synapse
    My collective works of art all fragments of thought
    Will I release them one day or just choose to relapse

    While dreams fan the embers trying to ignite this flame
    While I’m holding my breath just hoping for change
    It’s a shame because my vision maintains to be blurry
    And I won’t hurry out to greet what I feel is estranged
    For I like my comforts and all that’s familiar
    But don’t think that I’m lazy in this imagination
    I’ve lived more lives than I’m willing to confess
    And that might be enough, as I figure, in relation

    Yet some like a more institutionalized way
    Where the weight of success is a constant demand
    Start a rat race for a title to claim
    To the applause of a corporate command
    But sometimes the gutter holds treasures and shade
    And I’m more apt to just stoop to that level
    For I’d rather have nothing then the pride of a slave
    Enchanted, advocating the devil

    Relax, it’s a fact, the idols of religion
    Are a manifest destiny in all of our trades
    Trained like an animal, shaped in behavior
    To the display of identity through these parades
    But I’m tired of marching to tunes undistinguished
    From every other cult that sings their own praise
    So until my dreams are clear, I’ll just stay in this place
    And try not to feel burdened by the means of delay

    Life might be short but why rush to mistake
    To forsake who you are in exchange of promotion
    When you could hone your own skill, though it may not be staged
    Is it still not a worthy devotion
    I think it might be, so I’ll continue to dream
    And if some fade away, well it is what it is
    After all, what nightmare would come to arise
    If I was granted every one of my wishes

    So I’ll wrestle with patience, impatient, impatience
    Dancing twelve rounds with doubt and assurance
    I’ll take my own beating and rise, and repeating
    In the hopes I’ll still find my endurance
    Don’t need approval, don’t need the applause
    Yet sometimes I still crave it in panic
    Trauma as it surfaced, to heal to a purpose
    In the hopes I’ll finally break the habit


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen
    #Identity #Introspection #Purpose

    #Rise #WOD

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    [ Break The Habit ]

  • unblossomedyet 12w

    What's my identity?

    Your Identity is the 'unique you' in the world full of incompetent copies...
    Your Identity is never alone for it's intertwined with the memories that get housed within, from the day you learn to weave them.


  • akshay_vasu 12w

    You are the stories and incidents that you will never share with anyone. You are the thoughts that you get while standing under the shower. You are those memories that won't let you sleep at night peacefully. You are those words that you will never say while speaking with someone. You are those scars that you always hide from everyone. You are those little secrets that you will never let the world know. You are everything that you hide under the identity that you call the real you.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • khan_tanzeela 12w

    I am not a great writer or so. Writing is my way to get my inner turmoil out. So I understand it may not always make sense to all. Here I am again with one of my lame pieces with the hope that it may click.

    I really want to thank each one of you who takes time to read my writings. It motivates me to write more and gives me strength.. I am open for any feedback or suggestions. Because I think there is always a scope for more. I will be looking forward to get some from you. Till then, May Almighty bless.

    #nevertoolate #life #identity #me @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    It is never too late


    Who am I?, What is supposed to be my goal?
    What am I doing?, Am I even playing my role?
    Did I ever lived, and lived so true?
    Or was it just a drill of becoming 'You'.
    You, the Someone people wanted me to be.
    And forcefully snatched my real identity.
    As a kid, they abandoned me,
    Now, I am a version of thee.
    I abandoned myself just to please others,
    I don't know if anything could be worse.
    I never lived for me or my dreams,
    I silently quelled all my screams.
    No one ever cared for my bleeding scars,
    I fought on my own all those scary wars.
    But I am done fighting this unknown battle,
    I'm done calming 'my mind and heart's' rattle.
    Those who don't like me, "stop thinking me",
    Please let me become who I want to be.
    Stop poking your nose in my matter,
    Do your work, that will be better.
    I no more can handle any of your shit,
    Enough is enough and that is it.
    Let me live in peace and you please vacate,
    I want to live for me and it is never too late.

  • loveneetm 14w


    मन के भीतर बैठी नारी,
    कहें बाध्य हो जीवन में,
    नर का तन लेकर कैसें,
    मैं प्रियतम संग प्यार करूँ।

    होती गर में भी नारी,
    तो हक होता उन पर मेरा,
    प्रेयसी नहीं भामिनी बनकर,
    मैं भी अपनी मांग भरूँ।

    हाय विधाता किस कारण,
    यह बैरन दुःख साध्य कियो,
    जीवन का आनंद प्रेम,
    कैसें वो प्रेम स्वीकार करूँ।

    फिर भी है आनंद मुझें,
    वो मिलें जो मेरे अपनें है,
    जिनके आगें मैं नितदिन,
    षोडश सुंदर श्रृंगार करूँ।

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    #पहचान#identity#anam jindgi#lost in love

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    मेरी पहचान...

    तेरा हुॅ, तुझसे हुँ, तुझमे हुॅ, तुझमे ही रहना चाहता हूँ।

  • shivam_rs_tyagi 15w

    Chill a little

    If the void within is swamping you up, distract yourself...& May be fill a little...,

    If the debate on carbon foot-print or eating veggies hasn't hurled you enough....wash the meat fine....I mean kill a little...,

    If the city has now distracted you enough....move away....on a hill so distal...,

    If the droid or the IOS has got you by your neck....grab him by the balls...I mean grip up your will a little...

    These things and habits which make us so sly...."this' how I am"...?And what not.....our identity is so brittle....

    Futility is what comes out of your ego, you are not yourself.... So please chill a little....

  • nazkhan820 15w


    Be you!

    Might not be digested by few,

    Because for them it's new.

    But be a true view(for yourself)!


  • paranoidismarie 15w

    I live in the light and dream in the darkness
    I swim in my fears and kiss my enemies
    I've lived a thousand lives just like this
    Lost and mistaken
    How I had forgotten this truth
    I breath in foreign particles
    This too brings me to my knees

  • snigdhac92 16w

    We question what needs
    To be celebrated.
    We abhore what needs
    To be loved.

    We reject what needs
    To be accepted.
    We mock what needs
    To be celebrated.

    We view people as blocs
    As categories of our own will
    As segments of our wants
    But people are people.

    #pride #identity #choice #moon #notaphase
    #love #poem #poetry #musings #will
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    He pens his sonnets;
    Of hope and chaos,
    Conflict and peace.
    Of what it means
    to be who he is.

    A quill of melancholy 
    for the world,
    Which lets him do everything,
    Be himself.

    A piece of metaphor,
    Carrying the melody
    Of his dilemma;
    Of not who he is,
    Or what he wants,
    But of how will he
    Shut off his brain.

    How are we supposed
    To forgive ourselves 
    For who we are,
    For the color of blood and sinew.
    His eyes holds different drops of 
    Pain and betrayal,
    "Transform", they say,
    "Into a version we like".

    Change is the only constant,
    "So is the alchemy 
    of his identity" , he says.
    Wax into what we want,
    Wane out of who you are.
    "Transform", they say, 
    "Into a version we want".

    But he isn't the moon.
    He is a star,
    A fallen one framing his
    Own constellations;
    Illuminating his sky,
    Placing his feelings
    One at a time 
    On a parchment of darkness.
    Letting them glow
    And shine
    And shed light.

    "Transform I will",  he says
    "Into a version I love."

  • neehaa 60w

    #girlslife #identity #girls

    पहचान हमारी भी होती इस जहाँ में,
    अगर हमें भी आसमान को छुने की,
    आजादी होती।।
    नाम हमारा भी होता सबके जुबान पर,
    अगर हमारे राहों में भी चारदीवारी ना होती ।।
    उड़ने तो दो हमे भी इस खुले से आसमान में,
    हम भी अपना मुकाम बना जाएगे।
    आप देखते रह जाओगे, हम लड़को से आगे बढ जाएगे।।
    उस बुलंदी को छु जाएगे जो हमारी राह देख रही है।
    हम भी आगे बढ़ अपनी ख्वाईशों का आशियाना पाएेगे।।
    मत सीमित करो हमें इस चारदीवारी में,
    की हमारी पहचान ही हमसे गुम हो जाए।
    हमारी पहचान बताने मे किसी और के नाम का सहारा लेना पडे़,
    ये दिन आ जाए।।

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    पहचान हमारी भी होती इस जहाँ में,
    अगर हमें भी आसमान को छुने की,
    आजादी होती।।
    नाम हमारा भी होता सबके जुबान पर,
    अगर हमारे राहों में भी चारदीवारी ना होती।।